Yahya Ibrahim – The Theory of Love

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © A Muslim man talks about the difficulty of finding a solution to couples who have divorced, and how the law is a necessary act for society. He then leads a new course on love notes, which is a call to action for all members of the community to join in a holy matrimony to achieve better human behavior. He also mentions a new course on "meditation" and hopes to see people in person.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu This is your brother. Yeah, hi, Brahim. All of us know one or two couples who have divorced. Sadly, you know, some kind of law, especially in our Western construct divorces at a rapid increase within the Islamic community. Now, of course, this is entirely avoidable for many, it's a necessity for some, but for the vast majority, it is something that is entirely avoidable. The attempt in chat law at love notes which is a new course that I'm teaching for a Muslim is to find the solution that keeps us together, that joins us in that holy matrimony that sanctified by Allah subhana wa tada its aim is to please Allah, its aim is to find

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contentment fulfillment, its aim is to produce offspring who will honor their spouses as a future generation. Its aim and shot law is to give the tools that are necessary for us to become better human beings, better Muslims, better husbands better wives and ultimately better members of our community and oma it's a call to action for all of us, inshallah, you know, whether you're married or thinking of marriage, whether you are a mother in law or a father in law, it is a necessity for us to kind of dwell on the things and interact with the prophetic tradition, the sooner the prophets, I send them as it relates to love, the theory of love, what is love, and why it's

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important for us to groove it, and to build it and to nurture it and ultimately, harvest it's wonderful fruit. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah Allah joins us together in our discussions of love, and bringing our hearts together and mending the rifts and establishing a path that helps us not enter into a place where we're drawn apart. Join me in chat LA for love notes, a new course by a Muslim by logging on a muslim.org and I pray that I get to see you and share with you in sha Allah, your brother Yeah, Brahim was said Mr. ecomark. Natoma

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