Surah An-Najm #26 – Viewing the Quran Like a Tourist

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AI: Summary © -- The concept of ownership of skets and the relation between Islam and compensation is discussed in the title of the book. The speakers emphasize the importance of ownership in rewarding good people and rewarding those who do their best. The confusion surrounding the concept of ownership is discussed, including the use of "ownership" to reward creator and reward those who do their best. The speakers also touch on the topic of "quarantine deduction" and its relation to behavior and personal experiences.
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The thing is, we're looking at the Quran most of the time like tourists.

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Oh my god blue and orange. That's cool.

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Oh my god the pyramids they're like cubical

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you're not you're not in it. When you're not in it you can't see what makes it amazing. Allah didn't just make it amazing for anybody who walks by can see how amazing it is no, there is a prerequisite and that prerequisite is when

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you meet either

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man one nurse or he will come one hour

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make the most of this series by downloading our free workbook for a guided contemplation of this powerful solar while in the EMF is summer where do you want Murfin OBD urgency and Nadine

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Bhima I mean, why urgency and leadin action or bill? Snap?

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Probably shutter is somebody where Cindy Emily Wagner the rock determine the Sandy Hook colleague hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he was happy. I mean, am I bad? Let's get to iron number 31.

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Allah says, well, Linda Hema for some it will morph in the Allah alone owns whatever's in the skies and whatever's in the earth. Lee edges the end, Adina Assad will be my Emmylou. So he can compensate those that have committed sins

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for what they've done.

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Well, yeah, just the the Vienna accent who will persona and so he can compensate those who have done excellent, with the most beautiful with excellence.

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There's a little bit tricky. Allah owns whatever's in the skies in the earth, so that

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he compensates sinners for their sins. And he gives good people the best, strange little combination, What is Allah owning the skies in the earth have to do with, I own the skies in the earth, so that I can reward you and punish you. What's the connection between those two things, that's what we're going to explore for a little bit. But the first thing I want you to know, is again, the remarkable continuity of the Quran. In the previous IRA, we saw two groups of people in Naraka Hua, and that will be one Wanda ncbd, who will be monitored, that Allah knows whoever is lost. And whoever is committed to guidance, remember those two groups. And now Allah is saying, so

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he can reward those who do sin, just like he talked about those who were lost, because those who are lost, do ye sin. And then he said, whoever is whoever is committed to guidance, and now he's saying, Whoever excels, whoever does their best. So the people that are committed to guidance are the people who try to do their best. So there's a kind of superimposed on top of each other, there was a, there was a group A and group B in the previous higher, and now there's a group A and group B. The other interesting thing that's happened the other interesting thing that's happened is in the previous aisle, we saw it not up Becca who will be men bonda and sabini, not below z now Baloo and CBD.

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And we saw the man

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who will be my ninja not been enough, though. We didn't see the plural, we saw the singular. So the last one and the guided one were both one person each Allah knows each one that is lost. Allah knows each one that is guided. But now we see the edge Xia under Xena SL. So he rewards the ones who did sin and the ones who did their best. So we went from singular to plural for the misguided last time we saw we went from singular to plural before, right? We're doing that again here. Allah is taking us from the singular to the plural, as if Allah is describing that you can all be individuals right now. But you will be grouped on Judgment Day, according to your deeds

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as you're being judged group grouped according to your deeds and Latina Asako and then Alladhina accendo.

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That's the real categorization. Now,

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there's a few possibilities for why what's the connection between Allah owning the skies and the earth and the compensation? When I say compensation, I'm being briefed. Compensation means what? Punishing the sinner rewarding the good person. And I'm calling all of that word compensation. So I don't repeat the entire phrase over and over again and we can discuss these concepts. So what is owning the skies and the earth have to do with compensation? If not, I should says this is Ken I remember Ken is saying something without saying it. So he's saying this is good idea for Allah saying he created the skies in the earth because he owns it because he

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He's the one who created it. And if you understand that He created it, He created everything with a purpose. So he created you with a purpose and therefore, because He created you with a purpose, he's going to reward you or punish you whether or not you fulfill the purpose for which he made you. And he builds an argument on one thing that Allah owning the skies in the earth is Denia for Allah creating the skies in the earth, that's the way he builds that argument. That's what you find in Ignacio and that's a what I call an easy solution. But for me, not quite a convincing solution. Why? Because in other places in the Quran, Allah already said he created the skies in the earth with a

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purpose and he connects the creation with our judgment he's done that other places but he didn't do that here he talked about ownership not creation so there's something else going on here okay possibility to is mentioned by episode was that Cerro de is just name is Abu sorrow is shattered darkness city resistive see

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Lahemaa festival watever Philip Taylor, this is a really cool explanation actually. It's really beautiful. It doesn't quite answer my philosophical problem. But it's one of the things that I found miraculous about these ions. Like it's mind blowing. I hope I can do some justice explaining this to you. He what he did is he put my mind in a certain direction. And then my mind started going crazy after he, like, you know, somebody, they they walk you walk a kid to the Toys R Us and then the kid goes crazy all on their own. Right? So you didn't drive them. You just drove them to the door. The rest was them Toys R Us is gone. I know. So I'm just saying. Okay, I don't know where you take kids

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anymore target. Where do you take them? Where do you take kids? So if you want to see them have a psychotic episode in the toy section. Walmart, what do you do? You know, Walmart, you see adults in the toy section. It's weird. Anyway. So

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what he's saying is, this is actually an Iran there are means there was a statement being made in our in the previous IRA and now Rebecca who will be Mangala and Sabina Hiva who will be monitored in the AGC and Avena OSAT will be Miami Lu. Allah knows who's guided Allah knows who's misguided so that he can compensate the sinner so that he can reward the good person and the ownership of the skies and the earth is just put in the middle. It's just interjected between those two sides, because on the one side you find misguided and guided and on this fine side you find centers and do gooders, right? So he's saying that's just put in there it's interjected in the middle by the way,

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Allah owns the skies and the earth. So then look at this incredible design of the IEA if you if you pay attention, first in Arabic, I'm combining those two I am now in Arab Baca Hua and that will be Mangala answer VD. It is in fact your Rob he knows better who is misguided. We already read that one. He knows better. Who is guided one in HEMA for Samoa 81 muffin.

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And Allah alone owns whatever's in the skies and the earth but I you see how I wrote it in the Arabic. I did something weird here. I put some a lot in the top one. And I put out in the bottom one will show you why.

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guidance comes from the skies.

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guidance comes from the skies. And when he said he knows better the people that are guided. He mentioned the skies right next to them.

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So he put the skies close to the people that are guided, and by the way, the people that are guided, think a lot more about the skies. Why? Because revelation is from the skies. Angels are from the skies. The journey of the Prophet is in the skies. Allah is above the skies. The people of guidance are concerned with the skies.

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And then he says he owns whatever's in the earth so he can compensate the sinners for their sins for what they did. So the earth is very close to the mention of the sinners because the sinners, their focus is were on the earth, the way the skies in the earth are put in between. And he put the people that belong, that are rewarded in the skies that are focused on what's happening in the skies, close to the skies, and he put the people that are focused on punishment, or Phoenicia focused on desires in this world close to the Earth. Why fill out the Viet Xia Levina so it will be my army to just tell you that Allah how you do that?

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I can't do that. Oh, that's why it's got a home because we can't do that.

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He just

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just recites these ayat man. He just recites them, he does

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Wait, let me change the order, this will fit better.

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And you have to, like, really think about this to see this intricate design.

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But that's what's going on.

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You know, sometimes

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you see an amazing painting.

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And you have a art degree.

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You see, you see something incredible in that painting. Why do you see that?

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Because you have an art degree. Somebody else sees that painting as an OH MY GOD, blue and orange. That's cool.

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They don't see it. They just they don't see it. Because they can't do the work the way the artists can.

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Somebody goes to an ancient they go to the pyramids, oh my god, they're so big.

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And a historian goes to Egypt. And he's looking at the pyramids. And he's like crying. This is because he sees something that he understands deeply.

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When you spend time learning about something, and then you see the height of it. You see something other people can't see. Music, somebody's playing the guitar stuck for Allah. Somebody's playing the guitar, you're like, Oh, they're jamming. A musician, a music teacher sees that same player playing the guitar is like what he's done here is pure genius.

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The other people can't see it. He could see it. Why? Because he's coming from that field. You understand? The thing is, we're looking at the Quran most of the time, like tourists.

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Oh, my God, blue and orange. That's cool.

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Oh, my God, the pyramids, they're like cubical

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you're not you're not in it. When you're not in it, you can't see what makes it amazing. Allah didn't just make it amazing for anybody who walks by can see how amazing it is. No, there is a prerequisite. And that prerequisite is the W.

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Without the W you can see it.

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When you when you get to that model, then it becomes clear this is not human. This is not like any other speech. Now, it gets even more beautiful.

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Whoever is lost who this is for you to for your purposes, whoever is lost, and whoever commits to guidance. He owns the sky of guidance in the skies. Remember, I showed you last time and now we he owns the earth. And the sins are mentioned right next to the earth because all the sins are happening in the earth as a pop of love and to reward those who do their best.

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That our challenge. What does Allah's ownership have to do with the reward and punishment? What was he going to choose answer?

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Ownership here means creation.

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What was shadow darkness Saleem's answer, well, putting the skies in the earth in the middle creates this really beautiful connection?

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Okay, so that's, but that still doesn't answer the question. The challenge question, what does Allah's ownership have to do with

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punishment or reward and punishment? So let's try to answer that question. When somebody owns something,

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if I own a goat,

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I decide the fence in which it will stay. I set the boundaries, I decide when it's going to eat, I decide when it's fat enough for me to slaughter

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because it's mine. I have full rights to set the boundaries, I have the right to punish, I have to have the right to reward. Why because it's my what property if there's a tree on your property, and you're starting to cut it down, and somebody says, Hey, don't do that to their tree.

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I could do whatever I want with my tree. That's my tree. When you own something, you could do whatever you want with it.

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And what's also interesting is, if it's yours, you don't have to follow the rules. You can change the rules. You could say, I wasn't going to cut you tree because I liked you. But today I don't like you. I changed my mind. I'm going to cut you. You could just have one rule one day and another rule another day. Because you're a dictator. You have complete control. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Kings do that right. Kings can love you one day, get you killed the next day. Because they changed the rules. They changed their mood. Nobody's a greater King than Allah.

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Allah has every right to change the rules.

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But Allah and His perfection and his Rama decided that instead of not explaining Himself, and just doing as he he's gonna do as he pleases anyway, but he reveals a system to you and says, I will reward those who do good and I will punish those who do sins and here's what sins are. And here's where good deeds are. So you're not confused about what bad and good is. He gives it to you. And I'm giving this to you and I have the right to give this to you. Because I own whatever's in the skies and I own whatever

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was on the earth, which means I own you. And you part of you belongs to the earth and part of you belongs to the skies, the roof came from the skies. And part of your needs came from the earth which I made, which which I own, and part of your needs came from the sky guidance, which I also own.

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So I'm going to decide, Allah is basically telling us what is it that is will be punished, punishable and what will be reward worthy. Now,

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if Allah owns everything in the skies in the earth, let's imagine there's a town where there's only one business and that business hires everybody. So nobody has any property except that one person. If you want to get paid, you can't get paid anywhere else except that person. You understand.

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When Allah says Allah owns everything, so he will reward is because because he owns everything, nobody else has anything to reward you.

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And nobody else owns anything. They can't give you anything. The only one who can give you is the one who owns all of it. It's only the property owner that can give away nobody else so there's actually a direct correlation between Allah's ownership and reward and punishment. But there's even more

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this is where my mind was just blown away about this

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what Allah He manifests somehow it will manifest or the HCN Latina so be be Miami LA. You heard about.

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Okay, well, Yahtzee and Latina accent Oh, Bill hosta another bar. But there are two different kinds of VAT. So let me explain. He I'm summarizing here. Allah will compensate those who did sins because of their sins or for their sins. What am I translating as because in for B? B is because of and four okay?

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So when he says he will reward them because of their sins I was expecting Allah to say that he will reward those who do good because of their good deeds because because that's not what he did he changed it he changed something he said he will pay he pays the accelerates the ones who do good with the most excellent it's a different bar

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it's a different he changed it now this change means something's missing.

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It means something's missing. But before we go to some what's missing keep this thought in mind. I want to tell you some things I sell an accidental

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I keep saying good deeds bad deeds but there's Arabic right roots secondary meanings we got to we got to get deep with these two words.

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As that will come from the word say you say you can comes from the word so

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and the verb CR and SA and these words mean ugliness disgusting, smelly

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car or a sofa is actually a corpse a rotting corpse is called a sofa. Okay for you worry so atrophy.

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The word Su, Su and say er and say yard are used for deeds that are ugly. There are lots of words in Arabic for sins. Quran uses multiple words for sins. One of them is related to car and Sue and all of that. And it has to do with the nature of the deed itself being ugly.

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Sometimes the deed isn't ugly, but the intention is ugly.

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Sometimes you thought you're doing something good, but you actually ended up doing something bad. Like you know how Musa Anissa was helping someone and he accidentally killed someone that wouldn't be a Savior.

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You know why? Because it's not an ugly deed is that the intention is an ugly

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car or like you know Backbiting is ugly. Slander is ugly. Murder is ugly. Destroying a family is ugly.

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Cheating is ugly, stealing is ugly. Those are say yards you understand, okay? Now

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Allah says he will compensate those who did ugly things. He they committed ugly acts based on what they did and he didn't say be Martha I know he said be ma Emilio. Now the word doing there's two words fairly uncommon. Feral means you do something without even an intention. I'm breathing right now that's a very

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your ears can hear my sound that's a fin

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but you're paying attention

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That's a common.

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That's a common.

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Do my heart is beating right now? Is that a fair environment?

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That's a fair. That's a fair answer. But I raised my finger. And that's what

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what's the difference between a fairly uncommon hammer is a deed with intention.

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And fail as a deed. Without could be with intention without it's more broad, but it includes deeds without intention.

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Allah will not punish ugly things without first looking at the intention.

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You know, in this life, if you committed murder,

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if you committed murder,

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nobody's gonna care about your intention.

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Murder is murder. If you stole nobody's gonna care about your intention. Stealing is stealing a crime is a crime is a crime. The Constitution does not include if you had good intentions and you killed someone,

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then we're gonna then the punishment is different, then you won't get arrested. We'll just say, you know, try harder next time.

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No intentions can only take you so far.

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But on Judgement Day, Allah says even the people who did the ugliest things, what's the first thing Allah will look at

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their intentions.

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It's the intention and the deed together. That's what he will look at us that will be my meeting. Amazing.

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AMILO also here means that they did ugly things intentionally.

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They were they were intentional when they did ugly things. And that's why they will get compensated based on what they had done.

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So it will be Miami.

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Then he says YhC under the National axonal comes from Hasina just translated as good deed. But it also means it comes from an Allison Allison means two kinds of beauty internal and external. German is external beauty and Arabic. German comes from German, which is a camel because a nice looking camel is called the jungle. And from it you get Jamil and Jamal beauty because they associated camels with with beauty.

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However, a son or husband doesn't just have to do with external beauty, it is external and internal beauty. Now the thing is, we all know that there are two kinds of beauty, external and internal. There are people who look very beautiful on the outside, and are really ugly on the inside. And there are people that are really ugly on the inside are really good look good, are really beautiful on the inside. But they're not the best looking people on the outside.

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There are places in the world that don't look beautiful on the outside, but the people there are some of the most beautiful people you'll meet on the inside. So person is actually when the outside and the inside both are what beautiful. Allah is saying deeds that were beautiful on the outside. And the inside, the intention, and the act on the outward are both captured inside are settled in the more beautiful form. And then by extension, the axon also means to do your very best to do your very best, which is interesting. Allah does not expect perfection, he expects that I tried to make as beautiful and effort as I can on the outside and the inside. That's what he's expecting.

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And we're gonna see this is the introduction to a concept that he will build on in this passage. As we move forward in the next couple of days, you're gonna see this built on the idea that Allah expects me to do my very best, there is no such thing as my truth. We already covered that. But there is such a thing as my best. Because my best is not the same as your best.

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They're all different. Allah made me my mind, my brain is different. My opportunities are different. My upbringing is different, my genetics are different. My economic circumstances are different. My emotions are different. So my best is made up of different. The pieces I have to work with are different like to give you an analogy to understand this because I like to take philosophical concepts, and put them in silly examples makes it easier to understand. If I give one kid just a few Lego pieces, and they give some other kid a lot more Lego pieces. They're able to do their best with this and they were able to make something but this one because it can make something much much more

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because they had a lot more pieces to work with. Right? Allah gives some people much more opportunity. Allah gives some people much less opportunity. Allah gives some people much more physical ability, some people much less physical ability. They're able to do different things. So their son looks different.

00:24:41--> 00:24:57

It looks it looks different. So that means I shouldn't do base my goals what's my best based on somebody else? Because the package Allah gave them the Lego blocks Allah gave them is different from mine, so I shouldn't let that happen Noma fumble Allah Homi Bhabha,

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

don't wish for these preferences Allah

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

Give some people over others oh my god I wish I could be just like you know, you should wish that you could be the best you

00:25:08--> 00:25:20

the best you you already have sign in you just bring it out the diamonds already there just remove the dirt you already have a diamond inside. Like I wish I could be a diamond you already are stupid just covered remove the dirt, you'll be fine.

00:25:21--> 00:25:26

The Excellence is already there. This is the conception we have to develop.

00:25:27--> 00:25:30

It removes the need for comparison, sn

00:25:31--> 00:25:54

because I and by the way, this is also not excused because on the outside you can say I'm doing my best. Okay. I'm working on and this is my new favorite excuse nowadays, the woke excuse. I'm working on it. I'm working through it. What does that mean? Working through it? Hey, did you did you ever talk to your mom about the issues you're having? No, I'm I'm working through that. What does that mean? I'm not doing anything.

00:25:56--> 00:26:15

So next week, what's going on? Yeah, I'm still kind of working it out. How are you working it out? Like is it with a dumbbell how how do you work this out? In your head? Yeah, by not thinking about it until you brought it out. That's what it means that I'm working through it. You know what that means? And then they say I'm doing my best okay.

00:26:17--> 00:26:19

That's lying is not your best lying is ugly.

00:26:20--> 00:26:30

You know, what happens was the you know, the homeless shaytaan Hua home, the devil beautifies their deeds to them. You're actually not being truthful. But you're telling yourself you're doing your son

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Belinda in Santa Ana de basura weather will come at the era human beings can have. They have a perfect view of themselves, even if they make all kinds of excuses. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section