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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the depiction of Prophet Ali Asad and the use of new clothing items. They also touch on the depiction of the Prophet Muhammad's visit to the holy eye and his clothing, as well as the culture and clothing used. The segment also touches on the use of handkerchiefs and the use of jackets for walking, as well as the lack of empathy and generosity in relationships.
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Read the defect in your character, it will see his heart will be covered by generosity people forget all your bad habits and bad attributes if you are someone who was generous

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in this way Hey, Prophet alayhi salatu salam on the day after one of the day are funny and after one of the battles,

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all the interviews that Eliza alum Vanessa Van ammonium Luma bina jobaline He was given sheep that would fill a gap between two mountains.

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You're talking in the hundreds are useless and this was his share of the bounty hunter you salatu salam ala Alpha Ma, B che in either li Allah here salatu salam, he went home with none of nothing. When he came home, he had not one thing left not even one.

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He had enough sheep to fill a gap between two mountains and when he by the time he made it home, he made it home with nothing didn't even keep one eye for otology run Alharbi and

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young little Ilya there is a there is a beginner looking at the I've done him

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because they were in their in group so he was he was looking at a group of sheep flock of sheep. That was amongst that flock of God. No Never you Adil salatu salam I asked him Did you do you like it look like an avocado here like then it's yours.

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But but um yeah, it filled out RBU Yes. How Romaine who

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knew Colima who Arabi wasn't sure I wasn't sure if the prophet it someone was talking to him like seriously or was he whether he was joking with him? Finally. Are you Are you sure it's for me because I'm quite often sort of Arabi EULA interprets the RRB took them and he walked it wouldn't look back and they say that why? Because they always fear if you look back then he'll tell you I'm just joking. What are you talking about? I'm not gonna give you I'm not gonna give you 100 sheep we don't even know you can't even tell when sort of HFT what what do we not looking back but I love we came to his people your poodle

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is horrible. But I mean we will be Mohamed Salah handles, I said I'm going and believe in Mohammed, but in know who your ugly alpha male shell *er. He gives as if he has no fear of poverty.

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This is the description this I'll be good. I love this is my favorite description of her money. So it was very accurate. He gives as if he doesn't fear need being poor, windy. And that's the fear that motivates the majority of human beings on the planet. That's the fear that motivates most people to do whatever it is they do is the fear of the future of not being able to take care of yourself financially take care of your children. Above all, you saw someone he gave, it seemed to you that this person had no fear of the future at all. Didn't think about this at all. Didn't think about wells in the future and who's going to take it didn't didn't even occur to them just gave

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Salalah Holly's like

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the Hadith in Bukhari as well. When even Ibis describes the prophet Ali Asad Sunday, this hadith not too long ago, like Anna Rasulullah. He saw Jordan as he was the most generous of all people are going to enjoy them. Iacono Ramadan in Elko, who Gibreel he was the most generous when Gibreel would come and meet him at Ramadan at the end of the year who Gibreel love to who couldn't lie Latin for Allah Allah in the videos that Allah is LM Al Quran and UB wish to meet them every night in Ramadan and they would recite the Quran together the Prophet Allah so do Maharaja upon Jibreel alayhi salam, okay and Rasool Allah He sort of looks at them either lochia who Gibreel fie Ramadan, a Jew or

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double Heidi in a real mo Salah during Ramadan when the Prophet alayhi wa sallam would meet Jabri he was more generous than the Senate or in the Senate wins out I would always I need to compare generosity and talk about this real more salah the winds that are sent with

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with rain is that was to them the most generous thing in the world if you're living in the desert, when that is bringing you clouds that will bring you water is probably the best thing ever.

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Yahweh God even more time

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and in the end Imam Muslim poor to Earth humanity is Eliza landmark Fela woman her name I came back with the Prophet alayhi salam on his way back from honey that same day

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for Tara hood, arabo Illa Samara teen, the other three the in the robbery of terrain surrounding him from both sides asking him for wealth. And they were pushing and shoving and they basically cornered him into a tree of

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law has basically if someone is basically a desert tree, they're not high cheese are usually quite like bushes.

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So they're, they're asking him from here and they're asking him there and he can't he's not walking straight anymore out of your thoughts and so on because if people kind of shoving and pushing and he gets kind of lined up with with the bush and the bush catches because there's his he's there is the bush that is made, we're on top of your clothing, and it took his held on to his to be the audience

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So somebody and they keep on and he's still walking and nowadays is with a partner Are you a nice foodie that he just gives me my my clothing? Well Allah He Locanda nd I did her the next sermon look awesome to hooba intercom I swear to you if I had the number of these bushes that you see livestock I would have divided it between the two. My dad said you do need to heal and what are Jana and Willa Ooba and you will never find me someone who is stingy. And I will never lie to you. And I'm not a coward. Sulla audio audio zombie you seldom.

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During the winter, a lady observed the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam going to federal every morning

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and he didn't have anything heavy to wear. It was cold.

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He was wearing something simple on top anyway, as you can see him Ali Asad to us and I'm a little bit cold as he was going for visual and coming back. So she decided to make him something to wear. So a little bit of a heavy jacket to put on top.

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When I say Hadith in Bukhari, but necessarily a Telugu soba. So she made for him a piece of

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garment to wear. So that's who iya and the Prophet and then she gave it to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam as a gift by Allah for for our Aina Thoreau who agony hints of Allah Musa we saw his eyes light up and happiness on Sunday he was given something to wear, it was cold, it was cold and didn't have anything for that. Winter or that

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timing. So he took it and he was wearing it. He's very happy with it. But first of all, the house of Allah azza wa jal, he came in he prayed for sure. And he was wearing this new piece of clothing that he did not have the previously part of a Karma Raja and *a Ya Rasulullah hola to God that you're wearing something new

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for Allah Widener who is something that was given to us apart I manage Malahat

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Sunni Hi yah rasool Allah is very beautiful. Can you give it to me?

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But uh, ha ha. So as I was sitting so he took it off and he gave it to him, or Sahaba to young guru, and he says, well, the Sahaabah are staring this guy down the whole time. Like they're standing behind him on your side.

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When he's just completely ignoring them all. He takes the piece of clothing, sort of individually, it's only privately so someone would go would go home. Anyway help them make it it's a little bit of a heavy

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daddy for and Lisa Ender Rasulullah Hera EULA you know that there's the prophet Isaiah has not had doesn't have another one. But Dr. Lobo Herman, whom you ask it for him, but there it for Anna Houma, su Isla and Chi in Cocteau for Carla. And you know that you'll never ask Him for anything I'll use AutoSum and he'll say no. And this is my favorite part of the Hadith actually, not the rest of it.

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This is what this was the culture that they had, knowing him Allah you saw to us, you will never ask Him for anything and he'll say no. Why would you ask him for this? Of course he's going to give it to you. He only for us,

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when he in the known poem where he would speak of the Prophet Allah usato stems grandson, called Mr. Cadell Koto in the future who the helo Tisha who do kind of a Hoonah Mo. He never said no, except he never says no exception. He's a shepherd, a shadow Allah in a llama is because of the lower tertiary volume for the childhood then he wouldn't have wouldn't wouldn't have ala in his language, everything would be Nam. So Allah Allah He also he was

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thought Oh ALLAH Hema to her Minho, Robertson fee, I didn't take it because I wanted it whenever I have to enter cool, definitely. But I want it to be something that you would put me in one site once a day. Well, if I'm a modeler, hi there hi there Roger Lee was born had laughter yoga, and it wasn't a week before this person and he passed away but cofina fee and he was put in his grave and he with the with the with the garment the profit out of your saw to us and I'm like war in his mind. This is a piece of clothing that only Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam wore no one worked before him right? And if you took it from him, then this would be something he was wearing right after the prophet Isaiah. So

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I told you that he was hoping for the bulk of that will be allowed. I only got the bulk of that. So Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Allah so He was salam.

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Hadith handle Bukhari and Muslim that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was walking with Abu Dhabi therefore the Allahu Anhu you're walking towards

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and he would do this with or without you'll find maybe five or six Hadith. Also Hainan and other collections where he would go out with both of them and they would chat a little bit nicer in the evening and these are Hadith are actually collected in a small

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article that was very nice. He's walking with it with towards qualified MMS Taco Bell and parlor Lee yeah, by the eligible once we were facing offer then we saw Oh, you told me you see this, this mountain of alternate IMEA Rasulillah. Yes. Oh God, oh Allah He maiasaura Rooney, and now in the Missoula or wood in the hubba.

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Have a buyer and the seller said to a young well I wouldn't be happy if I had

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gold that was as much as this the mountain of offered and then it was stay in my house for more than three days we have power in the UK federal infidelity a yam and men who dinar ill shade also do who leading except maybe leaving a little bit for a day maybe to pay off a debt or if I'm if someone asks me for a loan so I can get give it give it to him. But Allah Holly's I'm using them Illa she also do holidaying.

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Not only did he this is this is the interesting part. So I'm telling you this hadith, not only did he give Allah, your thoughts on everything he had, and he would go home from every battle with nothing. He would dream of the day he would have money so he could give give it away. Are you understanding this is like, you know, this is like a whole nother level of generosity. Like it's a whole different level. And it's one thing for you to be given wealth and then you distribute it and give it to people for you to walk around dreaming of having wealth so that you may give it to others so that you leave nothing for yourself actually dreaming. This is what he is he's walking in. This

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is just a chat with him without just chatting with him. You see, well if I if I had as much as I wouldn't want it to stay in my house for more than three days. So they give it I give it to everybody Ill Ill athlete to who instructor who Hakka would say

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I wouldn't want to leave Edina except maybe Edina maybe just a little bit shaken also to hoody doing something for the closer that is unfair to her. How can you make this movement Elise also give it to my right into my front into my left Salah is like you seldom

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use generous Olusola to sit down with everything. And this is what I think is important for you to take from from this talk privately. So it wasn't just generous with his wealth. He was generous with his time. He was generous with his knowledge and he saw to us and he was generous with his wisdom. He was generous with his heart on a hillside to Western him. And that's how a different type of generosity when you're willing to stand and listen to people and engage with them and be a part of their women whom will Latina you Zune and Vidya Well, yopu Luna, who was one of the one who hired electron middle biller he will mean to refer to Linda Xena and Minko well Lizzie in the one hour

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suit hola hola whom either Alina, some people would harm the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and they just say who it was within me he just doesn't you know, we're just we're not to just talking to him.

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But this hadith is referring to is that people would stop him out of your sight to see them and they would speak to him for a long period of time. And they would express all of their problems and all of their difficulties for one person after the other hour after hour, and they would say what are the means an ear and ear what is symbolic it means that he is someone who will listen to us so Allah is SLM and it's true color oh no hiring Leko yes he is someone who will listen to you and hire for free this there's goodness in that being the case so don't abuse it. Don't abuse it. And but of course people would and to people who are jus Dr. Harish MC but I don't we're here ready to Calais

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Mahaffey Emery to Calais movie Emery has done the hard work woohoo, alright. Sorry for who had that done. Sorry, GUI. You would you will stand out of yourself. Oh, seven old lady would come and catch him after Laura. I don't know her on his way back home and she will start talking to him.

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Have you ever been stopped by an old lady to talk to you about her problems?

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Well, if you if you ever do you'll understand. And she would go on for him for an hour or two telling her about Dillingham Alia sought to assemble everything that's going on within her life and 90 There are children who's married and her daughters in law and her son's a lot but and he wouldn't move on to a seminar sheet until she did he wouldn't walk away out of your slides and he wouldn't you know slowly give slams as he's moving. He was standing out as altar until she was ready to leave and then he would leave on a saucer.

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Not only was he that way, Ali Asad who said but the community that was produced was similar. And with the C allele in the Hadith in Bukhari, the brother Alia saw to Islam after a fisherman came to him after Aisha man came to him.

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Allah but loving him

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and tired just like that. I'm sorry I have nowhere to go and I'm tired. Woke up and maybe Allah usato supercollider man Kliman you leave you leave her the leader who will take this person in tonight. Pile of lava hired the hula you don't mean alongside the man when person from getting slaughtered, put his hand up and said yes, I will do it. They'll take this person. And we took them home and he asked his wife man then I forgot let's go to Serbia. We have enough food for the children for correct no we mean

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put them to sleep went out to eat I know we'll tune in and we'll go to sleep tonight with no food. No mother at Bama. I'll speak

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Suraj put the food and turn off the light. Yeah CUDA Hua

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whether or not growing 100 Womack, like if we're eating and he'll eat the food that's there and we'll just kind of clink with our spoons on the thing as if we're eating him so he doesn't feel like he's eating alone and that he's eating our food caught up now, okay, we'll do this. Because you put the boys to sleep she brought the food turn off the latest if there's no or we don't have enough, Zaid left and he would eat and they would just clunk and hit on stuff.

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And they would go to sleep hungry, alone.

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This is the problem I find in these stories is that you can't relate to something you've never done before.

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Is what I'm trying to say it's impossible. How do you relate to something that you've never done? How do you relate to a story that never happened before where you go to sleep hungry because you want to feed somebody else? The next morning, when they come to pray as the man took is his belief

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is destiny come pray for you and refer out to your site or somebody call Him Father in Allah. But the Ijebu if you didn't want up Allah HCA means Sonny equal male leader, Allah subhanaw taala isn't he's impressed he was laughing. I know what Allah and he in a way that is only appropriate for His grace Subhana Allah and he's not similar to us and are similar to any of his creations. But this is the the wording of the prophet Ali Asad was with us from what you did last night. And then God will come to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when Pharaoh when I first see him, when Oka and I became Kasasa, they will find the room to be selfless Eve and give others instead of taking for themselves

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even though they have nothing. Casasola meaning they don't have enough, they don't have what they would require to have ends meet.

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There to be generosity in a moment when you don't even have enough, because it's very easy. It's easy to justify not being generous when you don't have enough, very simple, I don't have enough you don't feel the burden of being generous. But if you're someone who was generous, which is what I'm trying to explain from this from the Prophet Alia Sato sounds character, you're generous, it has nothing to do with what you've got. Generosity is not related to what you have or how much you have. It's not it's it's a mentality. It's a way it's a worldview. It's a perspective, it's a way of life, the provider your sides on was generous, had nothing to do with the with what he had at home at all

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that wasn't related to the story didn't matter. If it's correlated, then generosity is circumstantial. And circumstantial. Generosity is not very impressive. And it's not actually an attribute or an ethic. It's not a value anymore. It's just a thing. It's just you do it because you want to, but generosity is a value, then if you have a lot you give a lot and you have a little you give a little bit you let you give, there's always going to be something to give because it has nothing to do with what you've got. If you if a moment is there and you're like I'm not going to give because I don't have enough anymore. That means that the generosity before wasn't wasn't

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genuine, above it, as long as I'm taught this law but and that's why someone who had nothing had Kasasa he could barely make it was still find would find something in make sure that they had something to offer later on in their life. So that's what how he lived on a hill. Salatu was Salam. And that's how we should be taking. We should be living in our lives and find and find in your life. The room to be generous with whatever it is that you have. Not everyone has wealth. Some people have time. Some people have wisdom, some people have expertise. Some people have any knowledge. Some people have compassion or empathy. Whatever it is that you have, make sure that you're generous with

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what you've got learned. Learn to open your heart and offer to people that which Allah subhanaw taala gave you because that's how he was out of your Salatu was Salam. He would never say no, he just wasn't a part of his. If someone asked him for something out of your thoughts and he would offer it I'll end with that inshallah to Allah subhanaw taala we have the Quran the interest rate was that Allahu wa salam O Allah, Allah and Allah you know, Habib, you know, Muhammad Ali, he was so happy Germaine Harada who have you become? So low Allah He said aloha to you earlier Satya said them Hi, Gloria Hambrick. Pharaoh Baraka Luffy