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The speakers discuss the importance of a bigger boat and the need for jobs and doors in achieving goals like bigger jobs and bigger doors. They also mention the struggles of filming in small boats and the need for bigger jobs and doors. The speakers provide examples of how animals can make bigger and discuss a new Jeep rental car. They also mention the importance of bringing in a bigger dog for social interaction and a charitable project.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We'll get started when five people say salam and where they're from, it's really cold here, but it's not that cold

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this is my right hand. This is my right hand. This is my left hand. So when you guys see me drinking, if I want to drink you guys seem tricky with my left hand. It's actually my right hand and I have to do it for the sake of Allah even if it seems like

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I'm not drinking so five people say salam where you're from and we'll get started inshallah.

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Five people say Sudan, where you're from from get started.

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I rented this, this Jeep, and it's so cool. So I wanted to show you guys the Jeep to rugged terrain.

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Hey, Don, how you doing?

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Five people say salam Yes, Abdul Basit in Malaysia I think I'm gonna set up

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a manny in Baton Rouge Rocha from Somalia or in Somalia. Those are two different things

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because if you're in Somalia that would be really cool if you're tuning in from Somalia

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we're gonna need a bigger Doha. I'm excited to share this with you guys. But I need two more people to say salaam where you're from.

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And then I will start

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this is my right hand.

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I'm Hamza from Zurich, Switzerland. walakum wa salam, I'm Hamza in Switzerland. Switzerland is a very beautiful place. Mashallah, but not as beautiful as Canada.

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All right. Goodbye. Like Mr. Romm.

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All right, well get started Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala Ahmedabad. So I was in the store.

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You know what's really funny?

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Canada has legalized cannabis

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is legalized cannabis. And I was just starting this and I can smell cannabis. Somebody in this park is smoking cannabis. Not smoking weed.

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Doing this, somebody is smoking cannabis. Anyways. That's a side point.

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Okay, so I was in the store. And we were I was looking at hats. And there's funny hats and cool hats, New York Yankees, LA, that kind of that kind of stuff.

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And one of the hats said, we're going to need a bigger boat, we're going to need a bigger boats. It would be interesting. If you guys know where that quote is from. Can you tell me just really quickly in the comments? We're going to need a bigger boat to say yes or no. Do you know where that quote is from? I'll give you a few seconds for that. I'll count down five for you to type whether you know where that quote is from. There's a hat that I saw that said we're going to need a bigger boat. I'm going to tell you where it's from. But let me know ahead of time if you know or not. So in the comments, do you know where that quote is from? We're going to need a bigger boat.

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I'll give you five seconds for that. 54321 counselor says she doesn't know where that quote is from. We're going to need a bigger boat.

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Anybody else? The comments are a little bit slow and coming up but a man he says no. We'll get the first five people. Sonya says no. We're gonna need a bigger boat. Allah says nope. We need a brother does a brother No. Hammer eight says jaws? Yes. Bill. He says no. So out of five people, four people don't know. So let's say nine out of 10 people on this page. Don't know what that quote is from.

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We're going to need a bigger boat

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Okay, so here's where it's from.

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When in the movie Jaws some of you guys have got it right in the movie Jaws.

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I think that was like in the late 70s or something where the first Jaws movie came out. JAWS for if you don't even know Jaws then I can't help you. But Jaws is about a shark that goes around like biting people and so on. You got jaws.

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So, when they were

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filming, they kept the boat that they were using for filming on the water was a really small boat, and they were under like a small budget. So they kept telling me telling the producer, hey, we're gonna need a bigger boat. We're gonna need a bigger boat. And then he's like, look, we don't got the budget for it. They're filming this movie. Yeah. Emma says it was 1975. So they were trying to film this movie on a small little boat. And they kept telling the producer, we're gonna need a bigger boat every time a shot didn't work out. They tell the producer, dude, we're gonna need a bigger boat. So

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there's a scene in the movie. So I looked this up. Yeah, I didn't know where it was from, as well. They kept saying this statement, we're gonna need a bigger boat. It became a joke with them when they were filming it. That that joke showed up in the movie. There's a scene where they're on the small boats. I don't know, the lifeguard or whoever that guy is. And.

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And JAWS swims, right?

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Something's hanging on. Okay, got it. Thanks Rami.

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So jaws in the movie swims past the boat. And it's a really quiet like, and he sees how huge the shark is how huge the shark is. And he backs up just really quietly into the boat. And then and then. And then he tells his partner on the boats.

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We're gonna need a bigger boat

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to catch a shark. Okay, so that is the iconic scene from 1975 Jaws. We're gonna need a bigger boat. And it's become like a catchphrase. You know what, 35 years later? I'm telling you all of this stuff. Because I have made this like my slogan for the visionary 2030 edition that's coming up is that we're going to need bigger jobs and looking at the decade ahead

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and closer says you're gonna have to check out just check out the scene like yeah, we're gonna need a bigger boat.

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When you look towards the upcoming decades, sometimes we have a dogs that are you know, and this is my experience in Ramadan, we design our dogs and Ramadan dream dogs, and it's amazing. And then each Ramadan, there's the struggle to like, Well, how do we make bigger doors? How do we go to the next level? And now if you're talking about a decade, if you're looking about 10 years, what can you achieve in 10 years? or 20 years? What What can the power of God do for you, if you want to approach to the upcoming 10 years, you're going to need bigger doors, we're going to need bigger doors. So that's my slogan for visionary 2030 and everything that I'm going to be doing in the seminar is

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guiding you and teaching you inshallah Tada and designing doors that are three times three times three bigger than any dollars that you've made, inshallah Tada so it can be powerful enough to lead you into the upcoming 10 years of your life the upcoming 20 years. And sha Allah Tada. So that's my slogan, we're gonna need a bigger dog. Now you guys know the background

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and that's it. So if anybody has a question, or you just want to chill

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and Ami says hello thank you Rami

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This is my right hand.

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Muhammad finally after I did like other Facebook and I said it was my right hand. He then sent me a message his brother please drink with your right hand

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if anybody has any questions, or you just want to chill, ask some

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just fun stuff. For those who missed it. This Jeep is a brand new Jeep that the rental car place gave me and I love it it's like proper, like go in the mountains military style.

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No frills. I like it so I put it in the video

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Sonya says yes, bigger doors. And not only a lot only bigger doors because we always do. Visionary they're always dreamed was their big. But now we're like, we're going to need a bigger dog.

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And the shark in this analogy is the upcoming decades. It's huge. And a lot can be done. We're going to be we need a bigger dog.

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kelser says Will this be in visionary? 2020 It's visionary 2030 And it's happening. Yes, it's happening like next week.

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Actually, no, it's happening like in four days. Five days.

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Is this coming Wednesday is our first is day one.

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We Okay, it says it's good to see you live. Thank you. Okay. Yeah, thank you for always sharing my stuff. Facebook's telling me that you share my stuff. I appreciate it. I appreciate you

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all right.

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I came out here because I have some videos to record. And I said I'll do a I'll do a Facebook Live before we get started. Inshallah Tada

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Shini law great example. How will you frame bigger by an example? Great. Let me pin it for you Shinola.

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Okay, so

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let's suppose your dream job is to meet somebody. Okay. So your dream dies? I don't know, who do you want to meet?

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Who cares? Do you want to?

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Yeah, Mariam says just folly though, just following the World Economic Forum and Davis to notice that we need bigger doors absolutely Maryam. So an example is, let's suppose you want to meet somebody, a person X, whoever that person may be. You want to, you want to meet them. And instead of your dog being hey, I want to meet this person. You might to make it bigger. You might say, well, I don't want to just meet them. But I would like to let's suppose there are a performer, I would like to perform on stage with them. Okay, that's like one level making your job bigger. What if you said, Hey, I don't want to just perform with this person on stage, I would like to do a charitable project

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Hand in Hand alongside this dream person that I would like to meet. And so you'll see two steps up that your dog became bigger by and that's just taking a typical example. A lot of us have this, oh, I wish I could meet so and so type of draw. And if that's the case, or just to just a regular wish, and that's an example of, hey, we're going to need a bigger dog. And then it comes to

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you know, your community or your dean, you just don't want something to be like, Hey, I just want to go for Hajj. And okay, that's it. And I went for hygiene. It was a miracle Dawn manifests hamdulillah How do you times that up? How do you build it up to the upcoming decade? So that's what we're going to be dealing with in visionair 2030 Inshallah, tada. I mentioned times three, take what you have now times three, and then that's your first level of dua, then times three is going to be your next level of dua, and then another times three, that's like times 27 At that point, and and then that's going to be we're going to need a bigger dog. And that's it.

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We're done. Es Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh. Thanks, everybody, for tuning in.

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