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would you do in any other way generally no limit hold'em mostly just subliminal alum from all over the island Adam furnish guru who handled massage he can manage guru Island and wonderfully hallows fully heal from the shuffle show me when you did attempt when kitabi makan McMahon in the been our heart and say you divinity Adam. Allah diva shalabi here is of no medium whether it be a city about him or Allah His salon Hina, Kenya, our AWT la moharram for some a lot more than he was at a while at Valley he Heidi lumen Latina Baraka la will be him a lot of them in humble item. But hamdulillah Allah de la mia tough in Wellington William level Sherry confirmed work while I'm Nicola Who will

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you mean utterly? tequila? But hamdulillah lady Anne's Allah Allah Abdi Hill kita well me I love wherever 100 in La La Nina who understand who you know who want to start film want me to be here when I talk?

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When I want to be let him in surely unforeseen elements IE ITR Melina when you have to Hilah who fella modela woman usually fella hottie Allah. When a shadow Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Mohammed Abdullah, he was hula, hula hula Buddha Allah will Buddha within Huck you Heroku Allah Dean equally confabulating shahida for Salalah Marilla he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira and Kathy a lot

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of stuff in DC kita Willa, well, Hayden had he had you Mohammed in Salalah. Oman, he was

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wearing a shotgun woody Marcus how to have a inoculum that's it without wakulla without him Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah dippenaar. But along origin wg 13 by the anahola erodibility ministry ecology. He is a Santa Fatah that way they'll kawaki won't Assad will either be helpful God, whatever COBOL work theoret elements of some ultimate to a heart. Yeah, you hunt in San Jose rockabilly Kareem. And let the halaqa as a worker, I had that like a you saw that in our cut back. On the show, he saw the assembly Emily looked at me listening of Coco de la COVID-19 de multiview, la la la la la la, much Alameda Latina.

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What also will help people but also, I mean, you know, behind me, in today's home, I'll try to talk to you

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fundamentally about the sixth I have solid lynfit law. And as I tried to talk to you about that, I'd like to set the scene of the placement of this ayah. First, as is very important, we have to know not just what Allah says, but in what context he says it like, you know, if you take somebody's speech, and you just take one thing out of that speech, you can misunderstand it. So knowing what were what they were talking about beforehand and what the subject was, and then taking that sentence can mean something entirely different.

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So this surah begins with a description of what's going to happen on Judgement day when the sky is going to get torn open. And when the stars are going to dwindle and lose their light, and are going to be dispersed, they're going to start falling apart. Like, you know, like, if you imagine pearls on a sheet and somebody shakes the sheet and all the pearls are dispersing. Because you know people that look at the night sky, we don't look at the night sky much because of pollution or because we live in cities. And we don't need navigation by looking at the stars anymore. But people that were out in the desert, they their navigation system was either the sun during the day, or it was the

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stars at night. And same thing with people that travel by sea, right, they looked at the stars to guide them.

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And this is what a lot talks about and don't hold on to the use of stars as navigation. In fact, even nowadays, pilots if their navigation systems fail, they actually still look at the stars for navigation. So the stars, the reason you can rely on them for navigation is because they're fixed for us for our view, just like the sun is fixed, oh, that's east, daytime that's coming out from the east, it's fixed, you're never going to see the sun come out. And you say I wonder if that's north or south because they're fixed, right. And so our sense of direction in the world actually comes from the sky. That's where it comes from. And that on that day, the entire sky itself is going to

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get torn open. So what to speak of the earth. And then the stars that were always in place are going to look like their pearls falling off of a sheet. So I'll go ahead with it. And then the oceans are going to explode Fuji light when the oceans are going to be made to explode. Like, we think of tsunamis and things like that. But this is more a description of when you have water that's boiling, and it's just, you know, popping out of the kettle. That's the description of the oceans on that day, where the Buddha would feel that this is actually an interesting word bathala. It's a combination of Baraka and Atala, which is

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when the graves are going to be toppled. And if you if you have like a look for kids, if you have a bucket of toys or something, or you have a bunch of Lego pieces in there, and you just put your hand in there and you're trying to grab that piece of your field for the right one, right and you're just messing around or you know people sometimes

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I have a messy backpack, or a messy purse or something, right, and I wish I put the word I put my phone ready to put the keys, and they're just ransacking inside the bag, they can't see it, there's a ransacking inside of the field for the keys, right. And whatever chaos is left behind is that that's mobile phone. So when the graves are going to be ransacked, to pull out the people that were inside them, that's in the kobudo Warfield, the chaos of what's even going to happen the most, the most calm place you think of what a person is no longer disturbed by anything, where silence has taken over is their grave. That's not a place of movement or chaos anymore. And that becomes the

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place of the ultimate chaos. So he says what he thought would have worked a lot when that stuff is happening, when that and, you know, it's imagine somebody who's just been ripped out of their grave like they were, you know, when somebody just shockingly wakes you up, immediately wakes you up. Your first thought should be why'd you wake me up? Or you're not sure where you are? You're in shock, right? And then you wake up, everything looks like a nightmare, because the sky is torn. The the oceans are boiling over and you just woke up from your grave after 1000s of years of sleep. What's your What are your thoughts at that moment what you know, processing everything that's happening?

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It's overwhelming. Allah says Allah mentions one thought, in that moment for you and me. That is going to take over one thought in this sutra. And that's that thought is ultimate Nelson Mandela hurt.

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A person will then realize and then they will really know. What did they put ahead? What Arabic students know took the mentor save macadam? And

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what did they make macadam in their life? And what did they make occur in their life? what that means? What did they put in front? What did they put behind? in English? Simple English? What did they make a priority? And what did they put on the back, but on the back end, our entire life is actually just that mine and yours. Every single day. Something is a priority and something can wait. It's what it is. I decide I have a lot of time, I can just get taken up my nap becomes a priority. The work I had to finish can wait. If I say I got to finish work first, I'll eat later my work becomes a priority. The eating can wait. All the time. I'm making something look at them. And I'm

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making something. I'm putting something ahead. And I'm putting something later. Right. That's in terms of time. In terms of time, oh, I'll get to that this weekend. I'm busy this week. I'm working this week, I'll get to it on the weekend. What so your work became macadam and whatever that task was became 100 people delay their trip mclubbe Devon wha Ha. But on that day when all of that stuff is happening unless as you'll think about all the things you put in front, and all the things you put in the back. But it also means other things. It means you will realize and I will realize on that day what was more important than what was less important. Obviously, the things you put in

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front are more important to you.

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Right? Because I gotta do that first. Because that's more important to me. I care about that more right now. And the thing that you wanted, that you put later is not as big of a priority, it's not as important to you. So this statement is also about a person will wake up on that day and realize, what are the things that they live their life showed what was more important, and their life showed to them? What was less important? What was more important than what was less important? What should they think about what should they not think about when they made a decision? You know, whenever we make a decision, there are things we think about, right? Let's take a simple example like eating

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food, right? For a Muslim, we're gonna think about is that halal or not? Isn't it? You might think about other things, is it healthy or not? Is it in line with my diet or not? Is it a good time to eat this or not? Is it expensive or not? Well, there are other factors. But the biggest factor for you and me is is it permissible or not? There's a hold on or not number one. But a person could say, Well, you know what, it tastes really good. So that is a second thing that became a hot and the taste became more than the taste became weaker than it could be that the health benefits of the food are not great. But the taste is amazing. So the taste became macadam. And the health benefits or the

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health harms became. Right. That's that's what the mental health is. This is what I'm talking about here. What became more important, what became less important, but why is that question being asked on Judgement Day, the moment a person comes out of their grave. They just got ripped out of their grave. And in that moment, that's when they realize, what did I make priority and what did I make? Not priority? That's a lot telling you and me that there were lots of times in my life when I had to choose Allah and not someone else.

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Not myself. Not my feelings. Not my greed. Not somebody

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else's feelings, not somebody else's concerns, not my wants, not their wants, I had to pick what Allah wants first. But I picked something else, I made something else, look at them. I pick someone else, or I pick something else, or I picked myself.

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Something else became more important. And you know what, no matter how much we tell ourselves, that that's okay. That's us lying to ourselves. That's us fooling ourselves. The reality of it is when Allah and His messengers a lot more how to use them, tell us something, they asked us to do something, when they tell us something is wrong. When they tell us something is mandatory, you have to do it this way. You must never do it that way. Then they're doing it because they care more for us. A lot of cares and loves me more. And the messenger salon wants more good for me than I could even want for myself.

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I couldn't even want for myself for so so long would describe himself as somebody who is trying to take, you know, moth and flies, when they see light, what do they do? They run into it, they run into a fire and he's trying to push them away. Right? People get into those mosquito traps that are illuminated, and you hear a snap or an electric shock every time another another one hits it. Right. This is our profits lie to them. And people are so people were like those bugs that are so drawn into it. And when we're shooed away, you're like, why do you want me to stop from everything? Are you making my life hard? Are you being so hard on me? Why can't you just let me burn. That's how we

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see it because we're so diluted by what we think is the priority. what we think is the priority. And on that day, when everything is flipped upside down, the sky is flipped upside down, the graves are flipped upside down, the ocean is flipped upside down. That's the one day the one thing that will be flipped the right side up is our thinking.

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Right now everything is in order and our thinking is upside down.

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Judgment a everything will be upside down and our thinking will be reoriented correctly. Now I know what the real priorities were. What did I make priority? What did I put on the side?

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And this is not the ayah that I wanted to talk about today. The I wanted to talk about is this next one? Yeah, you had insaan ma Kabira Kareem

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human. Yeah, you Helen son, human.

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In sign by the way, isn't is a composite word of two things. When Allah calls us human, human.

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What it refers to is someone who forgets a lot from this young, you forgetful creature, you forgetful creatures, how Allah addresses us. And then another way of thinking about it is from once, which is love and compassion, you creature. You You think you being that's made up of so much love? You feel the need to be loved? You know, cats don't feel the need for a hug.

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kids do adults do they feel the need to feel validated, to feel loved to feel like they belong and they feel the need to give love? Human beings have that like no other creature does. That's what makes us insane to

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Allah calls on both of those qualities when he calls each and every one of us and by the way, the the nidaa here the call here. Yeah, you heard him, son, human. When you hear that? You're not I'm not thinking of anyone else. I'm not thinking of the nations that passed or the disbelievers or any, you know, Allah did say I got here, he said.

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So he talks to me and he talks to you. And he didn't even say Allah will say on that day, it's just these words are being said. So we don't even know who the hell is who's speaking here. It's the makuta culpa, who's the time one way to think about that is the speaker here is Allah Himself Allah is saying this as

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another way you can think about it is when judgment day comes and you realize what your priorities were and what they should have been. What took what what came forward, what went in the backseat, how you easily forgot who you're gonna be so you know, so easily you let go, it makes sense at that time to talk to yourself and say you forgetful creature makabe Don't be can carry now as a question where what in the world deceived you? What in the world gave you false hopes? When it came to your gracious Master? Do not become Kareem.

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This This question is one of the most hard hitting and hard penetrating questions in the Quran. Yo Yo, ma hora Camila we can carry like, if you don't memorize a lot of Koran or you don't know a lot of fun if you want to just write something on your fridge and just think about it every day. put this one on the fridge. Yeah, you will inside masala Kabira bakery. Let's Let's dig into what these words are in Arabic to translate it as deceived. Even actually substances, it might be metal helmet, blue and Maroon nefyn, whatever.

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He says when a person puts their hopes and their thoughts into something that they're deceived by

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Thinking that it will bring good to them. They'll feel good because of it, they'll be okay because of it, there'll be safer because of it, they'll be happy because of it, there'll be a peace because of it. And all of that's wrong, it's actually harmful.

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It's actually they are convinced that it's all the good things they want. They're convinced themselves of that. But it's actually harmful. That's cool.

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What is that we're telling you that there are lots of things in life that are very attractive, that we want that our heart feels towards. But our heart is lying to us. A heart doesn't have information, our heart has feelings, it doesn't have the, it doesn't have reality.

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So our heart needs guidance, because our heart is blind. It's it just sees something at once it's drawn towards it. It sees something else. And once it's drawn toward that, it's this it's the longing inside it what it's missing. It wants to fill it. And Allah from His revelation gives gives vision to this heart. It lets it see

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it let's let's think it's let it it lets it think know what you want. Your feeling is good. Look, the direction you're putting it in is not good.

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Your feeling is something I put in you know the thing you want, you should you're supposed to want it. But the way you're going about it, you're deluding yourself that that's going to bring you peace. And the way he wants you to do it is the way he spell things out. This is the this is the halaal way. This is the way to avoid harm. And when he wants us to avoid harm. It's only because we're going to hurt ourselves if we go the wrong way. Not anybody else are the first victim of it is going to be ourselves is going to be me because I wouldn't know nobody else. First, first and foremost is going to be me.

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And you know what Shetland comes in? Says Japan comes and says, Why are you being so hard on yourself? Are you being so strict? Why are you being so Islamic?

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Why do you have to do that?

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And Ally's responding in this question? Not even a lot, I am going to be saying this to myself on Judgement Day, Yala, you gave me the right priorities you gave me what should we put later?

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And I didn't listen to you. Because I kept forgetting who you really are. First of all, I got deceived by the wrong things. And second of all, I forgot who you are to me be Rob became Kareem, what deceived you, from your gracious Master, your Karim master could even Arabic why it's so interesting, such a beautiful, interesting word. It's associated with things that are the most beautiful and noble and desirable. So a horse that had the most silky mane and had the most beautiful, you know, texture, and you know, healthy body, like the Arabian horse, the ultimate Arabian horse was cut also to them. Right? So this word is associated with treasures, it's

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associated with a golden, you know, beads necklaces, you know, that's made up of expensive gold that's also called come and kill him. The word it was associated with all things nice. All things noble, all things high class, all things quality. And then by jet by the extension, the word start getting used for generosity. So it was just describing the prophet SAW Selim, Kadeem would even look at him. Right and, and so on. A noble one son of a noble one son of another one, right noble, meaning he's going to be generous with us. He's going to be gracious with us. Allah Himself is so noble, and so gracious and so generous, that we forget him. And he treats us with kindness anyway,

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then we make something else a priority. And he gives us kindness anyway, and we humiliate his rules and his regulations in our life. We act as if they don't exist. We act as if they don't matter. And he doesn't humiliate us in return. He still treats us with dignity. He still keeps clothes on our back. He still doesn't humiliate us in front of humanity. He doesn't do that. He keeps treating us with cotton. He's Kareem to me. And he's always been that way. I don't return the favor at all. I don't even begin to I keep forgetting. I keep dismissing him and dismissing what he says. I keep an eye I think I don't think twice about it. I just assume that alone will give in a lower gear and a

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lower give. He's been he's been taking care of me all this time. So he understands It's okay. But on that day, I'm not going to be saying Allah understands. On that day, I'm going to be saying what have I made? I made the wrong priorities.

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You know, are you magnificent?

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Human being what deceived you from your gracious man. And then what's what's the description of His grace? A lady halaqa was a wacka wacka. You saw that image aka back.

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The one who created you, the one who made you balance so you can walk on two feet. He made you able to distinguish between right and wrong. He balanced you as a human being he made you a thinking creature.

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As a wife, he perfected your form made you balanced and Justin

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Fear and any shape he wanted. He, you know, he selected Masha acaba, he took you through phases in life, those were his design. But in all of them every single time every phase Allah put you through every adventure he puts you through every difficulty he put me through every trial he put me through every experience you put me through all the people that came into my life, all the people that left my life, every one of them was a lot taking me through a journey. And in every one of them, I had to see what's my priority and what's not. Sometimes you forget about Allah and a person becomes our priority. Sometimes you forget about Allah, ourselves become a priority, you so easily forget over

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and over and over again.

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As last thing I'll share with you about what's what's being said here.

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I used to give this example to explain this because I, you know, from my teaching background, and I said teach younger kids.

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If a teacher comes into the classroom, and never disciplines, the students never just time comes into the classroom. Kids are some kids writing on the desk, and other kids writing on some other kids face. So kids are like, you know, totally up playing catch with the textbook. another guy's using a pencil for darts, whatever. This is a circus in the classroom. And the teacher just always nice, always joking, always jolly, never disciplining anybody just gently asking people to calm down. Hey, guys, come on, let's do the lesson. And you know, there's some condensing on top of the chair, some other kids doing this with that. Never any punishment, never any early to some of the

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teachers considered really generous. And even the worst students, he talks to them so nicely. That the student that's completely ignoring him. Hey,

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Emma, could you come here? And I'm still talking. Emma says, hold on a second. I'm talking to my friend. And it turns to the student and says turn to the teacher and says Hold on, teacher. I see what you're saying. But what I'm describing my video game progress right now, can you hold on a second? And he continues? What should the teacher do usually in that by that time, by the by that time you You're the next animal to be sacrificed for him? But no, this teachers? Okay, why don't you finish your conversation? I'd really appreciate it if you paid attention. This is math class, after all.

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Could you please No, no, I understand. It's math class. I get it. Can you not be so annoying, though?

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Students acting that way. And the teacher is just being gracious and gracious and generous and noble. And though you know what happens? When you act like that? And people start walking all over you don't they? This teacher is just getting walked all over him, even my kids. And if he keeps this up, then the students feel like there are no consequences for their behavior for their disrespectful attitude for their dismissal of the teachers instructions. None of what he says has any value because he is so kind because he's so nice. There's another teacher who's an authoritarian

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The moment you even see them coming down the hallway, you are sitting straight in your chair like the July Salah started and you're standing, not even looking around. Because there's a different era when someone's authoritarian, you get shivers up your spine, there's a different attitude but when that teacher is gone and the other teachers cut off, I can relax because he's getting

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you know what am I saying in this ayah Allah has been condemned to you Do you think that means you get to act like that?

00:23:20--> 00:23:31

I've been coming to you your whole life whether you obey me or disobeyed me did you start thinking because I'm so caring to you that there are no consequences then I gently and lovingly tell you there are consequences

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in the law teach you didn't Allah teach me what is right and wrong and what what the result what the price is for each Didn't he tell me what Judgment Day is? Didn't he tell me the ocean is gonna boil over and the stars are gonna flip? The sky is gonna talk tear open and graves are gonna get I didn't he tell me all of those. When he told me what so much generosity, he didn't shake me up and say it, but a time will come when when that happens, then yeah, you will in time, you will.

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What is deceived you what what deceived you when you say what deceived you are like a past tense, like masala past tense.

00:24:09--> 00:24:22

You know, when it's when it's past tense like that. You know what, it's too late, early. But we're not reading this. on Judgement Day. We're reading this right now. We're listening to this right now. So Allah has given us a scene of the future.

00:24:23--> 00:24:55

That's going to happen. But he allowed us to know about it right now. So if you had a vision of the future, that the day is coming, where I will realize what my priorities were supposed to be, and I didn't make the right choices. And then I'm going to be told what deceived you from your gracious master. And then I wake up and realize it hasn't happened yet. I'm here I am right now. I'm not on Judgement Day. Then you know what, then this question becomes about what did you allow to deceive yourself all up until now?

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

Was it people in your life was it yourself? Was it your own greed?

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Was it your own selfishness? Was it your the lies you tell yourself? What was it? Inside you? What was it the darkness inside you? What was it that has deceived you so far? Whatever it was, can't be worth it anymore.

00:25:13--> 00:25:16

this the time to change has come I heard this I, uh,

00:25:17--> 00:25:37

I, my priorities gotta change. These are the kinds of ions that become life transformations for you and me. It doesn't matter what happened. It doesn't matter what pain I have to go through to make a change. I am ready for it, Yara because you've been so caring to me. And I'm ready for it. Because I would rather this realization right now. And now on judgment day.

00:25:38--> 00:25:53

I would rather this realization now. I don't care if that makes me cry, or someone else cry. I don't care if it makes me upset or someone else upset. I don't care for me. It puts me through withdrawals or someone else through withdrawals. If it's alcohol, I'm addicted to that I quit today. I don't care how much it hurts.

00:25:55--> 00:26:01

If it's prayer, I've been missing. I'm praying From now on I don't care how late I have to go to sleep, how early I have to go see, I'm going to change.

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If it's something haram I've been doing, I quit. I don't care who gets mad and gets upset. If it's a heroin business. I'm leaving the business. I don't care if the money doesn't come in anymore. I don't care. Because what I care about is this day. priorities right?

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And when you change those priorities, and you make them a less priorities, you're gonna find people and yourself in your life fighting against that and telling you Hey, what happened to your priorities? Do you not care about this, this this? No, I don't, because I have a different thing I care about more, I put that look at them and I'm putting everything else

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I'm putting out first I'm putting everything else I can remember. So I leave it up. So naka de la hora. I'd rather be in you would rather be people that make the right priorities now. Now, find the strength to do that. Find the strength in Allah's words to do that. That's why they're there. This is a, this is a reminder that I'm giving myself and to all of you that are the door on our deeds is not closed yet.

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Whatever mistakes you've made, whatever wrong, you've done, whatever wrong I've done, the door to Toba is open, ask a lot of forgive. But not just ask a lot of forgive, make a real real change, or real change. show a lot and show yourself what your priorities really are. You have no one to prove anything to doesn't matter who calls you What doesn't matter who how anybody judges you, that doesn't matter. They won't care about you, when the time comes. It doesn't matter who gets upset and how they see you and how they perceive you. This is a world in which everything is perception. The only perception that matters is how you see yourself and how Allah sees you. When that becomes clear

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to you, then you're ready for this change. And if not the same things that are constants that we see that are part of life that are always there. Allah says when the stars won't be where they're supposed to be. And the ocean is not there when they're supposed to be those are not constants anymore. Why do you think people's opinions are such a constant to you?

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Why do you think society is such a constant to you that you can't budge from it?

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Put your priorities in place put, let me put my priorities in place that allows me to not make use of those who get deceived and forget who they are gracious love is and don't take advantage of the grace of development that they lose out on it on judgment day and that the hollow officer worker fatherless fear is sort of in our cupboard on your own time. This is against total infidel. What I'd like you to do on your own time, is actually go through it, read it. And even if you haven't just a basic translation of it, just think ponder over what Allah is saying in the short so that's not even it's not even a whole page. So it's not a big homework assignment. It's not even a whole page. Just

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sit there for yourself. You don't have to talk to anybody about it just you on your own, sit with the surah and just contemplate what Allah is saying to you. What conversation is he having with you inside of this law? barakallahu li walakum Hakeem want to find you a year

00:28:58--> 00:29:01

hamdu lillahi wa kafa salat wa salam O Allah

00:29:02--> 00:29:15

subhanaw taala Mahatma being Mohammed Al Ameen Allah Allah He was happy as many are a lot more hesitant rather an akula arugula Human Ecology in the lobby Nikita who saloon Allenby

00:29:16--> 00:29:23

valet he was selling to Sema Allahumma salli ala Mohammed Mohammed Ali Muhammad masala tada Rahim Allah Allah, Allah Allah

00:29:25--> 00:29:27

Allah, Allah Muhammad Muhammad

00:29:28--> 00:29:34

Ali Rahim Allah Al amin in the Gambia Majeed about Allahu Allah, Allah Allahu

00:29:36--> 00:29:45

Allah when hanifa he will not cover political layer cover Polonia animal Matt Stone, masala insalata Kenneth Allen will be Nikita makuta