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Do the best that you can and there is no need to be sad or fear

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Mufti Menk

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When he tells us Bellarmine Muslim or what you have holy law, he was a machine fella who drew in the lobby while I hold on La himolla homie Hassan, you know, I don't want to fear and I don't want to be sad. How can I achieve that? Allah says, well, those who believe those who submit Bellarmine Islam, as Lama is a person who's a Muslim Muslim means the one who submits to the instruction of Allah. So Allah says, Those, the one who has submitted his face towards Allah, which means he has submitted totally to Allah Lilla and he does good. He's a washing machine encompasses all forms of good, so he does good Well, who am I saying? He worships Allah in the best and highest possible way, fella who I

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do interrupt be, you do the best that you can. Allah says such a person will achieve his reward with Allah and He will have no need to be saddened, or to fear no need to fear and no need to be sad. He will not be sad and he will not fear. So when you worship Allah and you are convinced that Allah alone will harm or will allow harm or benefit, then you understand this relationship and it becomes so beautiful, that Allah Almighty is pleased with us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us from His pleasure