Helping the Neighbours and Respecting Parents is Recommended in Islam

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For those who read the Quran, the Quran gives us various guidance.

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Quran says that we have to be honest. It's mentioned the Quran you have to love your neighbors. Allah says in Surah mount chapter 107 was the one to seven or eight Allah zuckuss will be Deen physiological asiya Dalia team well I hope to Allah Tommy miskeen Fabiola lil mousseline Allah Allahu Allah z Nomura only unknown l mount ca Tao, not the one who denies the judgment to come, who teach the orphan with harshness, and feed not the indigent

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vote to those who are neglectful of the prayers vote to those who only pray to be seen of men and they do not even provide neighborly needs. So to provide neighborly need, is submitting a will to Allah subhana wa Taala and a prophet masala Sallam said that he is not a Muslim who sleeps with a full stomach when his neighbor is hungry. And a person asked who is the neighbor? The Prophet said 40 houses next to you is your neighbor.

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backbiting is private in the Quran. The Quran says in Surah Hamza chapter 104 was number one. Why licola homosassa lomasa vo to every kind of scandal manga and backbiting. If you abstain from backbiting your sub bending over to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The Quran says that you have to love and respect and be kind to your parents. Allah says in Surah Surah chapter number 17 was number 23 and 24 that we have enjoined on the human beings

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that you worship none but me and the to be kind to your parents. And if any one of them or both of them reach old age, don't say a word of contempt. Don't say off to them, nor repel them, but address them with honor.

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And load them your wing of humility and pray to the God that have mercy on them as they cherish me in childhood. The Quran says if any one of your parents or both of them reach old age, you can't even say off to them.

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But address them with honor and lower your wing of humility and pray to the Lord that bless them as they cherish me in childhood. So if you love your parents, if you respect your parents, if you are kind to your parents, you are submitting a will to Allah subhanaw taala that's available to Almighty God