Mohamad Baajour – Names Of Allah #54 Al Hafeeth

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The gene bulkier is associated with protecting people's bodies and minds from evil behavior and a book onteenthbye called chips and spiders. The importance of praying for the right way and protecting from infection is emphasized, along with the use of shavoni for protecting against infection. The segment ends with a brief talk about a woman named Missus Kelsey who wants to join football.
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Subhan Allah, like I mentioned once before, that, you know, when I see the people taking shahada right, when they see people coming to Islam

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with all the war against Islam, with all the Islamophobia

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with all the media's attack on Islam,

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and this is one side, and another side with all the state, the Muslims are in, if you look all over the world, Muslims are fighting Muslims, many places in the world. And third side also, if you look at the manners of Muslims these days,

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manners are you know, we lost our manners unfortunately. So no manners, people fighting each other Muslims fighting each other attack of the media, and people are coming to Islam.

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So what does that tell you? The only thing I could conclude is that this gene is Eli. Otherwise, what is the attractive thing? What is so attractive from from a dunya perspective, from what we see what is so attractive right now.

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And if somebody is looking for dunya gain, what is it he's going to be very proud to be a Muslim, and they're going to attack him. They're gonna do this to him. They're gonna right so nothing attractive Subhanallah that shows you that this gene is Eli. Keep in mind 950 years of no hana is Salam. And he's a prophet at two people accepted Islam.

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At two people machine Leon

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80 people, so Subhan Allah, so 950 950 years of a prophet calling an alias at something people accepted Islam

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with miracles or with you know, a prophet, now, no profit and all that stuff we mentioned, and people are still taking the shahada and entering Islam. So what does that show you Yaffe? It shows you that this deen is Elie is from Allah azza wa jal, Allah He this should increase our iman and in Allah azza wa jal and an Eman that this is the only way to survive

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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with the name of haffi it should inspire us and give us the

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the understanding that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala preserves all our annual

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Women have Allah to Allah have

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a solid heen Liam and he said

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Allah subhanaw taala said

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what will the Al kita

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thoroughly emoji Remi nourish, Filipina

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fi we are going on a

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way of goon

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nyali Her than kita you already Euro solving Euro

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Kerry era in saw her well we're J Duma and you know the

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that day this book will be presented

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and the evildoers will look at that book and say what is this book? Let me offer this now you have other Sahira

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the smallest deed I've done and the biggest one are all included. They are they're recorded.

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Whether you have limb or a book on Allah subhanaw taala is not

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he is just to everyone. Young Woman Yeah bathroom Allah Who Jamie and Fiona Bo whom Bhima Emmylou

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saw hula when I saw

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when Allahu Allah actually che in Shaheed Allah said And so working with Adela on that day, Allah subhanaw taala will tell us everything we have done our salah, when I saw Allah have already counted it, recorded it and we have forgotten about it. We have forgotten about so many things that we have done in the past so many things. You go on the day of judgment on this day on that month on that year, you have done so and so when you were 17 years old, and you died at 97 or 93. Who's going to remember no no, no everything fee Kitab Karim. Everything is recorded. Subhanallah so this is what the Hatfield does now Subhanallah one.

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One of the ways to feel or to implement this name in our life is the beautiful hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from Allah. Yeah, fuck

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from Allah

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Yeah fuck. Now if you translate it literally word by word

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does not make sense. As if you're saying protect Allah Allah will protect you.

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But what does the meaning of this hadith? It means protect and guard the orders of Allah azza wa jal Allah Who will protect you?

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If Elisa and I can mean Allah riba

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for the aina you can mean another eel haram.

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You can mean a semi eel haram.

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God your body parts from looking or seeing or talking haram and Allah will guard you will protect you.

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A man was one of the righteous men. He was in his 90s

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and he was healthier than me. Every time he wants to get up he jumps and he runs full of health and energy.

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So somebody told him What's your secret? Yes, yes.

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He said when I was young, I protected all these body parts from haram so Allah preserve them for me when I needed them.

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Now I need the old good, they never touched on they never looked at haram the eyes 2020 Still the IRS Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah for the Allah Yeah, fuck God the rules and the orders of Allah azza wa jal Allah Who will protect you.

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Like we said before, and I keep reminding myself and remind you Yeah, when

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God your eyes from looking at other people's wives, sisters and mothers and daughters, Allah who will guard your wives and sisters and mothers and daughters from being looked at

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for the law, Yeah, fuck

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God your ears from listening to music and haram. And Reba and Amina, Allah will protect you from Eunbi these being said about you.

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So for the law, yeah, fabric, very simple three word Hadith that is so deep. If we apply it, we will understand the name of Allah azza wa jal al Hatfield.

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Another thing that we should be careful about here, one, which is very common in our countries, which is a Tamina. A lot of people they put something around their neck

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to protect them. They say this is going to protect me. So this is a little funny.

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Like for example, Amir bought a new car, for example. And I came and he said, Come upstairs, take a look at this car. I came and looked at the current Emir. What's wrong with you? What is the the blue eye for protection? You have to put something for protection? No, how could you drive? This is your insurance. This is your coverage, the Haram

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and half of Hua Allah azza wa jal all this small things big things. Some people if they want to put this Masha Allah something in the car, as of decoration, it's up to them. But if you believe that this AYATUL kursi this Masha Allah this Allah Muhammad is going to protect you this hanging thing on your screen on your mirror. Then you have you're in trouble. Rasul Allah is Salam said men laka Tamina. Ashok,

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whosoever Hanga Tamim. Tamina is all of these things, but you call them

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that we

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whomsoever hand one of these he has committed shirk, why is shook because Allah has the huffy and now you have a partner with the Hatfield is that book or that I or that blue thing or that shoe or that whatever it is, you thought and you believe that this is going to protect you know, Allah has the half of Allah is the half year. Allah subhanaw taala he is the one who protects all these things Rasulullah sallallahu if there was any failure in them, he would have told us to do them

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one of them no military okie Antifa, who Antifa sollatek And one of the most thing that we are ordered to protect is to protect our saliva one slot on time we have spoken about it so many times and I keep repeating it for a main reason because I noticed that a lot of our brothers they think that skipping a salad from its prescribed time something simple hola hiya Quan. It's Kabir Amin al Qaeda era, one of the major sins is to leave a salad out of its time for no reason for no valid really valid reason.

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Every time a salad comes, don't think don't let the shaitan come and fool you and tell you you're gonna hear him and at least you pray many people do not pray at least you're praying. No, no, no, no. In a salata can

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tunnel mini in Kitab and Mo Kota solid is in a prescribed time. Please make sure you okay. My brothers in school, college wherever you are, take five minutes. You know, I told my son Jad yesterday he wants to join football. I told him he can play football, play basketball, play whatever you want. But the minute I see that you skipped one slot, you're not going to any games. Stop the slot and go on the side, stop the game, go on the side, play five minutes and come back. I'm not telling you not, don't play. Don't do this. Don't do that. Play whatever you want. Everything is halal and Sharma, but when it comes time for Salah to leave everything, otherwise you're out.

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We have to tell our children and show them the importance of the solid. You let them play sports pro sports is good. Instead of being occupied with many other haram stuff. Let them be occupied with something good, healthy. But as long as they are cautious about the time of the sloth Allah subhanaw taala said, Have you Umbra Allah ordered us to be happy to Allah Salawat make sure you protect and you pray on time was Sadati alostar

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And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that salatu wa salam to Doha, which is starts 10 minutes after fajr and ends 10 minutes before the whole the huge window if you pro pray for Raka at that period of time, but Salah Salam said yep, Allah has saying oh son of Adam, pray for rock as in that period of time that it can be albaraka in our in a cricket era. Pray for record of Doha. I will protect you the whole day. I will protect you the whole day. Another thing is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Tada swallow a learner can also do not swear. Because sometimes we constantly swear constantly swear swearing, sometimes, you know, without any need for it, which is not allowed. The Muslims supposed

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to be Saudi all the time. Truthful. You only swear if it's needed, okay. And make sure when you swear you are telling the truth. This is an order from Allah azza wa jal.

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Another thing you want is before we sleep Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala Jaquan also, please teach your children, I will concede ethnocracy before you sleep protection, because when you sleeping, you're dead. You have no protection from the Shavon. So I recite AYATUL kursi for less than a minute, it will protect me, according to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam all the time that I am sleeping. Remember, you know

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when when when someone does something good to you, they have a valid Aidan, also, remember that do not forget and bring it up to them and

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remind them of the favors that they have done to you and show them that you appreciate it. That is also from the heaven. Okay.

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Which story from rasool Allah Islam is close to that.

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When he used to remember Hadiya, what she has done to him or the Allahu anha even though she has passed away a long time, and he keeps remembering what she has done to him. Right. And he mentioned it to people. Oh, she used to do this to me, she used to do this to me, she used to be kind she supported me he always remember that. This is also from the o'clock if the half of you when you when you when you remember, and you appreciate what people has has done to you. So this is a brief talk about the half of for how can we use this name Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say Allah who made fun of me, Bill Islam you call him a wife of me, Bill Islam you call either wife of

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me, Bill Islam, you Rachida whether attachment B I do one weather has either ALLAH SubhanA wa salam used to say yeah, Allah protect me with the Islam when I'm standing up, and I'm what I'm sitting and when I'm sleeping and do not let the enemy or the NVS make fun of me. And then that we say in the car Sabha among men, yes, I Luca AllAfrica. When I fear for dunya will Acura Allah Houma

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la Mr. Our Rottie

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Muhammad this article as well if you if you do early on early, Allah has stood out it will element of it. Now here's the showerhead. Allah my father's knee been begging the day women Kelsey one Yemeni one she married woman foci will be automatica and Alterna mentality. Very beautiful, full coverage. Full coverage. Front back left right up down. Who's up asking the Hafeez to

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your father

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And one of the solutions simple simple. Yeah haffi f of

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f of f of new Medicare blind I mean, another thing I will end with this in sha Allah Tala many of our brothers from indo Pak before they leave they say to each other Allah Hafiz right? This is beautiful. But the Sunnah is a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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You know, to tell somebody if you want to see them both Allahu Akbar beautiful, but to replace A salaam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah by Allah Hafiz.

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You know, the Sunnah, I suppose I said, when we meet, we say Salaam Alaikum when we leave Salaam and of course the whole thing. Okay, so this is better from Allah Hafiz. Unless you want to say them both. hamdulillah Rob datamine you're telling the brother or the sister, may Allah protect you, which is very beautiful. But always the Sunnah is the best and the Sunnah, is there. So as I said, I've said, if you're, if you pass, if I'm talking to Amir, and then I pass by a tree, and I see him again, he said, say salam again, right? So the clinic how much Salam is important. If you're walking and then a tree crossed, and I see him again, somebody could somehow Allah. So similarly, when we

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see each other

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and when we depart from one another, we also say, As Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah as Al Hafi. And the further Nigeria and rahmati Allah Maya feel la mia huffy Aloha My name is Luca or but it mean they say look if you had the Leyland Medaka and today Declan Fe Dean you know, but a very clean Fe Adelina but to that extent a female you know, were to the recliner feet hola you know, or Hamra. Hamina Hamina Hamina Hamina Hamina gravimetrically, or brightening, Allah muffle Lana de Rubina, or soften Fe Andrina with a bit darker Domina on sort of calm will caffeine along that one and we'll start off you know if you could Lima can Allah Munsell Islam Allah Islam Muslim in Allah mon Sol

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Islam Allah isms can mean Allah Marina Matoba were in Alba tilava Christina

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Subhana Subhanak in con volley min or some Allah Allah Muhammad Ali Hill savage main, make a lot of salaam Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and come to measure tomorrow, please, tomorrow officials at 630 Zachman law here. So Hannah kendama Hambrick Michelle Allah Allah Allah and the stuff you look at on a toolbar, Nick

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