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The importance of shaming the eye in the Koran is discussed, as it is used to shave and create a culture of fear. It is important to decouple dreams from culture, as it can lead to unnecessary waste of time and unnecessary opportunities for people to develop their own dreams. It is also important to show love to people in a authentic way, respecting authority and allowing them to share birthday stories.

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So I want to come to La

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la mina Shame on you Raji.

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is Allah you sue Foley? Be he in

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shamrock Yo Gabba was Shem Sal Khan Arora to whom Lisa g de Pon Guna Yala. Also solo er iya Kerala aquatic Lata console sudo iya

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decaf key dual Qaeda in, in in shape on allyl in sunny I do mubi in

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smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah hold on a drain like Aloha and everyone for coming through to our weekly discussion on the best of stories, which are the stories of the Koran and we are in the midst of discussing some reflections in Sharla on the benefits and the lessons that we can take, or some of which we can take from the story of Yusuf Ali Salaam, the story that is mentioned to us in the 12th chapter of the Quran, the chapter of use of an eye may come across a bit rushed today.

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I'll try my best to focus but my phone has told me while I was reciting that it's a little better. So this will let's get straight to it. So this is like the first scene if you will, of the story. Alonzo Genesis is all I used to fully abbyy when Yousuf said to his father, yeah ever at all my dear father in New York at or hadash iraq al Qaeda, I have seen meaning in my dream at night or in my dream as I sleep. I had dark shadow killcare but I live in Calcutta. Calcutta is like a heavenly body, a star right planet. So 11 stars essentially, was shumsa will Kamara and I saw the sun also and the moon, Lisa G. Dean, all of them to me. They were prostrating.

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And so his father says to him, yeah, Belinda. Yeah. Oh, my dear son.

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Let us know. So why don't you mention anything about this dream to your brothers? In Shavasana. In insomnia I do mobian because the devil is a sworn or a clear

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an enemy to the human being.

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And so let's begin from the Statement of Use of Allah. He said, when he said to his father, yeah, Betty Oh, my dear father in the writer had Ashoka cabin with him. So we'll come right to him Lisa God, my father I saw

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11 stars and the sun and the moon prostrating to me. So according to most scholars,

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the 11 stars are his brothers for sure. And then the scholars, the majority of them, they say that the sun in this dream symbolizes the mother. And the moon symbolizes the Father.

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And as we said, the stars will symbolize the brothers. And so why

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this is

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much to reflect on but maybe one of the worthiest things to reflect on is that

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when our parents who are the most pronounced symbols of light and instruction and direction for us no longer exists, the sun has to be gone. And the moon has to be gone for you to really consider the stars, a source of light. And so when our parents do go, our world does get dark. But even in that darkness, there is some light, some lights for navigation sunlight to remind us of the light of the sun and the moon.

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And those are the more distant relatives like the brothers and beyond. And so they'll offer our emotional darkness, a little bit of reminder a little bit of hope. They'll remind us of our parents, they'll connect us to our parents who are not physically with us anymore. And that is extremely important. And they'll also connect us to a largely closed opportunity,

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which is being kind to our parents because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam actually connected the two and he said in I mean I've got really bidri and a better rajul Hello, would you agree Abbey is one of the greatest acts of kindness to your parents, for a person to show kindness to those that his father

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of course is

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Mother as well showed affection to.

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And so that could even be the Friends of your parents. So what about the, those that the wombs of your parents bore those that are from the lineage of Descendants of your direct father otherwise, and so they are a navigation mechanism, the the stars, the the more distant relatives, because you are lost without keeping ties with your family really the same way the stars if you don't keep sight of them before GPS, right. And before mother navigation complexes and otherwise, they were everything they were a survival mechanism, keeping ties with your relatives is a survival mechanism, spiritually speaking, and the Baraka of your life is totally void if there's no height, and you're

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no good, and you extended to your family members. And so that's the reflections that that meant a lot to me that I heard Dr. Bunda shall already have it all I mentioned here. The second thing is Yusuf Ali Salaam, mentioned the dream to who he mentioned the dream to his father. And that was from the great intelligence of young Yusuf Alayhi Salam that he mentioned the dream to his father, not his mother.

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Some scholars say his mother was not alive at that point to begin with.

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But even if she were alive, even if she were alive, the best person to go give you insight about your dream would have been your father, since your father is a prophet, right? jacoba his solemn was a prophet. And in general, identifying which dreams are inspirations from Allah, which are just scare tactics from shaitaan, which are just products of your subconscious mind. Because those are the three categories not all dreams have meaning.

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Some of just are what you're thinking about or how heavy you've eaten that night. Some of them are just shaped on trying to scare you, out of your wits, or out of your prudence and dreams that look promising or are encouraging. Those are inspiration from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So identifying which one it belongs to almost anyone that knows the three categories can pretty much do this, but then deciphering understanding, which are the meanings intended by that third dream, the dream the category of inspirations from Allah subhanho wa Taala has to be someone versed in dream interpretation. This is a science, this is a discipline.

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And so you don't just go to someone that wishes well for you, because that would have been your mother or your father, right? In this case, you go to someone that wishes well for you that knows how to interpret dreams. That's very important. Because many people they just rush with their dreams. So just anyone if they're scary dreaming too much attention at all. You're not allowed to you should not because it's you're going to give it more validation when it is baseless.

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So if inspiration from a law you feel like it has a potential of being an inspiration, you take it to someone who can decipher it for you. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself through so much unnecessary stress and distress and fear. When you take your dream to the wrong person. You could be handing them your future because like they'll tell you something as if it's a prophecy and it's not. And so you wind up living up to what you imagine the future can't avoid, but to being you just live what you think is inevitable it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. So Yusuf Ali said I had the intelligence of not gone to someone who could even with good intentions, have them have him walk

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away with an interpretation that couldn't be farther from the truth.

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Also, this is very important use a valid, Sam correctly assumed that his father would give him the time of day

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would give him time to attentively listen to his dream. This is jacoba a celeb who was a prophet, a leader of venomous about youth. This is yahoo. alehissalaam, who had 11 other sons, but

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Yousuf knew that that would give me time. And so you know, we need to realize that those that look up to us, our children or the kids in the masjid or otherwise, countless ambitions of the youngsters are buried and talents that are just overlooked and they never like develop into something that could have otherwise been.

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This happens a lot of times when youngsters don't find their parents or they don't find their elders or their their mentors validating something that they may think is important, right dreams many times are to be dismissed. By the way, as we said, some categories two out of three categories are to be dismissed. But if it meant something to a person, you want to hear them out, right? To validate to them, because that is important, even if what they consider important is not important. It's trivial, but how they feel is not trivial. And so Yusuf Ali Salam thought his dad would listen and found that his dad did listen and even gave him feedback based on the dream

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And that confidence will

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open the door for them to come to you so you can also give them life advice give them insight on what they should do not just about their dreams and about their their dilemmas when it comes to life management decisions moving on quickly and forgive me once again for the rush that says the battery's low

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jacoba he said I'm says in the next verse yeah buena yeah Oh my dear son laptops Osaka aquatic do not relay this dream of yours to your brothers. Do not delayed relate this dream to your brothers fakie du Lac Akita or else they might

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plot against you?

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Because shavon is a clear enemy to the human being. So first of all, he said the Abuja My dear son, you see Ebony is my son bonia. They call them unit to form those lead form. You know, when you love someone so much you say you turn like parents, they see their elder child who could be 2530 4050 years old hurts, they say more to my baby, right, the diminutive form.

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And so the Arabic should do this as well. And so the father reciprocated with the extra respect that his son gave him by saying get back to my dear father, he reciprocated in kind equally, he said, Oh, my dear son, one for one.

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Because Allah azza wa jal, even in our shediac, he commanded us with this and sort of any set, we find a lot of zoa jen saying,

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well, either for you to be the head infohio, VX and I mean, how to do when you are greeted with a certain greeting, then respond back with better than if that's what you should do. Ideally, elders do have or meaning at the very least, if nothing else, respond, meaning reciprocate in kind. And that's why when someone has said, I want a club, you have to say at least why they come and set out, ideally, why they come and sit down or why they come and sit on the hill, but a guy do something to that effect, ideally, more than just the reciprocation. And so in general, it's not just about the official greeting of the Muslim, right? Please be upon you. When someone says something to you. Take

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a moment, stop, slow down, and make sure you say back to them, at least, but ideally, back to them. And then some, as they say.

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And also when he says yeah, when are you Oh, my dear son, this, this form of endearment, this language of endearment he uses. This is an expression of love, right? expression of endearment, it's very important because we all love our kids, right? But the expressions of love, not the internalized love, are those that instill in our children. That I mean, so much, to my parents, you know, they may not understand that you're working so hard, or they may not see that you're stressing about them, you know, mentally or at night when they're asleep. And, but there's those expressions of love that ensure to them to them that I can, you know, have confidence in my parents when I can

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spell out for them my struggles.

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Those are the subconscious memories, sometimes. They may not remember even the statement, but they remember how they felt from those kinds of endearing expressions. And so they will revere us when we're in old age, they'll be with us. In those times, they'll make that for us when we're not around at all. Because of how we made them feel. It is so much more imprinting to express your love than just to hope they understand your language of love or your dedication to them because of your love or otherwise. It's very important.

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He says, Let's accessory aka athletic My dear son, don't tell your brothers about this dream.

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Why? Because they're gonna be jealous. The stream means that your parents and all your brothers who are older than you and your parents are older than you and all of them are prophets, they're all going to prostrate to you. prostration. Here, of course being honoring, not in worshipping because Allah never legislated in any of the shadows, any of the specific laws of the prophets worship of oven him No way. Right. But it was an act of honoring and so he would be honored such a high state

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that simply the possibility of that would get them to

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feel resentful towards you. And then there's a lesson there that some souls are so weak that even your dreams can spark jealousy in them. And so don't be naive. conceal your blessings from people as best as you can from most people except those that you trust. Most. Islam prescribe that for us to conceal our blessings as best we can.

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from as many people as possible except those that you're sure will share in the joy with you. They will not become envious or jealous or or malicious.

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And that's also a lesson here that iacobelli salaam

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Had to point out to him that someone as close as his own brothers

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could not be as happy about your success as you are.

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Many kids because of their innocence, the younger they are, the more innocent they are, they don't see how that would be possible a lot of times. And sadly, that's what's really sad is that some adults are just as naive. And they put they caused themselves so much vulnerability, when they are deluded about the fact that that picture they post or that asset they flaunt,

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will will impress people only or make people happy only about no human nature, as you will see throughout the story.

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It is, we want to be distinguished. And if we can't be distinguished, sometimes we become just so bent on you not being distinguished If I can't have it, no one can.

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Also do not tell your brothers this. He cautioned him against his brothers. This is of the proofs that it's not backbiting, to mention someone in a negative light, if there's no way,

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you can ward off harm. without mentioning that there is no other way, I just have to let you know, some harm can come your way.

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And he said to him so that they don't plot against you. So he mentioned to him exactly what needed to look out for.

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And there there are multiple reflections here. But first of all, he didn't say so they'll kill you. Or so they'll snatch your dreams away from you or something like that. He just left it open. And likewise, we have this desire inside of us to like predict exactly how events will unfold. Don't do this, or else that within you really limited yourself. Because if that didn't happen, then you were wrong. No, you were right, on the warning, but it was because of a different danger. So don't insist or like limit yourself by predicting exactly what it would lead up to. Right.

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Be humble, so that people see you as credible. It's not assuming you know the full story, it's enough to say there's something wrong happening here. There's something dangerous happening here. And also, the last thing I'll say is when when he said to him, Do not tell your brothers less they scheme against you.

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He gave him an explanation as to why he's prohibiting him from doing something we should instill in our children respect for elders, for sure. And that's why sometimes you shouldn't demand or feel entitled to an explanation. But usually, by and large, you want to give children an explanation like drink milk is good for your bones or get down from here because it's dangerous, because their inexperience and their curiosity will not allow them to understand why you're prohibiting them from something, why are you taking away my joy. And so it is important to instill in them that I'm doing this out of care for you, you give them an explanation more often than not, even if we're gonna

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reserve a few occasions, for them to understand that respecting authority means respecting authority. And if you're approving of my justification, that's not respecting authority that's respecting the justification, right.

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And also, if you never give them explanations, it tells them that force is the way to get things done, not persuasion. And so they'll start acting that way with others when they are able to know it is brains are more important than bronze. And while they're going to respect authority, we want them to know that we respect your intelligence and you should also respect other people's intelligence

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regarding how you share your convictions and how you call them to your convictions. That's that's essential life management also, that we learn from these very short but filled with wisdom phrases by which a lot chose to tell us these stories. I'll start with those two if today inshallah

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and we will continue next week if we are together be admitted later.