Nouman Ali Khan – When Light Becomes Heavy – Judgment Day

Nouman Ali Khan
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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam O Allah say the NBA will mousseline while the Le he also he has been about for our older bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim and her poor Tamil her

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raka Madhouse

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published by the southern US silly Emery working on rock that Amelia Sani of Kahakai mineral Alameen

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Allah azza wa jal in SOTL Harca opens the surah by asking a very strange question. In fact, a statement, the first is just one word and haka, which has several meanings but the easiest way you can think of it as reality.

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Allah says, reality will have got what is reality? Well, not a doctor will have got and what could give you any clue as to what reality is? The purpose of asking that question is because Allah is claiming in the sutra, that most human beings don't live in reality. Most people, most human beings come up with their own version of what is real, what matters. And then that decides the kind of life that they live. And so Allah is challenging every human being, in this era, to step back and think about reality, once again, we wake up in the morning, we regain our consciousness, and immediately we have very real tasks in front of us, there's work, there's family, there's obligations, there's

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nowadays, there's Soho, and there's, you know, there's things that we get involved with every day, day to day tasks, one task after another after another, you're keeping an eye on the watch, to keep track of time so that you can finish whatever real and important tasks you have during the day. And we get so involved in those day to day tasks, you don't step back and look at the bigger picture. And this is a very common tendency that all human beings have, we can be so involved in doing everyday things, that we can step back and look at the bigger picture and ask ourselves a bigger question, where's my life going? Because you're so busy in everyday things. This is this happens

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even at the in the world of business. So you have people like, you know, accountants, or engineers or anybody else, they just get up in the morning, they go to work, they do their job. But a company cannot survive. If everybody's just doing their job, somebody has to be in management that says, No, we have a six month target or we have a one year target or somebody has a bigger picture in their mind. And above them as an executive and above them are strategists and analysts and everybody else will have a five year plan and a 10 year plan. Because you can't just be micro tasked and just do small, small tasks, and maintain a vision of what's ahead. What really matters in the end. So the

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small things that we do, they're connected to much bigger things, right. And Allah has created this system. For example, in bees and ants and other creatures, they do small tasks. Right, every ant knows what to do to build an ant farm, every bee bee knows which part of the honeycomb to be a part of, or where to be involved. Every one of them knows a small task. But Allah has designed them to do something bigger than each of those small tasks, they're part of something much bigger. This is one way we can think about what reality truly is, we have the small things that we do. But if they're not connected to something bigger than we don't have a true sense of reality, then these things that

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we do are disconnected. And so what Allah does in the Surah, is he approaches the question of reality in different ways. What I'm going to do in these less than 20 minutes, is share one of those scenes with you, of when all of these small moments of our life are going to come to an end, sooner or later, we're going to be under the ground. And then after that, the true event, the ultimate reality is going to begin. And in that reality, everything is reversed. Here in this world. We do small things that lead to big things. That's how this world works. You do small, small things like even even if you want to build a giant building, you have to start with a foundation one brick at a

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time, one plank of wood at a time, one nail at a time, and eventually turns into something big. But judgment a, everything is reversed. So big things happen first, leading to the smallest thing. And it's this is the scene that Allah will describe in how reality true reality is what's coming on Judgment Day. So I'm going to paint that scene for you briefly in today's clip, but typically when I give a hotbar I focus on one or two I art but today inshallah I'm going to look at a series a group of I art together and we're going to try to understand the picture that Allah is painting of that ultimate reality. May Allah make all of us successful on that day. For either know if you have a

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solid enough heart on Wahida then when the horn will be blown into a single time. You see the idea of the

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weren't being blown into. We know that on judgment day there are two horns, Allah describes two horns that will love will combine both of those scenes into one in the Surah. And what he's doing here by using even the word horn, it brings certain concepts to mind in human memory when you if you talk to the ancient Arabs who are not Muslim,

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when the Quran came, most of the people that were listening to the Quran, were not Muslim. in Makkah, the majority was non Muslims, and they were hearing these words. So when they hear horn, what are they thinking about? They're not thinking about the orchestra, they're not thinking about the concepts of the wave the way we think of them as Muslims. They're thinking of when they go to war, and there's a bugle or there's a horn and it sounded and all the soldiers that are sleeping, wake up, and they know exactly where to go to line up, because war is coming. What's the state of alarm? Right? So you have for example, even nowadays, in barracks and in you know, military camps

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and things like that there's an alarm, or there's a sound or there's a horn that goes off, and every soldier knows they're supposed to gear up, get in uniform and get to their regiment and stand Exactly. And if even if there's 10,000 soldiers or 20,000 soldiers, every one of them knows exactly what to do for their part. They're not standing in a random cloud crowd. They're all regimented, organized, the sounding of the horn. Allah azza wa jal says elsewhere in the Quran, when Allah Allah Moo Judah, Rebecca Illa Hua, nobody knows the armies of Europe except him. When this horn is sounded, every creation of Allah acts as if they were reserved soldiers waiting for this signal to

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get in position. So all of creation starts getting into all the angels of Allah, the skies, the clouds, the earth, everything starts moving into this position for this event, for this presentation. And so what Allah describes right after this is once so for either of you have a solid enough cotton Wahida, or homiletical, or the welgevonden, and the earth, the earth and the mountain start getting lifted up, they start getting carried, the idea of them being the earth and the mountain being carried is strange, because everything else is carried by them. The Earth carries me and you, the Earth carries our homes, the Earth, Earth carries everything. And the mountains carry

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all of the trees and the rock and everything else. They're not the ones that are carried. They're the ones that do the carrying, Allah is already describing the scene where everything we thought to be real is being reversed. It's being flipped on its head. So the earth will be lifted will be carried and the mountains along with them will be carried. This also suggests what we thought will always be in place. Well we thought has weighed it seems like it's losing weight, it's just being carried for the Cata the Cata Wahida then it will be slammed down and duck in Arabic is to slam something down when it becomes flat. Like if you take dough and it's wet, right? And you slam it

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really hard and it just becomes flat. Right this this idea is what Allah is describing is going to happen to the entire Earth. So the ups and downs of the earth disappear. Other places in the Quran Allah will describe this as either that when the earth is going to be stretched flat, right but here or what when the when the oceans are boiling over, or uncertain Gaffey describes this as Eden Jurusan. flatland and you know slippery land, but here he describes it it will be slammed down and laid flat now the idea of something being laid flat means it's being it's a surface that's being prepared. Why is the earth being turned into this flat surface as we see the ayat progress we're

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gonna see this this scene open up he says for yoga if you work it will work on that day the actual event will have taken place now already said he'll already said on haka. Now he's saying a worker, but I'll work AI is really interesting word because it comes from Nokia and Nokia, it means a heavyweight, it means a heavyweight. So Allah is saying on that day that heavyweight shall be dropped. And that's an expression to describe the ultimate reality will fall well it will happen because you know, when something is real, it's weighty, it serious it has it has substance and when something is not real, it's weightless. It's empty. So Allah says that's when true when the true

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weight will be dropped. Or that's when the ultimate reality will fall. When shapcott is summer. So this is what was happening on the earth the earth is remained flat. Then Allah says when chocolate is summer, then the sky is going to be ripped open. The word and shakeup is used when you if you have a cloth, and you tear it in the middle, and you get the slit in the middle, right that's called in shear clock. Right? So Allah uses that word to describe what's happening with the sky when Shaka does summer for either here, young man if you were here, then on that day, it just starts opening up and will Melaku Allah Azza Ihara and so as the sky starts opening up and tearing tearing this, this

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opening starts coming. Then Allah says the

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Angels, and perhaps starting with Jabril Gibreel salaam because it's used in the singular, but it's magenta, it includes everyone, the angels are going to start lining up in the opening. Now I want you to appreciate what's happening here. In ancient times, when armies used to conquer, they used to the ancient cities used to be gated up by giant walls, and they had giant gates. And they put lots of fortifications on the gates because the enemy cannot come through the wall, the enemy is going to have to come through the gates. And when they open, if the gate gets broken, and the gate gets opened up, that means that city has been conquered. And once that city is conquered the new army,

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the invading army, they line up around the gate, to welcome the general to welcome the conquering king. It's your you're getting prepared for the conquest, right? And it's the scene that's being borrowed in the language of these ayat in that first a lot land was made flat, then the the sky was torn open. Now, what's the idea of the sky turned open? Some of you that are students of science, or even even kids that are studying science know the sky is empty space, it's void. What do you mean the sky is torn open? Allah is describing what easily you can understand as dimensions. There's the same dimension in which you and I can see each other. And we think this is real. But in this very

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moment, there are angels in our presence. In this very moment. There are Karam and Kathy been noble Angels that are documenting everything in a script. In a book that is being it's not even written in ink, it's kitab. Omar calm, it's being stitched into the into the pages. Because you know, the idea of ink is that if water hits it, it can get smudged, or you can rub it with your thumb and it can get smudged, but if you stitch the writing in embroidery, we call it embroidery. The our deeds are being embroidered into the page Kitab Omar cool, this is a document Arabic. That's how it's being recorded. But that's happening right now. But you don't see it, because it's happening it behind the

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curtain. And the curtain is called the veil right behind the veil of the cave. And that's why this word this, this, this idea of the rave, what's going to happen on Judgement Day, well, you know, fucka, Schaffner and calheta. Like in subtle art, so tough. He says, we've, we've, we've lifted the cover, we've lifted the cover from you. So there is a cover on my eyes right now, which keeps me from being able to see the unseen. The same way, you know, when you go to a doctor, and they're doing an x ray, through the X ray machine, they can see something you cannot see right now. There's a lens, there's, there's, there's a device there, that's, you know, removing the cover of the scene,

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and you're able to penetrate through and see something that otherwise you couldn't see, the same thing happens in military technology, they put heat seeking, you know, goggles on, you know, and you could see through a wall and you can see how many people are on the other side, things like that, right? So it's similar to that. So Allah is now saying that the curtain of the unseen is being torn open. And what's on the other side of that unseen, it's the angels. It's the unseen world and they start coming through into the seen world. So now for the first time, human beings can see the angels judging on judgement day and days, this gate that's been open that's been torn open. The angels

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Allah describes they start lining up all around the sides of this gate on its corridors well Melaku Allah Azza wa Millo al Shabaab Be careful calm, Yama is in Somalia. And harsh, the throne of your rub is going to be carried on that day by eight. Allah doesn't say what the eight is the Mufasa rule we'll discuss these are eight special angels that are that are assigned to carry the throne or some some version of the Throne of Allah that will be brought down just to let human being see the Kings judgment is about to begin. Because in old times, what the symbolism was important, because kings would be carried by guards on a kind of pseudo throne, because the ultimate throne is somewhere

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else. But this is a portable kind of Throne that's being brought just for this special event of Judgement Day. Even if the Kings not even in it, yet the throne is being brought. So I'll shut up because Oklahoma is in Somalia. The armies have opened up the gate, the throne is being brought down by by eight now are these eight angels are these eight other creations of Allah that Allah has described? Are they illegal? The Allahu Anhu and other Sahaba said is it eight? Is it 1000? Is it eight legions is it what my hair my hair heavy thermo we don't know what these eight are. And that's something Allah didn't tell us. So He says yoga in Toronto and so why is all of this happening? Why

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is the earth being slammed flat? Why is the sky being torn open? Why are the angels showing up all of a sudden? Why is the throne arriving? Why is all of this happening? Allah says Yo Ma is interested on the day on which you will all he's talking to me he's talking to you. You will all we will be

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He brought for presentation to Boone lettuce farm income half year, nothing that had ever been hidden will be hidden from you today.

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So you notice something really big things were happening. And all of a sudden, the really small thing that was hidden from the entire world, nobody knew except you and me, the things that I said the things that I did, the intentions that I had, even if people saw my actions, they didn't see my intentions, they were hidden. They even the intention is even even before everybody's praying here, everybody's sitting in Salto Juma here, but our intentions may be different. It may be that somebody has a different and you can't see that there's no way for you to see it's hidden. And on that day, nothing hidden will remain hidden. Nothing gets remained hidden in some some Sahaba looked at this

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ayah and said that's because even human beings won't even have clothes on on that day. Nobody will care because Allah will expose not only people's deeds but expose them, you know, Salah lotta farm income havea now, it's as if this huge event where the skies and the earth got rearranged. reengineered the entire purpose of it was you heard me the entire purpose of it was you and I have to stand in front of Allah and show up for this trial. This is all preparation for the event. The question arises Allah azza wa jal is Al Hakim, he owns all wisdom. And Allah azza wa jal, Inaba umbra, who is Radha che ano Kula who couldn't fire goon Allah just says Be and it becomes. So Allah

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could just decide immediately, as soon as I die, put him in Jana, put him in Jana, he could decide me, he doesn't need a full event. He doesn't need to tear open the sky and make the whole have the angel show up. And then the throne is showing up. And then every single deed is being counted. Allah doesn't need to count the deeds. Allah knows everything already.

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You know, Allah has the entire calculation, and the entire hisab, who has better hisab than Allah?

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So what's the purpose of Allah doing this entire scene in front of us? Actually, this is because of the concept of justice. In this world, human beings, one of the things they desire is justice. And how is justice done? There's two things that happen have to happen. If you want to have justice. One thing that has to happen is there has to be fairness in the trial, there has to be fairness in the trial. And the second thing that has to happen is you have to show the trial. You can't do it in secret. If the police arrest someone, and they take him, and they put him in jail, and they say no, no, he was found guilty. When was he found guilty? Where was the trial? Or that was held in secret?

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Trust me, it was fair? Well, if it was secret, the immediate thing that everybody will think is if it was so fair, why are you hiding it? Why aren't you showing the evidence? Why aren't you opening it up? So it's not just that justice has to be done? Justice has to be shown also. Both of those things have to happen. Somebody could be thrown in jahannam. And they can say, oh, you know, yeah, Allah put me here. But I was a pretty good guy. I don't even know why I'm here. I asked, I did pretty good. And they they could just even if they're not a good person, they could have that excuse because they it wasn't shown right. In fact, some people even try making excuses on Judgment Day.

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And what does Allah do? Allah shows that Oxfam income, havea nothing will remain hidden, nothing good will remain hidden, nothing bad will remain hidden. And you yourself, I myself will testify that Allah did fairly, that this was a fair trial. Nothing, not no unfairness was done. To anybody familiar with Karla doll, rotten. Hiren, with Karla rotten, Sharon Yara, who the smallest amount of good and the smallest amount of bad, you'll get to see it yourself. That's the point of it. So this entire event is being made so Allah could show how fair it is. And you and I can see this event happening. This is the preparation for that trial. Now, just imagine for a moment, you know, we have

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events like there's somebody's throwing a party, there's an event, right? Or there's a let's think of a bigger event. There's a there's a new president being inaugurated, or a new prime minister being selected. They have an event they have an inauguration, right? Or there's a national celebration that that's an event it's a big deal.

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When there's a big deal, there's a lot of preparation.

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Allah has done this much preparation, this much preparation, so many is dedicated to the preparation of the event, from the sounding of the horn to the tearing of the sky to the angels lining up to the throne showing up all for what major event my deeds, your deeds. That's how important our deeds are to Allah. We think they're small.

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Remember, I told you in the beginning in this world, small leads up to big

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and what's happening on Judgment Day big is leading to it

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The smallest things that you and I have ever done. So we never think lightly of the words that come out of our mouth. We don't think lightly of the deeds that we do. That's the point of it. So he says subhanaw taala for a moment odia Kitabi Emini fire Kulu ha omocha okey tabula, it's only two minutes left, so I'll just briefly mentioned and read this on your own inshallah you'll benefit from it. He says, and for the one who gets the book handed to them, anybody who gets the book handed to them in their right hand, may Allah make all of us from those people. So when they get handed their book in their right hand, Allah describes how on her own her own means, come here and take it. One of the

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meanings of her own is come here and take it. So not only, you know, on judgment that you have you ever heard descriptions of judgment day before on Judgment Day, nobody cares about anybody else. You know, Mattel, Hulu khulumani, an AMA or diet, or even a mother that was feeding her baby is going to drop her baby. That's the description of Judgment Day, your federal mother will mean he won't be he will be he will. Sahiba he will when he or facility Hila T to UE, you are going to run from your mother, your father, your brother, your spouse, you're going to run from your entire village and all your people you see them you run the other way you don't care about anybody else. In fact, you know

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you have to deal with other beyond me the young man even young men either below me even you know in that in those sequence of via woman Phil or the Jimmy and sama Eun Ji, a human being will say on that day, Ya Allah, all of these other people from Adam alayhis salam until now, all of these Yola put them in *, let me go. That's what they're gonna say, well then fill out the Jimmy and for my NG.

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On that day, some people get the book on their right hand. And they are so happy. They're the only ones. They're not just happy for themselves. They're going and showing their friends, their family, hey, look at this, take my book, take my little ugly, look at this. Look at what Allah did. And the question is, I know I'm over my time. So I'll just take one more minute. The question is my book, if I pray to Allah, you and I get our book in our right hand. But even if we get our book in our right hand, it's not only full of good deeds, I'm not an angel. I have mistakes in my life. I have things that I'm embarrassed about there in the book, too. And when you have good things, and you have bad

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things, and that's your whole life. I don't know if I want to hand it to somebody else. And they flip a page like What's this over here? You did this to you did this too.

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So why is this person so happy to show other people their book, even though the book has good deeds, it also has bad deeds. This is actually the concept of Bukhara in the Quran, Allah, even though the book deeds are not erased, the book the bad deeds are covered. They're covered and you can tell there was a bad deed here. And he got covered with this law. There was a bad deed here, it got covered by a good deed. There was a bad deed here, you know, like, back in the day kids used to write with pen and then they regretted what they wrote and they put white out on top and then they write on top of that you can tell there's white out here. It's like that it's like you could tell

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some of the deeds God covered and you're so happy look, I made so many mistakes and Allah whited out so many things. And he replaced them with so many good look at how much Allah cares for me. Look at how much Allah forgave me. Look at how much Allah is merciful. And then there are some things that were you thought were very small deeds. They're just a small, small sadaqa it was a small you just help somebody. You just smiled at somebody, you were just kind kind to somebody on the road. You know, you just ask somebody you don't you spoke to somebody nicely. Something small. You never thought about it. And you see it in your book and it's like a huge chapter worth so much worth a

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mountain. Look, this was one of the mountain Ya Allah, how did you multiply this? How did you turn this into this entire massive thing? So you're so happy with what's there? You're going around like other places in the Quran, Allah says We uncredible Isla de Mistura is going to go back telling his family happily. And that's the scene. That's how omocha Ottavia in the volunteer a new lock in Serbia for Hua theory shut in LA dia. I know it's over my time, but at least this part of the people have the right, I just want to share a couple of quick things with you about them. He says I was so sure that I'm going to meet my audit. The word audit, I'm using his sabya as the translation of it

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as an audit audit means every item is going to be asked about

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what was this? What did you do here? What did you what was happening here? 2am what was happening here on this day what was happening on Friday night what was happening there? Every item. I was so scared that Allah is going to ask me about every single thing. And now that I see my book, I see that Allah went easy on me.

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Allah went easy on me. So he's saying now now that he got his book he saw how much Allah has what Allah describes as for Sophia, you have Cebu Hey, Saba Sierra. I will give them an give him an easier

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audit. So now he's turning to Allah and saying I was so scared, that is going to be a really tough hisab you know, for whoever you reach out in Radhiya that Allah says he's going to be in a life in which everything, everything will make him happy. Everything will be you know, sometimes even if you're going on the best vacation, something is still wrong.

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You have the best a you're wearing the best clothes, you're enjoying the best food you're the nicest hotel, nicest view, nicest room and everything is perfect. There's still some depression inside you. There's some some thought some problem, some memory, something in your head it's the food doesn't taste as good. Because something is still missing. Because you know, fully becoming content fully being happy is almost it seems almost impossible for human beings to fully fully in every way be happy. There's something always there to take it away a little bit, a little bit a little bit. Lachlan Halliwell in Santa Fe cupboard. Allah describes this life with such mobila With such

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hyperbole in Jannah he doesn't say the person will be happy he says the life itself will be we content.

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So he didn't say for who are called in Felicia tell Jana he'll be content in the life of Jesus for Wolfie Orisha, 10 raffia which is a strange kind of astera suggesting every part of life every experience in Jannah is going to make you completely satisfied. completely happy 100% every time. Sometimes you give somebody a gift and they're like, thank you. Like what? It's not nice though. It's really nice. Just a lot on my mind. Like five okay, I'll give you a gift and you still looking depressed. It's impossible to make you happy. Right? Because the status life you can't be fully content for whoever theory shuttin, labia, Fijian net and Alia auto for her Danya last one, I

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promise. He says Allah azza wa jal says they will be in high gardens, there will be in a high garden. Other places in the Quran, Allah describes the garden. But here he doesn't just describe your garden, he calls it a high garden. And it's really interesting because the word eylea can be used in both the machinery and in the mud. Dewayne, what does that mean? This will be a garden, not only is it high, so you get this beautiful view. That's the one description. And we know that when you have a nice view when you go on top of the mountain, if you've ever been hiking or you go on a road trip or somewhere, and there's a nice view, all of a sudden, the moment you take in a nice

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view, it brings a calm to you, it feels good to stand there and just appreciate it for a moment, even when you're going on a road trip. And there's some times they have the scenic cop spots where you can pull over your car, right? Even if you're getting laid like just one minute, just one minute, just let me just look at it for a second. And everybody takes pause, and there's some Sakina that comes when you're in a high place. And Allah says generated earlier, every time you look out, it adds to your tranquility, it adds to your calm. It also suggests that as far as you can see is yours. You're in the hot you're on the top of it. And as far as you can see is your property in

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every direction for whoever genitalia, but it suggests something else too. This is going to be a garden that's very elite. You ever heard the term. These are high people, they live in high places. This is high society, right? When you go to if you're not from high society and you got invited to a wedding, or some event in high society, you walk in and you're like, oh, this place is fancy. I don't really come dressed for this place. This place is too fancy for me. You know, I don't know I want to I don't want to break anything. Can I am I allowed to sit here the sofa looks really expensive. I don't know if I could be here. So you get you get almost uncomfortable. Because it's so

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high. It's so posh. You know like you go to like these exquisite museums and everything says Do not touch. Right? Even if it's it doesn't say do not touch if you go to some really expensive, you know home or some mentioned you'll feel like Do not touch you. I want to be careful. Can I should I take my shoes off? She says can I go here because you're extra careful. But if you're extra careful, you're not comfortable. Because you're you're you're not adjusted. So what does Allah do? Allah makes you immediately comfortable. He says go to high dionaea the fruits will come down and start serving you immediately. Subhanallah so you don't feel like you're out of place. No, no, no, you're

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not supposed to be you know showing respect for this place. This place is showing respect to you. KATUSA Danya o says collusion oh honey and bee mass left on Fila Jamelia. Now eat and drink carefree happily enjoy yourself. Relax. And other places have no Quran Allah will describe cups that are splashing, meaning you don't even care if it spills. You don't even care you know, they're playing around with each other. You know, you're joking around playing around while you're enjoying food with each other and you know, having company enjoying company of each other. This is the scene that Allah describes of Judgment Day

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Right after judgment day a person who thought they were so scared that they're going to meet their heads up for Hua theory shutting all the vision that in Alia, go to Philadelphia Kulu was trouble honey and Bemis left and Fila Yeah, Mahalia from the days that are gone that are emptied out, these days are being emptied out every single day. You can't get today back, you can't get last week back. already. It's been a few days of fasting, we can't even keep track, it's going so, so fast. So these days are going to be you're going to look back and life will be like a bottle that's being emptied out quickly. And Allah describes that, that idea, and the purpose of that is so you and I realize in

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these few days that we have left on this planet, let's make the most of it. So we can fill that book with things that we can open up and we can show to somebody else and say Look, man, this is I did good. Allah was so merciful to me, Allah azza wa jal make us all people have the right hand people that receive the book in the right hand, and may Allah azza wa jal allow us to reunite in his Jana in the most beautiful high place BarakAllahu li Walakum filled Quran in Hakim, one of our annual ear can be out with

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