Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 2 – Juz’ 04 with Tesneem Alkiek

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The Nisa series discusses the aftermath of the attacks on Afghanistan, including the loss of families and the importance of rebuilding society. The speakers emphasize the importance of taqwa, the first manifestation of being a member of ateenth person, and the importance of avoiding cheat on vulnerable people and the negative consequences of war. They also touch on the importance of maintaining the brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam, holding firm to the rope of Allah, and not separating from others. The speakers stress the importance of showing gratitude to Allah and not separating from others, and encourage small small daily accomplishments to help others.
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Florida cats everyone just wanted him to know slot was someone else will allow me he will start the heat woman wila Welcome back to 3430 and hamdulillah I want to remind you all in sha Allah tada to first and foremost make sure that you keep up with the quarter and 3430 ebook which serves as a companion guide to this and gives you the structures and overviews of each GES inshallah, tada as we get into our CL focus, also the new book by Dr. bajada Wyatt and also a reminder to please inshallah to consider supporting yuping Institute by hitting the donate button but nahi tada amongst all the other noble causes that you're supporting in this month of generosity but in the nighttime I'm Eliza

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doesn't reward you all for tuning in for participating I hope you've been enjoying the programming thus far that's been coming out from yaqeen and make you out for the whole team you know at your pain that's been working very hard to to put all of this content out on a consistent basis. We have it handed out with us none other than the most frequent guests of last quarter and 30 for 30 standard test NEEMO peak who we will call Dr. tasneem by eat inshallah, cuz we want her to finish her inshallah tada make dua for her insha Allah she will be finishing we pray to Allah that she will be finishing her PhD but in the nighttime in Ramadan it's like the team tradition we want to

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graduate PhDs and all along but in the nighttime, and so we're going to call it Dr. tasneem by or eat or Dr tesni with an asterick inshallah, but we want to we want to get used to it in the nighttime so by the last time webathon in sha Allah it'll be like Dr tasneem and peak with no asterik at all. So welcome back and 34 very

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happy that you guys

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say hello do or how are you feeling? Good Allah

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Good to have you as always shift labor hard things that compel few minutes over praying subtle we are praying subtle

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things are well handled our unique situation handler things are well our focus on militia. So with that inshallah Thai let's get started. So we are now on Joseph for and sort of a Nisa still continuing along the same historical structure. So I hope inshallah tada by now, everyone is able to appreciate how profound it is the way that it's being laid out, just one year one, just to hear to just three, year three. And now we're getting into really the end of year three, but also going into year four after the hits in Medina. And you see that this sorta is talking about the aftermath of now, I want to frame this from a setup perspective, when we look through the setup was a shock. What

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heard was, you know, unique in many ways, and the potential that it could have had to demoralize the Muslim community, but it did not have it. I mean, it did not. And part of that was allies was an offering forgiveness to all of the people that fled from the Battle of a hood. You had a lot of people that passed away and a lot of Senior Companions that passed away. So every house in Medina, was struck by a casualty and, and that means something right, you know, we're seeing now with widespread death looks like across a community mail as those that have mercy on all of our deceased ones a lot. I mean, imagine Medina where every single person has a family member, either a husband

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or a father, or a cousin or an uncle, or a brother, someone was struck in their family. So every house in Medina was was mourning the lost ones of earth. And that includes Of course, the prophets of Allah and he was phenom who lost his beloved uncle Hamza, all the along Tada, and who, who lost Mohammed bin or made, or the Allahu taala annual so these are, these are Senior Companions. And this was a blow to the Muslim community. And of course, there's also dealing with, you know, the first act of treason from the hypocrites open act of treason from the hypocrites, which was the 300 people that turned away before the battle even started so, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has to put the

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society back together with the help of Allah subhana wa tada and to make sure that are heard becomes a lesson and or does not become, you know, some sort of permanent detour for the Muslim community in Medina that hurts them and that cripples them in a way that they're not able to recover. So we look at certain Nisa here and Sultan Isa focuses on themes that are very close to war, and are very clear in a post war context, particularly when you have a lot of casualties. So, I want to start off with here by saying that it's not always that the name of the sutra is over represented in the sutra itself. So like the theme of the sutra does not necessarily always tied to the name of the sutra and

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that is the case, you know, for example, in certain bacala dimensions

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of Bukhara, the incident of the cow is a very small portion of the surah itself, whereas sort of Adi Imran, there's a lot about airmont. Right, the family of Emraan certainly saw focuses quite a bit on the aftermath, and has many themes that are not related to women in particular. But the way that the scholars would would look at the naming of the sources, and that's why you'll find that some sources have multiple names, is that they look at the words that are unique are the words that are most repeated within the surah. Right, so it's a way of distinguishing that slot off from the other sources of the or and so the theme of certain Isa is really rebuilding a maddening society after the

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after the war after the battle. And so immediately you have the first idea, which calls us to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala to be mindful of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is really profound, because Tuc what is the basis of our individual progress to Allah tuck what is the basis of our marriages Remember, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam advised the community the men in particular at the end of his life, Salalah horning was set them to fear a lot to have Taqwa with a lot in regards to their spouses tuck what is the basis of a community as well? Because when there is no taqwa there is deception and corruption. So tuck what is the foundation so so how do I you find

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this here? And certainly sad but the very first idea is it Temple Run back home? Oh, people? Yeah, you anassa tuffeau bacuna The hollowcore communists and wahida Well, hello, come in has Oh jaha seminoma de Jalan Cathy Oh aneesa What's up Amanda de Tessa want to be in a lot of Canada and II from Latina, O mankind fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and created from its match and spread many men and women from the to and fear a lot in whose name you ask each other for your rights and fear the violation of the rights of the relations through the womb surely Allah subhanaw taala is ever watchful over you. So before we get into these very complex issues of marriage and

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divorce of society, especially in the wake of, you know, a very sensitive defeat that took place in Ohio. But before we get to any of that, remember the first command in the Koran is taqwa. And remember, the goal of Ramadan is tough one. And if a person does not have Taqwa, they'll find a way to cheat and they'll cheat in regards to their family lives. They'll cheat in regards to their societal endeavors. They'll cheat in regards to everything. But at the end of the day, they'll only be deceiving themselves. And so Tacoma Tacoma Tacoma, it starts with establishing taqwa across the community. And what's the first verse panela, after the verse of tequila that relates to a post

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battle context, in a post war context, you have a lot of people that are now orphans, and that are the most vulnerable people in society, the orphans and the widows, right. And it starts with the orphan who was the most vulnerable person in the society of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or I should say rather in the jadie Society in a society of ignorance and then honored in the society, of the Prophet slice of them. So the first manifestation of taqwa that Allah subhana wa tada mentioned is beware of consuming the property of Le uttama. Okay, so give them their due right, do not cheat them in regards to their wealth, do not take advantage of them, whether it's a Tibet

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doodle hobby that they play, you do not switch that which is filthy for that which is good, what taquito and why the Hamida and why do you come do not eat up their property or consume their property along with your own inaho Kana huben can be a very it is a major sin for you to consume the the wealth of the orphans to take advantage of the new orphans in the society of Medina. So somehow that's the first manifestation of taqwa is don't prey on those that have been most vulnerable, made most vulnerable in a post ahould context. And then you start to see the verses that come afterwards. So the verses of marriage, the verses of inheritance, the verses of taking care of the widows, the

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verses of that restricted polygyny at the time, two to four spouses, of course, in the context, it was the suburban resort, it was the reason for revelation was a situation where you have plenty of widows in the wake of a hurt. And then of course, you have the messages that are prevalent in these themes dealing with the unique consequences of the unique circumstances regarding the People of the Book, the unique circumstances regarding the hypocrites, what military operations will look like, thus, thus forward right in the wake of and how a society is meant to function at this point, and I want to end and shout out to Adam, my part of this, setting the scene with this, you know everything

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about certain nice up every single context that's given here. Tuck what is

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The basis and then the most the most obvious and minimum manifestation of tequila is listen to Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam go back to the messenger sallallahu sallam. And so Eliza gives us all of these contexts, right contexts of breakdowns and marriage breakdowns and society breakdowns in all sorts of situations. And the time where you really see a person's talk quest show is their ability or refusal to go back to the way of the messenger sallallahu Arnie was then I'm going to break down takes place. That's when you see Tacoma really show right? So you'll see the most religious of people but then when divorce comes around Subhana Allah like they don't

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want to hear anything about the Prophet slice them or the sin, right? People just insist on their way. You see the most religious of people, right? But then when a breakdown happens in their business, or they get into a dispute with someone, then suddenly all of those messages from the messenger sallallahu Sallam go out the window. And so the greatest manifestation of taqwa is whether you're going to refer back to the messenger sallallahu wasallam when things go wrong, and so Eliza just says yeah, you had Edina amande lT or Allah, wealthy or rosu what will MD men come for internalization fee sheet and further ado, it Allah He was sued in Quinten to manana Billa, he will

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do it after that he can hire on wax and otet Wheeler to power this is such a powerful verse, oh believers obey Allah and obey the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and those amongst you who have been put in authority. And if you dispute amongst yourselves in regards to anything, go back to Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. If you indeed believe in Allah in the last day, like you claimed to really believe in Allah on the last day, then you're not going to try to milk your dispute to where you get the most favorable outcome, you're going to try to do what is most in accordance with Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that which will not cause

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you fear and apprehension on the last day. So if you truly believe in Allah, and the last day, go back to the messengers of Allah, and he was telling me that he can hide on the last anotehr Wheeler that is better, and the most commendable that the best way of going about things. So I think that's just a very powerful way. And of course, I know she was going to talk about disunity. Allah, as we said in the previous 3430, with this, just Allah subhanaw taala warned the previous nations of their disunity and the way that they turn their back and focused on in the previous agenda, the previous chapters, the mistakes of past nations, but here the just focuses on the mistakes of the Muslims,

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and the biggest weakness is our disunity. So inshallah Tada. With that, I'll turn it over. Dr. tasneem, if you have any reflections on any of those particular points, and then you have the lunch, Allah Tada, you can take it from there. Secondly, I just want to point out one thing, and I think the transition that you talked about from students at Enron, to me said the fact that it was supposed to world, when you have at first you have like you mentioned, it's the introduction of the rights of orphans that he had to have. And then immediately after, it's the idea about allowing a restricted amount, but allowing polygamy. And if you think about the context, the context was

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literally to protect women, a lot of women were widowed. And at the time, husbands were financial caretakers. So if a woman often had two options, either one, remain widowed, and have very little recourse or access to monetary assistance, or think of you know, that relationship differently, where now she is, has an opportunity to get remarried for that financial care. And so when you think of it in that context, you recognize some of the benefits that the law had allowed in terms of the flexibility in allowing for polygamy, especially in this context of a post war world.

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Now hamdulillah Mashallah, I like how you, you mentioned, the importance of tuffle. And as we know, that is the ultimate goal of Ramadan, and that is, last month I mentioned, the concept of corn, perhaps you may be those that are mindful. and tuck was one of those words is, it's almost at the level of, you know, we say Allahu Samad, as a scholar, as mentioned the word to someone in the name of Allah being a summit, very comprehensive, on top of the fact of Arabic being a very eloquent and rich, rich language, to translate it into English, in many cases, does not do justice. You it's not just one word to translate, it has to be interpreted to where it has to be understood by explaining

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the meaning of the word and tuck what falls into that category, you know, some kind of law, it's very important that, you know, we as human beings and as Muslims realize the importance of having mindfulness of our Creator in our maker in all aspects of our life. And that's a segue to what we want to talk about here. And each chapter and Ron were last panel with Donna mentions, roughly from verse 101 to 103. We lost what Allah is asking a question to those that voluntarily disbelieved in the message after has been after it has been manifested him or he says that there has been damage

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One regime okay for tech would only be okay for tech for one hour anthem totally alikoum is too light or too cumbersome. And how can you be those that just believe after the the verses of Allah are present to you and amongst you is His messenger? Well, maybe I'll tell him the length of the Huda illustrate often was the theme that Allah says And whoever holds fast yeah tussling Billa whoever holds fast to Allah subhanho wa Taala will be guided to the straight path now just remember this word yell tells him to hold fast. Yet to song means to prohibit something or to can also be understood is to hold on to something firmly. And that's what we have the name Mark Tustin come from

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there are lots of kind of what the other mentions after that averse that many of us here at the beginning of the hospital Juma where it says if they're gonna have some gene, yeah, you had Medina Avenue. It took a lot to party. Well, that's a Morton in that one to masimo Oh you who believe.

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Be mindful of a lot as you should as he should be, you should be mindful of whom or fear lies he should be feared hospital party when that's a more tune in level intimacy and do not die except in a state of being of those that submit to Allah alone, that submit as Muslims. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala brings the next verse after this command of showing us some scholars mentioned, this is one of the epitome the verse that really speaks about tuck what very eloquently because he says, Be mindful of a law in a way that you should be mindful of him or in a way that you should fear him. So when we hear the word fear of Allah and mindful of Allah, it is as though when one is mindful, all of the

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other aspects of worship come to light. All of the other aspects of worship have more of an opportunity to be activated, if you will, when you are mindful of Allah when you have Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala this will remind you to do things that will shield you away from the actions that are not beloved to Allah. And that is exactly where the word comes from with Gaia, which means to take a shield. So when you are watching 3430 for instance, there could have been something else that you could have been doing on your laptop and internet or on your phone and each and every one of us know that there are choices that we have to make. So when you do an action that Allah loves and then

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the last please with that is an action of a Motoki that is an action of a mindful person. Allah subhanho wa Taala says after that, a beautiful verse that is very important for all of us, as human beings as Muslims as community members as civilians, if you will. He says after that after he orders the individual to have overlords Be mindful of them in a true way. He says, Wow, toss him be happy. They lie to me. And he uses the same verb that he did earlier when he was talking about the ones that will mean Yeah, listen below whoever holds firm to Allah subhana wa tada and His Messenger are very, they are guided to the right path. Then he instructs them and reminds them to have Taqwa to

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have mindfulness. Then after that he gives a command verb, he's telling you, okay, this is how you can feel a law in a way that he should be feared. This is how you can exemplify the epitome of mindfulness of Allah in a way that is be fitting to you and to society as well. He says, while toasting we'll be having the language of me and when as a fabric, and all of you hold firmly to the rope of Allah and do not separate. There's so much eloquence in this verse from the aspect of rhetoric, or what they would say is rhetoric being Bulava. In Arabic, it is basically how are you trying to relay a message to the listener and many different eloquent ways. And that's a whole other

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science in the Arabic language and sending the Arabic language. So here the law says and hold firmly to the rope of a lot, Jimmy, I'm what that's a federal court all of you together and don't separate. This is an important aspect because he's telling all of you to hold firm to the rope. And some scholars mentioned why they see a rope. Because when you are holding on to a rope, you are trying to save yourself or to elevate somewhere. And that is very important because the one that there had to be someone that placed the rope there in order for you to save yourself or to beat or to elevate. So Allah says hold firmly to the rope of who will often block and he laid the possessive form, the rope

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of whom the rope of your Lord, the rope of the Creator, the rope of your maker, happily let the rope of Allah subhana wa tada because the rope of Allah is that which will ultimately save you. And that's where the scholars mission that the hub of the rope of Allah is the Koran, the son of the Quran, and the Sunnah, all of the meaning is the same. Jimmy and all of you together and do not separate. So this is another eloquence where law says hold of you hold all of you firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not separate. It's indirectly implied that when he says together, that means don't separate, but he confirms it by saying hold firmly together and don't separate. This

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shows the importance of being conscious of maintaining the Brotherhood, the sisterhood in Islam, and

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Even in humanity, because once that bond of brotherhood and sisterhood is broken, jealousy, backbiting, slander, a massacre death even takes place. And what's so amazing is that this verse was revealed, as some scholars say,

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in regards to the two factions and tribes in Medina when the apostle summit writes in Medina and almost no coverage that these two tribes as document are short mentions. They had issues with each other 120 years before the history of the migration of the process from Mecca to Medina. So a lot is setting a standard. He said all of you hold firmly to the rope of Allah together and do not separate. What is a way that we can do this was cool Nick Matala, here is a comb yourself, what is something you can think about? What are some memories that will be productive for your development individually and collectively, remember the blessings of Allah upon you. It came to adapt and never

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been able to become. Last month. Allah says remember the blessings of Allah upon you when you were once enemies, and Allah brought your hearts together. Allah brought your hearts together. So the first net worth guru net Matala alaykum, remember the blessings of Allah upon you when you were once enemies.

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And then a law brought your hearts together for a little bit of glue become for us back to be near met he Juana and you became brothers. So you and you remember those times that you had an issue with someone. And you think of how a law brought us together, you say, whether it's my culture, whether it's my tribe, whether it's my locality, what transcends all of that and what takes precedence over all of that is the brotherly bond, the bond of towhee the bond of the Oneness or loss of kind of winter. And that's very important because you're going to have issues with a fellow brother and sister You know, you're gonna have issues you may you know, you may work together in a capacity, but

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you realize personalities you clash, but do not let that overpower the reality of their right upon you as a human being and their right upon you as someone that embraced the faith of Islam. So, then the last kind of what the other one you mentioned, that you all were once enemies the alpha beta will become for us back to minute Matthew whiner will come to identify for 40 min unnati for Uncle akumina. There are lots of kind of without and when he reaches out to that, he says you are about to fall in the pit of fire and he saves you from it.

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You are about to fall in the pit of fire in your way of thinking in your in your bias towards a certain nationality, or a certain culture or a certain way of thinking. You were biased and you belittle those people, therefore it caused enmity amongst one another. Do not let that happen. Because you will be on the brink of the Hellfire when you be little people. And that can lead to rude statements, rude actions and things that can separate the community, which totally goes against what was mentioned earlier, of having at song holding together firmly with a loss of kinda with data and the faith of Islam and the faith of believing in the Creator, the one that brought you all into

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this rule and has an ultimate mcsa charity and ultimate Islamic objective for you to come together all to show your gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is manifested in different ways. But ultimately, it's manifested within the shediac within the channels of water that come to a body of water further nourishing the soul. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those that come together for the greater good, and allow our differences to be on this on the sideline for the greater good of showing gratitude to Allah

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ranges aka Maharaja from the life of a beautiful reflection, if I was, I would hang on to one thing, it would be that the consequences of causing disunity are not just found in this life with a community that then becomes fractured. But you know, it could it could lead a person to a seriously

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you know, negative place or station with a loss of I don't want to add I mean, on the edge of the fire

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on the Day of Judgment, and so a person should really fear a lot once again with what they what they do to the community, right, you know, causing bringing people together or fracturing the community.

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You know, also requires a level of tequila, that a person makes sure that they hold things together. So zachman Lafayette, I don't want to take too long, I'll hand it over to Dr. tasneem. Before I even show

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it for this visit I want to talk about one of my favorite is I should say one of the most powerful is I don't know necessarily think

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in terms of the the the context that it comes in, in terms of the sutra, everything that surrounds it, and that is in regard to the Battle of the hoods. And there's a few I add to that specifically talk about the incidence of the Battle of hoods, and we'll work a little backwards here because it really helps to put things into context. And you're the end of this idea was pantalla tells the prophet to tell the hypocrite

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Who, essentially we're second guessing everything and we're questioning everything. You know, why is this happening? Why did we risk our lives on the battlefield? Why couldn't we have stayed home? Why delis can't either defeat this for us, they had all of these doubts and questions and really challenging what was fansided ordered. And let's find out it says when local to view BeautyCon say how he's trying to profit tell them but even if you're at home, whether or not you're on the battlefield, or your home, in your in your, in your bed, lying comfortably in your bed, if death was going to come to you, if death was written, for you, it was going to come to you, no matter where

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you were. And I think this is particularly powerful. And I guess a favorite reminder because it reminds me of the inevitability of death. And that's particularly relevant, especially for us today that whether or not, you know, you've taken all of your precautions, whether or not you you've, you've worried yourself or you've you remain comfortable, if that is going to come to you, it's going to come to you. And when it came to the hypocrites when it came to the disbelievers this was something that was really it couldn't let go of it. It became crippling it was that was pathetic describes in this I met him and foster home, they were just so obsessed with what about themselves

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about what was going to happen? Now hold on 100. I mean, I'm Raymond Shay doing not they were saying, you know, do we not have any, you know, say in these matters? Why is it that was that is doing this? Why do we have to do this? And I think it sounds really familiar with us today that why is the world happening? You know, why is it the way it's going? Now? Why is it that I have to still put in effort? Why do I have to wash those pants either, despite the struggles that I'm going through? So a lot of this the same rhetoric that the hypocrites had are things that we often feel today. And what the differences is that in this idea, you have the hypocrites who are challenging,

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you know, what was patata has either done, has decreed for themselves and for the community as a whole. And because of that, they had this this crippling fear. Now this is particularly in contrast to the believers who come at the beginning of the verse that almost patho says that he brought down upon them, and a deep, powerful and secure sleep emanates in murasa. And the Tafseer. The exegetical literature on this is says that the companions, these believers, in the midst of the battle on the battlefield, they were less pathetic given this sleep that was so deep that if they were carrying their shorts when they fell asleep, they would drop their swords on their side, because they were so

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deep in sleep, that they lost sort of sense of where they were and what was going on. And it was because in contrast to the hypocrites, these believers didn't question what was pontianak decreed for them or for the world around them. And that just as Allah pantalla tells the Prophet tell the hypocrites, but in the emrakul level in law, that all the affairs are for last pandadoc all the fears that are lost control, that because the believers firmly held this to be true and understood this, that no matter what they do, no matter how much they worry, how much they worried about themselves, like the hypocrites were worrying, nothing was going to change the fact that it was

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pantalla had decreed their obligations and had decreed what was going to come out of that. And because of that, they were able to sense the most powerful and deep sleep. And if you I don't know if you've all encountered similar experiences, but almost anytime I've checked in the news this past year, one of the very first top articles every single time without fail is rising rates of anxiety, rising rates of insomnia sleeplessness people can't sleep anymore from the mounting of anxiety they have, and it really puts I'm reading this I and it's putting things into context. That's Panama, if you really submit to the fact that in America who did that, all of these affairs or for our analyst

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had to add his control, that you will be able that will be your, your key or solution to attaining that deep sleep. And I want to point out, backtracking one more I have two more is, remember the context of this verse. This is coming at after the last part data refer mountains, the archers at the Battle of hoods, who had left their position left their station despite that wasn't Assyria their open feet of rock despite the fact that the prophet of God is calling them come back, come back, don't leave your posts, these believers left their posts and in part of their as a result of their actions partly they lost the battle. And the last part that is reprimanding them in the Quran

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that you know you were chasing this world when you should have been chasing the athlete all I say this because the context is so important, because when the ayat comes afterwards about this eminent and murasa, this deep sleep, it's talking about those believers to it's talking about the believers who made mistakes and it's talking about the believers who stayed but we're always firm. And I think that is also especially

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important for us because sometimes we think of this like, Oh, well I can't get that type of ease and calm and tranquility because I'm not the best of Muslims. I'm not a companion I'm not you know, superstar Muslim. And so that I'll never be able to sense that both my dad talks about those, those those believers who committed something that really, when you think about the details of the situation, it's you, you'd be watching from the sidelines horrified. What are you doing turn back How could you blatantly turn against the wishes of the prophet SAW Selim and the wishes of the of Allah tala. Yet despite that, what's pantalla says, Well, I find that he was had out of forgive

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them, because they recognize they turn back to us $1. And they recognize along with the believers who stayed firm in the hula, hula, that no matter what happens, everything is in the hands of last cantata. And I know especially that a lot of times we throw around words like you know, oh, it's just other it's just our fate. It's our no sleeve, any you know, any word or language you want to use to describe that we, you know, sort of understand this. But it really requires this deep thought, like, think about it more profoundly and, and really be mindful of this more closely. Because if you can attain that mindfulness, if you can really grasp and repeat to yourself and

00:31:18 --> 00:31:41

recognize in an amateur hula, hula, all of the fears, most pantallas hands, if you can do that you are going to sleep so well, both in this world and Chatelet be rewarded in the next. So that is one solution that really is an easy fix. It was hard to out of promises, the believers who have been perfect other lives and the believers like you and I like all of us who make mistakes day in and day out. And something

00:31:42 --> 00:32:20

related that I have read recently that I thought fit so well when I was thinking about this is one of the wisdoms that I thought law and he says, So why have you called him any law? Yes, swaddle perjury. That no matter how enormous your human your worries, your anxieties, those things that believe me I'm speaking from experience this past year was not stress free by any means. That no matter how much that can overcome you and overtake you, it's not going to even be able to pierce the these fortress walls of your product, that these deep, insurmountable walls, it won't even able to pierce through it.

00:32:21 --> 00:32:43

it no matter how much you worry. So knowing that your fate is preserved is protected by these fortress walls is something that really again reminds you of the fact that all of the all of our fears and the last pantallas hands and especially now that it's on the lawn, it's a reminder that the only thing that we learn from the profits on Mars and them The only thing that does change order is

00:32:44 --> 00:33:29

that rather than wait you know spend so hours and nights sleepless nights worrying and really bogging down our minds and people around us with our anxieties and our stress. translating that into making drama and this month is the one thing that will will truly last perhaps promise is going to change your budget. So that's an invitation for you and I to be spending every dollar we can this every moment we can to be making Dr. Thomas pantalla to to grant us what we want to grant what is best for us as well as pantalla knows what is better for us to be able through that that flooded through be able to gain that same deep powerful and secure sleep that was passed down and

00:33:29 --> 00:33:31

granted the companions after the Battle of the hearts

00:33:33 --> 00:33:36

come along so how am I very powerful

00:33:37 --> 00:33:41

now have something to stop I was supposed to be sad somehow and I really think about

00:33:42 --> 00:34:21

so May Allah reward you for that and I think the only thing I would just add on to that is MC dot for your oma like I mean when you're when you're making your art for yourself and you're making draft for a lot to ease your affairs and you're making a loss you're making your art to a lot to open up this door for you and for a lot to forgive you make your art for your own make your art for your oma to be united MC dot for your own math to be protected make your art for your own meant to be forgiven make your art for people you know I think that is part of prosthetic concern you know when we can't take the individualism and also put it in our drives to where we don't have a share of

00:34:21 --> 00:34:23

our drive for other than ourselves.

00:34:24 --> 00:34:48

Now of course make do out period but like don't don't forget other people in your job and don't forget your own mind your job and your concerns come up in your diets as well so i think is the suta is really talking about putting the oma back together keeping the oma you know directed focused oriented and what happens with the almost never distant from what happens to us as individuals so

00:34:49 --> 00:34:54

we and just the last things of how long the profit slice and mentioning

00:34:55 --> 00:35:00

the almost one body what what overtakes us when we're hurt sleeplessness

00:35:00 --> 00:35:25

So the sleeplessness is not over this world, the sleeplessness is over what what pains are on, you know, and that's something that that's really profound Subhanallah that the oma is hurting. And so we are sleepless not because of something of this world, but because of the state of our own muscle. I think it's not distant what which Abdullah was talking about with the unity of the community and what you were talking about with your and how you sleep at night. Those things are not distant from each other.

00:35:28 --> 00:35:28


00:35:31 --> 00:35:33

Second, okay, any last comments from della?

00:35:35 --> 00:35:36


00:35:37 --> 00:36:15

Mashallah, the whole concept of selflessness is what I was thinking about when she was mentioning these verses, and how when one is selfless in corresponds to what you were saying with da, you know, you're thinking about others than yourself. That goes a long way. And you know, people people feel that people realize that and they feel it when you, you really want them to when you when you really, you know, have their best interests, in mind and at heart. I think that's something that is a characteristic that we as Muslims in general, and in particular, in particular, and human beings in general need to always think about someone other than ourselves on a daily basis, if you can make

00:36:15 --> 00:36:49

it a habit when sitting with your children, and having them watch, you know, individuals that may be less fortunate than yourselves and showing them how they can practically help them. You know, whether it's money, expertise, or just time and learning. I think that's something that is huge. I think that's something that is very, very useful again, with all these organizations that help those that are in need. voluntarily making that effort to reach out you know, physically in going out. And getting involved in those efforts in particularly in this month of Ramadan, particularly in the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan is something that is we should not be taken lightly.

00:36:50 --> 00:36:58

And one thing I do to help remind me and really cultivate that feeling is every single day I dedicate a special block for one person and

00:36:59 --> 00:37:28

Jehovah had taught us in ANGEL series last year, knowing that the angels no matter what route you're making, for someone else, they're saying me to your drop, so it's a win win situation. Choose if you want to remind yourself to make up for others sets set a you know a goal of every single day pick one person and you really start to think about what would that person really really want and helps you connect with them and also forgive them for anything in the process. And the angels are now saying I mean, so you can get the same benefits.

00:37:29 --> 00:38:09

Vocal off seeking so on that reminder, inshallah, as you are now adopting the new practice of making draft for one person, please make sure that the three of us have one slot and shell attached as you do that. So please include us and include others and make their app for your oma and Zach Miller Hayden, Chef Abdullah, Doctor test name asterik inshallah, the last time I webathon did the nightowl you'll be done. But very beneficial session as always, may Allah bless you both. And to everyone else. Again, please share the stream and Charlotte's gonna get people caught up with water and 3430 read the companion guide each summary is about just two pages per just to help you go along with

00:38:09 --> 00:38:47

this inshallah support your pain and support all of the wonderful causes that are out there anytime you're seeing these causes come up for the for your own meditating, whether it's $5 $10 support everything that you see out there that you possibly can and Allah subhanaw taala will surely bless you as you make your art for people and as you give to people may like unite our community. May Allah subhana wa tada make tequila permeate Costa for the permeate our hearts and all of our affairs whether it is our individual affairs or family affairs or community affairs and May Allah subhanaw taala Hello them as you see sila taqwa just a Masjid built on top one that's all lies referred to it

00:38:47 --> 00:38:58

right so May Allah build our massage and every structure of our society upon top, along that mean, also was fully loved more Southern Nevada, kind of you know, Mohammed was it he was a Marine, so I wanted to live in a castle.

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