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The upcoming events of Islam include the prophecy of Islam and the signing of the message of Islam, which encourages pursuing dreams and achieving financial independence while allowing the dams to enter one's hearts. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding fear and lust and offers advice on how to overcome them. The speaker also discusses the impact of the datch on individuals and society, stressing the importance of changing one's behavior and community to improve their health and wealth. The darns are a temporary fix and will not change one's life or leaders, and emphasize the importance of learning to put one's differences aside and finding one's differences to improve their lives and wealth.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to us in a hadith, you shiko and tada una more Allah you come, come

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Kela to Isla Casati Ha, that a time is about to come. A time is about to come when the nations will gather around you in the manner that people gather around a plate of food, not only will they gather, but they will invite others to partake as well. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that they will come a time where people will invite others to attack the Muslim in, and this is simply because of the prophecy of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but Islam or arriba Islam began as something strange was there all dual ribbon come up, and it will return to being something strange in the manner that it began for to ballyhoura So glad tidings to those who are

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strange. You walk with your beard out there in community society, you pray your Salah, and they look at you as an alien. Nevermind the human being that is trained. They look at you as though you are an alien. But in this hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us something. And the Sahaba Hello the Allahu Anhu masked him. They said Amin couldn't let him do it via rasool Allah. Is it because we will be a few on that day or messenger of Allah. It says Bill and tomb Cathy's but you will be a lot. Well Akina come water wouldn't care whose sale but you will be like phone, that is the phone of the river. You know when you have a flowing river and there is foam there is a lot of

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it. There are bubbles all over the show, but the foam is useless. What benefits is the water? So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continues while ianz and Allah hoomin Kulu BIA do we call Maha and Allah will remove the fear that your enemies feel within their hearts. Allah will remove that fear that they have for you.

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While I have to defend Allah Who equally will be qumola one and Allah will place one in your heart. So the Sahaba Hello the Allahu Anhu masked him on the last New Era surah Allah. So what is it that is Allah Han O Messenger of Allah. So he says, her boo dunya our kala here it will mount the love of the dunya. And the hatred of death, you see. One is to pursue the dunya. One is to chase after each one is to work hard for it and to try to attain and achieve it and to go out there and do your best in business to conquer this world by attaining financial gain and independence. And the other is to allow for that wealth to enter into your heart that is despised in Sharia. That is what Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling us not to have. So go out there, do your best attain your financial independence. And this is encouraged in Islam, but to let it overtake your heart, to the extent that when you need to stand up and sacrifice and let go of that wealth, then you will stand down and be a meek coward. Why? Because you love the dunya. And if we take a look at what's happening to our brothers and sisters, this is what has happened to the believers we have stood down, sacrificing the euro, sacrificing their lives sacrificing their children, their mothers, their fathers, those are not their fathers, and their mothers and their children. Those are our children.

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Those are our mothers, those are our fathers dying like flies, Allahu Akbar. But what have we done? There are so many powerful people around them, what have they done?

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What do they do?

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Nothing. Nothing. We have allowed the dunya to enter into our hearts to the extent where we will sacrifice our own brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers for the sake of this dunya and this is what has happened. Who dunya what Cara here to note the love of the dunya and hatred of death. But the question for you and I is what do we do? We are not nations. We are not leaders. We are not as power.

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are full as those in authority are we don't have as much strength as they do. The reality is we changing ours specific individual lives will impact it will change. You see, today, we protest, and we go out into the street and we raise a banner. I'm not here to tell you to do that or not to do that. But I'm here to ask you where is your protest at Virgil Salah when the blanket is over your head? Where is your protest? Have you stood up to pray that Fajr Salah for the sake of Allah horrible is that he will Joanne or do you allow to sleep overcome to overcome you for sleep to overcome you and to take over and to let the devil when in your life that is what you can change?

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That is what I can change. What about when we feel our lust Swithin grow? What do we do? Do we become servants of those lusts and desires and give him to them and go to them and engage and indulge? Or do we say no. This is not something that Allah wants of me I'm going towards him I'm going to die. I know that death is the door towards Allah. Allah Bucha is that he will Jalil so I will give it up. I will give it up for his sake. And that is the love of death. And that is the DIS despising of the dunya when you give up that lust, knowing that I am going to Allah Allah Boulez that you will Jellal men have balita Allah, Allah who is the one who loves to meet Allah, Allah

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loves to meet him. All of us claim that we love to meet Allah Allah says that you will gel but the question is, are we preparing? You see, Action speaks louder than words so we can all lay claim. But the reality is those who are preparing and doing something for it are the ones who really love Allah herbalists that you want to, well, General Omen carry Hala, Julio Ka, and the one who despises to meet Allah who believes that you will gel on Allah Jalla wa Ala despises to meet him carry Hala hula, Allah doesn't want to meet such a person. So the question is, what are we doing, to save our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted, bombed and killed, day in day out? Have we changed

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our lives? You know,

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recently, I mentioned something. And this, if we think about it is profound. We owe it to the lives that we are losing to improve hours, we owe it to the lies that we are losing to become better Muslims. You see, the life that we just lost is a doctor that we will never have, again, the life that we just lost is a nurse that we will never have again, the life that we just lost is an engineer that we will never have again, the life that we just lost is an acronym that we will never have again, but we are sitting and saying I can't do this and I can't do that and I can't even wake up for Fajr Salla Allahu Akbar, that is where it all starts. That is where it all begins. For all of

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us. When we change our lives, Allah Allah will is that he will gel will change the condition in Allah Allah

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had tell you that you may be forcing him indeed Allah will not change that which is within a people until they change that which is within themselves. We need to change as individuals as a community as a society we need to go grow closer for the sake of Allah who believes that you will learn to put our differences aside and to say that we know that this world is only amusement and play and we know that the akhira is forever so we're going to work as hard as we can to achieve that akhira Yeah, more and higher to dunya Laurie who was in whatever goombay Macomb or Turkers. room feel.

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moolah QMF. Anyway thing

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to fell on to do. Mayor he drew fat out almost fob or

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mayor corner Hold on, was in here at either Bucha the field or two

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minute long you want to go on or I'm a little higher to do Mia in

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more and know that the dunya is amusement and play and it is simply showing each other boasting to each

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Have a waterfall hold on being a cold water, Catherine, Phil moily will. And the gathering of this dunya the gathering of the wealth and the gathering of children. That's all the dunya is, that's all it is, until when until when we will enter into our graves. In fact, we will not enter because enter implies that we put one foot inside the grave No, we shall be lowered into the grave. That is a more correct analogy that is a more correct way to describe it. You see what's happening is we are headed in a certain direction, we are placing one foot in front of another towards the grave. But what we have done is we have faced this way towards our wealth and that way towards our children and that

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way towards power and authority. And yet the legs are moving, the legs are moving towards the grave. Al Haq who

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had his own tool Malka Bill can last

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the gathering of wealth has distracted you. The grand gathering of wealth has distracted you until you visit the graveyard. I implore you to think about the reality of that statement. You are visiting the graveyard for what for the brave burial of your brother and your sister know that time has passed. You are now being carried towards the graveyard so that visit is a visit in which you and I shall be loaded into our graves but we until that moment are simply turning the cheek. We are facing elsewhere, not

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cared about the reality not cared about the fact that we will end one day and when we realize this and internalize it in our lives. Not only will our Akira improve, but our dunya will improve as well. Why because when we don't chase after the dunya in the manner that we do Allah horrible is that you will Jellal will cause the dunya to chase after us. You see something interesting wealth, your is your sustenance was all written. It was all written before you came into this world. One Hadith says lo Anna come to your room and in a risky low income Tarun Amina risky come out of your Runa Meenal notes LaTonya back to more risk to come I have Luke will you come I have Lupo como note

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that if you are to run away from your sustenance in the manner that you run away from mo from mode from death, then that sustenance would have run off to you in the manner that diff comes off to you as well. But what we are doing is we are running and chasing after that which is temporary, that which is written for us it is going to come to us regardless. So if you open your shop from seven to five, or you open your shop from nine to five, you will earn exactly the same amount that you were meant to earn. And the reason what drives us to run after the dunya and chase after it is one thing. And one thing alone. We've begun to love the dunya more than we love, Allah horrible is that evil

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Jellal that is the problem. That is the illness and that is the sickness. Otherwise, if you look at the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abu Bakr, a rich man or a man, a rich man and man ignore a rich man. But did he let the dunya enter into his heart? Not at all. When it came time to give up that dunya Abu Bakr Siddiq Radi Allahu Anhu comes and says, This is all of what I have here rasool Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. This is the type of aspiration that we should have. This is the type of understanding that we as Muslims should have of this dunya and when we do and we improve our lives, then Allah Allah Boulez that you will Jellal will bring about change, may

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Allah subhanahu Attallah grant us a good understanding. And may Allah horrible is that you will Jellal change our leaders for the better. And may Allah subhanahu wa taala empower them to be able to stand up for our brothers and sisters in Islam. What have you ruder wanna an income doula he or Bill Alameen