People of Tubba mentioned in Surah Dukhan 44-37

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Are they better or the people of Tibet who are the people of Tibet, they said that this took back. This is one of the big kings of Yemen, right of any

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of heavier, heavier, heavier or the people of Sabah

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are the people of Sabah. They were not from the Arabs, according to Yanni, most of the historians, they are not Arabs. You know, their study of seven

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mentioned in the Quran. They they they said that this took back this to back he was he was an eighth or idol worshiper.

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Yeah. And he died. This tobacco died 700 years before the advent of the prophets of Allah is Allah, this timber and he was an idol worshiper. And he became a big Malick Big King. And they said that he invaded most of the countries in the Middle East. Yeah, the what is known as the Middle East. And he used to put his army to look at his army, and he used to have an army, any horses from the marsh, to Yemen.

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One line

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this tuba and he was and we should make this believer idol worshiper. He passed by Al Madina, Munawwara by that

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he passed by a diver, and he was fighting everyone, because he was young. He's such a big king. He wanted to fight the people of Medina, he started to fight the people of Medina. In some narrations. They said that he was fighting the people of Medina in the daytime. And in the evening, the people of Medina used to host him and provide him with food.

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Because of their generosity,

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yes. So he felt embarrassed.

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He felt embarrassed. So he asked them about why aren't you like this way? And then they started to tell him that they are believers in Allah. And at that time they were.

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Yeah, they had some rabbis with them. So there are bytes. There. Nobody's any more intimate bytes. Not machinic. Rabbis. Yeah. Followers off. Musa alayhis salam, right. They told him that, that you can't destroy this country, the city, Medina it is preserved by Allah. And it is a Mahajan of a Prophet. Allah will send a profit and that profit will migrate to Medina. So it's better to you to leave it. So he left Medina and he started to believe in what the rabbi told them and he became what a Muslim, Muslim at that time.

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Who is a Muslim, the follower of Isa at that time is a Muslim. Yeah, more hijab believing in Allah. But that's not committed. Right. And that Dean at that time was the dean of who

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have Musa alayhis Judaism by and it was monotheism. So, then he passed by Maccha. He passed by Maccha, going to Yemen, and again, they told him that MK God is the country of a prophet who will come.

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Yes, there is a prophet who will be born in Makkah, and he wants to the Kava Kava was built at that time you know that Canada is the first house to be established on this earth. In a hadith habido. A Buddha asked the prophesy said and what was the first house of Allah to be established on earth? And the prophets I send them said and basil Hara, then a Buddha asked the prophesy Selim and work them then the prophets I said, I'm set as my schedule outside. Yeah, I must do Luxa that canal design this will destroy they want to destroy it looking for their temper. Right. And Muslims are sleeping. Yeah, they are not worried about it. They are worried about their own business or they are worried

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about ISIS. Right. So anyway, this is a must be the Luxor.

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So they still passed by Makkah. And they told him that this house is the sake of the house. The Rabbi's told him that this is a sacred house and a prophet will be born here. So he honored that that place and they said that he he he slaughtered as a caffeine as a as a glorification for that place.

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have 1000s of sheeps.

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Yeah. And he faked it to the people that and then he continued to go to Yemen when he wants to Yemen he told his people listen, you have to accept Islam. So here's people accepted Islam.

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That's why there are narrations, although we can editions the prophesies and um, said I don't know whether to back is an abbey or not. Yeah, this is a weak narration. But there are some narrations from even Abbas and others we don't know whether to buy was unable or not. And in one narration, I think it is authentic that narration is an Abba said, Don't insult that fine now. Akana Moshe canfor Salam, he was a disbeliever. And then he became what? Muslim. But they also said some of what it has been mentioned about that when he died, most of his people went back to Cuba.

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Yeah, most of his people in Yemen, they went back to cover. They they may, they also mentioned that during the time of the Prophet SAW Selim, there was a girl or two graves in Sudan. Yeah. So now the capital of Yemen that was taken by the truth is, right. A few months ago, it was sold. Yeah. It was sold by the President of Yemen and the president of the presidents of Yanni neighbor countries. They sold it to the Houthis by so this son, our this one, the capital of Yemen, there were two graves. It happened that they dug their graves, and they found two women. Yeah, untouched. Their bodies are safe. Uh huh. And there was a plate next to it. Next to their head, that we are the daughters of

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and Glamis.

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Their names, hookah and living. Yeah. And we believe that there is one God La ilaha illa. Allah

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by this was reported that it happened during the time of the prophets, Allah Allah, this means that they were what what did? Yes. monotheists anyway, so the people have to back the people have to back after to their disbelief. So that's why Allah Allah, and they disbelieved and some reports said that they used to torture the believers. That's why Allah then Allah punished them and destroy them. So Allah Jalla Allah scanning many Israel, and he's telling us as well. Uh hum. Hi, Ron, I'm committed but are they better than the people of Cuba? We have destroyed and the people before the people who have to back we have destroyed all of them. I had a canal home.

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In Ghana, we didn't even because they were criminals. And then Allah, Allah, Allah said, one more follow up on this and I want you another one.