Crackdown during Lockdown

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Assalamu alaikum today I want to show you how to crack the macadamia nuts. So we have the green nuts that actually comes with the peel. We've taken it out we've put these in the oven we've we've roasted them a little bit and here it goes that's what the nut looks like to crack it we're in lockdown so we don't have the proper tools but here goes this is a hammer

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that goes Mashallah, that's one done. I've actually got half of it. This is a roasted one and putting it into there Subhan Allah and this is the other half of it. Put it into there I show you another one let's get a nice good one. Oh wow, we've actually broken this one totally and completely This is what it looks like there goes look Mashallah Tabata cola showing you another one yet another one?

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Let me

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go Oh, this one looks very nice Mashallah. It's gonna be really tasty if you guys can there it goes much better color so those are the macadamia nuts here it was another one

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this is a beautiful look at an amazing Mashallah shala

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roasted macadamia nuts what we did is we look at that look at that, Mashallah.

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We roasted these prior to actually

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breaking them. You could have roasted it, you know, done it the other way, but it's fine. This grows around in our backyards, here in Africa. So this was given by one of our friends, and they grow it in their yard.

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Look at that, look at how beautiful that is. I'm gonna show it to you.

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Michelle, let's see that. I'm gonna try and do so I did the bigger ones earlier. There's only smaller ones I thought of showing it to you. And you know Mashallah.

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Look at how beautiful this one is. Look at how beautiful it is. Can you see me See that? That one there? Mashallah, anyone Mashallah

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