Omar Suleiman – Am I Really Sincere?

Omar Suleiman
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Do brothers and sisters, one of the hardest questions that a person can ask themselves is whether or not their intentions are sincere, whether they have a philosophy or not, because the chances are, that if you are sincere, you're not so settled in the idea that you are sincere. meaning you're constantly questioning yourself and going back and re evaluating your intentions over and over and over again. And sometimes you have a feeling. In an era where everything is out there, things are so public, you might even be midway through a good deed. And you tell yourself, you know, this doesn't feel like it's just for a loss of Hannah Hosanna anymore. There, there's something else around

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there's another element to this that's taking away from the sincerity of my intention, I'm not so sure if this good deed is only for Allah subhanho wa Taala or not, it might have started out that way. But I'm not so sure. And then sometimes it can become a habit. Right, you taste the sweetness of react instead of floss. And just like any sin, it has a temporary sweetness to it with permanent consequences. So the sweetness of praise, the temporary sweetness of praise, you taste that, and then you start to crave it and you start to do more and more and more for that. But there are these dueling tensions inside of you these these factors, these feelings on one hand, well, I need to keep

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on doing the good, I need to keep on going forward, I can't stop doing good. On the other hand, a person has to ask themselves, well, do I just, you know, just live with this, this self doubt? Or do I actually do something about it? And of course there is the discussion of whether or not you question someone else's intentions, which is an entirely different disease, which we'll talk about in Charlottetown next week, where you see other people doing good and inside yourself, you say they're not doing that for a loss of kind of hotel, but self doubt when it comes to your own sincerity. And at the end of the day, you should be interrogating your own intentions more than

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anyone else interrogate your intention. So if someone else telling you or someone else questioning your intentions, is more severe than your own questioning of yourself, then that means you're giving more weight to that person site than the sight of Allah subhana wa tada because at the end of the day, you want to be perceived in the best way possible by him and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said by the la junta Baraka to Allah and Alvin assura kalyana shidduchim and Amina Ramadan Estrada Fie Marissa v. telok, to who was sure that Allah subhanho wa Taala has said I am the most worthy of having an a partner that is attributed to me. So whoever does an action and mixes their

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intention sets up a partner with me in the performance of that action, talk to who worship can, then both they end the deeds that they do are abandoned because once you spoil that sincere deed for Allah subhanaw taala by bringing someone else into the picture, then it's putting a partner with a loss of Hannah horchata in that pursuit. Now, what are the traces of this mixed intention? Obviously, there is a person that does things and they know they're doing it for other than Allah subhanho wa Taala but they do it for social pressure or mobility or to fit in or whatever it may be, or to gain the blessings or to gain the goodness that comes from being known as a virtuous and a

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righteous person. And these are the people that Allah mentions, for example, Allah Dena Houma, Ancelotti, himsa hoon, and Edina Homura Ono, m Maryland and Maryland that these people that are forgetful, May Allah forgive us and protect this. Everyone has moments of forgetfulness and their prayer. But people that really don't care about their prayer, they do it because they kind of have to do it. They're intentionally engaging all other thoughts, but the prayer but at the end of the day, the external appearance is one of prayer. So they're forgetful in their prayer. No one has access to your thoughts, but they're praying so it looks it looks okay on the outside. So that's one

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thing that there it's all external, superficial, there's nothing internal. The other thing is the lack of motivation. What either Famo ito sloty kamuzu, Salah, musala, right. If they get up for prayer, or if they go to the prayer, they're lazy, they drag their feet, they have no motivation, whatsoever, why you are owning us the same thing. Because you know, they'll go there, they'll do their prayer just to get by, but it's not really there. So there's no motivation towards it. There is no internal sincerity within it. It is all superficial and that's a very dangerous place to be in. That's different from a person that struggles with for sure we all struggle to have focus in our

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prayer. with varying degrees. I mean, Allah subhana wa tada allow our prayers to be entirely focused upon him sincere and entirely focused upon him, Allah amin, but we all will struggle, but a person who has no motivation and a person who just does it to get by

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And then there is again, the person who struggles who wonders, is this deed going to be accepted? Does my prayer mean anything? Does my charity mean anything? What do I do? And I will say the history of the Allahu taala annually narrates that the prophets of the likes of them said authentically Allah have broken the man who worked for la commande de minimus he had the job by lacuna Bella for call a circle coffee and yahoomail Roger you suddenly say you say you know salata who Lena Yara mean, nadarajah Prophet slicin I'm such a lie, not tell you what I fear for you more than the Antichrist and the job. Instead, what is it he said, that hidden should that hidden

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idolatry, that a person stands up to pray and then they only beautify their prayer when someone else is looking at them? Why? Because the job deceives the job deceives you from the outside when a person engages that they deceive themselves, you're literally decorating your prayer to yourself, what benefit would it have for you on the Day of Judgment. So this is again, a person that, you know, does not seek to write their prayer with a loss of Hannah Montana. And it's, of course, the main thing that we will be asked about on the Day of Judgment. Another thing that profits I'm talking about was the pursuit of knowledge. Right? And the pursuit of knowledge is the path to

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paradise. That's what the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever seeks out a path of knowledge then Allah subhana wa tada will make easy his path to paradise. But on the other hand, he said Salah lahardee was still a mentor and another alma liuba ballerina, why you jariabek is super hot. What else three Furby he will do hanasi la he attallah hola now there was contact protect this muscle a lot of half of the profits license that whoever seeks knowledge to argue with those that are more learned with them just to get into arguments with those that are more learned than them somehow imagine the social media age and the way that people try to get a leg up in

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whatever groups they're in whatever technology they're in, to argue with those that are more learned than them. And really what you're trying to do is you're weaponizing knowledge to bring them down so you can bring yourself up or to put down those that are less learning than them. So you're either trying to bring down someone more learned than you or you're trying to shame someone who's less learned than you shame the ignorant, put them down, beat them up, right? To get the the celebration to get the likes to get the you know, look, I really I won that argument, I won that debate and of course, at the core of it, to direct people's attention to you. Right, then the opposite result.

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It's not genuine, it's genuine, right? Because you're either weaponizing knowledge to hurt someone else, or to draw attention to yourself to things that are completely contrary to the to what is core to what Allah subhanho wa Taala has given to us with this blessing. So the difference is, of course, between an initial certain pursuit with bad intentions, and a good pursuit that can be polluted somewhere along the way, someone starts to seek knowledge and they do it sincerely, but then somehow they get stolen along the way. Someone sets out and starts a charity effort or starts to volunteer, but somehow their sincerity gets pulled along the way someone starts to do things for the sake of

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Allah subhana wa tada in the space of, you know, a fighting for those that are oppressed, but somewhere along the way, they get stolen, their intentions get stolen, and the reality is so Fianna thodi Rahim Allah said Mara led to shame and a shudder at a human near TD Anahata. Tapella borrelia I've never had to treat anything in my life more difficult than my intention because it changes on you. It changes on you. So what do you do with a changing intention, you constantly renew your intention and do your best. And of course, never give up the good deed itself. And as many times as you hear this, it's just natural that at some point, you can get paralyzed with such self doubt that

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you say, you know what, I'm just not going to do the good deed anymore. What's the point of doing the good deed? And insulative Narayan Rahim Allah to Allah He said, technically, I'm an excellent nasteria. Well, I'm a woman as well, if plus and you are a physical law firm in hoonah. He certainly allowed that to live off a good deed because of people is a form of real

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meaning what it's a form of showing off. And this is of course, that you know what no one's looking right now. So I'm not going to do the good deed and to do the good deed for the sake of someone else's site because you see them is setting them up as a partner with a loss of Hana what's added and what you really want to do is you want to you know, you you hope that a loss of hundreds of spares you from them both and that is sincerity. And the shape on at the end of the day wants to disconnect you from doing good he wants to disconnect you from your salon. He wants to disconnect you from yourself. He wants to disconnect you from everything that brings you closer to the loss of

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hands on and makes you a better person. And that's why

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I said if you're praying and you're making subdued your prostrating and someone walks

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And sees you prostrating and the shape on tells you get up because you know, you're only doing that for other people stay in your suit and fight off those thoughts. Don't leave off the good deed and work on the intention. Never leave off the good deed, because of the fear of the intention, but never stopped working on your intention. Even if you are a relief from the idea of Allah you've reached sainthood. Of course, not in the in the sense that it's traditionally spoken of, right, but you've reached a point where you're a close servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You don't stop working on your intention and you never give up your good deeds. So what is the solution? I'll give

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you a few things in sha Allah to Allah and then we'll conclude because there is something practical about this law you can leave alone Epson Illa. Allah does not burden a soul beyond that scope. If I'm going to start having Wes, Wes, you know, the whispers of shape on the whispers of you know, that things are just all off. Right. And none of this is pure, just like with physical filth. Like if a person prays and they have constant was lost, you just have to overcome them and you have to do your best to get your purity. The same thing as with spiritual filth. You've got to put that stuff aside and keep going forward. That doesn't mean belittling how important it is. But that means Allah

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is not unfair, Allah is not unreasonable. When a person sets off, and they want to do the right thing, but in along the way the test is, is getting stronger. And so somehow listen to this Hadith, Abu Musab de la the Allahu anhu says cappadonna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam adata young, the Prophet slicin was once speaking to us, giving us a hope for Karla au Hannah's attacco had the ship for in FM in web number, the prophet size and said oh people beware of this polytheism of this idolatry. It is more hidden than the crawling of an ant. How much can you detect the crawling of an ant prophets lie? Some said this type of shit. This type of idolatry. The idol, the idol of the self

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is more hidden, less detectable than the crawling of an ant. So someone responded and they said, What kayfun attacchi he was affirming the beaver pneumonia rasulillah so how are we supposed to avoid it? If we can't detect it? If it's less than the crawling of an ant the Prophet size and I'm sad kulu Allah home in Nairobi, I mean, initially cabbie cache and Nat allama Manasa firaga Mallanna Allah, the prophet SAW Selim said, say, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You that we associate partners with you knowingly, and we seek forgiveness for you for what we do, unknowingly. How powerful is this supplication of Rebecca Sadiq about the law of Thailand when he heard the prophets I seldom

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refer to that type of insincerity and the pulling away of sincerity as being less detectable than the crawling of an ant. He said the other sort of law, what do we do? How are we supposed to get rid of this? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he responded to apobec here what the Allah hotel and I'm home and he said, Allah do look at Anna Shea either Coulter who the Hubba Anka kalila, who were Cafiero listen to the words of the Prophet slice me said, shall I not guide you to something if you say these words, it will remove that shit from you remove that idolatry, the large of it and the small of it. The very obvious insincerity that you can actually feel and the parts that you're

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having a hard time detecting. And he said, say Allah hum in the rules will Baker and Ashley kabaka Anna Alamo, West Africa Lima Allah Allah, Allah Honda in Aruba and Sri kabaka Anna Alamo, West Africa Lima Allah Allah Allah Allah in Arabic and Ashley kabaka and Allah mo

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fetal calf the mother Ireland memorize the dear brothers and sisters, that Oh Allah I seek refuge in You from that which I do knowingly and I seek forgiveness from you for that which I do and I don't even recognize it. I don't even know it. Five things that we learned from this their brothers and sisters number one, the power of the power of supplication, keep asking a lot to keep you sincere. Keep asking a lot to keep you sincere. And keep seeking forgiveness from him for that which takes away from your sincerity. Number two, make sure that when you perform an action, you have that initial sincerity for that action before you do what you're about to do. Remind yourself that it's

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only for Allah subhana wa tada that you want nothing out of your prayer out of your charity, nothing out of the goodness that you do from the people of this world. You're doing it only for Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number three, constantly renew your intentions. It's not just the initial intention. It's revisiting and making sure your intention was not stolen along the way. Number four, your private good deeds. So Fianna thodi Rahim Allah who is

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said that I've never struggled with anything like I've struggled with intention. You know what he said? He said, anything I've done that has been seen by other than Allah subhana wa Tada, I don't count it from my good deeds. I don't count it from my good deeds. What does he mean by that he says, I instead store up my private good deeds, and on the Day of Judgment, if those deeds that were seen by others are credited that hamdulillah I mean, that's bonus, but I'm going to count on building my stash of good secrets. Some people have demons in the closet. Others have deeds in the closet of goodness, to your sincerity, I'm going to store away the prayer, the charity, the goodness that no

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one else knows about except for maybe the recipient of that goodness. And that's what will be between me and Allah subhana wa Tada. Number five consistent performance. What I do in private, I do in public what I do in public, I do in private, and there is no drop off of the motivation, no drop off of the performance of the prayer, no drop off of that goodness, just because someone else's eyes are there. The goal is not to remove other people's eyes. The goal is to remove the weight of those eyes to where they affect the performance or the sincerity of those deeds. So it doesn't matter if someone else is watching because the only site you're concerned with is the sight of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala May Allah subhanaw taala grant us loss and all that we do full sincerity and all that we do and accept all that we do. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protect us from attributing partners to him knowingly and make you forgive us when we do so unknowingly alone. I mean, echolalia though stuff will only recommend a certain Muslim interest a Filipina hola for Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim Allah Allah He was lucky to be here to marine Lama Minami not one Muslim enormously mount Allah here a minimal amount in the Casimir on play when we deal with there was a lot more federal than our hung up, one after another Robin Allen

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and Susannah

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Hamlin akuna Minal Casa de la mina, careful when Kareem went to Africa for Allah, Allah, Allah Dino Bahama Mama bonus the lotto Robin well as you know the reaction a kurata Aryan journal in which subpoena Allah, Allah if one and then kobina frequently McCann Allah azza wa jal if one and then kobina fakulti McCann, Allah La COVID la mean a la la la la la la la la COVID la I mean a La Liga La Nina billboard me mean a fridge now is one of invading a mystery mystery about the law and the law his son will eat they'll put about one hand in fashion even when Carrie will barely

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come to the Coronavirus Corolla is kuroko Moscow Valentina, is it? What are the Corolla for Allah Yamato snowmen, welcome

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