Karim Abuzaid – Obedience of the Wife

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © A woman named Sharon Lisa has been struggling to get her husband to attend the Day of Resurrection. She has been struggling to get him to attend the Day of Resurrection and is worried about his actions. The man she is speaking to is not her husband and she is inviting him to reflect upon the struggles of her husband's actions.
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somebody who wants to learn about a council

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member can you Alhamdulillah How are you who's this? I'm good

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Masha Allah brothers man, how are you?

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Are you watching us okay on that television How are you watching us?

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Okay, we'll fix it paid the light Allah will connect inshallah we're

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going to watch this video online later on Yes. We'll post it in sha Allah and we're gonna work on the broadcast quality tomorrow inshallah Allah

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is scheduled to ask, should

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the woman the woman, Muslim woman should be Islam

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do and the answer will be yes and the respect

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that inshallah I will do that

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now I'm

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not sure

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not sure. inshallah will will, will help out brother Osman Sharma

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brother off man

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from Georgia, I think he's needing help regarding, you know, obedient wives and so forth. Brother of man, may Allah Subhana Allah grant us patience, as spouses dealing with one another, I think before requesting wives to be obedient to us, we should be also

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worried about, you know, how we treat them, we should show them love and affection and so forth. yonni we should try to do care for them.

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You know, I think brother of man, it takes two to tango, they say, you know, I don't think I'm gonna be mean to my wife. And, and I'm not saying that you are you're sounding you know, I talked to you before I remember it sounds so familiar and sounding you're a peaceful person.

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But it can be mean to your spouse and expect them to repel that with or to, to turn this with with kindness when we're not we're not in slavery or we're not in it's America. You know, I don't know if you're aware of that or not welcome to to America. But in general,

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look at this incentive. That if I'm talking to my dear sisters, I'm really talking to you. Look at this. Your husband is your way to gender.

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Your husband is your way to gender and Hadith. So here is our selected Morocco Hamza. If the woman prays her five daily prayers

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well, sama Chara

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and she fasts her month, meaning the month of Ramadan

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waha sonnet for Jehovah and she kept herself chased. For what Allah azza wa jal and she obeys her husband.

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What do you get in return?

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In the Day of Resurrection, you get to choose one, which one of the eight gates of gender you would like to enter the harlot Minh of wearable genetic feminie a measure?

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Any game that you want to

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imagine this dear sisters, I mean,

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in the other hand, your husband also can your way to * can be your way to *. Seriously, and I always speak with evidence I don't. I don't use my reasoning, intellect or common sense here. There is no such thing. You know, when the prophet SAW Selim had to live in our best when he addressed the women in the day of of eight

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He said to them Yamaha Sharon Lisa Yamaha Shivani said the sub darkness in Neela I couldn't ask for it Nah, give charity because

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we I show you the majority of that willers of Hill

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then one of the women followed by Susilo Solomon she asked, Why are we the majority of hill? That was a failure. I mean, Carla, he said, Salah, Salah cornella. She's

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your you are ungrateful to your husbands.

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Especially in a in an ideal Muslim family setting where the husband is done, who goes out there and he earns the bread and he's out there in the jungle and trying to earn lawful earnings for the family. And you know, and you're sitting at home and you're being ungrateful to him for in spite of you know, that for dinner last year, what at fornelli

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Law Center la couldn't have what you do.

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If If, if the husband is so

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going by the book, basically, all his life, and he commits makes one mistake. you wipe all his goodness, with an eraser.

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I want to invite the sisters to reflect upon this. Your husband can be your way to gender, your husband can be your way to *, which one should you choose? But at the same time at the same token. I'm inviting the husbands to be kind to the sisters. Maybe later

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