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In Hamdulillah, in Moodle who want to stay in or who want to stop futile, when Oh, they'll be learning I mean surely and fusina will see Dr. Molina Mejia the healer who further move the ladder. Who may usually follow her the Allah wash hadoo Allah Ilaha illa Allah who had the hula Sharika one number Hamedan are the who are sullo some Allahu Allah He had early he was so happy he was

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a mobile for in the Hyrule Hadith Nikita Bula hater Haida well Hiral had the head you Muhammad in South Allah Who hiding he was in were shuffled Ohmori marks the third through her Wakulla my 13 be the Wakulla be the ATEM bada Akula bada that infinity and my bad

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we are in the month of Rajab.

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And this month is one of the sacred prohibited Monson Islam

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as Allah subhanho wa Taala said minha haram that he could deem unclean for that only Morphe Hindu and full circle.

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Among the months of the year he said Subhana wa Tada. Among them are four that are prohibited and sacred.

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Then he said, fella Tom Lee Murphy, hinda and Fusa calm do not wrong yourselves in them.

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So these ones are elevated in Islam.

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And they in fact, they were elevated before we sit down. So to the polytheists, the pre Islamic Arabs they used to honor these months and a particular Roger.

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So they used to consider it to be a sin to fight in that month.

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And they would devote specific religious acts to it. So they would seek it for dua, they seek it for sacrifice to their idols, they had a sacrifice that they called it era

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which the prophets of Allah Allah who only was in them, he said la tierra there is no such sacrifice in Raja

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so it's a favorite month before Islam.

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And when Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah legislated he made it a prohibited sacred month,

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which has some distinction, as we will explain.

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But as as the scholars of Islam have said that there is no authentic hadith

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from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that indicates a specific virtue to a Salah, or a fast or are Omura or a VIC in the month of Rajab.

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There's nothing sound that says a particular Salah is recommended a particular fast is recommended some people believe that Umrah and Rajab is better. And that's not true. It's just like any other month.

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There's no specific vicar in it. Although some Muslims have developed the habit of dedicating specific acts to Raja so so that to Raha it for some. And the first night,

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the first Friday, the night of that Friday to be prayed between Maghrib and Isha, based on a fabricated Hadith.

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Or believing that the surah and a mirage took place in the month of Rajab on the 27th and then celebrating that particular night. And if you go to the people of Sierra under the people of Hadith, they will tell you that, again, we don't have any sound proof that Israel will Mirage took place in Voyager, or on the 27th.

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We don't know what day and we don't know what month they favor Obi Wan, but not the origin.

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Now all of this is important. Why? Because there's a lesson from that. One of the lessons of Roger

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is that we're supposed to honor what Allah honored in the way that the prophets of Allah Allah, he was seldom preached.

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We're supposed to elevate what Allah elevated in the way that the prophets Allah, Allahu Allah, he was in them lived. We do not introduce practices on our own from our own.

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So somebody could say,

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well, what is wrong with an additional Salah and Roger, people are not religious anyway. So if you give them the opportunity to pray extra,

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or in an additional vicar, or an additional days of fasting, as long as they are motivated, let them do all of these things. Isn't it all salah? Isn't it all fasting? Isn't it? All vicar of Allah azza wa jal? What is wrong with that, in essence arguing if we innovate, if we introduce what is the problem with all of this?

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And to answer this, let's answer it religiously and grow

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rationally because it goes beyond the month of Rajab into how we live our lives and who is our inspiration? The first question to ask is who is the legislator?

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Many who Sharia?

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Who is the one who has the power to legislate and says, This is recommended and this is not that's an obligation, this is good, this is suitable and this is not who has that power? Is it Allah zoton or humanity?

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And if you know you know, Allah knows what is suitable and what is not what works and what does not work, what is acceptable to Him and work now, we only can guess.

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Now the issue here is that if you transgress, if you innovate, if you add it backfires on you. Because if you devote an energy to an innovative practice, you deplete an energy that's supposed to be given to a legislated practice, if you elevate an innovation Asuna dies out.

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And if you are going to adhere to that principle, extra a Bader is good because we're not religious anyway. Would you hold on to that principle whenever a person adopts it, meaning

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people are not religious today I share in JAMA is about 10 minutes. Why don't we make it 20 minutes?

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Why not? We make a show half an hour each night because we all do it need it. And we're not free and clear most of us. So Russia from now on is going to be half an hour with the recitation of the Quran is in this extra ibadah? Isn't this good? How many people will show up for a show if we make it half an hour?

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Because what do you think is good is not necessarily good. And the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam condemned one of the Sahaba who was prolonging Isha? Because that was repellent to people and condemned another Sahabi who was for longing Fajr beyond the Sunnah, because it was repellent to people. So when you deviate from the practice of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Even though to your in my mind, it may seem rational and appealing, and it makes sense. But when you deviate your faculty taken away from what Allah wanted, and taken away from the prophets, Allah, Allah uses them soon. So if you want to know what to do in Raja, you will get to a home

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to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Was there an additional sada? No. Was there an additional type of fasting, you know, was there an additional vicar No, anything special that he would do? And he is Salatu was Salam in the Roger? No. And that is why Omar will have far below the Allahu Anhu when he and authentically purported from him is I want to he would see people fasting and Roger because they think that this is special, he would hit their hands and force them to eat and say, This is a month and the people of Jay LEA would honor

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there's nothing special extra special about it except now.

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Allah, as noted said, for that only morpheme and full circle do not wrong yourselves in them in a sacred month.

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And that means that any act of sin of Womb of transgression is more sinful in this month at any secret month. So if you want your neighbor,

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you're wrong your family, you're wrong, the stranger or you're wrong yourself by committing a sin that takes it away from Allah as origin, that type of role is double or triple or more so in the month, like the month of Rajab, so your person in this month should refrain from stay away from what upsets Allah subhanho wa Taala stay away from all sin in all shapes and forms and repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna from it. So this is one of the things the second lesson that we want to take from being in the month of Rajab is repentance

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to stop

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because we were going to tell you in sha Allah that the Rajib can act as a gateway to Ramadan

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and as a gateway to Ramadan, how do you get ready for it?

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One of the most important things to do is to stop the wrong things that we are doing.

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And if the wrong that we are doing is a habit, you understand that it's difficult to leave a habit isn't it has to be replaced with another habit.

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The attachment to it the love that we have to it has to decrease.

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So how are we supposed to do this in time for the month of Ramadan? If we don't start early?

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How do you get ready for a month of blessings? If you don't start early? So how do I start early in the month of Shabbat or in the month of Ramadan? You do that by living off all the sins and

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Replacing your habits with better habits with deciding with one team with praying to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that I want to be a better person than I am.

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So in this month you look at yourself and I look at myself and I say, these are the one things that I'm doing. And what is interesting about our sins is that some of them are visible, and some of them are not. They have become invisible to us because of habit. Because of how widespread they are, we practice them, we don't see them as problematic anymore. So somebody needs to wake us up. And maybe this is a month where you could wake up and you say to yourself, let me look at one of the things that I'm doing one that I don't even notice anymore that I'm doing.

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This is haram is in it looking at the Haram is haram, listening to it is also haram. Going to be touching it eating et Cie inspect your life and you'll discover that there's hidden haram in it in addition to the very visible head on that both of us are aware of and both of us are complaining about it.

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So Allah zillion is looking Allah as though Julian is witnessing all the things that we are doing. So you will replace

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bad habits with good habits. Now, before I tell you how

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let's connect what we said of Roger to the month of Ramadan.

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Some of the set of the said origin shall result

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will shut down shuffles Sophia while I'm along shuffled Hassan

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they said that her job is the month of sowing the seed

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and shutdown is the month of watering your seeds

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and Ramadan is the month of harvest

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and somebody else said Rajib Schoharie will share them shuffle theme. What a Madonna Sharon MATA

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is the Raja is the month of the wind that collects the clouds and Shaban is the month of the clouds gathered together heavy clouds dark clouds and another one is the month of rain.

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So tells you about a progression it tells you about a plan.

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And both of these examples both of these images are very telling because Ramadan resembling the rain is a cleanse is a favor or belt is from Allah so that are descending upon people in that month.

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And the other one is the month of harvest. that's those are the riches that you will get from Ramadan.

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But it doesn't start on Ramadan. It doesn't even start in Shaban according to those two sayings it starts when it starts in Russia.

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So if you want something to happen in Ramadan, you think about the seeds right now. You start planting the seeds in your days and nights right now.

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If you want the rain of Ramadan, you start collecting what needs to be collected for Ramadan right now? And so you start to have a plan.

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And why is it that you need to have a plan for Ramadan

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because if you don't, you'll miss it

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very easily. And if you don't, you're not gonna get much from it.

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Ramadan will give you as much as he was willing to invest in it.

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Right? I'm gonna give you more than that.

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It's not that they're going to offer things to you, you need to want it you need to actually be hungry for it. Think of Ramadan just like to look as that you're gonna frame just right now, after the whole

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What are you going to get from those Tula casts? As much as you're willing to invest in them, you can enter those records and finish them and said Did I just pray

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to rock as and your neighbor could enter those two rock as and be crying throughout.

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And those could be really transformative for him. Why? The attention

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the patience the who should you will get from your era as much as you're willing to get from it and if not will pass you by easily. So if you're not ready for Ramadan, you're not hungry for it. You don't know what you want from it, it will come and it will leave and if there is no plan, you're not gonna get a lot from it. So what is it that you want in the month of Ramadan? He says I want to

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read the Quran.

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He says now plant the seeds now

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because you're going to increase this in Shaban but now you plant the seeds of reading the Quran.

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of Ramadan in Rajasthan. So what is the see something small.

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This is a page or two or three depending on how good of a farmer you are

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some farmer they say I'm going to do a juice. Why because my harvest in Ramadan is going to be I'm going to be finishing the Quran every 10 days.

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So if I want to reach that a juice a day here, that's my seed, and other will say I can only do half a page that's fine, but there's a seed

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and when that becomes a habit in Raja when you reach Shaban, now you can start to worry that you increase it.

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So that's your Quran.

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You say I want to be able to remember Allah as though doing more. Save good Hamdulillah that is a noble intention. Playing the seed now, how you say you plan for yourself that every day you will say 100 as the federal law after federal before issue, whatever you want to say.

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I'll say 100 times along the Saudi whistle and

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I'll say 100 times and Hamdulillah. I'll say it 100 times Subhan Allah

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planted the seed. All this will take from you less than five minutes. But that's the seed every day.

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So when Shaban comes, you have the power now to do a lot more than that. So you will do 300 You will do 500 And if that seems overwhelming now that's because we haven't started then when Ramadan comes you'll see what you can do in Ramadan. That's when the rain is going to fall.

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Because Allah says that it will hold the devils back then when the rain is going to fall. You will see how much you will get. He said I want to make dua

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for myself, for my family from my children

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from the distress for the distressed Oman Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam and what is happening to them I want to make dua I can't do anything. At least let me make dua at least let them be strong, genuine sincere dua that is not even up to par. Our dua is lacking. So I want to make two

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so you start planting the seeds of dua today and you establish a connection between you and Allah as origin whenever you need something yeah Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah. Allah make my commute easy. Your Allah as though didn't make this dinner of tonight, palatable or delicious er Allah azza wa jal allow me to sleep better yet Allah asked for the small things to know that you need him for the small things in addition to the big things and the are Allah the owner of Mohammed and yet Allah The people of this and the people of that under Bargmann ya Allah Ya Allah keep asking ALLAH SubhanA wa at the height and plant the seeds of DUA and grow jobs so that you can do more in Shaban and then in

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Ramadan, then you will have a true connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala every day of Ramadan will be something special for you.

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So these are wise sayings.

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And if we

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if we can do these things, then repentance becomes easier

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for you to have the power to say no to the Haram you need a fuel.

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You need energy. You need resistance. Where is this gonna come from? Is from your DUA and from your Salah and from your dhikr which makes you stronger and you will have greater Eman and then you can start saying I'm going to stay away from this harm. I'm strong enough. I know Allah as good as watching. So once you insert more Iman, you could resist the harm, but on your own. That is impossible to ask Allah but Allah mean to give us a strength over and against our weaknesses and to allow us to leave our bad habits and our bad sins and to allow us to rush to him Subhana wa Tada who will come anyhow that was a little lie Do you want to come first?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra on the IBA Magara 10. fee will also leave us surgeon wide also li Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he was Sydenham

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Ramadan is the greatest month

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and it's also the greatest month for change.

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That Allah has though deal grants us unique but limited opportunities based on our readiness limited opportunities for really fundamental dramatic change.

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One of them and the easiest among them is the month of Ramadan because it comes to everybody

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You don't need to travel to when it comes to you.

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And you could really alter your entire life if you wish and you could really be in a very different person if you wish. So as you are moving in life towards Allah azote and ask yourself and always ask yourself, Is this the person that I want to be and I want to meet a law as or remain not ready? Do I want to be something better and a lot better than this?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says in the Quran, Nydia on the bishop Lehman share I mean, come here to hurt demo yet.

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He says a warning to humanity.

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Whether it is the day of judgment or the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, a warning to humanity, who for whoever among you wishes to move forward or backward. These are the two movements of awarded to us there is nothing else you either are moving forward to Allah azza wa jal or you move backward. And you can just stay still in your place. Because if you just stay in your place as you are, there is no effort to move to the front, you're moving to the back.

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Because Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Well us in that in Santa Fe, whose

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humanity is in loss, like every day is in loss, if you just stay as you are you lost, because you've just lost the data. You just added more since you haven't done anything to move you forward. So if you stay as you are without a plan to move to Allah as the origin, then you lost that.

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So you have to push forward.

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And interestingly related to this idea, in language,

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in the prophets of Allah audio, it was him once saw from some of his companions that they were sitting back in the masjid and not filling the first line

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suffered over.

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He said Ali Salatu was Salam to them to cut them all. fepto movie Well, yeah, maybe command radical. He says, come forward, and follow me in the Salah. And let those who come later or follow you. Then he said, What is Coleman yet to occur when

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they will continue to be people who put themselves in the bag until Allah puts them in the back.

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Meaning that they have the opportunity. Physically, let's take the example of coming early to Juma to the Salah, filling the first lines, but they keep themselves in the back.

00:22:45--> 00:23:21

They have the time, not addressing those who don't have the time they have the time they could come early. And they can occupy the first lines but they're busy with something else with the dunya with trivial matters. So you put yourself in the back like that, because when you come late, you're sitting in the back, is if they continue to do this until Allah eventually he puts them in the back. He DELETES THEM, delays them in entry to heaven delays them and opportunities in this world that could bring them to Allah azza wa jal. So if you delay yourself, you get delayed. And if you wish to Allah, Allah, Allah pulls you to write.

00:23:23--> 00:23:41

So now when you hear about Ramadan, you hear about project you could take whatever attitude you want to take, it's all depends on, we're all at this life. You could dismiss it, you could forget about it. You can say I have more important things that's all up to all of us. But if you rush to Allah, Allah, Allah pulls you.

00:23:42--> 00:23:53

That's the beauty of it, you will feel it Allah, Allah pulls you. And if you seek ALLAH who will guide you, and if you stay behind then Allah azza wa jal will leave you to what you desire.

00:23:54--> 00:24:04

So if you want to change in Ramadan, move forward to Allah azza wa jal on all levels and start planting the seeds of the good that you want to do in the month of Raja.

00:24:06--> 00:24:12

And then we will do more in sha Allah in Shaban and it will be the readiest that we are in the month of Rwanda.

00:24:13--> 00:24:54

So we asked him Subhan Allah with the other horrible al Amin or Hannah Rahimi and certainly at dua, motiva Torenia or Bella Mia, we asked you to forgive us all of our sins, whilst you're but Allah means to fix our hearts so that we are people who rush to Yahama Raheny increase the image that we have in our hearts, increase the love that we have for you and for your Prophet alayhi salatu salam, make us of those who follow your profit and do not innovate. Make us those who planted the seeds of Ramadan in the month of Rajab and in the month of shutdown your Allah who removed the obstacles that exist between us and you, your Allah remove the sins that exists between us and you and make us of

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

those who are Muslims inside and outside. make us of those who respond to your call at

00:25:00--> 00:25:40

The call of your Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam whereas your but I mean that you would assist Muslims throughout the world the oppressed we asked you all but either need to give them power against their enemies whereas you either need to unite them and send them soldiers to defend them a Allah defend them against their enemies yeah Allah defend them against their enemies and for the plus of their enemies y'all but I mean Allahumma attina for dunya hasenhuttl morphine Irati hasenhuttl Joaquina other than not a lot of my yarmulke but Kulu with a bit Kulu Bella Isla de and a lot of my yamasa felt to be suffering Fluvanna Allah I think Hola Hola, Inga Niconico Shu Kritika

00:25:40--> 00:26:11

Hussain Ariba Allah monsoon sleeping in a Muslim Athena if you couldn't be mechanical robot Alameen Allahumma la cambiado him for in NACADA envy Nanda Yura T sunnah Allahu Allah Allah cobia I do him for you know who know you are G sunnah Allahu Allah Allah can be I do with him in the home now your resume okay yeah as he's we are Hakeem Allahu Allah Who dinner in a garden gelida Allah who didn't really cover then gelida Allahu Manas. A local field though says Allah one oh the became in a NA. Aloha Manas, Adolphe of those

00:26:12--> 00:26:17

who become in our home Minnesota local fear. Those are the ones who will be coming