Wael Ibrahim – 3 types of people Allah will never guide

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the three groups of people in Allah's eye. The first category has a column a, and the second category has a subesterday version of Allah's path. The third category has people who have a history of history and fear and discomfort with Allah's actions, and he will never guide them.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh three groups of people Allah subhanaw taala will never guide will never show them the path that is leading to salvation to Jana. First category of people in Allah have a little column a volley me Allah's path I will never offer guidance to those who commit injustice whether this injustice against other people, other communities, Muslims or otherwise or against themselves, because many times we commit injustice against our own selves by sinning day and night and not following our obeying Allah subhanaw taala and his command, that's a form of injustice. The second category of people in the Lila and the Palmer l Catherine. Allah

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subhanaw taala will never guide those people who persisted in their disbelief persisted in rejecting Allah subhanaw taala despite the fact that they have realized that it is his path is the truth. We're not talking about people who have no idea about what Islam is all about what, who Allah subhanaw taala is those who did not receive the revelation, those who did not receive enough knowledge about the deen of Allah subhanaw taala will be judged differently. But we're talking about those who persisted in their disobedience who persisted in their disbelief and rejection, despite the fact that they know it is the truth. The third category of people that Allah subhanaw taala will

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never guide is Allah so clean in Allah Allah Eucommia Alpha subpoena the wrongdoers and alpha clean are those who intentionally disobeyed Allah subhanho wa taala. So they know that he existed they believe in Him they acknowledge his existence they say the shahada La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, but there are certain sins that they favor they say that I can do anything except this I pray five times a day, but hijab is not my thing now. No, no, I will not wear hijab Now later on. I know some people will say beer is my religion. So I pray but beer, please don't tell me it's harm or cigarettes smoking. Some people say, look, yeah, I know it's haram but I will never quit like they

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intentionally disobey Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala promised that such people will never be shown guidance. So it means that Allah had sealed the deal in terms of their destination on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala never make us among any of these categories. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us guidance in this dunya and in the hereafter say Amin, Osama icon or library counsel you

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