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pull up the data and blah, blah blah. Now

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my dear brothers youngsters, it is a pleasure to have you all here. For a few moments listen to this quote, Bob asked you to pay attention. And if you have your devices in front of you please put them on, do not disturb or turn them off, disappear. Now.

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I'm sure you've heard of the verse in sort of a team where Allah says what other Holocron concern if he asks, setting up a whim, truly we created human beings in the best form this word in Arabic, I certainly duck when it refers to Allah creating us with the best form in terms of our bodies, in terms of our limbs, in terms of our organs, and being better

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than every other creature that Allah has created.

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But part of having the best form, is also having the best form of intellect. Having the best Apple, this mind that Allah has given us, is also part of his gift to us, by help by giving us the best version of it. Now, the reason why Allah tells us that I gave you this is an order that you give fans. And you said hamdulillah Allah, you chose me to have this body and this form and this mind. And what happens next is you say thank you to Allah, you appreciate that? How do you appreciate the blessings of Allah, besides second Hamdulillah, the way you take care, the way you appreciate the blessing of Allah is you take care of it. If I gave you something, and you said thank you, and you

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destroyed it, that wouldn't be a very genuine form of thanks. So what I'm trying to say, my brothers, is that this mind that Allah gave us, it is something that we must take care of. And it's something we must look after and not neglect. And that is why it is very sad to see that many Muslims fail to take care of their mental well being. Did you know that in this country,

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around one in four people suffer from some type of mental health illness, it could be anxiety, depression, a phobia, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and anything else, one in four people. That's a lot of people. And in 2018, in this country called NHS, more than 70 million prescriptions for antidepressants were issued more than 70 million. And as a pharmacist, I know that the problem is not in other communities. It is part of every community. And Muslims are affected by it, probably just as much as anybody else.

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And that is why so Paolo, when you see the effect of not having a strong mind,

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or having a compromised state of mental well being, how it affects your worship of Allah, and your ability to be close to Allah, you recognize this is actually a big problem if I don't look after it. For example,

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not too long ago, a young brother approached me and he said, you know, shake, I have this, this very bad problem. I said, What is your problem? He said, I'm always anxious about my rowsell whether my bath is acceptable to Allah. And so I spent a long time in the bathroom. I said, Okay, how long do you spend? He said to do one whistle takes me one hour.

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And then I said, Okay, this is a problem. He said, No, I'm finished. Actually, I take four vessels every day. I said, so panela, four hours in the bathroom? He said, Yes. Because I'm always anxious that you know, what, did I wash this part properly? Is this part clean, and then my Salah is not going to be accepted. And so I go back and forth, back and forth. And I said, Look, this is exactly what shaytan wants to do. Play with your mind, create anxiety inside of you, so that you feel like maybe my site is not really acceptable to Allah, and then slowly becomes so difficult to live up to that suppose an expectation that you feel like you know what, maybe I shouldn't pray after all,

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maybe I should just give up panelizer to him. Haven't you heard Allah said you read the law will become more useful whenever you read to become Rasul. Allah wants ease for you. He doesn't want a hardship. Do you really think aloud demand this much of us to spend four hours in the toilet every day? He said, No. This young man, this young guy, he was studying medicine intelligent

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And yet he's suffering from this. Why? Because there's something not right up here. suffering from some type of mental health, illness. We know that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam said,

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a lot mineral power, we have a habit in Allah human life of equal in height, he said that the strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than a weak one, though in all of them, there is goodness. What does it mean to be a strong believer? Does it mean just to have, you know, strong muscles have nice biceps? No, it is also about your spiritual strength, how strong you are spiritually, but also a part of being a strong believer is being strong up here, having a strong mind, having the ability to weather, difficulty and hardship and tragedy. And that is why our Prophet sallallahu earlier said he went through so much hardship and tragedy in his life. Did you

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know that the 10th year of his mission was called the year of sorrow and hardship on the horizon, because in that year, he lost his wife, the teacher, or the alarm that he lost his uncle obatala, who was his biggest defender and supporter. And then to top it all off, he went to the people of five to seek help, and they rejected him in the most obnoxious ways. All of those three tragedies hit him in one year, and that rocked him.

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And that was very difficult for him. But Subhanallah did he crumble? Did he end up disappearing? No, he managed to continue on his mission. Why? Because he was strong mentally.

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And that is the example that we should follow. To be able to understand that you know what, something is not right with my mind. I'm always worried, always anxious, I should speak to someone about this. Are you also Paolo having a mental health issue is not too different to having a physical illness. For example, if I, if one of us were to fall and break our arm, we say to ourselves is not a big deal. Don't worry about it. I'll just go home and sleep it off. We wouldn't say oh, I think I've broken mom here to go to the hospital and get an X ray, see what's going on? Why is it then if somebody is suffering mentally, constantly, in their mind, there is an issue that

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they say to themselves in order link, do you know why should I speak to someone about it? I don't need to get any help for this, especially if it is troubling you every other aspect of your life. This is not a joke. So panela it affects you. And then what happens is that I know people that become old, they become fathers and mothers and they say you know what? When I was young, I suffer from this issue, but I never dealt with it. And now it's become such a big problem in my life.

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Somebody may say, look, the Prophet sallallahu and who did he used to get counseling from? Who did he used to get reassurance from he didn't need anyone to speak to about his mental health? You haven't read the Quran. In the Quran. Allah spoke to the process seven in a way that he counseled him and reassure him reassured him Have you not read known while Ptolemy oma is to rune man. tavini armadura BKB Majnoon, Allah said, You are not by the grace of your Lord, a madman. Why are you allowed to say that to him? In knuckle Allah holed up in aldine rather, Allah said, You are a man of the greatest character. Why? Because everyone was pointing fingers saying, You're a madman. You're

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crazy. You don't know what you're talking about. You're a poet, you're a liar. And that affected the Prophet sallallahu is a big God to him. And Allah reassured him, No, that is not true. You are better than you even think of yourself as panela so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to be reassured by Allah by gibreel by his friend and his companions in the very same way my brother's there's no shame in speaking to someone about your mental health, especially if your aim is to fix yourself up here so you can be a stronger believer may Allah have the grandest understanding and help us to rise above these challenges along mean wakulla holy Hello suffered a lot you want to

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formally silence me for suffered in the homeowner for writing

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam, ala MBR, mousseline Nabina, Muhammad in wild early he was up here in Maine, and

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I'm sure many of you have a friend or relative who they follow online. And this friend or this relative seems to have the perfect life. They wear the best clothes, they go to the nicest places. And it's as if they have no problems in their life. And as you see each posts coming onto your screen.

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You start to think about your own life and you compare yourself when you say, you know what, my life is?

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Not great. I don't have all these nice things I don't have. I'm not happy like this person all the time. And you start to think less of yourself and you become bitter. And the hassles jealousy starts entering into your heart. Has that happened to anyone where they become jealous of their friends or their family because they compare their lives to this. Now recently, I came across a study where they linked jealousy to depression.

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And they said that when a person feels so jealous of somebody else, they start to say, my life is so unfair, and what they believe their life is unfair. And they don't have it that good. Then they start to despair and end up becoming depressed. So Subhanallah, our prophets of Salaam told us beware of jealousy. He told us that jealousy devours your goodies like the fire devours woods.

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He told us to be aware of this, he told us not to become jealous. So my advice to you, my brothers is that if you feel depressed, maybe it's because you're always comparing your life to somebody else's. And maybe you're always in a position to do that. Because you're always online on social media, looking at other people's lives. If you're gonna compare yourself to anyone, compare yourself to yourself, how were you yesterday, be better than you were yesterday. Don't be jealous of other people. And if you feel jealous, you know what you should do? Make the offer that person a lot increase them in that and you're thinking well I don't even feel like saying that I feel I think

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Allah take that away from no say Allah give you more. You know why? Because the prophets of Allah when Islam told us that when you make dua for your brother, an angel comes and says Allah for him as well. Subhana Allah so you're using that jealousy, to get an angel to make the offer you so Pamela, this is how we rise above these problems. May Allah is one that brought us understanding and the last piece of advice, know that for every illness, whether physical or mental or spiritual, Allah has told us that the Quran is the pure, one who knows zero mineral poor alima where she fell why hashmatullah meaning Allah says and we set down in terms of the Quran, that which is the cure, and

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the mercy for the beliefs. So when you feel down, open the forum and recite out loud, allow those words to purify your heart and to remove those words. May Allah make them for on the source of happiness in our lives. May Allah subhanaw taala remove the feelings of jealousy from our hearts. May Allah Subhana have brought us a strong state of mental well being along mean or benevolent force on our

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learner cool and I'm gonna pass it in propaganda to the Apollo been a bad day today it will happen on Amazon