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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of understanding and directing actions in one's life, particularly in the context of the Hadaeth. They also touch on the concept of knowledge and its importance in achieving high levels of understanding, particularly in the context of the Hadaeth. The importance of strong and confident knowing oneself to avoid mistakes, learning about one's life, and following laws is emphasized. The speakers also provide examples of how people can achieve basic knowledge and gain power through simple doubts and questions, and encourage attendees to attend free class on the biography for two weeks.
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shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he married my beloved brothers in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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operate, Allah subhana wa Tada, our Creator our sustainer Illa Illa who none has the right to be worshipped except him. Yeah Allah we submit ourselves to you with lift our businesses, our families, the dunya we've left behind purely for the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada May Allah bless us in this hour of Joomla and grant us forgiveness for our sins this week and the week to come. We send our love our greetings and salutations to an AVI Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, his companions to all the MBR and all those who follow the pseudonym hammertoes sanlam, till the end of time may we be from amongst them on the day of karma, mean Alhamdulillah it's good to be

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back. It's good to be back here at Brahmin Islam Masjid, and the series The diseases of the heart I think the matcha use of hasip butcher once we sell, Shashi kill, who came and took the series forward, and basically, you know, began it and to get to where it is today. Well, Hamdulillah, I hope it has been beneficial. And it's been well received, well, hamdulillah insha Allah. Today, we continue on the CDs, the diseases of the heart, to discuss a matter, which affects and afflicts all of us, we see these diseases of the heart, each and every one of us, we all have a heart, and every single organ in the body is susceptible to becoming sick and weak and ill and therefore not be able

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to sit there is one organ in the body, if it is pure, if it is saved, the entire body is safe, and that is the heart. And similarly, if that organ has become corrupted, the entire body is corrupted, therefore, look to the heart and see that it is nourished and fed, and it is kept healthy. So we're not talking medically healthy, that too well, hamdulillah we're not talking about the sugar and what we eat. But there are the spiritual heart, which ultimately is the thing that Allah subhana wa tada will judge us accordingly. We discussed in the previous weeks in V. Pride, I believe, not fearing Allah and losing hope in Allah. But this is really the topic which I should have began with, we

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should have began, I don't want to force our guest speakers to speak on. But this is a topic that I began out of began with ignorance, because this is really the root cause of all diseases. And it is for this reason, the cure to this disease is the very first commandment of the Quran, the Quran, read that the art itself. When we talk about God, spiritually, it's an organ which purpose is to receive guidance, understanding and to direct the actions of Insan. When this organ has become blinded, when it is ignorant, then the entire actions and the being of this person is lost. But before we talk about ignorance, let's start with knowledge, the opposite of ignorance to show us the

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position that knowledge has, you know, Dean, that we are a dean of knowledge, a dean of a dean based on belief, yes, but belief grounded in knowledge. And it is one of the things if you look at a loss vinyl data, if you look at our system, in his creation, the thing which Allah values the most, is that of knowledge.

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Knowledge is the one thing that counts a lot with a lot of manual data, not well, not strength, not power, but knowledge is power. So Allah subhana wa Tada, we know our position, we know this creation, from the stars and the planets. Do we know that there are more stars in this universe than there are grains of sand on the earth, more stars out there than there are grains of sand on the earth. And each one of those stars like the sandwich in every store, 1 million Earths can fit inside it. So this earth is really not even to say a speck of dust is an exaggeration. It's way way less. So what about us? We feel and it's just this universe, then we have seven semi-wild above that. And

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on top of the food chain, we imagine that the angels are right on top, that they come and they go as they please the last command that they have a personal relationship with a law. And that's what allows Babatunde Allah subhanho wa Taala shows us our position in Sun when Allah says with color, Abu Kalamata at any Jain fill out the halifa our says I intend to put on the earth, not men. Allah says what halifa what is the halifa Khalifa is the substitute of the one in power, the one who will represent all of us I will put my representative on earth my colleague on earth is men. We do supposed to stand not instead of a loss of animal data, but do the work of a loss. That is what's

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expected of us. And Allah subhanaw taala shows us our position in the universe when he said

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kuliah Adam m beehoon bs ma e mo Adam informed the angels about the names of these things so Allah as we know the story as the angels with regards to some knowledge and its ohana Kala in Medina, we have no knowledge of this. We can't comprehend this thing. We can't answer the question. So Allah told me Adam, you answer the question and they'll be Adam Of course could answer the question. And when he answered the question, Allah subhana wa tada commanded the angels with Kunal mela equities Julie Adam, we know in this Deen no one makes you do to anyone except Allah only Allah is deserving of salute. Allah tells the angels mix suju to Adam, what did Adam have that the angels did not have?

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What made him worthy of sujood the angels were more powerful, physically were more beautiful they could fly, they are almost immortal, whereas inside we will die. Angels live for most of the time. What didn't they be Adam have the angels did not have knowledge.

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Although shows that the one with knowledge is on the more knowledge you have, the higher on top of the pyramid you are in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala the more knowledge you have the higher up you are in the sight of Allah subhana wa tada

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Allah subhanho wa Taala before he commanded action before he said, believe in me, worship me know who I am. Allah commanded us with knowledge. In Islam, knowledge comes before action. They can be no action without knowledge. So Allah says in the Quran, silent under hula, Illa Illa Allah before you can believe that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, Allah says, Allah no realize, understand, have the knowledge that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, and then ask for forgiveness for your sins, and also for the believing men and believing women.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and I said this is the sooner in the seminar and in the, in this dunya. And in all the other seminar what knowledge is something which will elevate one person above the other. We said that if someone walks into the room, and he has the PhD, or he's the professor, everyone listens to him. He's the most qualified knowledge we realize is something over and above wealth and power and status. We won't remember the names of the wealthiest men on the earth. But we remember the names of great scientists and great scholars. So Allah says, Allah will raise the status of those who believe among you, and those who are given a project. This is a principle in the

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law of a law, that the one who has knowledge will be raised levels up above that which does not have knowledge that is not only applicable to Islam, his own does not only apply to Islam, that you raise up the project in general in the dunya as well. The one with knowledge will always have the top seat.

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Now visa Salam tells us if Allah intends good for somebody, if he really wants to do good, give you goodness, he won't give you sort of our wealth and power. He will give you an understanding of the deen you will give you sound Islamic knowledge. Maybe salsa lamb says whoever travels in the path in search of knowledge. Listen to this it is not about being the island or the Mufti. Some of you may think we're talking only about Allah Imam Shafi can't get the Allah Who says who ever aspires to learn knowledge who ever tries to learn knowledge, even if it's once a week, one book that you are eating one lecture you're listening to in the traffic, you are in that process, searching knowledge

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of the polybutadiene, the one who searches for knowledge. So he says, He doesn't say that Allah, He says the polyvalent the searcher the seeker of knowledge, whoever travels in a spot searching of knowledge that Allah will make easy for him the path to gender. And visually while he's searching for knowledge, the angels lower the wings to seek of knowledge, they submit to the one who is learning knowledge will be the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth. Even the fish in the depths of the ocean will make you stay far away a lot of forgiveness, for this person will be the light the virtue of a scholar, the Allium over the abbot over the man who worships night and day who is beta,

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the island who learns and teachers are the one who worships the night and fasts the day. The difference between the two is like the moon and the stars, meaning the atom is like the moon. And the abbot is like the stars. Really, the scholars are the inheritors of the MBR. They take and they follow the footsteps of the MBR This isn't a result of saying this, because the NBA don't leave behind any gold or silver. What do they leave behind, they leave knowledge and they take from that inheritance. The next hidey Swan Allah first time I came across this Hadeeth this when I was doing research for this, this lecture series, and Zadie Smith should be very well known. I mentioned it to

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some of my friends and it's funny I've never heard this idea before. Like we have you been this was like first year in Medina, very one of the first things we learned is this, I said, I must have been absent that day. So I don't know

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are we learning all the time when hamdulillah Look at this beautiful Hadith. Nevis also says the superiority of the scholar over the worshiper, the one who learns over the one who just worships himself is like the superior my superior likes like Mohammed Salah over the least amongst you, meaning the least of the Sahaba, the lowest Sahabi the difference between Mohammed Salaam and the lowest of Sahaba. Both are good, but obviously you can't compare the two visually look at this villa Allah, Allah himself and his angels and the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth and the insects the ants in the hole, even the fish in the sea. They since saddam and Salawat, on the one who

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teaches people to do good. The teacher the acquire, Lawson said to the one who teaches and learns, was Pinilla. Even as I said, in the secular world, you will realize that knowledge is power. look at history, the most powerful nations in the world are those nations with the highest degree people with qualifications per capita, the countries with the most universities and libraries, almost always are the most powerful places in the world. Because with knowledge comes power, physical, military power, influence, success, wealth, all the other blessings come with knowledge. Allah subhanaw taala gives that to whoever has the knowledge, even if you're a disbeliever. But you have

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the knowledge you have the power. This is the sooner of Allah subhanaw taala. Our strength in the past was because we had the most advanced one of the reasons we had the most advanced systems of learning. There was a time when the kings of Europe would send the children to Spain, in Spain was a Muslim country to Baghdad, to learn knowledge, not Islamic knowledge, but to learn science and technology. That's when we were in the Golden Ages of Islam.

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So if this is what knowledge does, and how great knowledge is, and knowledge puts you on top, even above the angels, what does ignorance do? Begin with knowledge to make you understand, if this is how great all of us knowledge, how does he view ignorance? Where does ignorance put you? Where does general put you how bad and detestable is general in the eyes of Allah, when Allah subhanaw taala give men, Allah gave insaan an intellect, he gave insan the ability to reason above that of the animals. Allah gave insan the ability to think and to be more than just this physical, we could achieve above what we had, why? The power of our intellect. So when someone is Jay Hill, and he's

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given to ignorance, he has thrown that, that organ away, the worst of the worst. And it leads to all kinds of sins.

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When we talk about jail, this is what ignorance is jail. Many of many people here would know you say it's a jail, right? A jail, right? This is sometimes people use this term. jala is an Arabic word, which comes which means ignorance, and we heard this term and He will speak about the time of Gen Z, the age of journalism or ignorance. What does this mean? We know it means the time before Islam, the Arabs before Islam came. They live in an age of ignorance. They had no guidance. What was it like living in a time of Jay Z? We know for example, when Jaffer, even before I left St. John's brother when he spoke to the king of Abba senior, he explained what these people were like before Islam

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came. He said, we used to kill one another for no reason. We used to steal from each other, hate one another fight one another for no reason at all, the color of our skin. family names honor our parents great, great grandfather's one, you know, they argued over a sheep 100 years later, we are still fighting and killing one another. We buried our own children alive, our daughters alive, we would buy and sell our wives like we buy and sell our black sheep and cattle. When a man died, his brother inherited his wife as well would make the life naked, we would eat anything. This is how we used to live. And of course we used to worship idols and stones and anything we used to worship.

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This was before Islam. We asked how this man How does a human go to that level?

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These people were not any less intelligent than us. Say normal is a genius yet he himself was in that boat. Why could General Ignorance reaches a certain level and that person loses his humanity completely. That is why they live in an age of Jamelia spiralize it people ask if you want to understand what Jay Z is like maybe if you go to the worst prison on earth, and you spend some time with the worst of inmates on Earth. That is really what Jamelia is a person that has no feeling of humanity in him left. no remorse, no compassion. He does as he pleases, as Alice's

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They are like an arm. They're like animals, but they are worse than animals. This is how the Arabs were before knowledge came to them before Islam came. So in other words, the age of Gen Z is before Islam. So it should really be the age of Cooper of disbelief. But rather we see that England is sort of an opposite to Islam, that these two things don't go together. ignorance and Islam cannot, they cannot coexist. If someone is drenched in Jainism or ignorance, then there's very little lift of Islam. So let's unpack this concept of jihad. Do we? And we should ask this question, do I suffer from this? And as you must have learned in the previous lectures, you have extreme pride, like the

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pride of a police, where he's completely drowned in pride. But oh, but most of us if not all of us, we have bits of it inside of us. Not all of it is good and bad. So we need to ask is the any general in me any ignorance, what do I mean by General Ignorance, there's two types of ignorance the zero simple ignorance, which really means to be unaware, to be to lack information. And in this regard, it's not something bad. We are all ignorant about something. I'm ignorant when it comes to, you know, fixing a car. I'm ignorant when it comes to, to, you know, nuclear physics, I'm ignorant comes to farming, whatever, no one can know everything about everything. What this mean, when we say

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ignorance, here, he's JAL, meaning he's unaware, he's an educated with regards to this field. And it's not bad. Because all of us have a degree on that. So we're not talking about this kind of ignorance. We're talking about the compound ignorance, which is a state of mind, which is a way of thinking, and we give an example of someone that lacks basic things. We give an example, you go to a nursery school, you'll find white children, black children, Indian children, all playing with one another, no concept about racism. But you find the professor educated PhD, he's racist. Which of the two is ignorant? The child is uneducated. Yes. But that professor is more ignorant, his

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senselessness, his state of mind is more ignorant than that child. This is what we mean. It's a state of mind. It corrupts the way you thinking? How does ignorance reach that level? That's our question. So with regards to simple ignorance, we asked Firstly, this is the easy one to tackle. It's lacking information, if you lack certain information.

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As I said, we're not required to know everything about everything. Not all of us have to be engineers or lawyers or doctors, not all of us have to be, you know, know what's happening with regards to the call, but they are still our basics are essentials, which every single person needs to know. They are essential knowledge is essential information, every single one of us must know. And if you don't know that, then it is bad. Like what things do I have to know? There are certain Islamic things you must know there are certain secular things and I've said that there's no difference when you say secular, it's only to understand when we say dunia sciences, there's no such

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thing as secular sciences. Science belongs to a law. There's all of it is a law, Dean and science, but just for our understanding, there are certain Islamic knowledge you must know and certain dunya knowledge you must know for example, you cannot not know that the world is around. If you still know that you still think the world is flat, the third level of Jaya Jaya JAL. It's unacceptable. With regards to the deen essential for each and every one of us, we need to know what Allah is to a certain degree and understand to hate and shake. And I said so many times. How many of us when we say What does La ilaha illAllah mean? He will say la ilaha illa. Allah means that there's only one

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God is incorrect. So not right, La Ilaha. Illa means there is none worthy of worship except the one God. Very big difference. Very big difference. The difference is gender and gender.

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Which we don't know this. Do we know the requirements of SATA? What invalidates SATA? What can we leave? When do we make to do so? This is the myths of gender. We have to know this. We have to know how to recite the Quran. We have to know the Pillars of Islam and Eman not in detail. But how much was I given Zakah? What invalidates my first what was regarded Do I have to know who might not be is you have to know something about Muhammad so seldom essential knowledge. And you have to know certain things, which affect you personally, what do I mean by that?

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You don't have to learn the rights and duties of being a wife or husband. But the day you get married, you need to know it's essential for you. Now, you don't have to know what Islam says about being a parent. But the day Allah blesses you as a child, you need to know that you don't have to know all of us we don't have to know what is regarded as halal and haram in terms of business transactions, but the minute you run a business, you deal financially with things then you are accountable.

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So each and every one of us must look at our lives and ask, because Allah will ask us Do we know essentially what is required of us? There are certain things we can say Allah, I didn't know that I wasn't required to know that what happened to the law. But you cannot say Allah I never knew. I never knew that this breaks my solder. I never knew that this was haram I couldn't eat it was hard. Rama shouldn't have done it Sinaloa, very flimsy place. And I asked this not as an insult not to offend anyone. But do we really think our madrasa education, which stops at grade seven is enough to teach you about these essential colleges.

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If a person comes to your business, to work at your organization, and he comes with the CV says, I stopped going to school after grade seven, which is, you know, I won't even pay you to be the you know, to sweep the ground maybe

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that is the labels that we are basically illiterate if you come with a grade seven certificate, but this is what we expect, is that enough knowledge will get us to gender. It's not enough. Beloved brothers in Islam, it's not enough. And as we see the age that we live in general is spreading

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exponentially. on your phone, you'll receive information that is contrary to sound thinking, your kids will receive it, things that you didn't have to address before it will come. You need to constantly we need to constantly be an oma of learning, and we'll see things get better inshallah. So this is essential knowledge each and every person must assess himself. Do I know enough and will hamdulillah you have access to knowledge so easily. There are 1000s and 1000s of lectures of books free of charge, you can access it on your phone, on your television, on your computer, you can access it, making it a learning to what people have to take to travel 1000s of kilometres you can

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get now with a touch of a finger. It's available to all and each one of us. So this is with regards to simple ignorance. And it's a journey that everybody must take constantly to learn. Do I know what I'm supposed to know, cannot answer these basic questions of Islam. But what we're talking about more specifically, is the compound ignorance, the ignorance of the mind, that leaves one senseless. For example, Allah gives an example of this level of jihad, this kind of almost insanity, this kind of thinking, that is no longer you can't think a human being things like this. So Allah says gives an example of this in the Quran, Allah Subhana says, and we took the bunnies throw it across the

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sea, we saved them from the VEDA when they saw that at opening up, when they came upon a people in devotion to idols, so then they came across the Dead Sea, and they saw people worshipping statues and stones. So they said oh Moosa make for us a god like they have a god we want a god like this. Get the suit that eats the opening up Allah destroyed Pharaoh and so maybe Moses indeed your people behaving in common touch alone, you are behaving ignorantly, you have lost all sanity. You're not thinking correctly like a person anymore. This kind of gel is a mindset. And let's give examples of this today. You just need to open the newspaper and you see this kind of senselessness in the dunya

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How does somebody kill his own parents? Or his children? How does somebody

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as I said, worships stones and sticks and graves which they made their own hands, they built it. And then they asked this thing for assistance. How is it possible? How is it someone sees someone jogging, and they rape and kill this person? How is it somebody walks in a pack of children and blows it all up and things Allahu Akbar, this is for lust, pig, what went wrong here, something must have gone wrong up the a level of gentle way you say you meant these no humanity lift. This is what shavon is pushing all the time. Because once we fall into that hole of gem, everything becomes easy, when every sin gel is the doorway to all kinds of sins. And the Quran speaks about these kinds of

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extreme levels of gentle, extreme levels of gel, which we need to watch out for. So Allah Subhana Allah says one of them, oh you believe Why do you say that which you do not know most hateful in the sight of Allah is that you say that which you do not do? What Why do you say that we should not do so people speak especially Islamic must talk about this with regards to Islamic knowledge. People speak about Islamic knowledge even though they don't have Islamic knowledge. So the Allah mentioned this person called JAL, maraca, a person who is ignorant and he knows I don't know. So I know I don't know anything about you know, cause I'm not even gonna try. I take it to the mechanic, you

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know, based doctor, you know, but I'm not going to try and treat myself

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This person is jealous, okay, because he knows I don't know. But the one who thinks he knows when he really isn't.

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And away, this person is a great in grave danger because he will never learn and he will never improve. Another example which vanilla we are afflicted with today. Allah subhanaw taala says to the people of the volute do you indeed take men with desire instead of women? Rather you are people behaving ignorantly, you have lost all sense or way of thinking. You have lost yourself completely. Allah speaks to the women. And Allah says to the wives of an abyssal Solomon all the women and abide in your houses and do not display yourselves as the display of Jamelia. Do not dress like the way of the women of Jamelia, another women of Jamelia, the women of Jamelia, dressed better than the women

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many of the women do today. Allah says basically, how can you naked in the street? What in your mind I've given you an uncle bitter, you know, you didn't need to be educated to know this. Your, your basic humanity should have led you to understand this, if not appropriate. So Allah says this is a level of Jamelia. This is an example of a giant leap of the mind. Now visa Salam says, at the approach of chiama, knowledge will be uplifted knowledge will be removed, and ignorance will be saved and become widespread. And when that happens, you will see a lot of heritage meaning killing, rampant killing, murdering violence, to the point where the killer if you ask them, Why did you kill

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this manual? So I don't know. If you ask the kid the killed person. Why did this man kill you? What did you do? He'll say, I don't know. I was just playing in the park. I was sitting in my class and I was on the bus.

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What led to this level of insanity. General Ignorance that we don't see is when knowledge is gone. And ignorance spreads, killing will come with it. Another example of close to the end of time as Pinilla we are living in these times, among the signs of the hour or the following knowledge will decrease and ignorance will prevail. And then you will see widespread fornication and the drinking of alcohol will be common. In fact, it's wrong to say that drinking of alcohol Harmer, just a side note here, hammer doesn't mean alcohol. If you look at the Quran, Allah says to the females take you home or your head covering and cover your body with it hormone is that which covers the head and a

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former was called hammer. Why? Because it removes the intellect completely. It takes away that higher level that makes you a person that makes you human Harmer drugs takes that away. So you back down to the level of an animal or worse. That's why it's called Homer because it completely removes your uncle, it puts you directly in a state of jelenia. That is why when someone's intoxicated, they can do anything. You said How could you do it when it comes to his senses? He asked himself how could I do this? How could I like my grandmother.

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And we've seen this what has led to that the absence of

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ignorance to that level of compound Englands, and today was just smoking one substance, you go straight to that extreme level of jelenia. This is the dangerous that we live in. So what are the tools? How do we, and these are extreme cases, and I know most of us will hamdulillah we hopefully don't suffer from these extreme cases. But all of us, all of us are not sufficiently equipped with knowledge all of us. Knowledge is a learning process. To to solve simple ignorance is a constant learning process to learn more and more and more to never stop learning. This applies to your deen and your dunya continue to learn new things continue to learn learn for the sake of learning. This

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is what made our Deen great. Our oma was great when we learn for the sake of learning people learn things not because they wanted wealth or power from it. They learn just to exercise the mind and when they got the knowledge, Allah gave them the dunya as well that's how it works. So learning should be part of your daily life. When you begin someone people asked me I want to learn now but Islamic knowledge if you know I haven't didn't pay much attention madrasa. I just know the basics. Where do I begin? Where do I begin? Not learning is never easy. It requires effort always as another student of a lot. No one is born with knowledge. You could the children of the MBR the children of

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Mohamed Salah did not receive anything from the Father in terms of knowledge when they were born. Every single person starts from zero. It requires knowledge it requires effort. We said this before. Why did you video squeeze that be so solid

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When he said, we know the story when they'll be some the first day he received the revelation given us squeezed him read. And I contrary to the point we said, I almost felt like I was going to die. Why? That was the price. To pay for knowledge requires efforts. Everyone if you want to learn, like exercising any muscle, it requires a little bit of effort. So learning will not be easy, but it's something that you can learn to enjoy. So where did you start? I personally feel and this is something which has worked for many people. The easiest science to learn, which you will enjoy learning and you'll benefit so much is learning the biography of our Nabina Muhammad Salah. Learn

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the life of Navy SEAL Salaam, learn his companions. There are books out there. There are many many books out there, but if you want to listen like for us, it's we don't have time to read, but we have time maybe in the traffic to listen, I advise you with a lecture series by yasir Qadhi. Yes, you'd call it on YouTube, or just google it 100 episodes the most comprehensive English lecture series on the life of an obese asylum. I've challenged many people just listen to 10 episodes. And if you like it, continue, if you don't like it, stop. Many people listen to the end. And there are some brothers who actually try to speak to them. It will change your life. You will learn through a story and you

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will come out after that series. A Beta Muslim in sha Allah. So if you want to begin begin with that, so that's learning it solves your simple England's How does it solve? compounding there is a person who is so deep in Jamelia and he wants to come out of it that you need guidance. And allies The only custodian of guidance only a law can give that Hidayat to the heart. But Allah teaches us that through learning, he might give guidance, a lot of answers. Those who have been given knowledge they might know that this could earn is the truth from the Lord. If you learn in sha Allah, Allah will give you guidance. But if you don't learn, you're not going to get the guidance. So part of

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solving the problems is to start learning. Other advice we know a lot began. When did he begin? He began with ecola. And this is really the solution to all the problems with the dounia. Even a non Muslim President Bill Clinton once said that the cure the silver bullet to cure in all our problems in the world is education. When you have education, you will see automatically, poverty will decrease crime will decrease. Violence will decrease social problems, unemployment will decrease, everything will decrease. Once there's an increase in education. We know that we see this today. That's the answer to so many of our problems, just like ignorance is the root. The first cause he

00:32:51--> 00:33:26

believes another side note, he believes his first sin was what not hide. He had an incorrect assumption. He said in his mind, I made a fire he's made of clay, I must be better. I must be superior. He was jagged in that. But he did not look to incorrect his journalism. he persisted on that and he became cursed. He did not look to educate himself and say, I don't know, you know, better Forgive me. No, he became arrogant with his ignorance. When you combine the two arrogance and ignorance, this is what what lit shavon V, which I thought was

00:33:28--> 00:33:39

if you learn in sha Allah, and you continue to learn, a lot also gives you advice about Oh, man, the true worshipers of Allah, they walk on the earth.

00:33:40--> 00:34:20

Easily they work without pride or arrogance. And when that is the heart of a majestic Luna colusa Lama, we will constantly be faced with ignorance. Someone may say something ignorant to you about the way you look, but the color of your skin about your religion, how do we respond overseas when the ignorant when that person who is drowning in jail and you are having to raise a little up you have more sense more ethical? How do you respond to the jackal called Osama? You can't make a blind person see a blind person abort See, Sarah more Peace be upon you. When someone confronts you will believe in himself. He had this great saying he said I never met him, except that when I debated

00:34:20--> 00:34:30

him, I beat him. And I never met a j hill that I debated with and he beat me. Right? You can't debate with him as they say he will bring you to his level and defeat you with experience.

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

So when you're confronted with gentle ignorance in this dunya said, hamdulillah Allah you have granted me the ability to see that this person he can't see that he's wrong. He can't see that what he's doing is evil. He's blind Alhamdulillah Allah gave you that he died make dua for him rather than to be angry with him. And then lastly to remember gentlemen, slimming all of us at times. We will slip in and out of jail. We will lose our

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

Imagine as Addison's for a moment, and we'll slip into ignorance and we will not think clearly. So Allah says in the matoba, that repentance is accepted by Allah is only for those who when doing wrong in ignorance, when the mind slips away, they lose themselves, they lose that higher level of thinking, and they slip into ignorance. They repeat soon after that they come back to the senses and Hispaniola. How could I have done that? Yeah, Allah forgive me. It is those Allah says to whom Allah will turn to them in forgiveness, and Allah is even knowing and wise. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to the blue banner, but it had a 10 hour law. Don't let us lose our guidance after You have guided

00:35:42--> 00:36:19

us to it. Do not turn our hearts after you deviate our hearts after you've given us guidance will happen in the middle of June kurama. And Grant has mercy from you in the hub You are the one who gives and bestows Allah protect us And forgive us and return us to be an aroma of Islam away from the age of J. Hillier will hamdulillah inshallah next week we continue with our series on the diseases of the heart Alhamdulillah we also like to announce that our classes Tuesday night classes are beginning once again, this Tuesday half past six in sha Allah, the life this is also a Syrah class if you would like to attend and learn about the life of nuviza Salah if you'd like to see

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things live Alhamdulillah you can attend free of charge it will open to males and females. Of course six to this before Isha insha Allah, please attend or salada say now Muhammad Ali, he was up he was 11 Muslim I mean Assalamualaikum warahmatullah briquettes