Allah Will Answer Your Dua, As Long As You Don’t Say

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh now 100 and Allah Salatu was Salam O Allah pseudo le he was like the heat woman whiner. So this last Friday, I talked about the when when is the help of Allah subhanaw taala going to come and particularly in the context of the I am has civitan and tattoed agenda Do you think that you will enter into gender and then Allah subhana wa tada takes us through the various difficulties, and to the point where the messenger and the believers that are with him say metta Nasir Allah, when is the help of Allah And verily the help of Allah is near. And I wanted to speak about this from a personal perspective, in the sense that how do we deal with the

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question of when meaning when I make dua? When is it going to be answered? You know, with our individual struggles, and not necessarily the community struggles, since that I was in the context of hundreds, and obviously, these things are all tied together. And so how they even touch on different elements of faith, they touch on different aspects of our creed. If a person is in a situation where they're seeing a wicked person who seems to have everything in this world, and then a person who is righteous and they are being oppressed, or they don't have anything in this world, then that can start to to ruin their notions of how they understand Allah Subhana ties love and how

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they understand the way that Allah subhanaw taala proportions, His mercy in this world in relation to the next. And so when it comes to when it comes to supplication and a person that makes Do you know, I want to actually start with what, Pablo, the longtime who said, he said in Nila Moodle hemily. java, I do not concern myself with the burden of the answer to my door app. But he says what I can do I just concern myself with the ability to make your app. So I don't concern myself with the answer to the door. I just concern myself with the ability to make the door out with the ability to make that supplication in the first place. Why? Because as Even though himolla said matter o'clock,

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a lovely Santa COVID found them and know who you are. And you're clear that know that anytime that Allah subhanaw taala allows your tongue to move in asking him something that that means he wants to give you something. And so there is no situation in which Allah will give you tofik will give you success to be able to make this app except that a loss. pantai wants to answer that for you. So don't, you know concern yourself with the way that it's going to be answered. Just concern yourself with the ability to make that in the first place and that is a blessing from a loss of hundreds out of that you are driven to the ability to call upon him. Now with that being said, you make your day.

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And as you supplicate your supplication goes to Allah subhana wa tada and Adam will have you the most knowing the most acquainted. And Hakeem the most wise man the Most Merciful, it goes to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you have entrusted that supplication now to Allah subhana wa tada for a lot to answer you in a way that is best for you and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala would either answer that, as you asked him for it or Allah subhana wa tada will block an evil and equivalent evil a calamity. As a result of that drought, or a loss of Hannah, what's added will delay the answer to that, to the hereafter to the Day of Judgment. And of course, on that

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day when you are rewarded, it is unlike the reward of this world, and a person would not would wish that none of them had the answer in this world when they see the answer in the Hereafter, because that which was answered in this world perished along with this world, whereas that which Allah subhana wa tada answers in regards to the hereafter or in the hereafter remains for all of eternity. So you make that and you can trust that you're out to a loss of hundreds out of the one that you're calling upon, to answer it in a way that's best for you. Now, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, use the Jabalia, haidakhan mannheimia, Allah subhanaw taala will answer every one of

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you so long as you don't become hasty. How do you become hasty? feha cool there oh to fellow Mr. jubliee, that a person would say, I called upon Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and he did not answer me. So long as a person does not say I called upon Allah and he did not answer me. And another narration the prophets license have yet to be called out to him, that a person would call upon a lost penalty for something sinful, or with the severance of family ties. So the nature of what you're asking a lot for us forbidden. But in this regard, you've asked the loss of Hannah Montana, you have taken all of the precautions and fulfilled all of the prerequisites to approaching a lot

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with that. Do not say that oh to fellow Mr. jubliee. I called upon a lot and he didn't answer me

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He did not answer my job. When you do that, no matter how the dude has transferred, it's left to your heart. It's left your tongue. It has gone to Allah subhana wa tada and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, your Lord is to shine for you to raise your hands. And for Allah subhana wa it's added to allow those hands to come back down, completely empty and unfulfilled. Allah is too shy, Allah is too shy, Subhan Allah, he's too shy for you to make dua, and to come back empty handed. So you made that dua and you sent it to a loss of Hannah Tiana and then you say Darrow to fellow Mr. jubliee. I called upon a lot he did not answer me at that point. No matter how the dude is operating, it

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becomes completely irrelevant and it becomes completely ineffective. It ruins the drive it spoils the drive, because you lose the essential component of trust and a loss of penalty as you're making that so the profit sighs I'm said Do not be hasty and say I called upon a lot and he didn't answer me. And another thing that's really important about this is to not let the shape on tell you that the delay in the answer to your there is some indication of a loss of penalty. I'm not loving you, you know, think about this, who is more beloved to a lot than the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam who does a lot of love more than the prophets than Ibrahim it his setup, then use of Elisa

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then jacoba, his Salah, right? We're talking about Abraham and Jacob and Joseph and a university, his Salaam job, who does a lot of love more than these people than the prophets of Allah. yet? How many times do we see that they call upon Allah subhana wa Tada. And the answer to their darat did not come for decades, did not come for decades. Is that because Allah did not love them? Of course not. You know, we would never say that because we know that this is the most beloved of Allah's creation to him, right? Of course not. But it's something else. It's something else. And so it might be that you see two people that make do

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and this person has answered right away and the other person is delayed and a lot of loves the one who was delayed more, a lot of loves the one who has delayed more. Why? Because it may be that you've had a lot as you are turning to Allah subhana wa Tada, Indra, that Allah is increasing you and he certainly is when you turn towards him a lot is increasing you in his favor in his love. Allah is increasing you in your good deeds. Allah is elevating your status in the hereafter because they're out there at his worship. And so all that you are gaining, aside from what you are specifically asking for, in the process of that drop is certainly increasing you and allows love is

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certainly increasing you and allows love and what more could you want them that right? What is greater than that, as you're going to Allah subhana wa tada and a loss of hypnotize increasing you and his love as well as as well as responding to you in a way that is most befitting to you. And so how to love that is a precious jewel, that you know, that we take every time we turn back to a loss of Hannah Montana, and

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aside from whatever it is that we're asking from him, the in key saw the brokenness that we show to a loss of penalty, the humility that we show to a loss of hundreds on the waking up at night to pray for what we're praying for, right in the last third of the night, or whenever it is, all of that is bringing us closer to Allah subhana wa tada and closeness to Allah is greater than whatever it is that we're asking him for. So the profits of the lice and I'm saying, Do not be amongst those people that send a dua to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah who is too shy to reject it. But then they render that ineffective themselves by closing the possibility by saying that that is not going to be

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answered by a loss of power that has not been answered by a loss of time. Once you make do out to a loss of hundreds and leave the answer to him, so kind of Whoa, Tada. And again, imagine on the Day of Judgment, those drives that a lot delayed for you to answer you there, and to give you a bounty that was too great for this world, and to give you in a place that is everlasting rather than a place that is temporary. And he say, Subhan Allah, this was greater than whatever it is that I could have wanted in this dunya and the love of Allah subhana wa tada is certainty and elevation, whether it is in this life or the next So again, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Do not say

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that oh to fellow Mr. Jubilee, I called upon Allah and he did not answer me whether it was Mousavi Salaam, making dua out against the federal, or the prophets, I saw him against his enemies, or the prophets license for the guidance of certain people under hood, or the Prophet sallallahu wasallam asking Allah for relief, or au Bonnie is Salam calling upon Allah subhanho wa Taala or Yahoo bunny Salaam, calling upon a low waiting

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For his son, or use of it, his son calling upon Allah subhanaw taala waiting for relief from prison, or whatever situation he was in all of these situations teach us that Allah subhanho wa Taala will answer the door of the one that he loves, but on a time and in a way that is most befitting to that love and a loss of hundreds Allah Allah dude knows what's best for us. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us amongst those that are beloved to him. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us amongst those that are always turned back to him into in a state of brokenness and humility, and in a way in which we are always elevated in this life and in the next May Allah Subhana hoods gather us with the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and generative for those alone I mean, Urban attina for dunya Hassan at work with our food it has been working out and are not alone. I mean, does that mean Oh hey, don't listen Mr equal to LA he gotta catch