Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 06

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Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee title Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

2017-05-31 – Night 6

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Similar from another

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mother who, when a star in the who witnessed the

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nouns be lemon and surely unforeseen will say, Molina

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Mayor de la la Medina. Woman utillian Hoefler Deanna shadow Allah in the mo de hula sharika why shadow ana Muhammadan do who wore a suit

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hamdulillah or praise the dawn model Allah mean for his blessings. We have a young mom tonight.

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This is the son of

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bread the useful one the eldest son and the one who just received a few as are we are seen is the other side

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of hamdulillah Allah bless the children we have been trying their best to memorize the word of Allah horrible and I mean

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we know how important for Muslims to memorize the Quran

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at least

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they memorize

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all the short surah

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but today, our young children memorize long surah

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the parent memorize short surah and hamdulillah

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because the parents are all

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so the memory is a bit

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weak in

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now what is important rather than systems

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is that we must try our level best to recite the voices of a lot of Atlanta men in the best manner and try our best to understand the meaning. So that the crew and will benefit all of us.

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Now what we have been informed by Aisha radiallahu anha when people ask about the correct now this is a very important point that all of us must look into what Ayesha is going to say. When people are asked Ayesha about the profits correct.

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Here his character manners, I shall say can

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we know that the most valuable deeds in the Day of Judgment they carry more weight than any other this is our good character.

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good character have a lot of values

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in the sight of Allah Allah

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The mean and the profits

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in number two leotta me Mama Karima Allah

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indeed I was sayin

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to advocate to guy to discipline this oma so that the oma have the best character

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the best character is the people who try their best to follow one along one then to do, how to talk how to behave, how to keep themselves clean,

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how to respect the elders, how to do business with people, how to interact, how to communicate, especially to their parent. May Allah subhanho wa Taala say, what Katara buka Allah, Allah Yeah, what Bill in a Sunnah

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Allah subhanho wa Taala remind us that you are commanded by Allah to worship Him alone. After worshiping Allah, you must show kindness to your parent, how to show kindness You have no right to raise your voice. When you talk to your parents. These are certain character there is very important for us to plan to implant into the children from young.

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Now all the good students who recite the Quran is because of the teachers. They have good teachers to guide them, to encourage them to motivate them make a lot of blood I mean make all our children, people who love the Quran, I mean,

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brothers and sister there are a few Hadees that I'd like to share with you.

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Based on what the profits and losses have remained as

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about the sign of the hour, we are still talking about the sign of the hours.

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The topic today will be the weakening of the Muslim nation.

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What caused the Muslim become weak?

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w six A w 960 q w 960 q, please look at

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it's not a salmon Don't worry.

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It's a

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wake up call.

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Before I continue, this is a very important thing.

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Especially hariyama Juma for the male when you go for Juma prayer, if those who arrive late normally you're parked your car

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and you are blocked. Yeah, I just because you are late comer. So when you are late, you must have the discipline after Juma prayer, you should start to move backward and go to your car. You don't take your sweet time and prayer sooner and you are going to cause a lot of problem to the traffic. This is adapt if you come late, you have to go out immediately after the Salah. So that you did not block you do not block other people's or hiccups. This is adapt the Muslim are very poor. And they are very selfish. They just think of themselves and they forget that they are blocking other people's car. This is for the Juma and then

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the wicked the weakening of the Muslim nation. We know back in history when the Muslim was a minority in the period of the prophet in a time the prophets in the time of the Sahaba Muslim are not majority they are very

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victory is

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Allah give them is that because they have faith in Allah.

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Now why Allah say enhancer a lot in Surah como esta begap dang amaco if you prepare

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uphold the teaching of Islam, the religion of Allah, then Allah said, I will help you.

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Now who can cause harm to us and destroy us when you are under allows protection. When you start big damage, even you are little in number, but because of the Itza

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the glory that Allah has given you, Allah will give you victory.

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Now we looked at this ayah

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There's nothing to do with

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quantity. What is very important is the quality.

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Now look at this thing

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stohlman one of the companion narrated that Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Don't forget to perform slower upon the profits.

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Say you wish Yoshioka Tata de la como la Oman, min polio *in Kamata de la la la, la la casa.

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Very soon now the Prophet is reminding his oma

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and his time, when a prophet was with the Sahaba. Very soon the nations were calling each other upon you from all direction from all horizen.

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Now the Prophet is talking in a time, when he was with the companion, very soon, the nation will call each other upon you from all direction,

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just as those who are dining call each other to their dish.

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So money said,

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We the companion who was with the Prophet at that time, we asked all messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam

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will that be because we will be a few in number is because the Muslim minority, no in the companion want to ask the Prophet

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he the Prophet answered, and Kathy rune, Wallah Taku Nova acabo de la salle

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know the Prophet said

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rather at that time, you will be many that mean the Ahmadiyya Muslim nation is not minority you will be majority

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is what the prophet some Muslim is answering the Sahaba

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but then the Prophet continue you will be Gaza like the Vasa

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you will be gusa like the Vasa scam that gathered on the surface of water is like the foam it's like the all the rubbish

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no when there's a flood, then you see all the rubbish was surface there be floating on the water.

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You will would be like all the rubbish that surface underwater of the sea fear and be aware.

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You say to

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the prophets Allah continue to enjoy the old Mahabharata. myklovr boo Oui. Oui oui. Oui, oui oui, c'mon wha No.

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they're not yet believer have fear in their heart to watch the believer.

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Why? Because the deliver.

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Have a very unique character. Have a spirit with a non believer don't have

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that deliver up Prepare to die for what they believe. Where the non believer have nothing to die for what they don't believe. Because they don't believe in anything they believe in themselves. When you believe in yourself, only then you don't want to die.

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We just love to live and live,

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if possible to live forever.

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Think if you're giving a chance to bribe the angel of death. We are going to bribe him. You can take anything from me just pay my life. Yeah, leave me alone.

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But then a lot of alameen removed from their heart.

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The fear that they have before suddenly was removed out from their heart.

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They don't have fear towards you anymore.

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Is this happening now?

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We are living in a country that majority are Muslim.

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But the disbelievers have no respect to us.

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And then they'll fear you.

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And sometimes they can demand

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they can demand so many things.

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There is against our belief

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and we tend to please them

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by a sacrifice our Dean just the president.

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Why why this happened

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that is continuing

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the reason that the hearts of the believer have no more respect no more fear towards this oma because this oma have lost their their glory.

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You just had the number but there's no more quality

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because in the heart of this oma, there is a disease. The Prophet is telling us because in our heart now, there is a disease called guano.

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So when the Prophet use the term elewana, Otto Juan,

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then the companion asked again,

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it's like a dialogue.

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What is laniado pseudo law?

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Now the, the prophet is quoting an Arabic word. The Arabs, themselves don't understand. There are certain terms that use in the Quran or by the prophet, normal Arab don't understand.

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The companion as what is one

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all messengers of messenger of Allah Prophet Mohammed Salaam Salaam. And he said,

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Look at his saying Allahu Akbar

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will hire

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what camera he will mount.

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In other saying, hobo dunya Waka hetal mount

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because in the heart of the Muslim Ummah, at that time,

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they love the world. We live in dunya dunya is so close to our heart.

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Every day we wake up, we talk about dunya

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like we are going to live in this dunya forever, and we know we are not going to live forever here.

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Those who have reached the age of 60 follow the Prophet three years ago,

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those who have bypassed 63 anytime

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and those who are 5013 years ago, it follow the profits and masala

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I think among us we have at least more than 20 or 30, who

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60 plus now, including me.

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So anything after 63 is a bonus.

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Of course we left the world.

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But don't let the world and your heart

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Your heart should always be connected to Allah. When you love the world, then the second signals the Prophet said is you hate to die, you are not ready to die. Those who love the world.

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Normally they don't want to die fast.

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This sign is not only clear in his imbrication, but also it has repeatedly been witnessed throughout history.

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If you look at the history, one, you have the love towards dunya

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then you fear death. One your fear death, then the enemy who fear you before will not fear you anymore.

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Why the early nation?

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Yeah, in a minority, but they are strong, respected, because they respect a law.

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And they respect the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the honor every human rights and every human who love justice, respect them, love them because they are here to uphold justice. They are here to protect the weak

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and also those who have been oppressed. This is the job of the believers in the time of the prophets in the time of the companion the second generation and the generations made a lot of blood I mean, give us the ihsaa back. Remember what Allah Polly lahoma Malakal molti tell mo Carmen, Tasha

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What 10 01 coming man Tasha water is zoomin Tasha waters illumine Tasha, big Cal hydro inaka Allah Polish a Kadir

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that all power and Kingdom belongs to Allah

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and Allah give to those who him please and he will pick it back from home he plays

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when you do not

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have trust and now you don't have a mana to what Allah has given you He will take it back.

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And he glorified those who honor

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what Allah subhanho wa Taala have given them and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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as down when we ignore what Allah wants us to do,

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we abandon Allah, Allah will leave us, when Allah live us, no one will respect you anymore.

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May Allah Allah Allah mean give us the Islamic inshallah I mean by we trying our level best, yet to try to follow what Allah wants to do, and what the prophets have taught us and we are lotto blind, I mean, except the prayer of our young children and who is leading us, Allahu Akbar and insha Allah, they are more to come. And we do encourage even young people to lead us if they have the adapt, when they know the rule. How to Become an Imam inshallah, we will see you tomorrow night. So Hannah columbium the shadow Allah Allah Allah antastic Furukawa to Bala salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.