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In Alhamdulillah Heyerdahl and Amato on the screen over here, so hello when are all the villa heater elementary and fusino say Dr. Molina de la la la mobile la mejor de la

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ilaha illa la hora de la sharika Portia Donna Mohammed and Aveda who want to be you who are also yeah you hola Xena mano de la hapa to party hola como una Illa and Tomasi moon yeah you Hannah suta hora de como la de la la comida FC wahida. Alcala caminho jaha Oba seven humare. Jalan Cassie around Juanita.

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Was de la la de la luna V will or ham in a la Cana la cumbre peba yeah you heard Latina Amano De La Hoya Hulu Poland sadita la Kumara Moroccan oil la comida Nova come one minute a la hora Sula, hufa padishah 1000 avina all praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness and his protection from the evil whispers within us and from the consequences of our evil deeds for whomever Allah guides been can never lead astray and whomever Allah leaves the strain on can ever guide and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion but Allah and Allah alone without any partners,

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the true supreme King and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth, His Prophet and his servants and His Messenger.

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After reminding myself anew with the support of Allah, for Allah, who will not accept from us anything but it and will not reward us for anything but our actions that are driven by it,

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and will not have mercy on any people except the people who carry it may Allah make us and you have the people of taqwa

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the people of taqwa are the people that carry a consciousness of a law that dictates their actions.

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But what does it mean a consciousness of Allah and how much consciousness is minimum,

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enough to drive you to obey Him and to keep you from disobeying him subhanho wa Taala, so that you are correctly defined as his servants you serve Him, which is a definition of Islam to submit as a servant to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there are many ways to visit this to remedy this to strengthen this, none of which are like the Koran and have the qualities or laws that were just described. His Qur'an width is the quality of ERISA.

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Ya know, who like he tebboune Aziz, this is a book that is as easy and as he simply put his mighty, simply put his mighty, the scholars said, one of the reasons why the whole ad is called Aziz is because those who are close to the core and it feeds the mightiness of Allah inside of them meaning their awareness, consciousness taqwa of how mighty Allah is. You see, when the Quran came to the people of Arabia, you might wonder why does it speak so much about who Allah is and how great Allah is? because these were people that were not atheists.

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They are people who believed in Allah, but the mic we all mightiness the greatness of Allah was not heavy enough inside them to dictate their lives. It got blurred. And likewise, by the way, though it is another topic. Atheists to begin with are not addressed in the Quran for that very reason. Because we all know we all believe that there's a higher power but our awareness of just how powerful he is,

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is what determines whether we can act like he doesn't exist claim like he doesn't exist or say it in theory, but it doesn't show much in our action. That is why the Quran speaks so much about there is of Allah throughout to strengthen that in you to make you a person that would earn a lot of pleasure that would be rescued from a loss wrath and his anger. So panda who was Allah we're in a hula keytab una de that's what the book came to do.

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And how do you know that you feel about a loss on my penis? Enough? Allah is gracious enough in your life, as we said, Do you cut corners as if you can escape his mind? Do you not believe that he is enough to compensate you? Or is he capable enough of catching you? Why else would you cut corners?

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And that is why check your commitment to his lifestyle, the white lifestyle he mapped out for you called Islam. So an easy example. You believe because you have to believe I don't want to say in theory, but in principle, em hackle LaHood Riba? Well, you will be further caught that Allah will cause interest interest bearing transaction Riba usury to crumble. You believe Allah can do that and will do that he said he would want you to be further caught and he will cause charity to grow.

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Charity will multiply your wealth to the degree that you are sure that Allah can and will hold true on that statement, you will act on it. You will stay away from river and you will invest in soda.

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Likewise, why are people vengeful, many times because they feel like they have to take back their rights and

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take on their own project to get their rights back take on revenge. But many people when they are resigning to Allah, yes, they will ask for their rights, but they will not cut corners and be hasty about getting their rights back. And that is why in a very beautiful connection, the prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam said, Meza de la who I've done the iPhone in there is

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that Allah will not increase a servant for his forgiveness, except in his

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except in might and honor and greatness. Why? Because you were not able to forgive except because you knew that Allah will take care of me. When you think it's totally up to you, you become vicious. But when you believe that Allah is Al Aziz, you will forgive people or you will at least be just with them. Because you don't feel cornered. Allah is on my side to find out who was Allah. And so He grants you an understanding of his razor with your nearness to his book, and He grants you the ability to live in light of this desert. Once you see his book, you frequent his book enough. What is there is of a law What do you find in the Quran about Allah's Name and as he is the Almighty.

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The scholar said that you will find a loved name the almighty

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supplying you with basically three dimensions of his own mightiness his has three major components that are addressed to help strengthen the that sentiment in you in the Quran. So they said when I love the Baraka, what Allah says in the law, he acknowledges that Allah He Jamia there is the mic belongs to Allah all of it. They said it doesn't mean that just Allah owns all of power. It means all of the dimensions, all of the aspects of being as these belong to Him, and they are three in the whole and

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the first of them is straightforward strength. The Quran tells you about just how strong Allah is so strong that you can never fully estimate his strength. It's beyond the human comprehension. Where do we find that? A lot of articles Allah said Mercado de la haka de, in Lucha de Yun Aziz, they do not give proper estimate to Allah, Allah is certainly strong, mighty. So the strength and might have Allah was not given proper estimate to, of course, no one can properly estimate it. But the idea is they didn't give us enough regard. The fact that he is strong in his mighty, mighty and strong, strong and mighty

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which means you we should get better at realizing estimating a lot of strength as best as we can.

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How do you do that? If Napoleon Rahim Allah He gives a good I'll call it an exercise.

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He says, I want you to imagine the greatest of the creation of Allah.

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One of the greatest creatures Allah ever created are the angels that carry his mighty throne. Right? They are eighth on the Day of Judgment. He said, I want you to compare the difference in strength between the angel that carries our last throne.

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a mosquito.

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Already, it's difficult to just do this mental exercise. He said and then think about, if Allah were to take the strength of all of his creatures, the strength of all people, all people and all animals, and give them to one men. Okay, imagine how powerful this man would be how strong this person would be. He said, and then the strength of this one men. Notice how he want you to spend time on it. That's why he's dragging it. He says, Take the strength of this one men, and turn all of Allah's creation as strong as this men.

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He said the strength of all of those now together

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compared to the strength of Allah. There's a bigger difference between this and that. Then there is between the angel that carry the last throne, and between the mosquito, meaning it's beyond our comprehension, but to realize just how grand Allah strength is. This is the first aspect of strength. The first aspect of it is that you find being stirred inside you when you're close to the Aziz book. The Mighty book can hold on

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The second they said is Alice does not is not meeting anyone a lot of independence, you will find that larger is described as him not needing anyone or anything. So panda who athon and why is that important? Because sometimes one of us in a small circle in our little small world can be stronger in some way than everybody else. But that doesn't mean we're not sacrificing. Right? Like on a very simple, shallow level, the strongest arm wrestler in this message, it doesn't mean he will not struggle with the guy who second place. He'll just come out on top after struggling, okay. allas independence means apana who was Allah, He doesn't need anything. He's not lacking anything. There's

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no sacrifice involved.

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There is no sacrifice involved at all. Unlike us, our tiny corners of strength many times involves sacrifice. So the whole end purchase clears that notion from how we believe about Allah there's no sacrifice whatsoever. There's no need there's no supplement.

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And that is where do you find this in the poor and many is of them is when a lot though Jen says, So pan Arab be carabiner is that Yama? foon. glorified? is Allah The Lord of the Almighty, from these things that they describe? What are they describing? that God has a partner that God rests on the seventh day that Allah is above all of these things?

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Rob Billerica because He is the Lord of mind kind of hautala

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even as a courtesy, something we can rehearse even closer to home, if we're paying attention after our Salah, and in the evening and morning, when we're supposed to make our visit our sessions of remembering Allah that are so emphasized Allah says wasn't a Jacuzzi. He says men the lezzy hash power in the house in the evening, who is the one that intercedes for somebody else? Like who can step in between Allah and one of his servants? What does that mean? That means Allah is independent, he doesn't owe anybody any favors. You don't have the right to step in and say, oh, let this person go, oh, Allah help. You don't have this right. He'll do it out of his generosity. He granted us

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permission for shefa to intercede our province offer lemma intercede and the angels will intercede. And the Shahadat will intercede, and the righteous will intercede. Yes. But he doesn't know nobody can intercede without his permission, because he doesn't owe anyone anything. He's independent.

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And he's not afraid of backlash from anyone. He's not dependent on pleasing anyone, none of that. That is the second component of our laws is that it is independent, so strength and independence. The third and last of them, the scholar said is Allah

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or Allah MOOC.

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MOOC means sovereignty means control, that Allah is always in control. That's part of him being the Almighty.

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How is that different from strength and independence? Because a person may be strong, like if we're just talking on our level, and a person may not struggle, right.

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But that doesn't mean they're always acting on their power. But this means that a lot of power, a lot of decision, a lot of control is never absent, if something exists is because Allah permitted for it to exist. It's never inactive from any ounce of his universe from any spec. It's involved always. And if something is non existent, it's because he chose for it to be non existence of Anahata Allah and you find this in the Quran and sort of Ramadan among so many other places. These are samples of these dimensions. A lot of them sort of earlier. Emraan codina Houma Malik al mulk say, Oh Allah, owner of sovereignty of dominion, the Mulcaire doesn't mean ownership.

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It means sovereignty, which is controlled.

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mill could mean ownership, multis control over what you own, or control over a Dominion space. say Oh Allah, owner of all control of all dominion, to the milkman, Tasha you give control to whoever you will.

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What 10 00 am alchemy, mentorship and you remove you pluck the minion Kingdom from whoever you will.

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You know, by the way, who else has enough to give away kingdoms and control over Allah subhanho wa Taala nobody who gives away kingdoms with him. And at the same time, we are so limited as human beings we're so like possessive of our little control that the ayah says Allah plucks it because no one wants to ever give it up. No one wants to ever give it back. Because you only have so much you have a limited supply of control, a limited supply of resource a limited supply of Dominion of authority. That's why the eyes that he gives because he's so generous and he pluck

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Because no one else gives the way he gives no one else gives it up once he gifts so he takes it. So panda who was the Allah potenzial commandment thou shalt continue the verse. What were his zoom and Tasha and you are the one who honors and empowers whoever you want. What to the lumen Tasha and you are the one who dishonors debasis the most whomever you want. Big callfire in your hand is all good. In NACA Allah Konishi in Cadiz

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in your hand is all good. You are certainly over all things capable. May Allah fill us with the weight of his razor to understand it and live by it Allahumma amin and bring us closer to his azeez book Allahumma amin Hola, Hola. Hola, Halima.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Ala Moana, Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika or shadow Anna, Mohammed and Abba who want to be you who are solo.

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It was not just the disbelievers in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam who failed because Allah might and power and strength and dominion and independence was not settled inside of them. It was also those who have stepped in their faith.

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And so they play began to play a tug of war between Islam and disbelief. These were known as the one after thing. Why were they stuck in the middle and trying to short step in their Islam or half step in their Islam? Allah azza wa jal draws for us the picture and sort of is known as the hole in the chapter on them and he says, You have Kowloon Allah and Raja and El Medina de la, regional abdomen, hell as hell. They used to say once we get back to Medina today didn't want to fight. They didn't want to sacrifice they didn't want to commit. And they took the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the companions out of Medina saying we're with you. Then when things got hot, or things got

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serious, they went back and they said, once Mohammed and his companions return Elena Santos today we're going to remove them. Why? Because he's subjecting us to destruction. He's getting us involved in wars. And so we have to protect ourselves, protect our power, the assumption of power is what destroyed them. Jaco lunella and Raja Anna el Medina tea they say, once we get back to Medina, those who have risen meaning themselves they assume their mighty,

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will expel those who are lonely meanings of believers.

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A lot as dogen responded, he exposed them by revealing this verse and he said, what he learned here is that what he assumed he was meaning belonging to Allah, his true mind, and to His Messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites simply don't know. And so that is the issue for you for your knowledge about Allah is his mightiness. To begin to fade inside of you is where all of the problems happen.

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May our laws though, again, empower us with our faith in Him, and never allow us to assume as powerful anyone but Him? May Allah help us engage our reality with optimism because of our belief in him, while our hearts internally recline and resign and trust in him throughout. May Allah though just secure us from every vulnerability by virtue of us believing he is a disease and internalizing the depths of what it means to believe in Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah has no banner was often a pm Lena was a bit academica on sadhana Coleman, Catherine a lot of Muslim Amina Amina Amina wanna see schema Allah

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here in Homer Jaime lahoma what was Allah hasta la vaca Vienna Mohammed II or Safi WhatsApp Irina with a p masala