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Nouman Ali Khan
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Al Hamdulillah he Salah Pilou demeanor Adam

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wa jal ignored him in a woolum

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are mostly just subliminal LM for multi toe but he either Nedum

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finish Cora who Alan Maasai we can manage guru who are Allah neon

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when to suddenly either rasool Allah Quran the Shadowfell a sham be one noodle atom

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Alessi Bashara be here at least have no idea what the libera Sati he Ibrahim or Allah He said Hina Cornejo, Pharaoh call court debating the hill Muharram

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for solve Allahu alayhi wa sallam while they're at very high lumen a Latina Barak Allah will be him comfort and nurse allowable minimum Well Adam

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Alhamdulillah Allah de la mia that is well done. Well I'm Mia Kula who said he couldn't sell milk. Well, me Aquila Walia. Mindvalley Okay, bear with me about

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what hamdulillah Hilda the Angela Abdi Hill kita about Willa Mia Allah whoever

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well hamdulillah Hilda the Nana who want to stay you know who wanna sell fiddle will not be newbie he won at our keluarga he went through to be let him in Shuri and fusina woman's a year at our Melina

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when you have to Hilah who furthermore the leather woman yield the daily fella had yella

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when the shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula Sharika

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when a shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah he was sort of a Salah hola Jota Allah will who the wedding will help Leo the hara who Allah Deen equally working Fabula he Shahida

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for sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and Kathira Amma bad for in that struggle Hadith he Kitab Allah wa he had he had you Mohammed in salAllahu alayhi wasallam we're in a short run Ohmori wages are too high Our inocula was just 13 bedarra Wakulla without and bada Wakulla Bala Latin for now.

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called Allah Allah azza wa jal vikita Hill Karim bada an Akula erros Villa Jimenez shaitan, aubergine

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NEMA and why loco moi Hola, dokkan fitna wala who anda who Agilent Aleem?

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Rubbish actually sorry, we're silly Emily work you'll rock that's a min Disseny of Kohli. Allahu matzah, bitter and then multi B La Ilaha illa Allah Allahu maganda Mina Latina Amendola, me la Sally hotwater also been happy what also be southern I mean nearby la mean.

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Today's hotbar is dedicated to understanding some things about a repeating subject in the Quran and something that all of us in one way or the other think about whether we're thinking about the book of Allah or the deen of Allah or not. It's something on all of our minds all the time throughout our lives. The term that I'm going to explain to you in some capacity is the term fitna. It's used many many times in the Quran and many different ways and we use it among each other also, this is a huge fitna with a new fitna has arisen in the community or the youth who are having a lot of fitna, etc, etc, etc. So, the term has become a common part of Muslim culture, we use it all the time, we have a

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certain idea of what it means. What I wanted to do in this football is to first highlight what the word means in its original language, how the Arabs understood this word before Islam. And then I want to highlight three ways in which Allah uses this word. Overall, if even though it's used many, many different ways, if you try to collect all of them and categorize them, you'd come up with three categories, and how understanding those three categories can help us understand our deen better and understand our lives and situations that we go through better. So let me begin with by what this word meant originally, so they, the Arabs used to use this word fat and at the hub, they used to use

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it when they purified gold or any metal because metals can be impure, they can have an impurity deep inside. And when you melt the gold and you put it under extreme heat, all of the deeply embedded impurities they start melting away. And finally it has experienced the gold has experienced the process of fitna and that's why the person who used to do it to the gold was called a tan for tan. They use this word also for you know a large barks of tree or wood or anything else that they needed to melt a little bit or or heat a little bit so they can straighten it out. This actually was called the process of fitna also. Similarly the the nutjob the carver, who's actually modifying the wood

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and chopping it up and really turning it into into something new. He was called the Phaeton a Phaeton and Mattoon was used for the dinar like the the coins because the coins you they have to have the symbol of the king or the currency, any country even now the coins have some kind

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kind of imagery on them that's minted on them. And you have to have extreme heat or extreme pressure to be able to mold the metal to do that. And that's why it's called a buffoon like a minted coin is called a coin. That's Mfu. And this is what the meaning originally was. From this came the idea because the Arabs are very rich in their language. There are lots of words for test. So if Tila, for example, in the hand, or if the bar and other words are used for test, but fitna is used for a test that burns deep inside you, or fitna is a test that tests you to the innermost depths like a deep test, a very serious test, a test that even burns, you have to go through pains to pass that test.

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That kind of a test is called a fitna. So this is not a small thing that a person goes through, right. And it could be of course, it we know every Muslim knows this entire life is a test and good things in this life or a test and bad things in this life for a test, right. But some things are a tougher test than other things. When those things are an extremely difficult test. They qualify to be called fitna. So that's the first thing that I want you to understand.

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The second thing is that there are three kinds of fitna that Allah talks about in the Quran. One kind is from Allah Himself, and to give you he talks about this in many ways, but one of the ways that fit that happens in this dunya by the way, there's a fitna and dystonia. And there's also a fitna in the era, yo mama Allah Now the youth afternoon, the day on which they are going to be put in fitna on the fire. That's so judgment day they're going to be in fitna. What does that mean? Just like the fire burns deep inside the metal and melts the impurities. That's how Allah takes the people of Jahannam and burns them deep inside. And he uses the word fitna for that on judgment day.

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But I'm not talking about akhira in terms of this dunya, three kinds of fitna, and the first of them is when Allah puts somebody in fitna, the easiest example of that for you to remember is what Allah says about Musa alayhis salam. When Musa alayhis salam spoke with him on the mountain. Allah told him what Fattah NACA Fotona we tested you multiple times. We put you in fitna multiple times when he was born. The order was to kill all the babies. And he was even as a baby he was put in fitna it was in a fitna when he was in the basket that could have drought. He was in a fitna when he was being raised in the house of fit Ireland. He was in a fitna when he had to hide his mother's true

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identity. He was in a fitna when he had to escape Egypt. He was in a fitna when he couldn't go back to Egypt and when he almost died of dehydration, he was in a you know, so the all of these were fitna that he went through all of these difficult tests that he went through. And Allah describes how Musa alayhis salam was put through fitna, so you will think Allah does this for believers but Allah He also mentions this for for our own, what are called Fantana. Allah fit our own. We put the people of Iran and the lineage the descendants of Iran also in fitna, so now we're learning when Allah executes a fitna, he doesn't just do this for believers, and doesn't just do this for this

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believers. It's for everybody. Anybody can be put through fitna and that is why we find in the Quran fit network to Cebu Harmon Tushar to see what we have and Tasha in here in Lafayette Petak to Cebu be her mentor shots Musa la sub even told Allah at one point, this is your fitna, you can strike with your fitna, wherever you want. You can strike with your fitna, whoever you want. So Muslims don't have a simplistic understanding of difficulties or tests or trials in this life. So we don't say how come good people are having difficult time and how combat people are having a good time. I don't get it. People who say that must not have studied the Quran. People who say that would not

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have learned look up Sapna in Santa Fe cupboard. Because Allah makes this clear from the very beginning that fitna will happen. And you know what type of it Nitin love to see bananas in avalable vincom Hassan like you should be afraid of a fitna that will not just strike the people who do wrong Allah says so fitna doesn't just happen to people that are bad or people who do wrong fitna happens to everybody and sometimes some people's crime. Many people have to pay the price. At least in this world. It looks like that. Some people commit a crime and everybody has to pay the price. Right? And that is the nature of fitna Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal test fit creates fitna in many, many

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ways, and some of those fitness seem very drastically unfair. Like recently here I was telling the story of Yusuf alayhi salam and what happened to use of La salaam from the beginning of his life is unfair. His brothers what they did to him is not his fault. So they they put him in fitna but now one category was when Allah puts you in fitna. Okay, let's talk about the second category.

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The second

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is when people put you in fitna.

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When people feel put elected Nila Xena fatten me Nina will what minute. Like rabada Jana fitna, Linda vena cava

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when people put you in difficulty when people persecute believers, when people attack believers when people wrong when people oppress other people. You know, that's the second kind of fitna, Allah describes in the Quran. People that commit crimes against others are putting them in fitna people that are torturing, persecuting, murdering, killing, they're putting other people in fitness. People that are abusing others are putting people in fitness. This is another category. So now there's two different categories. There's the fitna, Allah lets you in. There's a fitna people put you in. And then there's the third category.

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The fitna, I put myself in, what I can now convert into and full circle. Allah says you put yourselves in fifth Ah, you threw yourselves into fitness. And now we've got three. And we need to understand how the three of these work. There's the fitna from Allah. There's the fitna from bad people. And there's and by the way, it's not just bad people. It's not just I should have qualified it's not just bad people. Allah says it number one Luca, Alda, duco fitna, even your children are a fitness all your children are putting you in fitna. So it's not just kuffaar that are putting you in fitna the enemies of Allah that are putting you at fitna the baby that you love the children that

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you love the daughter that you're excited to get married, you know get her married off at her wedding is happening in a couple of weeks and Allah is calling that a fitna too. Right. So keep fitna comes from Allah and fitna comes from people and then fitna comes from within myself. Now what Allah describes in the Quran is how people get when they have weak faith, what happens to them, whenever people put them in fitna

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people put them if it Naja fitna NASCI, Gaza villa, this person takes the fitna that people put him in, people are doing something wrong to you. People are doing something messed up. And then you you convert that in your head. Why is Allah letting this happen? This must be Allah punishing me. This why is Allah punishing me I didn't do anything. So you confuse the fitna of people with the love of Allah. And my objective in the next half of this hotbar is to try to properly understand what is it that Allah wants us to know about this term, and how we should live our lives thinking about the trials and difficulties that we go through. Of course, everyone here knows nothing happens except by

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the will of Allah. So I'm going to give you a silly example. I will be a silly example. If somebody picks up a rock outside when you leave joumana They throw it on your head and hit your head really hard. You turn back you're angry at them, they say no, no, this is a fitna from Allah.

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Allah is testing you. It's not me. It's a fitna from Allah because nothing happens except by the will of Allah ma Saba min we'll see. But in Allah be in love, no calamity strikes. No difficulty can hit anybody, except if Allah wanted it to happen. So bro, I don't I picked up the rock. And I hurled it at you, and I'm impressed with my own aim was pretty good hit. But the issue is you shouldn't be taking this up with me. You should take this up with the government, you should take this up with Allah subhanaw taala. Look, it's a matter of intelligence. You know, give me another example to help you understand this problem. You know, insects, they have very small brains. Yeah, if you're messing

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around with an insect and you kind of take a straw and you kind of mess around with it a little bit, it starts fighting with the straw.

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It starts attacking the straw. Because to the to the insect, the source of the problem is the straw. So it attacks it. But if you take something with a little bit of a bigger brain, like a dog, or a snake, and you take a stick, and you mess with the snake, it's not gonna attack the stick.

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It sees that behind the stick is somebody else. It's gonna bite you. The dog is not gonna bite the stick. The dog is gonna bite you because it has a bigger brain it can see okay, the fitna is the stick, but the real fat and the real one putting me in that situation is the one holding the stick. And we have bigger brains than dogs and snakes. So the guy is arguing I threw a rock at you, you see me but I'm just the stick behind me is the power of Allah. Allah did this not me. So blame Allah.

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That's his. So this idea that and therefore because every everything happens by the will of Allah, we should blame Allah for everything bad that happens, you know?

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Now to understand this problem and to first I wanted to make sure you understand the problem. Now what do how do we understand the solution? What Allah has done is separated those two things. Allah allowing something to happen

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is not the same as Allah, desiring something to happen.

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Allah allows many things to happen in this world that make Allah angry.

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Allah in fact gets angry in the Quran. If everything happened the way Allah wants it to happen or the way Allah desires, by the pleasure of Allah, everything happened by the Riddler of Allah, then Allah should never be upset about anything because he he's the one who did all of it. But when Allah says Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah him Allah got angry at them. What is that? What did the professor will describe here there's a difference between the Riddler of Allah, the pleasure of Allah, Allah doing something willingly or not whether or not willingly out of his desire to do something out of his will, but rather more he allowed it to happen. He in His wisdom decided, I will allow certain

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things to happen even though he himself is not pleased with those things. He gave human beings that freedom to do things that are displeasing to Him.

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He gave them that freedom and the first time Allah did this, when he created the human beings, even the angels were confused. Why are you giving the human beings this power? To do things that you don't like? Yola, you don't like these things? But you're letting them do these things. How come you're letting them do them? At such a low fee, how many of Sufia were speaker Dima? You're gonna you they couldn't understand it. And Allah azza wa jal said these human beings are created for a much more complex and powerful purpose that even the angels were not yet ready to understand in the ILM by that Allah moon. I know something you don't know. That's what he told the angels. Now, Allah

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has given me the freedom to displeasing forget talking about anybody else. I'm not here to talk about fit our own or shaitan or I'm here to talk about myself, and every one of us should be thinking about themselves. Allah has given me the ability to disobey Him. Allah has given me the freedom to upset him. The freedom to make him angry, the freedom to back by the freedom to slander the the freedom to to eat, haram, the freedom to attack someone else to hurt someone else to steal. He's given me that freedom. He's given me the rein to do it. So before I complained about how come this one got away with it that that one got away with how come the volume gets away with it. Before

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we say that, I have to ask myself, what do I get away with?

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What do I get away with? Somebody came to me not too long ago because of what's happening in the world. And we all know what's happening in our lives. I mean, Allah azza wa jal helped the believers in Lhasa, and grant the shahada, Jana and grant their family stubborn and give us an ounce of that kind of Dakota demand that those people have demonstrated and give them Nusrah.

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But somebody came in asked, How come Allah is letting that happen? How come Allah doesn't doesn't just stop it? Because it's a fitna from Allah.

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It's a fitna from how come Allah doesn't just stop it? So the question then becomes, let's think about this reasonably. If you want Allah to stop it, if you want Allah to intervene. Should Allah not intervene every time you and I disobey Allah?

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Where do you draw the line? No, if they're killing people, then Allah should stop. But if they're stealing, that's not so bad, isn't it? It's okay. Allah doesn't have to intervene yet. Or if you're lying about something that no no, don't, don't make your tongue force your tongue to say the true thing. No, not that much control. But Sunland after some limits. Allah should just stop things. Allah put human beings on this earth.

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And He allowed them to be a fitna for each other.

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Allah allowed them to be a fitna for each other.

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And when we take the fifth that that we put each other in human beings put each other in fitna and then we say, no, no, no, this is Allah is fault.

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Allah is the one who did this not the people. That is what's called when you put yourself in fitna, the third one.

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It is from Allah. Only in that Allah allowed you to be tested.

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Allah created a situation and allowed you to be tested to see how I'm going to do how you're going to do. That's it.

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You know, there are other people other than Islam. They believe in God too. And some people believe in a god that's sadistic. He enjoys torturing people. He enjoys watching the show. You don't like old kings they used to have for their entertainment. They used to go into an arena, they'd bring out a prisoner and they'd bring out a lion. And then enjoy watching the lion devour the human being for their own entertainment. So people got this sick idea that kings they like to enjoy their subjects when they're suffering. So some people even develop this philosophy. Well, you know, there's a God who created the universe, but he's just he's just enjoying the show watching us kill each other,

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watching us just burn each other. This is the kind of this concept is actually this is what you call people putting themselves in fitna Jaya fitna. Danesi cada villa, this is what this is alive and describes the Subhan Allah Allah himself. But what Allah puts me and you through fitna it is because what's the purpose? Let's, let's conclude it. What's the right way to understand that Allah is putting me through fitna if

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Somebody stole money from me. That person put me in fitna, but Allah let it happen. Allah allowed it to happen. So the question, the final question is, Why did Allah allow it to happen? For two reasons. Allah was testing that the thief, and Allah was testing me.

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And that person has already failed because they stole. Now the only the only part left is what am I going to do? Am I going to pass this test or not? Because there's two different tests, the volume has his own test, the month loom has his own test, both of them are being tested, the volume already failed, because they did against the will of Allah, but the one who has been wronged, now they have to decide how they're going to react, are they going to react according to the will of Allah? Or are they going to react against the will of Allah? Are they going to say, what can I learn from this? How do I respond to this within reason within what Allah has allowed me to respond to? Does this

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affect my relationship with Allah Himself? Or no? And for people, when when people have this problem, that they want to blame Allah for the crisis that they're going through? I'll tell you, Allah put in our fitrah he put in human nature. You don't even have to be Muslim to understand this. Allah put in our nature, the understanding that actually it is human beings that put each other in difficulty.

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If you were driving your car right now and somebody hit you in the back, Allah protect you. But if that happened, somebody hits you in the back immediately. You don't say y'all Allah, ma the hill fitna. You know, you look back and say, Hey, man, what were your Why are you on the phone? Immediately you blame the guy who hit you. You didn't blame Allah. You didn't blame Allah. You say, Hey, give me your driver's license. Let's call the police. You're holding them responsible immediately. Yes. And these are the same people when when they do when something wrong happens to them. They it says well, you know, I want to hold this person responsible. But when they themselves

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do something wrong, they say well, it was the will of Allah What can I do?

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God Allah Masha Allah, as you see, it's a kind of hypocrisy, isn't it? Want to hold others responsible for it, but not myself? So people philosophize about these things, and they talk about these things. And they put themselves in fitna and Allah says about people like that enough. And if it's not the Sokoto, haven't they already fallen into fitna haven't already fallen? This is why studying the book of Allah and contemplating the book of Allah is so important. This is why understanding there's a there's a there's a sane world and there's an unseen world and the things that Allah does, they have a purpose behind. It's never purposeless. Allah did not create me without

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purpose. And no situation that Allah put me in is without a purpose. And every one of those purposes has hikma in it. People do things stupid things to each other. But Allah never allows even those stupid things to not have a wise purpose behind them. That's why he's al Hakim. That's that's why it's you The Bureau number right? He that he does that.

00:23:01 --> 00:23:39

He plans everything. Even the things that we do that weren't planned by us were badly planned by us behind them. There is a great hikma that Allah allow us to happen. May Allah azza wa jal not allow us to become people that become a stone that become people fallen into fitna that falsely attribute the tests of Allah for the wrong reasons to people. People do things to each other for sadistic reasons, but Allah only tests me for my own benefit. There's never any test that Allah put me through except that I was going to benefit from it. Somehow it was going to be something that raises me in ranks. You have fell in love under Xena Eminem income will Latina autoland the raja right

00:23:39 --> 00:24:17

Allah is going to raise the ranks among you those who believe and those who have been given knowledge, Allah will raise the ranks and law only raises the ranks by more and more and more tests. So may Allah azza wa jal make us understand those tests and be able to live up to the test that we are going to be facing in our lives. This is the final statement I'll give to myself and to all of you, Allah azza wa jal prepared the OMA he prepared the OMA when he insults Al Baqarah he declared us to be a new Alma work as Anika Nakhon on Mutton Masala he declared us to be a nation a balanced nation. And he in that same surah he said, What I never knew when that can be shaken. We're gonna

00:24:17 --> 00:24:54

test you absolutely test you with all kinds of things we know Hovey will do if you were doxepin alum while you will unfussy What's tomorrow and we're going to put you in a lot of tests, lots and lots of tests. But what will be there? How do you know you pass the test? Who will get the good grade? How do you know if you're passing the test? That's the end of that. ayah Allah says well, Bashira slobby Dean, and Adina either or Sabaton, will Ciba Carlu. In and In learning, we're in nearly hit Adriaan congratulations to those who pass the test. Congratulations to the people that can have Southern and what a submarine those who whenever the difficulty or whatever calamity, whatever test

00:24:54 --> 00:24:59

strikes them. They say we belong to Allah, we have to go back to Allah also.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:32

The understand that every one of these tests is temporary and returned to Allah is permanent, temporary difficulty permanent reward. Just like you and I, we have temporary difficulty students that have exams coming up studying is difficult temporary difficulty long term benefits you have if you're running a business and it's high, you know, some people in the retail business there's there's Black Friday and you know, ship on Thursday, whatever they got, they got that you got you got those sales and you got a lot of work. There's a lot of headache, there's a lot of employee problems, there's a lot of business problems, OH, security problems, all that stuff, which are

00:25:32 --> 00:26:09

putting all that work in long term benefits. The money that comes in is really good. Right? So every time there is long term benefit, you have to go through difficulty first, right? And believers understand this about their entire life, Allah will put me through one short term difficulty than another than another that even if it's a lifelong sickness, even a lifelong sickness is a short term difficulty compared to the long term benefit that's coming and that's what they get from in LA he were in ala here last year and we belong to Allah and only Allah to Allah alone. Is it that we are going to return may Allah azza wa jal make us all who those who pass all of the fit and that come

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our way BarakAllahu li Walakum feel Quran is Hakeem when a family we are coming out with

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