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Episode 3/26: Satan’s Traps (Part 1/2)

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What can the Liga Fina like? Yo hum in Marina? Ma de de Melo? kita.

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Deena are in LA Caleta de

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la isla de la Houma for summer,

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salatu salam, ala rasulillah were bad. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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We should know about the traps of shaitan. Because we need to avoid them we need to be we need to keep away from them. Now a Lost Planet Allah created shape on and shaytaan he he was angry with Allah. Because Allah created Adam, Allah salatu salam and made Adam, the successor on the earth. Now a question that I have for the audience here is who was the first one rather look for who is the first human being who was trapped by at least by shape? And the first one was adam meister? Exactly. Exactly, absolutely. And the reason Now, last month, Allah created Adam and as his soul was being put into him, when the soul reached the head, as the soul was going slowly down, when the soul

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reached the head of emmalin Salatu was salam, he sneezed. And he said, and he looked around and the angels were watching him.

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They said, say Alhamdulillah so he said, Alhamdulillah and then in return Allah subhanho wa Taala, said, Dr. hamaca, Allah, may Allah have mercy upon you.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala ordered the angels to Prostrate to Adam. Now he believes melas curse be upon him was with them with with was with the angels. Now he was actually a jinn. He wasn't from the angels, but he was Allah says what can Amina jinn he was off the jinn. But he was also ordered to Prostrate to Adam alayhi salatu salam.

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Now he refused. And because of that, he was told that he'll be removed, he will remain in the Hellfire forever, may Allah be upon him. Now he asked a last minute, I have to be given respect until you're in Oklahoma, so he can mislead as many people as he possibly can. And a Lost Planet. Allah gave him this opportunity. And that is when the struggle began. That's when the fight between good and evil began. And the fight between Adam and Eve salatu salam and his progeny against shaitan. This is when it began. And this battle is a long one. And it started then and is continuing now. To this day, we are fighting the same battle that it believes began with our father Adam

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alayhis salatu salam, anyway, and this but this this will continue into the Al knocklyon. Anyway, after created creating Adam, a Lost Planet, Allah put him in paradise. And then He created him a partner Hawa for him. And shaitan he wanted to mislead them on a salatu salam. He was jealous. He was envious. And he was angry. He was proud. He was haughty. He was arrogant. So all of these evil qualities came together inside shaytaan he was burning with anger. So what does he want to do now? He wants to take revenge. He wants to take revenge. How does he take revenge? He misleads the children of Adam. And he starts with Adam la salatu salam himself, and we all know the story. So he

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kept on insisting and telling them Adam and Hawa alima salatu salam to eat from this tree in paradise now Lost Planet Allah had forbidden them from eating from this tree, do what you want, eat from wherever you want, but keep away from this tree is one tree.

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And at first they remember this and they refuse to obey shaitan but shaytan on a blaze he persisted. And eventually, he told them, that if they eat from this tree, they will become immortal, like the angels, and they will live forever. And this is we can see even now they have this, this cream and that cream to make a person's skin look younger. Yeah, to make a person look, you know,

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as if youth will remain forever, so they want to become immortal. And this was the way

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Shaytan came and he trapped, demolish salatu salam. So Allah says in the Quran, la casa mahama in Nila Kuma luminosity, look how shaytaan came. He didn't come and say hey, disobey Allah. He came, and he said, Allah says and he took an oath to them. He took an oath kazama Houma. He took an oath to them both. And he said that I'm definitely from among the sincere advises. I'm definitely from longer sincere advice. And this is exactly what he comes to us today. You wake up in the morning the alarm goes, saying, Hey shikon whispers into your ear, press the snooze button, you go five more minutes. And the snooze button goes on maybe 2030 times. Okay, and the person misses salata. fudger

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he comes from another angle to another person. He says, Hey, the boiler isn't working. The water is too cold to make mobile. So yeah, you just need your tire. You need to go to work in the morning. You don't need to pray. Yet pray when you get up Ally's forgiving, he's merciful. So how does he come as a as an advisor? This is shaitan he comes as an advisor and this is exactly what tipped the balance for him and he set up to center.

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them could not fathom, he could not imagine that somebody would take an oath by Allah subhanho wa Taala and then lie upon that oath. So then ate from the tree.

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Now Lost Planet Allah reprimanded Adam and Hawaii, I think Masato Salaam and send them down from the paradise to the earth. And Adam, Allah salatu wa sallam, he begged a lot forgiveness. And this is the crux. This is the difference between a belief and

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a belief when Allah ordered him to Prostrate to Adam, he refused, he said, but when he was when a lot took him up on this, what happened?

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Allah subhanaw taala asked him to repent, he refused to repent. As for Adam, la salatu salam, as soon as he as soon as he, as soon as he sinned, what did he do? What did he do brother? he repented? He did, he repented. He turned back to a Lost Planet, Allah in repentance. And what did he say? He said some beautiful words he asked Allah for mercy. Okay. He asked a las panatela for mercy and he said, Robin of alumna and Susannah. They said, Oh Lord, we have transgressed against our own souls, and if you do not forgive us, will be of the hostility of the losers because he realized, but he also said another thing, according to some narrations, he said, Oh Allah, when you created me, did

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you not say that your mercy overcomes your anger? And when I sneezed, did you not say your hammock Allah? may Allah have mercy upon you? You remember at the beginning when Allah created and he sneezed, he said, Al Hamdulillah, Allah said, your hammock Allah. So I said, your your Lord, you said, may Allah have mercy upon you he's making.

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He's speaking directly to a Lost Planet, Allah. And Allah Subhana Allah forgave him. Now there are many benefits of this story. So from this story, we can see clearly how important it is for us to learn about the traps of our beliefs, so we don't actually fall into them ourselves. And this is very integral to this series of purifying our soul, because we need to purify our souls from sin and transgression. And it bleeds he comes with this evil and he comes with different traps in order to get a person to fall into these traps. And he perseveres with the human being until he gets them to do one or more of these six evils. And inshallah after the break, we'll have a look at some of these

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evils of Southern LA or Santa Monica Baraka, Atlanta. Vina Mohammed Ali, what's up eh, my.

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And people need each other's needs colors more than they need to drink. And it's because even regarding what we drink, and

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we may not be able to figure out which is permissible and which

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is not preserved in the books called the seer of Prophet Mohammed Salah is not preserved in the books, but on the heart in the hearts of men, and the hearts of people who have devoted their time to seek and

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believe and trust

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that none could take place without the knowledge

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome back. Before the break we were talking about some of the, or the importance of knowing the traps of beliefs, may Allah curse be upon him or shavon. Now, let us go on to the first trap that it believes tries to entice the slaves of Allah subhanaw taala. To fall into and this is called cover, or shirk, polytheism and disbelief, disbelief and polytheism and if he gains this from the person, then he has achieved the main goal with this individual, this is the first thing that at least once from a person, so he tries his hardest to convince the person to associate partners with Allah and this is shirk, and COVID, to associate

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partners with Allah and COVID is to this belief, to this belief. And this could be by them actually negating the very existence of Allah, all by performing acts of worship to other than Allah. So the Christians, for example, their worship a silent salatu salam, and so they have fallen into this trap of cover, and check, and the Hindus, they worship many idols, and thus they too have fallen into this trap. In the same way the atheist, they say that there is no God and thus have also fallen into this trap. Unfortunately, even some Muslims have fallen into this trap, they criticize we criticize the Christians for worshipping a silent salatu salam, but at the same time you find some Muslims

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they make to our to the Prophet Mohammed sly cillum. Isn't this double standard? This is a double standard. So on the one hand, Allah Subhana, Allah tells in the Quran, what and massage the Dalai Lama he found out that the Roma Allah had that the most they belong to Allah. So do not make dua don't invoke don't supplicate anyone. Alongside Allah Spinetta. There's actually another ayah of the Quran that we recite 17 times a day, in every single rock of every single prayer, which has a similar meaning, what is that brother? Sort of fetter and sort of

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pattern here cannot do? Exactly he or cannot embudo what year can Stein which means brother grace,

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means you alone, we worship and You alone, we ask for help. Exactly, exactly. You alone, we worship, and You alone, we ask for help we seek aid from you. And in spite of this verse, in spite of saying, and there's a reason why I Lost Planet Allah ordered us to mention these verses, in every iraq of every prayer 17 times a day at least. How do we get 17? By the way, brother, not three, during the prayers. Yes. In fact, we have how many records to two? Okay, and then for foreign for invalid? Yeah. And that comes? How many? Six? Six? Yes.

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410, then three, three, yes. 13, then four, which is 1717. Exactly. So 17 times a day, we say he cannot

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sustain you alone, we worship our law, and you along with us for help. Now, in spite of this verse, and in spite of the numerous verses from in the Quran, which explicitly order us to direct all of our worship, and all of our desires, our supplications to Allah, there is still some Muslims who still make twice the profits of autism righteous servants of Allah. So the prophets of Lotus them said, a doe who will either do or is worship. Yet some people claim that they are not worshipping the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when they make dua to him. Isn't this a contradiction? allows messengers lie slam said Do I is worship and they say when I'm making drama to the prophets, why

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Selim This is not a contradiction. And it is also a show of double standards that we criticize the Christians for doing this. But yet some of the Muslims do exactly that. In the same way, some people slaughter animals sacrifice sacrificing them for other than a loss of a diner and this is also a shift. And this is the first trap of shaytaan Okay, the first trap in the same way some people take Olds but other than Allah, even though the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said men hella far behind the law, he forgot cafaro Ashok, that whoever has taken an oath by other than Allah has certainly committed COVID or shift keys disbelieved or he is associated partners with Allah. So he believes

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and and we see this all the

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time, people taking old by other than Allah subhanaw taala you can think of some funny ones. I mean, I heard one person he said, I swear by my mother's grave and all these things but the worst one I heard was medically Dickerson, which basically means my girlfriends, upon I take an oath by my girlfriend and this is, you know, this is a clear example of shirk. I mean, the person might have been joking, but he's fallen into shift and this is exactly what a police wants. So I believe he tries his best to get the slave of Allah, the worshipper of Allah, to fall into this first trap, which is ship and cover and if he gives up hope, of tempting him with the first trap, and if this

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person is one of those for whom it is written, that he will be a Muslim, than Iblees tries the second class of evil the second trap, and that is innovation beta. Now, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, We shall rule memoriam after to her, the worst of affairs are the newly invented matters in the religion, well coup d'etat, and every newly invented matter in the religion is an innovation wakulla better than balada. And every innovation is a misguidance. We're cool lobola Latin for now. And every misguidance is in the alpha so we can see how evil the sin of beta is. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said, When after Sufi emelina malice, I mean who, for who, or

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whoever introduces in this affair of us, that which is not from it, it will be rejected, it will be rejected. Now, let's have a look at some examples of innovation. If somebody comes and he says, today, I'm going to pray salaat will fudger forecasts not too forecast? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? It's a bad thing. Why is it a bad thing? In his opinion, is that thing he thinks that he is doing something good? Yeah. But it's came from the evil who was trying to convince him so about this, but he may argue, he might argue, Brother Mohammed, he might say that I'm only making fudger forecasts, because there's more Koran. I'm going to recite Fatiha more often, I'm going to do most

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of June, I'm going to do morrocco. So he says, In this person's mind, he thinks this innovation is a good thing. He he thinks to himself that actually I'm doing more good deed. I'm prostrating more, I'm making more cool. How would you answer that question? And I mean, that's, that's, that's the reason why she loves innovation of the Khufu because that person believes he's doing good, then he will not repent on that. And he's doing something that is not from the sun.

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Exactly. But why is it what how would you answer this doubt this question that he has, he thinks that by doing more, he's actually gonna, he's getting closer to a lot.

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That's wrong. Because if it was, if it was something that was better than the professor, some would have ordered this isn't exactly the point. Because when a person who says I'm going to make further forecasts not to forecast the fourth, I'm gonna make a forecast, that in actuality he's doing one of two things. He's either saying I know something that makes me get closer to Allah, something that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam did not know. And Abu Bakr Omar Osman Ali radi Allahu taala. And much mind, none of them knew this. Is this conceivable? It's not conceivable. The other option is that he's saying indirectly, of course, he's saying that if

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I'm going to do something that the prophets of Salaam knew, but he did not teach the Ummah about, he hid it from the owner. Is this conceivable? It's not conceivable. So we say to this person, that yes, you may be doing more rockerz morrocco. But more is not always better. If it was better, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam did, I want to touch on a point that you mentioned earlier on? Actually, you said that a police loves beta more than, like major sins, or minor sins. Now why is that you want to I just want you to expound on that. Because the person who actually does the innovation, believes he's doing good. So he will not turn back and repentance. Why does he believe

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he's good? He's doing good.

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Because that's something from his intelligence that he begins to think that that is good, even though it's not establishing this. Because why he thinks that this is something

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he thinks that this is something part of the religion. He thinks that when someone prays for accounts for fudger instead of two, then he's actually trying to worship Allah. He thinks that he's actually doing something good. And this is one of the reasons why it bleeds legs better, more. And also beta actually harms the religion. Innovation harms the religion as well as the person who does it. How because people begin to think that this is part of Islam. And if they think this is part of Islam, when a person does a bit like he does for accounts for virgin instead of two, then you've added an innovation but you've also taken away the correct

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Islam which is the two records of a lot of budget, and this goes with actually with all types of data. Furthermore, VEDA is actually a call is against the call of the messengers. And it's actually a call to a message different from the one conveyed the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And likewise beta is a gate to disbelief to polytheism cover and ship. And let's take an example. Now we know that Adam Allen salatu salam was upon to heat and or the oneness of Allah. And yet at New alayhi salatu salam, we also know that he was giving Dower to people who would worship idols, what are these idols called? What? So are Yahoo, Yahoo, and NASA, these five idols? Now how did this happen?

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How is it that between the time of Adam and Eve salado Salah until new hire in Salatu Salam gunaratne? How is it that people who upon to hate with these generations? How within this period of time, how did they come to start worshipping idols?

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I guess shaytan came, came to them at stages. Mm hmm. So, first, he would say, you know, to just to remember the the righteous people exactly. It's something similar to that actually, what actually happened is that the people, though, even above the law, and who mentioned this very clearly, he explained this, in one narration, he said that for 10 generations, people were appointed. And then after that shaitan came to the people, and told them to make pictures and statues of these piles of the pious people before them would swap your whole thing out, and NASA. So these five idols actually were names of pious people. So shaitan came, when these people died. Shaytan came to their people.

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And he said, when these pious people died, shavon came to the people who were left after them. And he said, make pictures of these make statues of these people, when they see the statues and pictures, they would be reminded of their piety, and hence they would become more pious. Now notice again, shaytan has come in the form of an advisor, a sincere advisor.

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So when this generation had passed away, shaitan went to the next generation generation, and he told them that their forefathers did not actually create these statues, except to worship them and to call upon them. So this we can see the evils of betta first the first thing the person did, he took pictures, he took

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stat, he made statues of these pious people, I mean, those were pious people. And this is how shaitan

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shaitan convinced them to fall into ship and covered simply by way of innovation. And inshallah in the next episode, we'll continue with this

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topic of the traps of shaitan wa Salatu was salam o barik. ala nabina. Muhammad, while early he was a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh