Bad practices at Quran gatherings for the deceased

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person has passed away, then the Nikola gathering, and they'll have people reading the Quran. And have you noticed? Have you noticed half these gatherings where they all get together to read the Quran? No, no, hardly anyone is reading loudly

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recorded them the Quran nowadays

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you know what they're not really gnarly

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because they don't know how to read.

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Some of them, I'm telling you, from my heart, I know, they don't know how to even read Arabic that because they ended up in the gathering, and the juice of the Quran was given to them. And now it's like, oh, everyone's got a juice. And I've also got a juice is gonna be so embarrassing for me to tell everyone that I don't know how to read the Quran. How can I say to them, or I don't know how to read the Quran. So I mean, he's good. Tell him you don't know how to read the Quran. That's what he's supposed to do say, Look, I'm sorry, but you know, let somebody else read it or try to make some other other excuse if you can. But don't try and keep putting in your hand. Right? is showing

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everyone that you know, I'm following following everything.

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You haven't even said a single word. You don't even know whether the rival Randolph shut down. You probably don't even know that much. Right? And you're trying to basically just impress people.

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You're trying to impress them.

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And that is real. That is what RIA is.

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