99 gods vs 99 names of one God

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All right, everyone said I want to live here or that account, oh, how blessed me are you ministry upon us now and then also have so much to know and he was happy. So my throat is getting better at 100 an hour, but I mean, I'm making progress. So inshallah my voice will be a little bit louder today than it was the day before. And hopefully inshallah Tao will have it fully restored in no time. So again, I appreciate your your eyes, your prayers, and your your remedies and your well wishes and thoughts.

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So tonight, what I wanted to reflect on was this concept of 99 Names of Allah subhanaw, taala 99 names of one god versus 99 gods, and I'll tell you why that's very important. The first thing is that, if you were to take the 99 Names of Allah and interact with them in isolation, then they would not connect you ultimately to a loss of Hannah Montana. But to connect with Alana is to connect with her or him to connect with her for us to connect with her dude, to connect with Allah, Zack is to connect with Albuquerque, right? If you really pay attention, one of the blessings of having the 99 Names of Allah subhanaw taala is that if you connect with any one of them, ultimately, you're

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connecting with the same God. And all of that brings you closer to a loss of autonomy. So connecting with all 99 of them, is a means of connecting you to one, right and it's important for us then to think about how proportionally connected we are to Allah subhanaw taala because when the prophets I seldom said that Allah has 99 names, when I saw whoever perfects them, completes them, solidifies them, ascertains them affirms them definite agenda will enter Paradise, what that means is that the more you connect to the 99 names of a lot, the more you connect to a lot. And the less that you connect with some names of Allah, the less to connect with a lot, the less you connect with God

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Himself. And it's important for us to find a way to make sure that we're connecting with each one of those names of a loss of Hannah Montana and to find them around us and everything that's happening around us. So why is this so significant to us right now, Allah mentions in the book and really like the smell has nothing to do, he'll be happy, that to alarm to God belong the most beautiful of names. So call him using those names. Call a lot with all of his different names. And if you think about right away off the bat, your your supplication, your prayer, how many names of Allah Do you use in your prayer? Right? Are you only connecting with Allah? Are you connecting with the most

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compassionate, the Most Merciful?

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Are you connecting with others? Are you connecting with all of those different Beautiful Names of Allah? subhanaw taala? Or do you only use the name a lot, and use a few, a few of the last names, the ones that are most familiar to you and most common to you? And so the first thing you have to ask yourself, when you see that I have that versus how much am I making? How much am I supplicating? And then how can I bring all of the names of Allah into my life in my supplication? How do I call upon Allah subhanaw taala using all of his names in my supplication, so that I'm connecting to Allah from all of these different angles, because at the end of the day, to bring all of the 99 back

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together in our hearts and our minds and our thoughts on our tongues, is to completely overwhelm ourselves, right with with with the contemplation of Allah, who he is, and how we connect with him. And so I should be thinking to myself very intentionally, how do I start to bring about all of the names of Allah into my supplication? Now, here's the thing with that, usually, you don't connect to a different name of Allah subhanaw taala, because you read it in the Quran, or you came across it or you thought about it, usually you connect to a different name of Allah, because your circumstances have changed, right? And so I had no reason to think about, or I thought I had no reason to think

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about this name of Allah, until something happened to me. And so for example, if I had never worried about my sustenance before,

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if, you know, I was very comfortable financially, then I was the Sustainer was not that was not was not so much at the front of my of my mind, it wasn't, it wasn't something that was occupied by thoughts because it was not something sustenance was not something that I was worrying about. But now that things are happening, the way that they're happening,

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and I'm not as comfortable maybe in my finances now, I'm going to constantly be reminded of list and the concept of sustenance. And so I really need to have not just the wholesome understanding of that, but I need to have a regular mention of Azov mentioned of the Sustainer in my prayers, right and really connect with that name in a very wholesome way. And so the circumstances around you change, and then it's like, Okay, well, what does this name mean, and how does this name Connect, right? And that's one of the blessings of the shifting circumstance.

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answers of our lives is that it forces us to connect to a lot of different way. And so you call upon a lot differently when you're in hardship than you do when you're in ease. You call upon a lot differently when you're in fear, rather than when you're comfortable, right, you call upon a lot differently in all of these different circumstances, even if you're not necessarily using a different name of Allah. Usually, you're calling upon a lot of different way the nature of your, the nature of your supplication is changing. And so how do you infuse the names of a loss of hundreds out of the names of God into your prayers into your supplications, intentionally in a way that

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you're connecting with a loss of 100 data as a result of, or through all of these different ways, and then add another layer to that, what you want to get to, is that when you look around you, no matter how you're looking around, what you're seeing everything around, you should start to connect to one of the names of the last time. So you see an act of generosity, immediately. allocating the most generous comes to your mind, you see, an act of love immediately comes to mind, you see an act, or you see something that's fashion beautifully, immediately and saw what comes to mind. You see the the vastness of the creation, immediately a harlot comes to mind, you see something where you've

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been entrusted or someone else has been entrusted to no one, but their Lord immediately allocated comes to mind, right, so all of these names, start to immediately come to mind as a second nature for you, with everything that's changing around you, okay, so in your, in your supplications, and your prayers, you are purposefully intentionally

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using all of the names of Allah subhanaw taala. And you could start right now with your wizard figure, for example, you could start with, you know, after every prayer, studying one of the names of Allah subhanaw taala, if you go to Europeans website, you'll find that we had a series Sheikh Mohammed shonali, myself did a program mostly him I just did the introduction to know Him is to love him. And Sheikh Mohammed has been doing a beautiful breakdown of the names of Allah subhanaw taala, because it's always been my belief that if we had a proper understanding of the name, Names of Allah, then the issues of faith that have been made primary will be rendered secondary, they'll be

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turned into peripheral issues, because you have such a trust and have faith in the name of a loss of habitat in the names of Allah and the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. And so the first thing again, is how do I intentionally bring about all of those names in mind, it's not enough to memorize them in a sheet, okay? If my dog is missing some names of a lot, then that could be an aspect of my life that I'm not connecting to God. Okay, so if I'm not using those names of God, either in my supplications, or connecting them to the circumstances, there is a void, and there's an absence then a disconnect, in those things that are happening around me, and, and God, and the idea is to connect

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all areas of my life to Allah subhanaw, taala to God, and I can't connect all areas of my life to Allah, unless I connect to all of the names of Allah. Right, so all of the names of Allah are relevant. The question is whether we've made them relevant or not, and whether they immediately are triggered in our minds and in our hearts and reified when we see things happening around us. So the first thing again, as an assignment as a takeaway, just, you know, ask yourself, every night everyone should be praying with it, right, trying to pray with it. How do I bring about a new set of names of a lot into my, into my prayers and my supplication? So I connect with a lot that way? And

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then the second thing is, how do I connect the circumstances around me to those different names of Allah? So when things are happening and unfolding in my life, how do I immediately say that reminds me of a lot L, Allah V, and then think about that name. And then the third thing, as I mentioned, in the very beginning, the difference between 99 gods, and 99 names of one God is that the more I connect to a man, the more I connect to it,

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the more I connect to each one of these names of a lot, it brings me in a wholesome way closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And the greatest blessing, the greatest blessing, anything that can be given to us of, of the stole or of deprivation, right of hardship, or of ease, is a deeper connection to a loss of time. And that is one of the blessings of unique circumstances because unique circumstances force us to reflect and to reconsider how we have embraced or neglected some elements of our faith. And the first place to start when you're reconsidering how you may have neglected some element of your faith is whether you've neglected an aspect of god that was relevant to your life but that you

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have been ignoring. And so let's make it a point in sha Allah to Allah to connect to each one of those names of Allah subhanho wa Taala what he learned as Martin has no further will be her. Last thing I should have mentioned this in the beginning actually is

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Last thing, the greatest way to connect to those names then after you supplicate with them, after you reflect on them with the changing circumstances, is to manifest the human, the human component of any of those attributes when they are presence, okay? So for example a lot is allocating a lot is the most generous, I can't be allocating and allows generosity is unlike the generosity of a human being, but I can be generous. And the more I connect to lkt, the most generous or the more I connect to generosity in my life, tomorrow connected Kitty,

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I can be merciful, my mercy will never be like Allah's mercy. But if I am merciful, then I will undoubtedly be connected more connected to the Most Merciful. So every element of Allah has names that has a human

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because nothing of a last names are human, but there's a human companion, right to that Divine Name and divine attribute. I should be manifesting that in my life and if I'm not, then I'm failing in that regard and I need to find a way to bring it in my life inshallah Tada. So, whether it's justice or generosity or love or mercy, I need to be a part of that in Charlottetown and manifest that whatever way that I possibly can, and that's why a lot of the prophets I said it'll hammelmann fill out your Himachal Memphis center, be merciful to those on earth, and the one in the heavens will be merciful to you. So we have lost parents, Allah bless all of you and allow us to connect to him in

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every way possible to connect to all of his names, and ultimately to connect to him and to and to fall deeper in love with him in these moments alone. I mean, just like a lot of female Santa Monica are handled right here.