Ramadaan 2019 Allah Loves – Episode 12 – Strength

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Santa Monica, welcome back to Allah loves. So we're going to get into a set of traits that are a bit more complicated than the first. You know, as I said in the beginning, we're really going to cover the essentials that people know when they think of a loss, love, but maybe with a different lens. But in these next few videos, we're actually going to tackle things that people typically don't associate with righteousness and they don't associate with allies love. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, We don't call we hide on what happened in alarm in a life where he couldn't hide. The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, and an all of them is

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good. The prophets lie Selim is saying that not all of them is good, because sometimes you don't know where the exact Baraka is, because someone might read this and say, Well, I'm weak and I, you know, it's not my fault, and I have certain conditions or things that hold me back. It's just like when I lost some pounds house has inserted Hadid, equivalent of the Lord who's now speaking of the comparison of those who became Muslim early and those who became Muslim late and the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And Allah says all of them have their allotted promise. But generally speaking, a strong believer is more beloved to Allah than a weak believer, and the Prophet slicin

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himself at Asana Nyan ferric. Seek that which benefits you was starting below and seek your strength from Allah subhanaw taala seek your help from Allah when attaches and don't ever be helpless. And if anything comes to you, that is not like to you then simply say other Allah, Masha Allah, it's the decree of Allah. And as he has willed has come and do not say if because that opens the doors of the shale thing. Now the Prophet peace be upon him is talking about strength in a very broad sense. But I do want to actually seize on this point for a moment. Islam teaches us to seek strength in every way possible, of course, through ethical means and through good means and not to go through impure

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things, not to become arrogant or proud, but to seek strength, and whatever capacity that it can be why so that we can actually carry out some of the things that are virtuous at a broader level have a bigger impact. Now, this hadith is talking about strength of a man strength of faith, strength, of resilience, strength of the body, strength of the Spirit, all different types of strength. But it does, it does cover many different things. It's very clear that the Prophet sly Southern is speaking about how your faith informs you and empowers you. Well, that's just don't ever be helpless. pick yourself up, try to grow try to be in a position of power, both as an individual a lot says, the

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prophets I send them says that the upper hand is better than the lower hand the giving hand is better than the receiving hand. Allah says in the Quran, as a community, we do the whole Muslim document over, prepare yourselves with strength, show your strength. So we are to seek to be in a place where we can actually carry out some of those qualities. After all, if you look at the previous episode, we were talking about the most beloved of people to Allah and the most beloved of actions to Allah subhanaw taala, the most beloved of actions to Allah, if you think of those people and those actions, you have to be in a place of emotional strength to be able to help someone

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through their emotional vulnerability, you have to be in a place of financial strength to be able to remove someone's debt, or to be able to provide for someone that's having a difficult time providing for themselves. So the most beloved actions of Allah require of you to seek to be in a place of strength, so that you could amplify those most beautiful attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah does not want us to be weak, defeated, helpless people. And that's actually a beautiful connection to tilaka. To trust in Allah. Our trust in Allah should not make us incapable. The prophets license said, Well, our charges, don't ever be a person who's helpless. Don't ever be a person who concedes,

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who seems to be defeated. Instead, always pick yourself up, always try to be a person who is giving rather than receiving, always seek to be the one who is comforting, rather than being comforted. And that's what makes you beloved to Allah subhanaw taala. But again, if he could have been hired, everyone has their blessing. Don't think that if you're if it's something outside of your circumstances, that it's because Allah hates you or that you can't attain that position. This rather speaks to what is in our capacity, not what we are tested with, but rather what's in our capacity we should always seek to be in the giving position of strength, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us

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strong in every way possible in our faith in our bodies, and our spirit and our minds and our intellect and our knowledge and our resilience. All of these things are that are implied within the Hadeeth and we ask Allah to allow us to use that strength for things that are good alumna. I mean, just a couple of finalists that I want to come on to language