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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the success of their own school in Java, where they launched a school called Islamic School. They explain that their school had a new system and they wanted a striking balance between Islam and Western schools. They also mention their efforts to promote schools in rural areas.
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To have the best of both, which, when visited most of the schools that I visited, now the thing is changing. In the past six years, I realize that some schools have become slightly closer Hamdulillah, to the concept that I have. But most of the schools, they may be having maybe three periods a week,

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on Islam,

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or maybe one period a day maximum I came across was two periods a day

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on Islam. And

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what was the main objective, that a child when he passes from school, we should have the knowledge of Quran and the Sharia, and science etc, that I could not find the best of schools in America in South Africa, which is supposed to be very much advanced in this field of Islamic schools, UK, Australia, Malaysia, etc. So that we thought that let's make an effort. And with Allah self Alhamdulillah we in Bombay Alhamdulillah, about approximately six years back, or other five and a half years back, we launched our own Islamic school by the name of Islamic International School.

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Because for my children, we had to do it.

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We I was prepared to sit with that get up my child, though putting in a convent school by giving all the so called education at home. But then we thought that we should make a sample school and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. We venture with this project in Bombay, and Allah helped us and with Allah support, we learned the school and hamdulillah from day one, the response that we received from the people of Bombay, for the Muslim the Bombay was tremendous, Mashallah. The response was such that the school was absolutely new. We hardly publicized it, we decided to start the school, there was only three weeks publicity, Mashallah. But immediately when the school was launched, the

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amount of response we got was phenomenal. And it was overwhelming that ministers they phoned our school to see to it, that some of the friends get admission to the school. It was good Mashallah, you will hardly find a minister phoning a madrasa and telling that you know, I want to see it in your mother in law. We find that in the convent school

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in India, most of the convent school, the ministers phone, and they try and use the influence. But the law very strict as far as admission committee is concerned, we are very strict with the guidelines. And unless a person fulfills our guidelines, let me minister son also be on your admission Alhamdulillah.

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The difference that is there that we appreciated that the movement that was started by many of the philanthropists and education is toward the world. It was a good movement, at least giving them an environment of Islam. So I was really happy that in the Western countries, whether it be USA, UK, there were schools in which a child could at least practice Islam. When the school that we launched,

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we had a different system we had

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that I wanted a striking balance when a child passes the 10 standard. He should become at least an average alum when he passes from the room, as well as

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be able to compete with the best performing schools

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in the city. That was the aim and with that target besides the school, and we did many unconventional things, which people told it's not possible but

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we did it

Islamic International School Mumbai

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