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Al Hamdulillah holofil Buju demeanor Adam which I really believe in Ebola or mockery just somebody minute Adam from October to add another punish guru who Allah al masa he became managed for a while and then on Sunday rasuluh Hill Accra they shall affiliation we will do some funky terrible work can barely be you know will hot so usually one or the other under the bus Shalabi here resub no Maria or the Olivia Sati Rahim Ali Salam in Kearney Furukawa integration

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for some Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He hated Oman and Latina BarakAllahu li him catheter nurse, an Arab in Houma Raja but hamdulillah and the delimiter says well done well let me Akula who shall be comfortable with me for a little while you may not really work with with

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Hamdu lillahi Lydie Angela over the hill kita Willa mujer Allah wherever what happens hamdulillah who want to stay you know who want to stop fiddle when we will be one of the workers who lie when I wrote to below him and surely unforeseen a woman say yeah, Dr. Medina when Yes, the healer who follow mandala woman yo Molina, Bella howdy Allah, when Allah Allah Allah Allah, wa the hula Sharika wanna shadow Anna Mohamed and Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu ala Hudaydah Buddha or demon Huck Leone Hirahara Deen equally worker Fabula he Shahida for some Allah Allah He was seldom at the Sleeman Catherine Kathira Nevada in that stuff and Hadith he cut Allah for how long have you had you

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a shopping mall to hurt were in a kilometer setting with open WRT and Bala vadala and pindah

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Allah azza wa jal puka who can even buy either an apple or even a Shakeology? Well, it's sort of naively kind of ramen a genius Damiana

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fellow Mahabharata Hokkaido unsettled phenomena Obeah Wella, Omaha Mandarin all we are Pomona in a semi anarchy turban only remember the Musa Musa de column Avenida de de la ad hoc. We're in our Polyphemus the team where Pomona OG OG Buddha a lot. Well, I mean, we love coming to be come with children, in any

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Frobisher, he saw that you were silly MDU rock that Amelia Sally Holly Alma Tabitha ended multicolour Illa Allah Allah, Allah Allah Mina that you know I'm an amateur sorry, hurt, but also been happy with our service.

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Few quick background things you should know or be reminded of so you can make the most of the ayat that we're going to talk about today. They belong to certain calf, which is the 46th Surah of the Quran.

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Allah has created two beings that have choice. He's created human beings and he's also created jinn and the conflict between human beings and Jen began with the bliss. But Allah tells us in the Quran that not all gyms are following a bliss, they have free autonomy also among them, what a nominal classy Tona women not doing Adeleke could not follow a surgeon Jen, Allah says that among they themselves declared that among us there are those that do wrong. And there are other than those also. Also in another place, actually are they also have among them Muslims, believers. They also and it's not as simple as that some of them are believers and some of them are disbelievers. There

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are some people in between meaning if they were given the opportunity to be presented with the truth they accept, which is similar to human beings. You can't just say either you're Muslim or you're an enemy of Islam, it doesn't work like that. You're Muslim. And those who don't believe come in different categories. There are those who the moment they hear about the deen their eyes start rolling with tears and they accept Islam like Allah describes the Christian who came to visit the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, they even went as far as to say in condemning Kabbalah, he Muslimeen we didn't realize it. They don't say that part. But they say we were already Muslim before this. So

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they hear it and it connects with them so deeply that they say that we were already Muslim even before this, even though officially they weren't Muslim, right. Similarly, in Makkah, when the prophets, Allah, Allah who said, was on the verge of engaging in warfare, with the McCanns in Makkah itself in the city itself at for the BM, right. And this was going to be different because it wasn't going to be on the battlefield, it was going to be inside MCCA. So this is warfare happening in the trenches of a city, which means there's going to be a lot of civilian casualties, unlike the battlefield, where there's only people of war, you know, militaries on both sides, right? So Allah

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described why Lola Regina mimouna, when when he saw me in Atlanta at the moon, had you not had there not been believing men and women that you don't even know about? You've never known them in Makkah. So there are people that we're about to engage more in that city. And yet there are people there that we don't even know Allah says they are men and women that believe that you don't know anything about and that you will trample them

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And then Allah even mentions that there are those that haven't yet believed. But Allah may make them believe later on nuclear Allah who you refer to him as shot so Allah may enter into His Rama whoever he wants. And mind you this is a city that we've gone to war with in the seat of the prophets of multiple wars, but that is against the people of Mecca or others against the people of Mecca. Zombies when the people of Mecca come to Medina kill everybody. And now this is the possible fourth conflict. Four times there's war situation with the city and yet Allah says there are believers inside that you don't even know about. Right? So things are more complicated than just black and

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white. Oh, the mannequins are all disbelievers. And the people in Medina are all believers it's Allah does not Allah paints a nuanced picture in the Quran, right? He doesn't want us to look at reality in black and white. The same thing is true of the Jain. They're not all black and white. Oh, there's good. There's a good guys and there's the bad guys. Life doesn't work that way. You know, everybody can have an element of good and bad. Now that's one thing that I wanted to, you know, bring to your attention. The next thing I want to bring your attention is something the Prophet himself did. So Allah Allah said, when when when Maka, when he was when he had migrated to Medina,

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yet some Allah when the hostility in Makkah became so unbearable that basically at this point, it was a matter of life and death. And at that point, one of the points of desperation in the Sierra, the prophets, I said, I'm tried to see if he would fear this message of Islam and the Quran would fare any better in the city of five. So now he's leaving Mecca, and he's heading to die if to see if this they'll respond any better. Right. And in fact, they do more wrong in a day than the people of Makkah had done in years. Right. So they're far more hostile than the people of Makkah. And the Prophet SAW Selim is being you know, brutalized, he's being bullied, he's being you know, he's being

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stoned, humiliated, and he barely escapes with his life. He's basically run out of the city for even opening his mouth about the Quran. And he's drenched in blood, the shoes are covered in blood, and he's in that state and he decides, He, Allah put something in his heart that that's the moment that he decides to pray. So he hasn't even read mkhaya and he's praying sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the wilderness by himself. And it so happens that what Allah did is in that moment, Allah decided to have a group of jinn, which are in the unseen, they're invisible to us right now. homeo Nakane min highschooler Corona Han, they see you from where you can't see them. That's what Allah says. So he's

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praying and some Jin were passing by. And they heard him pray out loud, so they heard him recite the Quran, some say this was Fajr type. Some some narrator said that this was Fajr time Allah Who dadada Well, it's sort of like I know for a minute genius Demio Khurana this incident is what sort of Surah number 46 at the end is talking about, okay, that's the background. And this is what's happening. When we turned towards you a group a small band of gym that started listening to the Quran carefully. So enough are in Arabic, that's the word used for small band I translated that as a small band is less than 10 people less than 10 individuals. So it's a small group of jinn. They're you

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know, they're traveling around and they happen to hear the Quran and Allah didn't just say semi on Quran or yes Morona Quran he says yes, yes me oh no Quran this is Baba steamer if the URL and what is this this wasn't does in Arabic, is that they started listening to it very carefully.

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My advice to mothers that have children that are not feeling well is to take a walk with them, let them calm down and then come back with them so that other people can listen to the hope but also, I don't want moms to you know, get stares from others at the same time. So be courteous to each other inshallah and may Allah bless the mothers and our children in our community. Anyway, so what it's holiday like enough for Amina Jenius Damiano Quran for so when we turn these Jing towards you, and they started listening to the Quran carefully. So this is the first time these Jinns are hearing the Quran. This is the only time they've ever heard right, final Maha baru. Beautiful words like their

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remarkable words. Then when they were in the presence of it, how about a is a few things it's to pay attention to something and also held it means to be present, as opposed to live to not be present. So one of the ways you can think about this phrasing in the Quran is when they found themselves in the presence of the Quran. This phrasing is used when you find yourself in the presence of a king. When you find yourself in the presence of royalty, you you happen to be present in some remarkable place, which is way above your paygrade you know, that's that's blue. And this is the word use for when they got to hear the Quran. So you happen to be in this royal place where the sound waves

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are that of the Quran? Right? And this is an attitude Allah is teaching us towards the Marvel and the majesty of the sounds of the Quran. Just the Quran being heard. It's not background music. It shouldn't be that, you know, we all love listening to the Quran, but it shouldn't be that you're in your car, you're like, I want to listen to some Quran. So you put some Quran in your car, and then you want to have a conversation with your friend. So you lower the volume of it still playing, and you're having a conversation, how's it going this and that, you know, I don't listen to music. I listen to Quran and said, No Quran doesn't deserve to be in the background while you're having a

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conversation. The Quran is too Royal. It's, I want you to understand the mentality Allah has taught inside of this word. It's like, if you were in the presence of a king, or the presence of the President, or the presence of a ruler, or the general or soldiers in the presence of his commander in general, this is not the time where he's going to turn to his friend and say while the generals talking, he's not going to hate bro. So what'd you do last night? How was your weekend? No, they're standing, you know, absolutely straight. Their eyes don't even wander, you know, this is the military's discipline. And this is actually something Allah teaches us into prayer. So when we stand

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in prayer, we don't engage in conversation. We have this formation because we are in the presence of divine words. We're in the presence of Allah's words. And that's the phrasing that he used. And this these people, these, these Jin have never heard the Quran before, yet they were awestruck. But we just find ourselves in Divine Presence right now. So fella Havasu, and some of them weren't realizing that, you know, they weren't paying attention. They just heard sounds, others caught it. And when they caught it, they're like, Oh, shut up, shut up, shut up. But the Mahabharata will call and see Do they told her other friends, they're just like, Guys, when they hang out, you know, some

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guys are paying attention. And he was like, You shut up on her. Listen, man, hold on a second. You know, they're talking to each other. And what do they say? unsettled. unsettled. Arabic is a combination of two acts. It's a combination of being silent and listening carefully. So it's so good nlst Man, man, right. That's what's called in slot. So when they say UncIe, two, it actually means Listen, guys just stopped out, Stop, Drop everything and just listen. And in this word, Allah has taught us a profound lesson. The Quran one my attitude towards it is it's something royal, it's something, it's something that I find I it should be felt, I should feel honored that I find myself

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in the presence of it, it's humbling to be in the presence of the Quran. The second thing I should feel that I should internalize is that when it is being talked about, when it is being recited, then I need to silence myself. And I need to just listen, drop everything else and just listen, you know, hello, Ma, hello, Lou. Call and

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you know, what happens? Sometimes, some of you are like, hey, I want to, I want to listen to some dose of the explanation of the Quran even forget not the recitation of the Quran or something else. But you know, I just want to listen to some explanation or even a recitation of the Quran in the car, or you're listening to it, and you're, you know, and it's being played, and your friend or your spouse, your husband, wife, whoever, in the middle of it. Hey, so what do you want to do tonight?

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You know, you know what that is? I know, you want to do this, but I want to do something else. Now, if you were watching, like, a TV show, and she interrupted you or you interrupted her, it's all good.

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If you're listening to some news, and you know, and you're paying attention, you know, you don't care, you're like, Hey, so what about that text message? You answer that or whatever, you want to have some, it's all it's all good, because it's just you and done. But if it's you, them and the Quran, right? Then it's not just you interrupting your husband's listening or your wife's listening, you're interrupting Quran, you understand, and that that's what deserves it's not out of courtesy to your spouse or friend or whoever it's out of courtesy to the crime that you're just gonna really just shut up and just find yourself in the all of Allah's words. And if you can't, if it's an

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emergency, hey, by the way, we have a flat tire, you're still driving or something. It's an emergency. You know what sign language

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you know what, you know what that indicates that we have a respect for the word of Allah. That even agenda heard it for the first time we're able to demonstrate, you know, before we can benefit from the Quran, we got to have the right attitude towards the Quran. The Quran was like any other book, you could just open it and you started understanding it. Allah doesn't open your heart to getting its guidance and its wisdom. If you don't bring the right attitude to it. Listen, the Qureshi of Makkah the new way better Arabic than you and me, man. And they don't have to go and read a hadith or read when the surah was revealed. They're living it they're seeing it live, and yet their

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attitude keeps them from getting anything from it. You understand the value of

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attitude. It's not just about knowledge Oh, I can read the translation I know what it says it's that's that's for any other book. That's for your you know, for your textbooks. That's for novels and articles or whatever any other subjects is different Quran is different. For us first requirement prerequisite is attitude. Those of you that are university students, when you go and take a course, think if you prerequisites here's the literature, you got to know this is how much math you should know this is how much this is, you know, you know what prerequisites these Jen have, did they study with the prophet before SallAllahu wasallam do they know so look up, see, have the

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red Alicante or aluminum or under hasn't happened yet. They have no background, they have no background knowledge. All they had, when they found themselves in divine, the presence of divine words, they had the right attitude. That's all they had. And that attitude is so valuable to Allah, that he recorded this seemingly irrelevant conversation that a bunch of friend gents are having with each other, he put it in the Quran. And you and I know the Quran is not interesting stories that have no relevance. Everything Allah says is for me, it's for you. That's why he said it. He was talking about you. It's talking about me. So what this is, is it is it is a teaching in what

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attitude you and I as believers are supposed to have towards the Quran. So he says for the Mahabharata, who call on Saito, when they found themselves in its presence, they said, Be silent. And listen, by the way, silencing your mouth is actually pretty easy now. But you know, what's not easy anymore, silencing your mind. Because we are so over exposed to media. And we're so over exposed to information. And now information is coming in smaller and smaller and smaller bite sizes. Right? So maybe 30 years ago, 40 years ago, you know, which seems like ancient times, people were wasting time watching, you know, things that are two hours long, three hours long, you know, but

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now, I don't have that kind of time. Just show me a tick tock, tick tock video is 59 seconds, that's way too long. Give me Give me a laugh in 20 seconds, let me move on, you know, attention span is dropping, our ability to pay it and our mind wants new noise, that new noise and it's traveling, it's it's warp speed, it's just moving in different direction. And we can't just silence our mind and focus on one thing, it's actually for young people, it's affecting their ability to study and to concentrate in classrooms. And with COVID, when when students are, you know, having zoom classes, it's a nightmare. Because kids sitting in front of a seat staring at their teacher was hard enough

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when they were physically in a class. Now they're looking at this thing, and they're trying to swipe the teacher up, you know, it's still there, it's not moving.

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So, the what I'm getting at is if if this is the way that the world has moved, then don't you and I shouldn't think that that's not affecting our relationship with the Quran. Because the Quran does require silence. And silence isn't just of the mouth. Silence is also of the mind. We have to put ourselves in a state of calm, a state of not distraction. Forget about the 100 thoughts that are racing through your mind. Let yourself find yourself in a calm state, a deep, you know, take some deep relaxing breaths, and then engage the Quran. The Quran is one of 20 multitask activities, you know, like on your laptop on your, on your phone or other devices, you have multiple apps running at

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the same time. Your mind is like that it's running multiple processes at the same time. Well, Quran deserves that you exit out of a bunch of them. So it's the only app running on your brain. It's the only one on your mind. And that takes some mindfulness it takes actual taking a step back and deconstructing a lot of that concentration that that distraction. So you can give the Quran what it deserves for the MaHA guru called unsubtle

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phylum. Then he says, For llama phobia. And when it was done,

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meaning the recitation was done, and it's not on their schedule, the recitation was not on their schedule, the prophets like some of his reciting. And it's not like oh, they I've heard enough I need to turn back No, they, they couldn't move until the entire recitation was done for the Mokulua one load in a combi him when they when they turned back to their people, they turned back dates and all we got to tell everybody else. And they they went warning each other and they wanted to go and warn their people. Meaning there was a state of urgency. This wasn't just wow, that was awesome. That felt really good. Hey, guys want to use it? Yeah, I love to two hours just standing there

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listening. It was amazing. No, there was a call to action. This thing that they heard these few ions they didn't hear the entire Quran. It's just Tanaka, Uppsala.

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or maybe a couple of MacArthur Salah that they heard, that's what they are the prophesy slumber site. And that has such a powerful impact on them that they felt a certain sense of urgency are all the people we care about need to know about this? They need to know this is serious. This is not something we can take casually. One note in our Comey movie.

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Now, immediately next step, they are now before their own people. They because gins can travel super fast, right? So they don't need to wait for a flight. They can take the flight themselves. So they go and they're in front of their people. What do they say you have Omona a G Buddha, Allah actually before that, yeah. Omona in SME anarchy Tabin are people we have heard a book on Zilla member of the Musa that has been sent down we after Moses. So even the gym knew that back in the day there was the Revelation, the last book that was sent. The book that was sent was the book given to Musab Islam. By the way, why didn't they mention Jesus? Because the book that was given to isa Ali Salaam is an

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addendum a completion of the book given to Musa and Islam, it's actually a lot NGL are combined together. They're actually part of one, right, and it's the culmination of the revelation of the Israelites that is given to the Saudis. So it's actually seen in conjunction with and inseparable from the revelation given to Masada.

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And this is actually the problem, though, from the Quran point of view. That's the criticism of the Jewish and the Christian people. They separated the two messages, right? They separated the two messages. And the Christian people separated the book, which had the law, the sheer Yalgoo, Sally Sunday said the law doesn't apply to us. So they just want the injury and then not the thought. And then the binary slightly ill they held on to the target and they rejected the engine. Right. So it's like, it's like, for from our point of view, it's like taking I'm only going to take the mucky Surahs I'm going to reject them at the knees. It's like that, you know, so that that's what they had

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done. That's why here in summary, you know, a book has come much after the time of Musa you know, we heard a book that has come down after the time of Musa

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Musa de Colima. Vina, yeah, it's confirming all the things that are in it.

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It has all the confirmation of what's in it. You know what this is telling you. By the way, these things are not Bible scholars. They've heard some things about the book after book of Musab Islam, they know some things to be true. They know some of the basic teachings. When they gave the Quran a genuine ear. Then immediately they didn't see a conflict with previous scripture, they saw that it confirms previous scripture. And this is a story that repeats itself 1000s of times every day, there are people that are familiar with previous scripture. And when with an open heart, they read the Word of Allah, they say the good that I knew from my scripture is being confirmed here. This is not

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a separate thing. I literally know of rabbis, rabbis that openly say Quran is revelation from

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why they don't accept Islam or convert to Islam. That's a different story. But they don't hide from saying it's not even saying it in secret, though publicly say, I applaud is the word of Allah, it means it confirms what was given to us. They'll come out and say it, you know. So this, the gyms acknowledge that. And why did they were they able to acknowledge that not not debate and argue again, it comes down to the right attitude. Yeah, the, the way, the monster came out, conclude here, you're happy, we're electronically most happy. It guides to the truth.

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And it guides to a straight path to a straight path. There are two things here that they said about this book. One the truth, the truth is what you understand reality to me, the truth is in your mind. But once you have the truth, that's not enough. Once you have the truth, now you got to follow it. Right? So there's knowing the path and following the path. And they say these two remarkable things about the book though, this book is not just an intellectual exercise that guides us to the right ideas. That's not enough. It also guides us on what steps we need to take once we know these ideas. Yeah, in a happy way that you can muster cream, it's like it's the map, and it's also the step by

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step directions, what to do and what to follow. Right. And that's what we are attitude towards the Quran supposed to be this, this comments from these Jin are so valuable to Allah that he deemed it in his wisdom that until Judgment date, these words should be preserved so we can learn from them? Because if someone says What should my attitude towards the Quran be? Maybe we should take it from the playbook of these Jin because it was worthy of being recorded in the Quran. This is what your attitude should be. This is what my attitude should be. Should be. Yeah, the hacky way lottery chemistry, so let's decipher that for a moment. Reality Elon Huck, happy in Arabic means two things.

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are few things actually it means purpose. So for example elicits Hello personality when Alba Bill Huck, he created the skies in the earth with purpose. With Purpose means purpose, that's one of its meanings. Help also means true. And have also means what is justified? What is justified? So it guides to a life of purpose. It guides me to what my purpose is. It guides me to what truth actually the truth of the situation. You see, our emotions can lie to us, let me not speak to you in abstract terms, let me give you a practical example. You're having an argument with a family member, and you don't like them, or you don't like the situation and you say something about your uncle or your

00:25:44--> 00:26:14

distant cousin, whoever you want to talk smack about right and you hate them, and you don't want to see their face and this and that, or you hope this happens to them or that happens to them. You know what, those are your feelings, you're entitled to your feelings, and that's what they teach you nowadays, you're entitled to your feelings, your feelings are your ultimate truth. And people say this is a fun thing to say, This is my truth. Right? This is my truth. Like you could you could put a possessive pronoun on truth. You know, you can't own truth. You can have your version. But that's not truth. That's your lie. That's not your truth.

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Those are your feelings. But we've we've confused feelings with truth. But I'm comes along and says no, the way you're talking about this person, the feelings you have to lose these person are unjustified. That's wrong of you. You're doing something wrong and you can justify yourself in this life. You can argue and say, This is my truth. This is how I feel. And nobody can counter you. Nobody can humble you. Nobody can put you in check. But what are you going to do on judgment day comes and Allah says, I gave you the truth. Why was your feeling a greater truth than what I gave you? Why did you surrender my words to your your impulses? Why did you do that? You know, Ramallah,

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Egypt, Yama, fillet, sabi. Marginson, fill out what they said or whom Indonesia he Olia? That's what he says in this later on. In the same ayat. He says, Whoever doesn't respond to the color of Allah, meaning the Quran being called to by the prophet, the ginger selling each other, whoever doesn't respond, they're not going to be overpowering anybody in the world, they're not going to be humbling other people with their their greatness. And they're not going to have any friends or protectors when they come before Allah besides Allah. You know, when I go home as often, Arlene, they're gonna have great punishment waiting for them. May Allah not make us from those people. So like when Allah

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says it's guiding to the truth, you know what that means? It's guiding me to see the lies. I'm telling myself. Like, there's a lot of things that I've surrounded myself with that aren't real. They're not there. They're lies. I'm deceiving myself, or I'm being deceived by others. It shatters through all of that. And let me let me see what's right is right. So now I don't want I feel good. I don't feel good about following the wrong thing. I only feel good about following the right thing. And nobody can make me feel bad about following the right thing. Doesn't matter how much they cry about it or get angry with me. Allah is pleased with me I didn't have without Felipe muster team and

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a guide to a straight road. A straight straight track, but if is used as opposed to Surat you know Fatiha uses Ceylon. Khalifa, most Muslims say they know salata, Mr. Sinatra Minister of Police actually means a road that people have traveled on before. You know, like in the woods, when people used to go through the woods all the time, the grass dies, and there's a natural path that gets formed. Right? That that path is called the 30. Because it's been trampled on many, many times. It's guiding to a path that other people have followed before. That's what's implied here. What that means is, it's not just telling me where to go. It's also telling me about people that took the same

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road to and what obstacles they had to face. And if I learn about their obstacles, I'll know what obstacles I have to face to. And that's an insight into the stories of the Quran. It's an insight into the history in the Quran, why is Allah telling us about all these people, because they have to travel a certain road. And you may not be in ancient Egypt, or you may not be in by the end, or you may not be in Babylon, you know, but you're, wherever you are, you're going to travel your own road and you're going to find very similar obstacles to the kinds of obstacles that they had. This is again, a change in attitude. Now, I'm not looking at the Quran as a bunch of stories. I'm looking at

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it as people that walked on a road, and I've got to walk my own road, and they have to face obstacles, and I'm going to find similar obstacles. And my response has to be similar to the response. This is a it's a huge Quran orientation, I thought because we're only a couple of weeks away from the coming of Ramadan that I give myself in you a reorientation into the Quran.

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And the last thing that I want to share with you before I let go I know it's taking a bit long. But the last thing that I want to share with you before I let you go is as follows. The Allah sent this book, this Quran to be something

00:30:00--> 00:30:18

thing that affects hearts and minds across the earth with no prerequisites. If you know absolutely nothing, you're most most welcome to this book. If you if you're a scholar, you're most welcome to this book. I was actually in a gathering, I'm remembering.

00:30:20--> 00:30:54

In our online self, in our mind, I was there for a program. And it was a program of about 500 attendees, it was by invitation only, and most of the people attending were scholars. I was the I was one of the few non scholars there. And when the program began our staff, our teacher, it was a daughter, of course, we were going to do and it took off in the machine, we're going to live in the machine for a whole week, we're going to study for on all day, that's what we were going to do, right. And he had prerequisites in the beginning. And he said something so powerful that I want to share with you. He said that there are people here that are that are scholars, there are people here

00:30:54--> 00:31:10

that our judges in Sharia court, meaning they're very high level of scholars, there are people here that have written books on Islam, there are people that are 18, there are people that are there are scholars of deceit, etc, etc. But for this week, all of that that you have with you is here.

00:31:12--> 00:31:22

But this week is not about here, it's about here. And it doesn't matter how much you learn here, this, we will come to the Quran, like we've never studied it before.

00:31:23--> 00:31:57

And we're just trying, we have to realize there are walls between us, our hearts and the Quran. And our this week, we're just going to try to break those walls between ourselves in the Quran. That's what we're going to try to do. And this was actually about attitude, because attitudes are formed in the heart. Right. And we have conditions, there were requirements. And part of the requirement was, you cannot tell where you were, you know what your qualifications are, or what you do for a living, or what your career is. We knew each other's names. We knew where we were from, but we knew nothing more about I don't know if the person I'm talking to as a taxi driver, or one of them actually owned

00:31:57--> 00:32:34

a couple of camels was the camel driver. And then then a couple of them were like judges at you. And you couldn't tell because they were not allowed to say anything more about themselves. All we were doing was how did this idea impact your heart? That's all. That's all we did for a week. How did this I impact your heart? Let's recite this idea together. Now let's discuss what we learned. But even when we discuss what we learned, we weren't allowed to, quote A top seal. We weren't allowed to discuss the Arab of it, or the axilla five the differences of opinion among the scholars, we weren't having an academic discussion. We were just discussing, what does it do for my heart? What does this

00:32:34--> 00:33:10

make me feel? How does this bring me closer to Allah? So I tell you one of the most incredible experiences of my life this happened maybe two three years ago, and you know what happened? I've been studying Quran since like 1999. And I felt like this was the first time I was studying the Quran. That's what I felt like. And you know what that told me, it doesn't matter how much you know or don't know. It does that does not matter. What matters is you've made a decision to come to the word of Allah and let your heart field or develop, that's what matters. Once you bring that attitude, this will be a different Ramadan for you. It will be a different Ramadan for me, and

00:33:10--> 00:33:46

there's no all of the stuff you've done before that you have to leave behind. This is new, we're starting over again. I pray that every single one of us is able to do that and have a unique connection to Allah subhanho wa Taala with his profound word, that we're able to reconnect with him in a way that we never felt before and that we come to the work of Allah with humility that we don't come to it with a know it all attitude, we don't come to it like we're gonna or I already know what this means. No, y'all I know nothing teach me. Guide me. That's the That's not humility. I must come to this book with me Allah azza wa jal make us worthy of the guidance that he has given in this

00:33:46--> 00:33:53

book. And may Allah azza wa jal make the Quran a case for us and not against us on Judgement Day. BarakAllahu li Walakum feel for Anil Hakeem on a fine you can be

00:33:57--> 00:34:34

hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala anybody in the vino Safa also Sanada Ali Mohammed Nabi Muhammad Al Amin rather early he also had a huge learning curve Allah azza wa jal vikita Kareem by the Annapoorna arrow the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. In Allahumma, aka the holy Soluna Anna Maria you Olivia Amano Sallu alayhi wa sallam selling with us Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ahmed Kemosabe Tada Brahim while early Ibrahim El Amin in the middle Majid Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed carbolic Tada Ibrahim run early haemophilia Alameen in Majid river the LA rocking Nakula it Tahoma in the law, you will be able to discern what you pay them for. When hand is

00:34:34--> 00:34:39

fresher, you will look up whether they call my lawyer a little more akin to solder in your soda can.

00:34:41--> 00:34:45

I have some important announcements after Salah none of them have to do with fundraising