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Very short hot euro and tonight's KOTTARAS dedicated the Mocha Serena and fairly for sinners only if you're not a sinner you can get up and leave inshallah wash nobody wants to get up

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and they'll kill you Mara mo Allah He said in Madera just Sadie Kane one of his greatest books I'm gonna say it in Arabic first because it's so beautiful and then I will translate Inshallah, he said

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in the end is the Salah and horror fit dunya Leah Tata who will be fat in lamb Taffy Butoh hurry him. Dr. Luna horology Rahim, yo, Mel Kiana Leah Tahoe.

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Now her a Tobin Messiah, whenever al Hassan Al Mustafa Rika lil

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Ozar Elmo Heba Bihar, whenever al masar ivam Elmo cafetera for either Aurora de la who had the Hadron at fell who had had the hill and her dunya had Laird natural FIRA fed Hello Jana Tyron.

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Those words by the way, they do not come up with people they come up with after a lot of elements and a lot of knowledge and the fact that from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala, so no camera him Allah, He said, the people of sins in this dunya they are admitted to

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one or more of three rivers in this dunya to be purified. And if it's not enough,

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if these rivers were not enough, then they will enter a river in Jahannam that will purify them in the hellfire,

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the river of pure sincere repentance, the river of Allah of Hassan ad that will make the evil deeds drown, and the river of a huge calamities that will expiate the sins. Let me take them one by one and then I will I will tell you what he said that the end the first River is the river of a Tobin nasukawa the sincere repentance. Yeah, when in almost 30 Something days our countdown clock is broken, but inshallah we are ordered noon.

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The month of Ramadan will start. And if you ask anybody, what is the first thing and the best thing to start or prepare yourself before Ramadan? Any chef will tell you you actually repent before the month of Ramadan. You've been sitting for 11 months and you want to go and get all that purity and all that beautiful Quran and all that nnessee had all that. So make sure you are clean before you get to the month of Ramadan. So this heart will be able to receive all this beautiful stuff that's happening in Ramadan. So Toba, Allah subhanaw taala told us yay Johan leadin. No, Tubal, Allah, He told that and also Allah auditors and you know, I always repeat that many people think

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or say, yeah, what am I? What do I have to repent from?

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What do I have to repent from the minute you say that stent statement? You need repentance.

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Allah subhanaw taala is telling the believers yeah you Alladhina amanu Tubu command order to Allah is sincere Toba and in surah, to Nora or to boo in Allah He Jimmy and are you have me known and repent to Allah all of you are who you believe. So it's not about only the sinners and the kaffir and the mushrik know me and you we should constantly repent Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, rasool Allah Subhan Allah and he was salam. I repent to Allah 70 times a day, another narration 100 times that make us there for a start for Allah wa to boil 100 times a day, we're sort of La SallAllahu Sallam Subhanallah Yeah, when constantly ask ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. If you ask, What am

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I going to repent from? Subhan Allah will just one thing quickly. Do you think that you are grateful enough to what Allah has blessed you with?

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Allah He we are Subhan Allah, the NAM that we have. So this need repentance.

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We are

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countless, countless amount of dam that we are blessed with. And many, many millions are deprived of why what did I do to deserve all this? Subhanallah So number one, Allah subhanaw taala opened that door of Toba and Allah subhanaw taala told us in Allah, your Hebrew, our been Allah loves when we repent. Allah loves when he when we depend on our solar system gave us that beautiful example about the man who was lost in the desert and lost his camel that has all his first aid and food and everything on it. And then he took a nap and that's it. He said, fellas, I'm done. And then he opened his eyes and he saw the camel coming back and

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Because of his excitement, he said Yeah, Allah Anta Abdu anarock book you are my slave and I'm your Lord. This is how confused he was. So as soon as I said and said Allah is more pleased with our repentance than that man seeing his camel

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Allahu Akbar so yeah when next Oh repent before the month of Ramadan, sincerely sit down with yourself and say this is it. This Ramadan

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is my last Ramadan. You know, before everyone has repeated this last week, every janazah that we prayed, please open your ears every Janessa that we prayed in the last two weeks. They never knew that last Ramadan was the last Ramadan.

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Right. But Allah here when I don't know if I'm going to make it to this Ramadan, but if Allah made me alive to this Ramadan, I promise you and I want you to promise yourself, I'm going to make it and we're going to treat it as if it's my last Ramadan. And this is what we all should do. Because could it happen or not? Right? Could this be my last Ramadan if I make it to Ramadan? So number one, the Toba number two

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al Hassan Al Mustafa Rica

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they the amount of has an earth that is so much that it made the evil deeds the rounded disappear, drown

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you are making so many Hassan Earth I'm doing Imelda to gain a lot of Hassanal that they say you add that I do the evil these are I do this appeared in the ocean of my Hassan ad.

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For example.

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This was a Muslim, whomsoever say 100 times SubhanAllah 1000 Hassan

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two minutes 1000 Hasina or, or so as I said and said 1000 Evil these erased Subhanallah that's beside you know tree is planted in Jana, and the most beloved words to Allah Subhan Allah 100 times. Let me ask you a question. I was asking this to our brothers yesterday.

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How many people would love

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to have 70,000 righteous people sitting in the masjid? raising their hands from Fisher to Maghrib asking Allah to forgive you. Raise your hand how many people would love that? Okay, forget about the 70,000 people. How about 70,000 Angels making dua for few hours begging Allah to forgive you, from Fisher to Mercury. If you're just after Fisher, or in the morning, you went and visited a sick person.

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And if you weren't in the in the evening or night in the morning, making stuffer, look at the SAML going visiting a sick person, my brother, my sister, I went and I visited them and look at this huge Azure how long does the whole process 10 minutes 15 minutes, that's it.

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Go into the Janessa mountain of hasnat attending Janessa mountain of a hug. So I want a lot of hassle net. So all those sins that I'm committing Well, where are they? So look at this. So hang Allah, He said one of the ways for the person to purify himself is to make a lot of sense has an ad so he'll say it will disappear. And the last one his Alma saw,

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the third river is the river of a huge calamities, calamities that will because of your patience, it will make the sins disappear. You were hit by you were diagnosed with a major disease. You're very dear beloved, someone, a member of the family, you lost them, a car accident, anything major that took place and you were patient, and you accepted the color of Allah subhanho wa Taala because of that patience, all the sins will be forgiven, be in the letter Allah and listen how it all came ended the whole thing he said, and Allah subhanho wa Taala if he loves someone, he will let him go through one of those rivers in this dunya. So, he will avoid the fourth river in the akhira in

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Jahannam and he will enter Jannah pure Subhanallah look at these words, because it is said and told us there is a difference in Jahannam that the people will go into it. So before they go, this is for the muslimeen that sin they would go into it and before they go to Ghana they have to be purified. So there is a river so we would love to go into one of these rivers in this dunya and we will talk about May Allah protect us all from that river in the Accra.

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In Mussolini now almost Lima de one meaning Mina dean will quantity now look on it. The more slaw the pain I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she

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You know

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what unfortunately no one was watching I think one downside the lino one downside being partying was all me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentleman one Hatfield law D was that good enough law that gets you oh what's going on? I don't know hula hoop

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now Lena