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Now yes the Hila who fella

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what may you build Fela howdy Allah wa shadow La Ilaha Illa la who wants to who lasha de cada y shadow, Mohammed Abdullah who are pseudo pseudo la who alayhi wa sallam all praises it for law. We praise Him, we thank Him, we asked him for his help, and we asked him for his forgiveness, we seek refuge Allahu taala from the evil of ourselves, and the evil directions, whoever is guided by law, that no one can misguide them, and whoever is misguided then no one can guide them except for LA hota. Allah, I bear witness it there is no god worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger and But first of all, my dearest

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sisters and brothers as salaam wa Alaykum wa warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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My dear sisters and brothers, those with an agenda against Al Islam, they want to break your spirit as a believer. And they want you to see going to the masjid. And they want you to see openly showing your Islam and wearing your hijab with pride. So each of us has two choices, you can give in to those with that agenda and allow your fi to paralyze you and shrink back down into your comfort zone. Or you can rise up and use the pain that you feel in your heart to fuel you into becoming an even stronger believer in Sharla than you ever were before. And you can use the pain that you feel in your heart to become even more determined than ever to show the world what it truly means to be

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amongst those who say La la la la, Warhammer, Dora Slovak.

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But in order to do that, you first need to have a strong sense of who you are as a Muslim, and to know what your Islamic identity is as a believer. So what I'm gonna inshallah speak about today is first of all, how do we define our authentic identity and why it's so important for us to uphold it. And then secondly, I'm going to go into talking about some of the practical ways for us to revise the confident Islamic identity in sha Allah. So first of all my dear sisters and brothers, if you think about how every single day, at least 17 times every day, we read certain Fatiha and what do we say in the sera

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sera Siva by Latina and nom de la him, we say your Allah Guide us to the straight path, guide us to the path of those whom you favorite, and who are those who are lost David, Allahu Allah. He tells us in any stat,

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Ola, Latina Anima La la la mina Nabina we'll see Divina was shuhada. He was solid he in that very early. The ones who Allah favorite are from the Prophets, and the sincere believers and the martyrs and the righteous believers. So that's why each time you read sort of Fatiha, you're actually asking Allah to guide you to walk in the path of the legends and heroes who came before us from amongst the prophets and the CDP and the Shahada and the Salim so you asked your loads bachata Allah, to guide you to walk in the path of the likes of Ibrahim and Moosa and nor an ISA and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Miriam and Asya and Khadija Adi Allahu anhu. On geneon. And sisters and

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brothers, this path is the path of udia it's the path of having true servitude to Allah, Jen, both today and outwardly. How do you have obaldia tala in what they by having true tawheed and one and singling out Allah alone in your worship, and submission and servitude to Allah in your hearts? And how do you have a law? How do you have obedient to Allah outwardly, by showing that towhee that you have in your heart, and that submission and servitude that you have in your heart, in all of your outward deeds and actions, even in your manners and your character, and the way you dress? And the prophets of Allah when he was sent him was the embodiment of this identity. And that's why, whenever

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I'm asked by non Muslims, you know, why do we dress like that? Or why do we pray like that? I tell them because we as Muslims are following in the footsteps of the prophets and the messengers who came before us.

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If you look around the Earth, ask yourself this question Who are the ones who pray most like Jesus Alayhi Salaam, when he went and prostrated in the garden to Allah, here are the ones who their lifestyle and their value and appearance is most resembling that of the prophets and messengers, and who are the ones who they women dress in a similar way to the women folk folk of the prophets with their bales of hay and modesty. So it's only the ones who say la ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasul Allah,

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and to Panama, we need to realize that Allah, Allah, He wants us to embrace this unique identity that he's given us. And he wants us to stand up and be proud of it.

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And that's why he praised the one who stood strong upon Islam, and was openly proud to call to the path of the law and proclaim that he or she is a Muslim. A lot of time in the Quran says one and seven men de la huami, la salida. Allah, in any minute, Nina muslimeen, who is better than the one called to the path of the Lord, and does righteous deeds, were Paula in any minute Muslim, and they say I am from the Muslims. So we need to realize that our role in this world, my dearest sisters and brothers, is for each of us to stand up strong upon our Islam, and to be like a guiding light that lights the way for others to find their way to the Serato, Mr. team to the straight path that leads

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to agenda. But if we start to hide our exam, if we allow ourselves to feel embarrassed for people to know that we're Muslims, then how are people going to find their way to this path? You know, so many reverts that I know, the main reason that they found Islam was due to them coming into contact with Muslims who took pride in their Islamic identity. You know, very many Muslims that I know who were ones who saw, for example, Muslims praying somewhere in a park somewhere outside, and that's what made them first look into Islam. Even if you look at and you know, there's a lady by the name of it by the name of Arusha. Limor, you know, she was in Nigeria, she recently passed away, you know, how

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she became Muslim, she, you know, it's kind of like, she lived as a Muslim for 58 years. You know, she's a revert to Islam. And she lived for 58 years after that, but how did she become Muslim, she was at university, and some students came up to her, gave her a book, and said, We'd love you to just have a read of this book about, you know, it's, we would like you read this book, please go away, read it, and come back in a week and give us your opinion, just assume a small book about Islam. And so she went away, and she read it, and she realized that this is exactly what she'd been looking for all her life. But you know, it's because of they had that, you know, they had the

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courage to approach her and to give her that book. And then Subhanallah Look at her legacy, she went on to become a great female educator, of women and children. And what many books about Islam, actually, lemoore, you might have heard of her. So, you know, even with myself panel, or the first person who first you know, who initially taught me about Islam, he had even had the least bit of knowledge about Islam, it was a cousin of one of my friends. But you know, what, he was still proud enough of his identity, to say that his name was Muhammad, because unfortunately, sadly, we find a lot of there are a lot of Muslims who, because of their shyness, or their identity, they change

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their names to another name, so people can't identify them as being Muslim. But you know, at least he had enough pride in his identity to say to me, you know, my name is Mohammed, I was named after a prophet called Mohammed. And, you know, we, you know, he came after Jesus, and we don't worship Jesus, we believe he is a prophet. And what he said to me, was enough for me to go home to my Christian lay preacher, Father, and question about whether they could have actually been a prophet after prophet after Jesus, whose name was Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. You understand? So it's just that sometimes it is not about how much knowledge that you may have in passing on the

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message of Islam, but at least you had the pride of your identity, to at least share, share that message. So we need to realize that every single one of us has an important mission in this world, and we can't afford to be hiding ourselves away from the world, just because we might feel a little bit uncomfortable, or even a little bit scared. And that's why you know, it is said that one of the things we uncovered

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They see often happens is that, you know, some people will go to great lengths to try to prove how much they are like others, you know, you even find them, you know, they tried to go to such lengths to prove how much they are like others, to the level that they will end up compromising well known Islamic values and beliefs, just in order to please those people and try to fit in with them. But what we don't realize is that, you know, if you're, if the brand of Islam that you're calling to, is so watered down to the level, that seems as though what you're calling to is almost identical to the way of life that everybody's already upon, then why would anybody consider changing himself to

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become a Muslim? If what you're calling truth is almost exactly as, as what everyone else is already doing? Okay, so one of the reasons I looked into Islam personally, was because for me it Sam had a backbone. You know, to me, Christianity had basically sold itself to the opinions, opinions of people, and become so watered down, they no longer stood, you know, for anything. And, you know, because what happened over the years, as you probably know, the church was continuously changing their morals and values, to try to please the opinions of people. So that's why, you know, when I looked around the world, the only ones who I could see that were truly representing the path of the

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prophets and messengers that I had read about in the Bible, or from those who call themselves Muslims. So that's why it's important for us to realize, you know, your path and your purpose as a Muslim in this world.

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Now, I want to go on and talk about some of the practical ways that we can revive the confident Islamic identity in sha Allah. So starting off, first of all, we you know, first of all, you need to know that you know, your outward strength in stern standing firm upon Islam is a reflection of your inner state, the inner state of your heart and the professor along with your salon he tells us, Allah was in the field Jessica de mucho el Sala hats, Sala Hello Jessica do cuando what he said that festival just to do colo, Allah Wa, he opened that barely in the body, there is a clump of flesh. And if that clump of flesh is sound and correct, then the rest of the body will be sound and

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correct. But if there is any corruption in that lump of flesh, then there will be corruption also, in you know, in the bodies upon a lot. So

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the first step

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is to work upon strengthening your Eman. All right, because the reality is, the reality is that if you truly love Allah in your heart, and you truly love Islam enough from your heart, then you're not going to care about anybody else, you're not going to care about what anybody thinks. And you know, what we need to realize that a lot Hold on You were going to go through hardships as believers like he knew there's going to be it's gonna, there's going to come times where it's gonna be very hard for us to practice our religion. And that's why he gave us everything we need in this life, to help us to nourish our inner selves, so that we'd be able to find that inner strength. He didn't leave us

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alone to try to face he didn't leave us alone facing all these hard times, you know, without giving us what we need it to keep ourselves strong. But the problem with that is the reality is we don't actually make enough use of what he gave us. Now this in itself is a whole lesson I'm going to go quickly through this and one of those things, obviously is the follow. What is Allah say? What's that? You know, be somebody was fala. You know, seek help and patience through the Salah. And we know that Salah is our mood, Deen is the foundation of the religion. So if somebody is not, you know, looking after this, a lot of praying this a lot on time, and praying in a way that Allah wants

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us to pray with horseshoe and taking our time with our prayers, then it's going that's you know, if your foundation is weak, then how is your deen going to be strong? If your foundation like prayers are the foundation of your deen. If your prayers are not in order, you're the rest of your practice of Islam will also not be in order. So you have to start with the prayers and then also the Quran, the Quran, you know, it's upon Allah. Allahu taala tells the prophets that a lot while he was sending them Cavalli Kelly knew that BTV for adeq that you know, verily, this is how we strengthen your heart we this is we send this down to you to strengthen your heart if this is the prophets of

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Allah has sent him and he you know he was being strange

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But these are yet how much more we need in need for to be strengthened in our hearts, especially in these times, we're facing so many pressures on our self, you know, too weak enough. And so and then sadly, look, look at the reality, how often do we actually turn to the Quran, maybe just in Ramadan and the rest of the year, we don't look at it. So we really with no one can afford to be away from the Quran every day, it needs to be part of your life. And then the car, you know, saying the draws in the mornings and evenings and be upon the cover lots of pantalla as much as you can. This is what we know, fortifies the Muslim, it fortifies the Muslim and strengthens the Muslims. So you need to

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take the means in order to strengthen yourself internally. Because, you know, unless you're internally strong, how do you expect your your outer practice to be strong if your internal is weak? Okay, so that's the first thing. And then the next thing is knowledge, you know, especially knowledge of your app,

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let's be honest, that most of our youth, unless they're brought up in your practicing home, you know, the reality is that they come into uni, pretty empty with a rudimentary knowledge of Islam. And what happens is, you know, it's like you come into uni, and you're surrounded by all these manmade theories. And what often happens is that they end up knowing more about all those manmade theories than they know about even the basics of the aqeedah. And this is one of the main reasons that we find that so many values, and are struggling to differentiate between the Huck and the Barton, what is the truth? And what is the falsehood? And what is the Hillel from the Quran that

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they have trouble distinguishing the reality of the differences between these, you know, and what is the reason because the base they working off is no longer Islam, but the base they're working off of these manmade theories. And so unfortunately, what happens is, by doing that, you end up with a warped form of Islam, due to the influence of those theories upon them. So we need to realize, we need to realize these systems that you know, basically, if you're not right on the inside, then how do you expect it to be right on the outside, that's the reality.

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So that's why in order to maintain a strong academic identity, it's very important to focus on learning your a pita, and D, especially if you know you're going to be at uni, that's the time to be really strengthening your faith and strengthening, you know, through learning, you're spending some time each week to actively seek out knowledge and strengthen your knowledge. And especially in these times, you're surrounded by so many negative forces, constantly weakening you. All right. And then the third point is

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to work on strengthening your self esteem. Because the reality is, when you're so confident within yourself, you won't even notice or care if people are staring or even laughing at you. That's the reality. And this is particularly important for us as sisters, because, you know, we were the ones who wear the hijab, and were the ones who are basically in the front line of this oma. So we need to be very confident in wearing it. That's why I say to my dear sisters, you know, especially without, you know, with you, you know, it's important that you do, you know, work on strengthen your self esteem, make yourself confident, from within, because truly, when you're very competent, you don't

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worry about anyone looking at you, you know, you don't even care. And I know it's like to struggle on your own in wearing the hijab. Because when I first wore the hijab, I was only a very new revert to Islam. And I was living with my Christian parents, in an area of Sydney, that's known as the Bible Belt, but I didn't know any Muslims living in my area. And I was working full time, in an office completely surrounded by non Muslims. And I was also studying part time at uni as well. And in all of those environments, I had absolutely basically no support around me. But what you know, helps me after reading about the hijab, for example, what helps me in making that final decision to

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go and put it on was that one day I saw this guy at uni, turn up with a mohawk, which was pink and purple. And so I said to myself, if this guy can feel so proud to walk around this earth, looking like that, you know, shouldn't I feel proud to wear my hijab for Allah? That's what I basically said to myself. And I said, you know, that's it, I'm gonna go and put it on, you know. Um, so one of the things that I've found in my 30 years of practicing Islam

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Alhamdulillah is that when you hold fast to your values and principles as a Muslim, you'll find the majority of people here in Australia will actually respect you for that. Even if they don't necessarily

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I agree with you. That's what I have found over all these years, even with not wearing the niqab. Now, same thing. And the reality is, those who hate you, for your Islam are never going to be pleased with you anyway.

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You know, not unless you're basically ready to sell them your dignity, and give up your whole day.

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And completely followed their way of life. Like a lot of Thailand, the karate tells us well and tow bar and tell you who do well, and NASA has

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a lot of them that Verily, those who don't believe will never be pleased with you,

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until you follow their religion until you find their way of life. And basically assimilate yourself completely into, into what they're upon. So that's why even when you make, you know, basically when you make compromises, like missing prayers, at work, or at uni, because, for example, you're too embarrassed to show your Islam to others, or you make compromises, like, you know, you go to the pub or club, because you know, you're in Australia now, so you need to fit in.

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So what you're actually doing is you're giving away part of your honor, and your dignity and Isa as the Muslim by doing that. So that's why it's so important to know your place here in Australia, it is actually very important for you to know your place here in Australia, so that you don't let anyone dictate to you how you should be or shouldn't be as a Muslim here in Australia. And that's why that also shows us you know, the importance of what, um, you know, check we send, you might have seen that short film that they produced, about how you know, about, you know, before 1700s, you know, about how there's a relationship of Muslims with you know, and you know, that the indigenous

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of Australia. So we need to realize that what we need to, we need to start to internalize within ourselves that just like when you go to Fiji, and you find Fiji and Muslims, right? Or you go to the Philippines, you find the Filipino Muslims. When you go to South Africa, you find the South African Muslims. Okay, so we need to realize

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that when you come to Australia,

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that Islam is now also part of the cultural identity of what makes an Australian for those of us who identify with it. And so that's what you know, you know, so, you know, we are the Muslims of Australia. Now, we are the Muslims of Australia, like those other countries. So that's why I say, you know, somebody wants to give you a racist comment, and tell you, you know, this is Australia, you know, why you dress like that? I'll say, yes, this is Australia. And this is how the Muslims of Australia dress, the Muslims, the Muslims of Australia, we just like this. And if you don't like it, well, you can go somewhere else yourself, you know. So the next, the next point that I want to come

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to is, we need to stop allowing, allowing ourselves to constantly listen to the estimate phobic rhetoric, of media, and politicians, especially if you can see, it's affecting you too much. Right, and making you feel too self conscious of practicing your Islam. Now, one of the reasons I believe that my kids have never had any major identity crisis growing up here in Australia, is that my husband and I were determined not to allow those toxic narratives to enter their minds and shape their view of themselves. And so that ends up with a complex of how people think about them. Okay. So, you know, you think about every day if you're turning on the news, and they listen to people

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like Pauline's opinion, or endings opinion of Muslims, what is that doing over time to your child's look at themselves as a Muslim? Okay, so instead, what we did is we tried our best to expose them to positive role models. So for example, my kids grew up basically watching Islamic Arabic cartoons that were all about great Muslim, you know, heroes, men and women, and which gave them positive messages about what it means to be a Muslim.

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positive messages like the honor of a Muslim, the noble character of the Muslim bravery and resilience of a Muslim. Okay, so for those of you who don't understand Arabic, like we've got 101 path now that's a wonderful Mashallah, like, may Allah bless it, you know, it's so tentative media source for us as Muslims and it does give us pride as Muslims to listen to it. And you know, a lot of you I know watching the series, I'm

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saying the word but you know, that does give on our back that why people love it so much, because it's returning back to honor a bit you know, a positive image of what is a Muslim, you know, the honest series and paint is another series about Mr. Mohammed Rama law. So, but you've got to look for those positive images because that's, that's what's giving the image you know, it's getting that

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it's that's what's effect affecting your

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Child over time.

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I can't go on to my last point, which is

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advice when you're really struggling to hold yourself together. Okay, so, the first of these last point is always remember that first, the first and most important goal of the Sharia is preserved preservation of your deen before anything else before preserving your life before preserving your money. The first and most important objective of Sharia is to preserve your deen. So why I'm saying that is, is because if you find yourself in a workplace, or an environment where you can't pray your prayers, you can't go to Juma. You can't wear hijab or you're forced to do something haram then you have to find a way out of that to a better environment where you can practice your deen. Okay, so

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that's the first thing. Secondly, friends are everything good companions are everything and that's why the prophets that a lot of them said and model Allah Dini holy, a person will be upon the deen of their friends. And if you look at us, you know, there's a reason why Allah, Allah mentioned what is to say, what's a while so be happy. What's the last of the sub? There's a reason why Allah tala mentioned about advising each other in truth and advising each other in patience. Why? Because it's very hard to say Pumbaa Huck alone, it's very hard to say upon the hug alone, you need to be together. And that's why conferences like this and going to lessons. It's very essential to keep on

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preserving your strong face. And you know, handing out we've got this conference, may Allah bless the organizers. In another month, you've got twins of faith, you should keep going to those kind of conferences because that's what that's what maintains your faith over time. Thirdly, always remember the reward that the Prophet said a lot of them told us about you He told us that there's gonna be those hard times, which can be difficult for you to practice your religion and stand firm. And he told us yet when Allah Almighty Allah, to Allah de rbv, Allah Gemma t Mina, Na, that kind of time, when a person holding on to the deen will be like a person trying to hold on to a call. But what is

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the reward for those who hold on to the religion in that time, like 50 of the Sahaba you're practicing your day now is like the reward 50 that's a harbor like you're rewarding Charlotte, for wearing Hijab in this hard time is like the reward of 50 of the Sahaba in Allahu Allah. So always hold on to that reward. You know, Allah does not waste the reward of the believers.

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And then, lastly, seek strength through reflecting upon the stories of all those who held on to their faith despite all odds. You know, when you read the Quran, all the stories of the prophets and messengers are stories of struggle and sacrifice. Also, if you read the Sierra, and the stories of the Sahaba, okay, so you think about it when you feel alone. Like a stranger in trying to uphold your deen Reid should feel his pain in his words, when he says

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he needs to call me late. And when you're a law, I call to my own my paypal, night and day, 950 years imagine the pain of failure, a failure learning to uphold your religion. When people mock or judge you for holding on to Sonic morals or principles, think of not when we could call the liberalists of his time mocking him for opposing morality and saying in the home on s3,

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that there are people that want to be pure. Like it's nothing wrong to want to be pure and not anti Chase. There's something wrong with that. You know, when you feel afraid to open a practice your dean, remember how the prophets that a lot of sun would come into the Kaaba and make such a law while he's surrounded with disbelievers around him and how they were throwing a gesture on his back. And how Don't even try to choke him and suffocate him. And this was the profit sort of law why they would sell him. This is the hardships he went through to uphold his Deen in hard times. And when you go through difficulties and hardships in order to haunt your dean, remember sumiya What do you love?

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Allahu anhu the first Shaheed of Al Islam, how she was taken out into the hot sun in the desert and tied up between two camels and impaled to death. Or because what? Oh, because she said, would not be a law. My God is a law. Citizen brothers. One of the greatest lessons we take away from all of this is that legends and heroes are only born out of struggle and sacrifice and before

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When, before I finish,

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one of the greatest reflections I've had in relation to what happened in Christchurch, which is that think about this. Imagine that only two weeks ago,

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if you had a scene, those same people

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who passed away, or who are grieving over their loved ones, you want to just see them as ordinary people that you found next you praying in the rescue, right? You wouldn't have thought anything special about them? Yes. So Panama, Allah had another plan for them.

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Because not only did he want to elevate their status to the level of Shahada and seek the pain inshallah inshallah. But he wants to give us a real life modern example of what true bravery and beautiful patient looks like in the face of such a terrible loss. And that is the greatest lesson to us,

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of what it means to worship Allah with unwavering faith with unwavering Amen. So in conclusion,

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the Serato must Hakim the straight path that leads to agenda. This is the path of heroes and legends from amongst the NBA, understood the pain and the shoe had that under solid him. And that's why my dear sisters and brothers, if you want Jana, then realize that this is a path of struggle and sacrifice. And it's a path we're going to have to go through certain types of discomfort and hardships to uphold God. But we will not give up our Salah. We will not give up going to the masjid will not give up going, you will not give up going to our gatherings

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or you know, or give up our hijab because of our because we might feel the fear in our hearts. Okay, I asked a lot about Allah to help us all to stand stand firm upon this sort of monster pain and to make Allahu taala safely in agenda to adults. And I asked a lot to Allah to help us all to live upon La Ilaha Illa ma to die upon La Ilaha Illa LA and I asked him to make us from those who were into agenda with Naveen with the Prophet, and with the CDP, and with the Shahada, and the solid he may Allah who to Allah accept all those who were adjusted killed to be from monster she had that and may elevate in status all of those who are left behind for the beautiful patients and elevate them to

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the level the CDP was Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Welcome to the header what I stole from Ollie welcome was Hanukkah llama what the handshake now Chateau La Ilaha Illa and nesto fuuka winner to boo like salaam aleikum wa