Munir Ahmed – VACCINATE- Why should I?

Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the difficulties of returning to Islam after the pandemic and the need for planning and travel plans to avoid getting infected. The misunderstood notion of "overkill" is discussed, with the use of "tawak bodies" and "ass scared" as barrier against infection. The speakers stress the importance of trusting in Islam and praying at home during the pandemic, as well as the need for treatments and treatments for COVID-19. The potential risks of the vaccine and conspiracy theories are also discussed, along with the need for safe practices and taking care of others.
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Alhamdulillah hittable alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala MBI will mursalin wa early he will be here tomorrow in Ubud

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elf bottle carrum salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds Peace and blessings on his prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salaam muffaletta Allah. Well, I never know when a mineral hovi will jewelry by narco sim Mina. De Waal and fusi was wrought. Bashir is sorbie ring. Allah Xena is also that most Eva orlu in LA he was in

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Isla de Raji.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, as I mentioned in my last reminder a couple of weeks ago, that we will certainly put you to test and trial was something of fear of hunger, and of loss of wealth, loss of life and of crop,

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give glad tidings to those who are patient and steadfast savarin those who went any kind of calamity

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ensues upon them, they're faced with it. They say, surely we belong to Allah, and to him is our return.

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Brothers and sisters, trials and tribulations of the world will always continue and we're on in a particular one that the whole of humanity

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is facing at the moment, may Allah smart Allah

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increases any man and makers of those who have suffered but this statement of the submarine and to understand sobor is when they say, surely we belong to Allah to him is our return is not an easy statement. What do I mean? It's not just sit back, it doesn't matter. Whatever happens, who cares? We come from Allah, we're going to go back there. In other words, any kind of destruction takes place. We don't take any kind of precautions. It doesn't matter. We come from Allah, we're going back. But that's not the attitude that's been put there. Allah saying, you put you put you to test. Does that mean they say we don't take any precautions against fear? We just let any kind of fear

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come it doesn't mean to say we don't take any precautions, the guards to famine and hunger. So we just sit there idle, and we say, yeah, we've been patient, and we're trusting them. We're gonna go back to him anyway. Does that mean to say we don't take any precautions in regards to loss of life, whether it's through disease or illness? Or or loss of crop or wealth? Yeah, we take no, make no plans. Yeah, just sit idly that is complete misunderstanding of Islam, amid complete misunderstanding of the submarine and those who

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rely on trusting Allah subhanaw taala. In fact, Southern brothers and sisters is a very active process. It's not a passive full gear arms and just let the Maddy come or the last day come and we're not going to do anything. Whatever ensues falls upon us. We just sit there and say, Oh, yeah, trusting Allah. suburb is very active. It means patience, steadfastness. fortitude. Yeah, making a striving. Yeah, with all that we have available in our means, which requires very much this summer requires the what call here, which is complete reliance on less of an auto complete reliance. But this debacle is also one of the most misunderstood things in regards to Muslims I'm talking about

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and nevermind others in regards to Muslim tawakkol is not a passive condition of just, I do nothing, or whatever I do doesn't matter to aka lalala No. In fact, I've heard and seen people over the years of my life use the word lalala when they're actually

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not being efficient, not being sensible when they're being actually jehlen ignorant, and then just say to walk along a lot because they haven't really done things properly. Yeah, as Islam has taught us when we do something, do it with sand to the best of our ability, but we forgotten this sunnah of Rasulullah Islam and what Allah has taught us, and where lasorda Mason's matava Killeen those who are completely reliant Allah Allah Cody says Allah says in the Quran, part of the ayah washer widow whom feed

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And then either as an taffeta white girl, Alan law in a law how you Hey Bill motorway kaylene st the profits lost limb and then after that to us and telling him so take consultation in any kind of issues. Yeah, in the issues that you're planning, take consultation here. And then finally the assumpta then you made when you made a decision about any kind of issue, so you're doing all the work the planning after consultation and you make a decision on doing certain things are thing then fatawa kilala Yeah, then I have complete reliance on Allah subhanho wa Taala surely Allah loves those who are those who are aligned on him. In regards to Hajj and Umrah for example, Allah swatara

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says don't just turn up any hold out. What does the word do? Allah says when he mentions Hajj, so make preparations for in the high desert. Hi Rosa de taqwa. So the best preparation is taqwa doesn't mean taqwa is the only thing you turn up with. Yeah, otherwise you misunderstood taqwa. Yeah, it's saying taqwa is crucial it is the key but make preparation so we do make preparation we don't just turn up any Yeah, to make travel plans. You have to have enough money. You have to arrange agents you have to raise accommodation. You have to make sure the family behind a provider for while you go away. Yeah, Allah discussed all this nowadays. You have to get vaccine injections or certificate. A

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visa, yeah, passports in order. Otherwise, there's no way you can imagine ombre. So that's all part and parcel of that. That's why

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at one time, in fact, the time we're in Ahmedabad, hottub radi Allahu. And when he was a middle momineen he found some people from Yemen who were sitting around the cabinet.

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Karen as Elena Holland Kaba, they were begging at the Kaaba. Yeah, at the time of the pilgrimage. Omar are some What you doing? They said, No. matava kiloohm. We are those who are reliant on Allah. Omar was cross with them, he said Bell leston matava kiloohm mo Toba Killeen less than with Oakley Bell and Tomita wacky Loon. Yeah, and he told him off he said, You're not being those who are lying to Allah. You're like a bunch of beggars. It's a pretense. You know, as you misunderstood what our call is, you made no preparation you just turned up begging. Yeah, you don't lifting a finger to actually strive to do something. And then you trust in Allah swatter, like the prophet SAW slim

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said, kill her. What? photowalk go, yeah, kiat meaning the animal then trust in Allah is not going to run away. So this understanding of tawakkol and reliance Allah is really misunderstood in our community.

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Our last one our dollar.

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And if you look at that mean, the misunderstood idea of overkill is like, well, for viruses around it. Yeah, if I'm gonna catch you, I'm gonna catch it. Yeah. You know, I'm not gonna wear a mask, I'll mix with all kinds of things. Yeah, might as well send you to the intensive care, go and spend the day there and see what the doctors and nurses are going through putting themselves and their lives in danger for all kinds of people see what real illness is? Yeah, this is this kind of attitude. This is the plaza attitude of misunderstanding and gehele attitude of tawakkol. That's like standing in front of a bus and saying I trusted him Allah. Yeah, of course. It's only Allah Who

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decides whether you're going to die or not. But that's not the meaning of tobacco. And that's like putting somebody putting their hand in the fire and say talking a lot you may as well do that as well. If you're going to treat the Coronavirus like that that's the kind of idea you have.

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Do nothing say nothing and just say to walk along bla bla bla z attitude, this is not this is a misunderstanding of the beauty of this Deen which is a Deen that is based on rationale and understanding according to our fitrah so if you look at the Hadith that I mentioned last time, when the prophet SAW Islam the idiot reported by minion isotonic law in Bukhari

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Sahih al Bukhari where the prophet SAW some mentions of town or the the plague of the pandemic coming any kind. The prophet SAW slim said, it is a Rama Jalla La Jolla la hora mutton lil mo meaning Allah salsa made this kind of thing as mercy to the believers. What did they do is I thought Pawan is a little town when the the pandemic comes infection for young KOSPI Bella de they don't it didn't say they trust in Allah. No, he said that they do something. You have to do something as well. You know, whatever is available to your ability means and understanding and medical advancement. So what they had at the time prophesied Islam said for young people

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Melody Yeah. And that believer they stay put in that regard it will stay put in their land so it can mean stay put in the home if the government decides the medical advice is that staying put is an action that has to be taken Yes, that can include wearing masks yeah because the idea is to create a barrier for for those infected from those who are not infected to stop it spreading Daniel's father after seeing they take some action like it for young girls saw better and more passive and of course saw beyond then they trusting in Allah after they take the the the precautions and the actions yeah with patience expecting Yeah, and expectance with rewards from Allah knowing that life Cebu Illa

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Maka tabela Hola. After the donalda precautions, they are fully Reliant that only they'll get infected if Allah has decreed that Yeah, they don't stand in front of the bus and then say it can only happen if a lodge decreed it. Yeah, that would be nonsensical. And you know, some people have had this idea in regards to massagin Yeah, that why are we not masumi clause bla bla bla This is against Islam Subhan Allah This is a miss this make statements like that is a misunderstanding of Islam. I would say

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don't stop this out. Because it's alright. Pray some would even have it actually in the community. I know very well. If it wasn't imposed on them, they would turn up at the mosque without a mask without the need of their own and not standard meter, two meters Apollo stand next to each other. And they'll say the waka lalala I mean, this is

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this is stupidity. This is Johanna. This is against the understanding of Islam. This is against the Prophet sighs Sam who's already setting these stay put you're not staying put, you're not staying put you're removing the barrier that he's trying to put in place to stop it stopping the infection so he against going against some of us law further, some actually even said and are surprised and shocked to hear and and and some new moms even mention it Some scholars, one or two I have even respectful, I still call them a scholar. And one scholar I heard in London who actually said brothers and sisters carry on praying in the masjid because that will also provide you immunity from

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the virus Subhana Allah subhanaw taala did he do we shouldn't make statements like that this is a statement which is lacking knowledge. Did he do test and trial medical on those who prayed in the mosque comp, which is actually vast majority of men. Cuz of the ideas we have there? The women don't even go to the mosque in vast, vast majority of cases. So forget them, they're not going to have any immunity according to this. So did he do tests and trials for those who prayed five times? Is it once in the mosque that produces immunity? Or does he have to be five times or four times or three times? That's the first question. Secondly, did he do tests and trial to check the antibodies and

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the levels of each of these muscle lean to see that they had higher antibody against the virus after they prayed in the mosque? Yeah, if he hasn't done that, how can we make that claim number one, number two, number three, does that mean if I do my Salah alone at home I don't have any immunity? Yeah, or do I have some and doesn't mean therefore the Salah that I do in JAMA which to publicize them mentioned has 25% 27 times more reward and I do it in JAMA in my home with my family. Yeah, in lockdown. I don't get immunity questions for questions. This shows you the nonsensical pneus of this argument. Yeah, yeah. nonsensical of this argument some set or it's reducing the amount of people

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who are not praying in the mosque so pan Allah I can understand Yeah, okay. If they're not praying in the mosque and they stopped praying at home, I can understand that a man going down something wrong with the problem of the man already if they're not praying Salah kings five times a day, and Allah made the whole of the Earth a Masjid. Yeah. And at the hora place for doing a cleansing ambu etc. So the whole place is messed up anyway. And Subhana Allah, we're not going not not going to the most out of it's nice times everybody's having fun and laughter and we decide not to turn up at the mosque which is at the best muster hub highly recommended anyway, yeah. Yeah. But we're doing it

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because we've been prevented casilla Coronavirus because the danger to life that will not decrease your amount but increase your amount when you haven't to pray at home individually and making Diwan playing with a lot smarter to take away the the waba Yeah, the pandemic now increases demand this situation increases amount and for those who believe and even press Allah, individually at home Subhana Allah and how is it that we can criticize

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said don't stop praying in the mosque when we've got a COVID situation which involves death at large scale and serious illness. When the Sunnah of Rasulullah saw some as a hadith I reported last night from a bus. Guardiola, Juan Homer, which is mentioned

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as Sahih Hadith in Sahih Muslim where he mentioned the prophet SAW slum at the time when it's just raining outside and muddy the Prophet slice them told them then instead of saying, Hey Allah, Salah come to prayer, he told them what other thing to say Salafi boo, take home cell lofi boo, take home, pray in your homes. The prophet SAW Islam. Yeah.

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Part of the law giver himself of Islam, who's recommending you to pray them? He's saying, in the case of rain only pray in your home. Can you imagine that when the prophet SAW some gives the order to the Muslim to call that that any Sahabi is going to disobey the order of the prophet SAW Salem and turn up to a mosque to pray when he says pray in your home. There's an order. Can you imagine that saying no, no, no, no, we can't stop bringing them up. Yeah, yeah. And he did that civilize them for just the case issue of rain. Yeah. The issue of rain. This is the law giver, Allah and His messenger who, who orders Salah in the masjid is highly recommended here. Who's given the order to

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pray in your homes in the situation of rain? What would be the situation? Which is more serious? COVID-19 or rain? Ask yourself brothers and sisters, and you have your answer. In the end prophesised slim said Allah didn't send any illness that he also sent for a cure except for death. So seek the cure. That was the order from their pocket size alone. Yeah, part of cure. treatment is quarantine. Yeah, caught part of that is as a as practiced and statements from the prophet SAW slim, in many statements and authentic hadith to be practiced like that the quarantine idea whether it can be in the land or in the home or with masks, all these kind of things. Yeah. So and part of it is

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prevention, that's part of the cure, as well as quarantine can be prevention. And so, vaccines in that sense, as well, part of the part of the

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the, the way of battling with this kind of disease and illness. Now, when it comes to vaccines,

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Subhana Allah, we really have an issue in our community, and Muslim currently, and we have to look at ourselves. Yeah, there's a lot of conspiracy theories out there, you know, but, unfortunately, why is it that we fall for

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not listening to the experts, including the British Board of imaams, and scholars, and many, many, many experts, Muslims even and they don't have to be Muslims in the field of immunology and vaccines and infectious disease, not listened to that but listening to some quacks here and there who are rampant on social media. And this is a danger with shift Google or Dr. Google or expert Google. People get all cry all kinds of things. Let me clarify a few things for our community Burman sisters, of course, it depends on whether you have any trust and reliance on what I say anyway, I can't make everybody listen in my community, when I can only tell you what my understanding of the

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deen is and also have a background in medicine as well. vaccines, some people spread the idea or it's got gelatin in it. There is no gelatin in any of the vaccines that we have available at the moment in regards to COVID-19. Let's make that clear. And even if there was gelatine, there is clear difference of opinion amongst Salama about the chain state of whether the gelatine even if it comes from an animal which is haram itself like the pig or whether it's been slaughtered in a wrong way like the sheep or the cow. When the gelatine come from there's something called St holla. A change state which Hanafi especially talk about but don't practice unfortunately in this situation, many of

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them some of them do. And that allows for that gelatin to be used. There is no gelatin in these vaccines, but I'm saying even that would be even something Haram in regards to medication. It is well known in the Muslim scholarship is the maxim is the rule rod Tubby who Mahabharat the necessity of saving life and preventing serious illness and makes that which is haram allowable? Yeah. So in medicinal situation when there's no alternative, then in that situation, even haram ingredients allowed to be taken to say

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Got life and and serious illness, but there is no harm. There's no gelatine in these, some factoids got fetal cells from babies abort. It's nonsense. There's no fetal cells in any vaccine. Some fetal cell from 1970 was used because viruses have a medium, but the process has gone so there is no fetal cells full stop. I haven't got time to explain every little nitty gritty detail.

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Somebody said, some people have been spreading around, they're putting a chip inside you so they can monitor and watch what you're doing and who you are and what your likes and dislikes are. Well, actually, they already know that. We don't need to chip everybody's mobile phone here. Already. You don't need to be on anything. Yeah. People want to know can listen to what you're doing and know where you are. Who you are know much about us already. What are we going to be afraid of us believers anyway? Yeah, if we're not up to something dodgy then there's nothing for us to be afraid of. Because we've got a lot and he's sent angels recording every little nook and cranny detail. We

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already we already have that belief. So what do we need to fear in that regard? There's no there is no chip inside of this absolute nonsense. Being peddled out there other similar causes infertility, not know. So what we have on the basis vaccines brother and sister You should know, out of the whole of medication here has had a massive impact in safeguarding and preventing death and in safeguarding serious illness in many serious illnesses, from polio, to tetanus, to yellow fever, to measles, etc, etc, is a long list worldwide, it saves so many lives. And it's the most used kind of medication by 1000s of percents compared to all other medication, because it's being given at such a massive

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scale. And all of us have had them. So in line with vaccines, these have come with that background of experience, and in a similar way, they have been produced. Yeah. So vaccines, if actually I was to look at the side effects, even of everyday Calpol paracetamol that we take for headache. If you open the piece of paper and look at the possible side effects, you would never take paracetamol, again, I show you brother and sister. So let's not actually become damp, dumbfounded or stupid in this regard. vaccines have been produced, and what we look at here is harm and benefit. We look at harm and benefit on an individual level. Yeah. And what is that? That in the end? Is it better to be

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vaccinated? Yeah, from COVID-19. And the side effects possible with the vaccine compared to if you catch COVID-19, and the possible side effects of that, which is well known. And that comes into play, especially when you're elderly, that comes into play, especially if you're elderly from the Asian population, and especially if you have things like diabetes already, and which is rampant in the Asian community, especially in the elder populations over 16, etc. Yeah, that chance of death and serious and the Coronavirus really goes up compared to Yes, we haven't got any long term experience accepted. But what we have is an emergency situation at the moment. Yes. And if that

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vaccine, yeah, actually, even if we find that if we give a million vaccines, and this is where the individual versus the community situation comes of benefit versus harm from an Islamic point of view. If we had a million people take the vaccine, yeah. And five people or 10 people died from them, compared to a million people catching the Coronavirus. Yeah, and many factors are at work, and then perhaps

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100 people or 200 people or more, yeah, die from them, then you can see where clearly the harm versus the benefit. So the harm of the individual the community will be protected. That's where the priority will be given. Yeah. Yeah. So we haven't got that situation where a million vaccines cause 10 deaths, etc. We have some reports going around. But whether it's from Norway or Finland, or not corroborated, it needs more details, coincidental death in very elderly people who've got many illnesses anyway. Okay. So of course, it needs observing a close eye looking on it, but we've got an emergency situation. Yeah. So clearly, from what I've seen, taking of the vaccine by far out ways,

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the spread of the infection of COVID-19. And especially in certain categories of people, and that is those I would say, especially in the elderly population, especially in the Muslim Asian community. Yeah.

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So I would urge people and you know, we all serve a responsibility finally, to the wider community. If I can be, you know, go around Blasio saying, I'm not gonna take it blah, blah, blah. But actually, it's not just about you as an individual, if you're not taking it, or a group of you not taking it, and perhaps you weren't going to get serious illness, but it causes the virus through you to spread to others who are elderly, perhaps in your own family. And this has happened to many by the way. Yeah, who were blah z, and then it spread in their family and the elders in their family actually parents from Coronavirus. What kind of responsibility do you hold with that regard? And

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that happens on a community level, you are going to be held responsible by Allah subhanaw taala. So I feel in the end, there's a duty here. This is Islam is about selflessness and caring for others, not just a Mimi attitude, I believe part of that duty is that responsibility to others and I mean, Muslims or non Muslims. I mean to humanity, brothers and sisters. Yeah. You know, when you go into hospital, the non Muslim doctors and nurses say don't say, Oh, it's a Muslim. You know, we don't want them to survive and therefore when we make our do as well, it shouldn't be Oh, also just Allah give Shiva the Muslims know give Shiva to human beings out there. The second the ill our neighbors

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here are a people in our community, the doctors and the nurses. Yeah, Allah. Yeah, this is

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I'm sorry, the hot was a bit long. But I felt that I needed to say some things. Be careful. Be warned brother and sister if you are one of those spreading without knowledge, and medicine is not your field and you are not an alum in the field of Islam. And you are spreading the rumors here, which you've been convinced about, which may cause the death or serious illness of others you will be held responsible and before Allah subhanho wa Taala so be very careful what you pass forward, put forward and spread. May Allah protect his forgivers keepers guided on throttle Mr. King, this beautiful dean of enlight I enlightening mela smart Allah forgive us our sins. Have mercy on the

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souls of those who have passed away. Give Shiva to all those who are ill in hospital and outside hospital melasma protectors, Lama I mean

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that one in 100 minutes, Salaam Alaikum.

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