Why Do Muslims Commite Suicide – Q&A

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I don't think somebody is understood. Somewhere doesn't mean sit back and passively take. No but like constantly pray dwarfs every No, no, no, no, no prayer and there is one piece of it, what?

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The ground it says like, Oh, no doesn't burden the soul beyond this limit. I know this is more sensitive question. But then why do Muslims commit suicide? Good question.

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Why does any human being commit suicide because Allah didn't just say, he doesn't burden a Muslim. He says he doesn't burden anybody beyond their limit. Right? So the larger question is, how do people die out of pain? Or how come people weren't able to tolerate the infection and they died. So that would be a burden. They couldn't bear. The context of the surah in the context of the ayah is very important. The IRS talking about burdens in terms of responsibilities, the entire discussion and social Bukhara is not about trials of life. It's about the trial or the difficulty or the not just the responsibility of upholding Allah's word. Like, Allah says, Be honest, for example, right?

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Allah says, Be kind to your parents, for example, Allah says, you know, humble yourself, for example, these are burdens he placed on us. None of these are beyond what we're capable of. None of them. It's he's not talking about earthquakes, and, you know, tsunamis because somebody couldn't bear the flood and they drowned. Right, and somebody couldn't bear the psychological, you know, hell that they were going through when they committed suicide or whatever, right? So it may be a psychological disorder. So would they go to hell or weak? There's no way for us to say we don't know the actual cause. Right? Allah knows if this person was a sick, it was sick or not. Allah, Allah

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knows that. Yeah, you know, so there's, there's no way for me to comfortably comment on somebody who committed suicide and say, for sure, they're this way or that way. Okay, but then

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what advice would you give to somebody? Like, just because that advice, advice I hear is just to have sober. But there's only so much sober somebody can take you know what I mean? So I think somebody, I don't think somebody is understood. Somewhere doesn't mean sit back and passively take no but like, constantly pray dwarfs every No, no, no, no, no prayer, and there is one piece of it. But versatility and agility is another piece of it. For example, if you're being, you know, if a person is being

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verbally abused, right, and then the advice is not just make dua, because the problem is not the weather, or the skies, or the Earth, the problem is another human being. So deal with that problem, Hey, you can't talk to me this way. I don't want to be spoken to this way, I won't have this anymore. Right? You have to confront a problem. That's not a spiritual problem. That's one's inability or unwillingness to actually deal with the problem in front of them. And then blame that on God and say, Oh, God didn't give me enough sub No, no, you're, you have a confrontation problem. You're avoiding conflict or you're avoiding a difficult conversation. And then you're saying this is

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a trial? You don't get to do that. Okay. Right. You have to face whatever it is you need to face. Allah says Gulu colon sadita speaks straightforward. Right? A lot of times it's very difficult to speak to people that we are hurt, we are hurt by or we're intimidated by them. Right? And what the Quran is teaching us is learn half of Allah Hill amatola And we're not afraid of the criticism that will come our way when we're speaking the truth. So so long as you know, you're being truthful, then speak it Okay. Okay. That is that is the subject actually look at total asset what Allah forbid, whatever, so be sovereign. They counseled each other to the truth. And then counsel to suburb,

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meaning, you only need southern when you're going to confront somebody truthfully. It's that sit there quiet, take the insults and take the abuse and have suburbs confronted and then whatever comes your way, then have somebody and still confronted, okay, so it's actually what people have taken forever to have a passive meeting and Quran and the Quran Sabha has a very active meaning. Right? And that's what I want you to take from this. Okay, thank you. You're welcome, my dear. Allow for you.

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