Nouman Ali Khan – If You Are Grateful I Will Give You More

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves on the need to fully comprehend the concept and benefits of being grateful to Allah at all times. He reflects upon numerous Surahs and verses of the Noble Qur’an for this purpose.

Allah has reminded us to be conscious of Allah at all times as the blessings of Allah can never be fully enumerated. One of the purposes of our existence is the purpose of being forever grateful to Allah SWT.

This is a lesson Allah gives us in the Surah. Musa AS was taught to give [this lesson] to his people so they could come out of darkness to light. And then this message is so important that Allah put it as a teaching for the Messenger himself. Hence, it is paramount that we become truly, sincerely grateful to Allah SWT. And as a result of our gratitude, Allah will increase us in the good things and in the guidance and in the blessings that we enjoy in this world. 


  • The Pleasure of Allah will be upon us.
  • Allah will lift the punishment from us.
  • Allah gives you more if you are thankful to Allah.


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