Why Marriages Fail? Part 1

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How to Control Your Husband

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This is part of the major sins that we said this is related to sins related to metri mortal life. Now from the other side, okay? Women are making sins related to matrimonial law. Law, one of the biggest problems many women are doing is that they don't obey their husbands. Okay? Women don't obey their husbands, of course here and there was women because of this feminism. And after the suffragettes, and instead of women playing itself tenfold, now, they want women to play the main role of a man. And by the way, I do remember that a Nobel Prize winner, he said, that economical crisis, the social crisis that the West is going through is due to the fact that both husbands are

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not playing their roles that they should play means the husband he should work and provide for the wife and the wife should work to maintain to help her husband at home to help the children today's of the children. He says, If and this is the Nobel Prize winner, he is not a Muslim, he was talking about this, he said the husband should play his major work and the wife should play her major role inside the house and she should provide for children, etc, etc. And once they each party plays his role, a complimentary okay? parties or couples will be establishing this match. Now, as we say, one of the biggest problem is wives don't obey their husbands. Because of this feminism because of being

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independent, etc, etc. Women don't like to obey their husbands and please, Jani parents, it's very ideal that some practicing sisters practicing sisters, they are not realizing that they should obey their husbands. I received so many questions from practicing systems, saying that, well, if my husband doesn't allow me to attend lectures or Salkeld, am I allowed to obey Him? Yes, of course, you are allowed you must obey Him. And she said, How come but I'm not attending circuit. We tell her Okay, system. The first right is the right of your husband. She said, Yeah, but but but and lilies are practicing systems. This is a big problem. They don't know that the prophets of Allah they said,

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I mean, he was talking about the right of a husband over here, his wife, he said, If I were to command a wife, or someone to press today, before someone, I would have commanded the wife to press today for her husband, imagine,

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okay, because it's the right of the husband over his wife. And the other heading. If I if a woman knows that I took her husband, she would have left the bus coming from him. If she knows that I have the husband. And when I mentioned this idea in front of some system, they said What is this? I said this is the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the purpose of a lot instead of when, oh, I came to him and he said to him, don't make your husband angry. Not only resolve it for innama who agenda two key one our key, he is your paradise and he is your hellfire. What does that mean? means he is the one who is leading you to paradise and he's the one who is leading you to

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gender or to now and there are so many Ahadi that talk about the rights of husbands, okay, over their wives. Unfortunately what we see women they want to be independent and they don't want to obey their husbands. Don't do this. She does the opposite. Okay. Sometimes it is the nature and I want women to realize that it is the nature we are all men we are married and we know this. It is the nature of the man. When he wants to come back home he is tired, he's frustrated from work etc. etc. He would like to see his wife ready for him talking to him. Maybe exchanging some soft words with him some emotion as with him, but if he sees that his wife is not at all or his wife is busy, okay

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over the telephone or maybe using the internet she is busy. Okay using the internet or she is talking to her mom and she has been she was with her in laws or with her mom just yesterday. He feels that his wife is not for him. Okay we are men we know that and if he feels that his wife is not for him problems start and even a small thing will become a major thing because of this and some women they are asking but we are not doing anything.

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He's just exaggerating, on everything. And they don't realize that the root cause of the problem is that the husband doesn't see his wife next to him. We are men, we know that our emotional need is fulfilled when we see our wives next to ourselves, Okay, next to us. And then we feel happiness, this is that your human being nature. And

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again, a part of the of this means they they the wives are not obeying their husbands is the fact that

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some women, okay, they have grown perception about their role at home. And sometimes I do ask women who has more control over you or your husband? The traditional answer is, No, my husband has more control over everything at all. I tell them no, it is not true. Who has more control? In reality, the wife has more control over the household members and the household issues. Do you believe in this? Do you believe in this?

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Do you believe in this?

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I strongly believe in this. Just watch out yourselves. Think about it, you will see that my wife has control over so many things. That how

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how, okay, men by nature, they want to they don't want to displease their wives, they don't want to they don't want wise to keep nagging, nagging, nagging, they want peace of mind, peace of mind, and their houses. Okay. And because of this, he just wants to do anything in order to keep her happy, in order to keep her quiet, in order to keep her pleased. That is the reality. And what I tell women, listen, if you want anything from your husband, you can take anything from your husband, but in a very emotional way. You will never take anything from your husband if you act as a man with him. But if you act as a wife, as a woman with him, you can get everything you want from him. And we have a

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statement in our lives that

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saying the famous saying that our a man is nothing but life adult in the hands of his wife means his wife is playing is using him upside down like a dog like the young lady is playing with a dog, okay, the man is in reality life is another example. Some other people are saying that the man is like a drink and the the wise fingers you can move him from here to here. Chica moves him from here back to here. That is the reality of how a woman is controlling her husband. But how?

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This is the question how you cannot control your husband by lecturing him. You cannot control your husband by enforcing him. You cannot control your husband by giving commands your husband, just as I say to some women, sometimes just by kiss, you can get everything you want from your husband. Why don't you? Why don't you women use this. Another very strong weapon women can do under Allah gave them this. Their tears affect the husband more than anything. And instead of them shouting, just by them crying in a very humble way. The husband's heart will melt down and then he can control him she can do whatever she wants. We are men we know this reality. But unfortunately, women are wise they

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don't want to observe this kind of etiquette and that's why problems come and then of course problems. Okay escaped and become bigger and bigger. And we end up with managed to break down other problems. Okay.