A Voice in the Desert #3 – When Abraham Became the Father of Nations

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The speaker discusses the importance of remembering the succession of generations that would uphold the Prophet's message of the Hereafter. They also mention the idea that culture is not about who is the father of the prophets, but rather who is the father of the children. The speaker also mentions the idea that culture is not about who is the father of the children, but rather who is the father of the children.

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So after just having witnessed abandonment from his father, and being disgraced by his own family and his own people, as Ibrahim is that, um is on his way out, he calls out to a loss of hundreds and he says, Rob be heavily in Asana, he, Allah grants me righteous offspring. So it's really amazing that he had just lost the connection to his own parents. And in that moment, he's asking Allah subhanaw taala, to be a parent himself, and to have the companionship of a child, that would be from the righteous.

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Now, it's really important to understand where this comes from. Number one, the fact that Ibrahim Isom is acknowledging in those moments as well yo medallion federal Mandarin webinar on that I'm looking for the honor of the Hereafter, when there will be no benefits that comes from having children or having wealth except for the one that comes with a sound heart to Allah subhana wa Tada. It's important to understand that Ibrahim or Islam is more concerned with the succession of generations that would uphold the monotheism that he came with, than he is with simply having offspring himself. And this is why we see when zeca D it is sent out calls out to a loss of Paradise

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as well in the 50,000,001 cry in the huffer to the Mojave, that I'm worried about the lack of people that will continue on with this message. I don't find inheritors of this message amongst my people. And that's why Zachary Eisen chooses to call out to a lost parents ad and to ask him for a child to heavily mendonca Walia to give me a child that would inherit this message, not simply give me companionship but inherit this message and carry forth this message for Your glory. It's very similar to one the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in five. And he just witnessed that humiliation what was the Prophet slice Adams reasoning for not having those people destroyed beyond

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the mercy that the prophets lie some extended towards those people his hope it is salatu salam afterthought if was in the children of five, that maybe there will be a generation amongst them, that c'est la ilaha illAllah. Maybe there will be people that come amongst them that say la ilaha illa Allah. So it's important to understand Ibrahim or Islam is already oriented towards the hereafter and is affirming on that day, children nor wealth will avail a person, but there's something else with Abraham is one of his nicknames is MBR. He's the father of the prophets. And when the prophets lie, Selim named his own son, Ibrahim, he said I named him after my father,

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Ibrahim. Ibrahim is known as the father of the prophets and that after him all the profits come from his nations, it is Salatu was set up. That's why we find when Allah describes Ibrahim on Islam, that he was an oma, he was a nation. One interpretation of him being described as an oma himself is that the good that emanates from that one person is the good that an entire nation would be able to put forth just from Ibrahim on Islam himself. And some of the scholars they said he's an oma and that all the nations come from this oma this nation of Ibrahim alayhis salam, after him it his Salatu was salam, even in those moments where he thought that he might not even have anyone to succeed him.

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Look what happens instead, right? children and grandchildren prophets after prophets ending with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and an entire legacy of people that cling to his remembrance. But there is that element of companionship as well allows parents access for them that as a homeowner, your abdomen do Neela wilhemina Allah who is Hakka were appalled wakulla and Jana BIA, that when he left them and that which they were worshipping, beside Allah Subhana Allah to Allah we gave him Isaac and Jacob and we made them into prophets. notice a lot did not mention is married. Even though it's married it is Saddam was older than his half by 13 years according to some

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narrations. A lot did not mention him. In fact, Allah mentioned the grandson Jacob the grandson Yaqoob and Allah subhanaw taala goes on to say and we made them into profits, what will happen Allah home and Rama Tina and we gave them mercy especial mercy, the same mercy that Allah would give to yah yah towards his father is that Korea, we gave them a special type of mercy. And we gave them the son a slogan earlier, we gave them a high reputation amongst the people, which is something that Ibrahim is not asked as well, that people would remember him highly at his Salaam and look how Allah subhanaw taala responded to that. Some of the scholars say the fact that it's 97 is omitted here was

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already a sign to Ibrahim that he would have to sacrifice him that he wouldn't get to enjoy the companionship.

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This made it his salon in his life. However, Allah subhana wa tada would have a special plan for his smile at his salon. That would achieve the goal of Ibrahim's just as Allah subhanho wa Taala would have that also for his goal with his heart and the children of his heart. It is