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So now, this announcement is made. And at least we know heard this announcement also. And if we at least heard this announcement, he also knows that Adam is made up of three things, I keep saying three things. So it sticks in your head, three things, three things, three things. But we know that when Allah tells us that when he refused to do such that,

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he turns to Allah, He doesn't say collected even Naren, Waka lokta, Humann. Tienen was a waiter who went faster for him. And he doesn't say that. He says, You made me from fire, you made him from dirt. That's just one of those three things, isn't it? There's two more things. And he knows about those two other things he knows about the test, we are the balance of the human being. He also knows about the rule that is inside the human being. But when he complains to Allah that you made him from dirt, he pretends that he doesn't know about those other two things. But he does. He fully knows. This is a really important thing that I want to highlight in these brief moments in this whole, but

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there's hundreds of lessons in the story of Adam Allison, but I hope I can do some justice to this one lesson that I want you to take today.

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And that is that when he denies these other two things, he knows, he knows that if he acknowledges those two things, then he has to acknowledge how incredible the human being actually is. But if he only acknowledges the dirt, if he only acknowledges the mud, then what's the difference between Adam and a horse? What's the difference between Adam and a cow and a monkey? They eat, he eats, they get shelter they get? They have kids, he has kids? He's not he's just an evolved animal. That's all okay, so he can stand on his two feet big deal. What's the big deal, he's just an evolved species, there's nothing more to him. There's nothing more to him. So he has a certain he deliberately denies

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two components of our existence, out of the three, two of them, he denies them. And if he accepts them, then he has to accept the supremacy of what Allah has made, the remarkable thing Allah has made. Now. He hates humanity. He blames Allah for giving us this position for and he swore that he wants to not only see Adam and he said, I'm fail, because you know, if you hate Adam, then you got Adam expelled from Jana, you should be like, I'm good. Now. I got my revenge, feel better. Now he doesn't feel better. Because like, now I'm gonna get his kids. And now I'm gonna get his family. Now I'm gonna get their kids and their kids, and he keeps ruining human beings, time and time and time

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and time again. And the rage of his fury doesn't go away. He doesn't feel any better after getting revenge or destroying. He doesn't feel any better. So the thing is, how does he destroy human beings, he does many things to destroy us. But one of the most important things he does, which is actually now I get to talk about the topic of my heart. But today, one of the things that we learn from this passage and these ayat of the Quran, is that a bliss did not want the human being to be acknowledged as something worthy. And his greatest success one of his greatest successes, if he can convince you and me that in fact, you're not worthy.

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self worth valuing yourself, respecting yourself as a human being is actually one of the great crises in the world today. People in the socio sociology world of sociology, people in the world of psychology, people across in families across the world are facing a crisis of people who don't see any worth in themselves. Oh, I used to have a job, but I'm retired now. Nobody cares about my opinion. I you know, I'm worthless. I just sit home all day. My son has a job my you know, you know, my daughters are gone away to college, and I'm just useless here. I'm just a burden on everyone. There's an old man sitting in his home thinking he's completely worthless. All I can do is just go

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to the masjid and come back. But I live with this worthlessness inside me. It's just better if I just die. These are the thoughts he had inside it hasn't said he doesn't say it sometimes even says it sometimes even says it says lives and lives with us worthlessness. A young man lives with worthless and he says my brother graduated, my cousin got a job. Everybody else is doing better. This one already got married. Look at look at me. I've got nothing. I didn't accomplish any of those things. Oh, you wasted so many years. I should have done this. I should have done that. I everybody tells me I'm a loser. I must be a loser. What does the police want to do? He wants to get people to

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say things around you in your life. They'll say things to you that make you feel worthless. They don't even realize they're doing it. They don't even realize it. But they're having this effect on you. When you start thinking yeah, maybe I am worthless. Maybe I you know, I'm

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Not that I'm not that big of a deal. I'm a nobody. I'm a nobody. And you know what that does. Once you develop low self esteem, you don't value yourself, then you're always thinking, the only way I will be valued is if somebody else values me.

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If somebody else approves that I have value. So I'm just going to, I'm going to take a picture of myself, I want to make sure I change all the filters enough times, and I'm going to post it online. And I'm going to wait for somebody to do this, or somebody to put a won't put one of these, or at least a martial law or something. Give me something. Because if somebody gives me, I have some value. All right, now what do I got it I need more value? Because I'm worthless. Again, I haven't posted in two days, I need to get back on, I need to feel valued again. When you don't have enough value for yourself, you're always looking for value from where somewhere else, someone else, always

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looking for somebody else's approval. Always looking for somebody else's compliment. You didn't say anything? You didn't? What do you think? What do you think? What do you think I should do? What do you think of this? What do you think of that? constantly asking for somebody else's opinion, because without it, you're worthless.

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And then you become afraid. You know, when you become

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when you have low self esteem, then you you can't deal with any of your rights. Like people can walk all over you. They can humiliate you. And in your head, you're like, Yeah, I deserve it. I'm scum. Anyway. I mean, this is I should be I deserve you even worse. And what's, what's even better is at least comes to those in your life sometimes. And he says, Hey, say this to Him, say you know what, I know I treat you like a dog. But you deserve worse than that. So you should be happy that I even treat you this much. Okay, you're lucky to even get this much treatment. And you hear that enough times and what happens? You start internalizing it, because human beings, even if you reject

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something at first, if you hear it enough times, you start getting influenced by that, you start seeing yourself that way. You start developing your hatred, not just for others, but also for yourself. And then you just this rage inside you is always like my opinion doesn't matter. Everybody else's opinion matters. My voice is no good. Everybody else's voice is better. My presence is a burden. I have nothing to offer anyone. When you start developing this, this is a great victory of shaytaan because Chapin says that's what I was saying, man. That's exactly what I was just dirt. Look at him. What ballots what through what rule? And what does Allah do? Before you and I even came

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on this earth, because of what our father was given which we have been given the creation of our bodies? Then on top of that, yes, we are. And on top of that rule, he gave us an honor, above all of Allah's creation, and all of us Allah's creation see us as a miracle of Allah, Worthy of all the angels falling into such the in awe of what Allah has done, in amazement at what Allah has done. So now the angels in the heavens are impressed with you, and you're not impressed with yourself. You think you're worthless? Allah says in the Quran Welaka the Quran Napanee Adam, we honored the sons of the children of Adam, we honored the Children of Adam, you know what this teaches me? It teaches

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me I don't have to look for validation from anybody else.

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I can look for what did I do a good job or not? I should check that the food come out, you know, you shouldn't like to take this lesson and say, You know what, I don't need anybody else's opinion. Now. I'm gonna go home and pour all the salt into the food, and then cook it and say, How does it taste? Well, I don't care about your opinion, because Allah has honored me like, that's not what I'm saying. That's not what I'm saying at all. We do need to get correction from each other. And by the way, when you are when you value yourself, then being criticized is not humiliation.

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When you truly honor yourself, when you truly realize your worth worthiness, then you realize that when someone someone is criticizing and saying, Hey, you said this incorrectly, or you need to improve this, or this could be better, then they're doing me a favor to help me improve. I don't feel like I'm being insulted. Because when you have really low self worth, then criticism feels like you're being pushed even lower down. But that feeling goes away once you have value for yourself. Once you recognize Allah has given me value, then you start seeing correction or criticism as an opportunity as an opportunity to grow. It's not humiliating anymore.

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