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regimes man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad not early he also had big marina sedang lawyer were to go to

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I was already doing.

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And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Night number nine. And Allah accept all that we've done this for almost 1/3 of the month finished my last vlog on this topic, I mean, this evening, we talk about the third major sign of karma, and that is the emergence of yet Julian, George and SubhanAllah. Before we begin the signs of karma and karma itself, about itself, these are all a part of the illiberal vibe, things that we will not fully understand. In fact, the reality has been kept hidden from us. And when we discuss matters of the unseen, whether it is the job, whether it is our duty to judge, the methodology is we try and we first look at what the texts say of the Quran and the Sunnah, and

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try to understand things in the most literal way, before we delve into metaphorical meaning. And it's a good thing. Let's think about it. You don't want the orlimar giving you their opinions and saying that this is what Allah said, rather, we look at what the text say, black and white in Arabic, and then we add our interpretations and opinions. And so in sha Allah with the Jewish Mr. George, as with all the signs of the AMA, and the matters of the unseen, we only understand a portion of it. And another part we don't understand. And Allah mentions in the Quran, that he reveals is that, that they are welcome at that they are if that are clear, clear as the daylight

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there is no reason to delve into too much thinking and deceit. And these are all Kitab This is the majority of the ayat but some of the ayat or Bucha we had Patricia we had meaning that they are not as clear and only those who Allah allows or those who have insight, Allah gives the real understanding of the deeper meaning of these ayat. And so in sha Allah, we ask Allah to guide us. So with regards to your juju, Mr. George, they are actually mentioned in the Quran.

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Unlike the gel is not mentioned in the Quran anyway. And obviously the fact that something is in the Quran is far more significant. And

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even the coming of Nabil isa we said is implied near mountain when I was is that we're in the hula, Melissa that the ESA is a sign of glioma. This in itself is

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not as explicit we as yet GA modules are explicitly mentioned in two places in the Quran. The first and second Ambia Allah says were haram and Allah Kalia teen that Allah has made a law that a nation that has been destroyed he destroyed the nation and the home lawyer unit they will never ever come back. Once our destroys a people you will not allow them to return. They're destroyed completely had either fully had the idea that this law this law will remain until what does it mean until you're a junior manager which come meaning until piano that this will stay until Kiana oh the fact that when you are DJ my dude comes Allah will allow destroyed nations to return. And this might play into our

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discussion with a huge image. So Allah says that no nation will return off it has been destroyed hotter either footie hat until Yeah, DJ modules, fully hygienic, they are unleashed. It's very important the verb footie had mean they were unleashed, or they were released, or who mean clearly had opinions you don't. And when they are unleashed, they will swarm

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down every hill and every mound. So they are they would appear to be a group that is of huge numbers, and they will swarm almost like insects coming out of a mound. This is the imagery that you get from the IRS. The other place in the Quran, which is a lot more discussed, is of course, a little Catholic. We all know the story of goon Quatermain also a story that Subhanallah we only know a little bit of this information, the bunnies. So I will ask them, at least for now. Tell us about the man who traveled throughout the land or traveled to the east and the west. And so Allah says, Well, yes, I don't I can't even coordinate you asked about the local name. I will tell you about the

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story. Now, just sidenote dual quarantine, dual means the possessor of quarantine, Quarantine is a Hone. Or it could mean in the Quran. When Allah uses the Quran, it means an age, an epoch a generation.

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Allah says we're Janome cotton and when we brought a new car, a new people in age so cotton can either mean a horn and it's but it's never used in the Quran is when it's always used as an age or a time when epoch. So does it mean he's the man that literally has two horns, he's got a helmet with two horns. This is the vast majority of them for city. The classical default is he had a helmet with two horns he was a king. The other side of series is someone that appears in two Ages was traveling, traveling through time or traveling through different worlds, Alana anyway. They're asked to coordinate coordinate called Sackler a community the crowd will tell you a bit about the story in

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them a Candela who feel that we established him we made him we gave him a lot of mighty

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and power in the land. And we gave him in coalition in Saba, we gave him the means to travel to wherever he wished if you were Baba Baba, so he took one of these routes these paths until he reached Hatha Yoga mastery by Shamsi came to the place where the sun is sitting. And he found that it appeared to him to be sitting in a spring of dark water.

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Where he found some people they only found people living around this water. And so

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Allah awesome, we said, which zoom into arduboy Manta team personnel, Allah Allah, Allah inspires me to Kearney, who are these people? What do you do with these people when you punish them or when you harm them when you exploit them or you leave them so he said, I'm an alum and balama for those who come adore Him those who are evil, but so for no other people, we will punish them and then we will send them to your Allah so that you can punish them even more severely, but as for those who believe we will, they will have the finest reward from me and we'll assign them an easy we will make easy for them we will support them. So this is what we call nine mentioned. Then Allah says he left and

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to Mombasa, he took another path and he came upon Bala muglia Shams here place where the sun was rising water the hilltop Noah Coleman he found it rising upon people lemenager alarming Dooney Housesitter are people that didn't even includes very, very primitive people. You know, they they didn't even include those kinda like Allah says, And he left them just like that he did not interfere with him. What could have not been malady haga and we know all Allah says We know everything about him, but he didn't we don't mention what he did to those people. He just lifted through ma saba. And then he went on a third journey. And this is of course, we will focus tonight,

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Hatha Yoga bellava Baneasa Dini, he came to a place between a gap between two mountains a valley basically, or what did I mean? Dooney Hema and he found close to this place a people lie Academy if Coca Cola a people that he could not communicate with the people that were they could not understand each other. Eventually once they learned to talk to him or he could communicate and call yeah they'll call nine he said they say to call nine in the future very much Julia Julia ma George moves Sedona fill out they are causing mischief in the land well natural like hydrogen other integer Albanian albino said that they said we will pay you a tribute if you are able to build a barrier

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between us and them. Can you put a petition between us and a judge called Mr. McKinney if you're behind on whatever Allah has given me spaces in which you can provide me finally be cool but in Azure and Boehner Kumar binome Rama however give me manpower I'm gonna need people I've I'm gonna build something but I need labor and I will build between them and you

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will they ask can you build a wall he said I will build a barrier alright let's again use a different way he did. They asked for a salad a partition. He said I will build a special barrier between you between you and them. Bring me blocks of iron or Tunis overall Hadid bring me blocks of iron Hatter. Edessa Boehner, Boehner so the fine until that he filled the gap between the two barriers The between the two worlds Allah Allah between the two valleys, he fooled this he closed the gap with these iron blocks. He then said, color, color color, infer who he said blow upon it. Blowing again is a very interesting thing you'll find in sharing affair 30 feel awkward. One of the

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ways of using magic is to blow inside not blowing Allah Allah has some special ability in the supernatural world. And so he blew on these blocks Hatha Yoga Journal Nara it became like fire now the tough scene we will always find interpretive became red, hot red but the actual word in the Quran is hotter the journal Naira it became fire that blocks turned into fire called two new offerings or a crypto and then he said I will pour over copper over this this block this is this blocks of iron that turned red like fire. And then he said from us Sato Yep, hello, where? Masato Allahu Nakaba now he says it will be impossible for additional modules to climb over this event this

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barrier or to tunnel through it called a harder Rama to me Robbie that this is a mercy from Allah upon you for either Java or Ruby. But when the Promise of Allah comes Jana who Dhaka Allah will cause that this video will level will collapse. What kind of Adobe haka and the Promise of my Lord is true. We're talking about our dome Yoma iya moves up but on that day, basically, when the barrier collapses, we will let them search again, the imagery of like the swarm, like a tide like a wave, they will surge out into the world. One of you Hafizullah for Gemma and I'm Gemma, when that happens is very close to when the Trumpet will be blown and Kiana will come. So this is the reference from

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the IRS in the Quran. Allah doesn't say what they are what they look like, what the purpose is just a huge number that they cause mischief in the land and between us and them. They is some variable by the codename where they are what they are that we don't have the details now let's go to the Hadith. Let's see what the response is gonna be. So Salam says, Yeah, Juju Mr. Zhu

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They are digging everyday they are trying to tunnel through this hole daily. And when they can almost see through the rays on the, on the other side, they see the rays of the sun on the other side, the, they then stop digging, and they'll say we'll come back tomorrow, then Allah causes this barrier to regenerate, and it becomes strong as it was before. So everything they did is nullified. Allah returns the barrier to which things and then when they come, they, they again dig this all the time, they doing this all the time, until one of them says, Okay, we'll come back and destroy, dig through it tomorrow in sha Allah, they say in sha Allah, because they never say in sha Allah. And

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when they say that, the next day they come in, they'll find the barrier broken, and they will dig through it, and then they will completely destroy it. And when they break through the barrier, this wall of Volker nine, they will come out and they will they will then cover the earth and drink up all the water and the people will they will basically be unleashed. And then they will people will flee from them. And they will fortify themselves in fortresses and in the mountains. And this is part of this mini Hadith we're gonna put together after that when the German recovers the entire land. The hadith says they will shoot the arrows towards the sky. And it will appear like the the

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the weapons will come down blooded, and they say, We have killed the people on the earth. And now we have killed the people that live in the summer in the heavens. And then Allah will send a worm in the a worm that will bring them a disease and they will all die of a certain plague. And they will all basically folded the resources by the one whose hand my soul is, the beasts of the earth will grow fat on the flesh and basically, then the animals will eat their carcasses and they will cover the entire land, right? So that's one Hadith, they will come out, they will come they will basically cover the whole earth. The people that will remain will be in hiding. And then once they dominate

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the earth, they will try to fight with those living in the summer. who's living in the summer inshallah we maybe can opine on that later. Right In another Hadith.

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While they are like that Allah will sin. So where we stopped the NABI Imam Mahdi unites the OMA we have this great war with European powers, and the school the metal hammer. And just as things are progressing, we conquer Constantinople, that gel is released. And for two years, if you if you take the 40, the hadith of 40 days, the first being one year, then it's about two years that the jail will cover the entire world and he will completely defeat everyone and conquer every land besides Mecca and Medina and the mighty will be in hiding. And then on at some point it is Fudger. As the advantage of Algeria is going Nabi Isa will descend in Damascus, and he will align up with the with

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the armies of the Mojave. And in fact, this is the last video about the mighty philosophy of the Mojave is he leads an ISA in Salah and that's it. We don't know anything about him further. Now that reasonably isa takes over and the first thing he does is he kills the gel. And just as the world is recovering from this Malhotra and agile, Allah will inform the ISA that the barrier between the judo module has collapsed and they will come out. And so

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Allah subhanaw taala will say, Oh Issa, I have brought forth some of my slaves who no one will be able to kill, you can't even kill them. So take my slaves to Atul mountain to the place where Nabi Musa received the revelation with Allah spoke to the user go there in safety, then yeah, Jamba Juice will emerge Well, whom equally had opinion soon, Hadith mentions the idea they will come out from every portal from every hole from every mound, they will come out, and the first of them will pass by the lake of Tiberius, and they will first start to drink from it and by the time the last of them comes to it, the entire lake will be consumed. So we imagine that they are of a huge quantity, the

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quantity is astronomically big, and they will say there was once was water, then the ESA sees him and his companions will be besieged, until and they will be in such a difficulty that the head of an ox would be dear to them, then all the money in the world basically there'll be starving because they wouldn't have any food hiding away. And they'll be Isa will continuously make dua to Allah, then Allah will send this worm that will enter the next of juja module which and will infect them and within one day all of them will die of the disease. Then they'll be Isa and his companions will come down and they will not find even the space of it not again the quantity of Nigeria, they will

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come out of the cave, and they will not find a single place on Earth that doesn't have the carcass of big jam, huge, free of the stink and the stench of the blood meaning the entire world is covered with the Caucasus, the dead bodies of March winner ESA will will make dua to Allah and He will send a bird special birds that will

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take these caucuses and take it away and rain will come and wash the bodies of your Jewish and my Jewish away. And after that they will be this age. We call this the most messianic age, you know as you find in the Bible, where there'll be complete peace and harmony in the world with the lamb and the lion will eat together and no fighting no animosity. There will just be peace that prevails after that. Nobody is

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I will now rule and the world will be fresh and brand new as it was, it's almost like a restart reboot of the world. And then after that Kiama will come Kiama will come with the other signs of piano, right? So we mentioned again, huge amount of damage so

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off the huge amount of damage. So as it's mentioned once Yeah, juja modules are gone, they had this hadith that mentions that the animals will feed on the carcasses and the carcasses would basically

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fertilize the ground and it will produce the some nutrition in them that will cause the world to produce its basic vegetation. And that's why there'll be no need for fighting, no man Amasa T, there'll be no second religion on earth, it will all just be in peace and harmony. And the Hadith initially mentions that the Muslims are the people of the world will use the technology. It says the Hadith says the bows the arrows and the shields that the GA module is left behind for seven years, they will make use of the utilize whatever Yeah, Julian was left behind. So that is all that happens. And then afterwards, the next signs of Korean we'll talk about the other seven signs of

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karma after this visit interesting Hadith about piano about the juju margin.

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The resources on the day of piano, Allah will call Nabil Adam, and Adam will say Lubbock, my lord was like, I respond to your Allah, Allah will then see, then they will be allowed call saying Allah orders your item to take from your progeny, a group that will go to Johanna, look at your people and take out look at your children and take a group of them and take them to Johanna. And Nabi either will ask how many of them must go to jahannam. So Allah will say, out of every 1999 will go to Janome, one out of every 1000 will be saved, and the rest will go to Jana. And so we're going to mention this, the Sahaba became so despondent and Allah and then at least at that time, every

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pregnant woman will drop a load, and every child will turn gray when they hear this, and you shall see mankind won't sukar they will become drunk people will just completely

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fall unconscious out of the theater, and they are not drunk, then then responses but do not be afraid that out of every 9999 98 will be a huge amount huge. So 1998 is juja module, she'll go to Jana, and the rest will be so only to be two people left to normal people. And one will go to Jana and one will go to Jana. And so the Sahaba became very, very happy when they said and then then obviously Salam goes on this panel. This is This is perhaps the most important part, then obviously, I hope that you Muslims, my alma will be half of all the people in Jana will come from my ummah, half of all the people of Jana will be from my people, and the Sahaba made Allahu Akbar that is such

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a great news that this OMA will be the majority of the people of Ghana, even though we are the last you will be the first to enter Jannah and we will be the bulk of the people of Jana Al Hamdulillah. Alright, so how do we make sense of these ideas and proceed? So the classical scholar review, and this is before we had Google Earth and we had mapped the world, the mega city had a very simple said, look, there's a tribe called the Abuja, Machu Picchu and the huge tribe in terms of numbers, and they are maybe on some island or in some exotic land. And between them and us, there's a massive wall. And if you travel, you'd see this world some way in the world. And they on the other side, and

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on the on the side. Of course, modern science we know we've mapped the entire world, and we haven't seen a wall of blue coordinate, know what we found. Now look, if it's 1000, yeah, Juji Juji to one human, it's like 8 billion times 1008, like trillion of them. Right? So this is the classical view. And this what you find within the Buddha sitting, there are others who have said, No, we don't understand this, literally, when Allah says that it's 1000, he doesn't mean it just means that there'll be a huge army and it could be a big nation like Russia or China, and then being released, meaning that they will come out and wage war, Allah, Allah, He doesn't speak, he doesn't add up to

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all the Hadith that we have with regards to this, what is mentioned, some Subhan Allah you find even some great scholars, modern scholars, perhaps these are even the word like zombies. You know, these are people that are affected by some kind of disease and you find this genre of apocalyptic sort of stories where the fact that the eating and you can't fight them, you can't kill them. They're almost like diseased or a group of people that have some kind of the date being resurrected and causing mischief Allah Allah and something which I find quite interesting some facility and says, Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Surah, Amin IoT and obvious signs Holika somehow it will already created the

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heavens and the earth, warmer but stuffy ma'am, in any scattered throughout the heavens, throughout the universe, many many living creatures throughout the universe, there are many, many living creatures while we're jamming him into your shell courtroom, and he is able to gather all these creatures together. All these in every land in every planet in every moon, there are people living, they all worshipping Allah and He will gather them all together. And so is it really far fetched to consider that Earth

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Nice that lives out there.

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They come to different lands, they conquer the cause mischief. And Allah had blessed one of our people will coordinate with the ability to build a barrier between our world and the world. And the minute this barrier collapses, that is when they will invade our world from different parts. And they advanced technology will mean that we can't fight them. And the huge quantities as they invade the earth will have no ability to fight them, except that ALLAH will inflict a disease on them and that they would die. So Allah Allah, the point is, we believe that there is something called the adhesion molecules because Allah said so in the Quran, we believe that they are a sign of the AMA,

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the how of it. We don't know we don't need to know. But that is what we believe. And so far as I mentioned, you look at the signs they sound strange and as you get closer to the point you understand when they said you're a man will have a time when his thigh will speak to him. We understand what this means Sahaba had no clue their minds must have run wild they couldn't imagine this little device that uses frequencies and cell phones and this kind of things they couldn't imagine that so there is an understanding to this that belongs to Allah for us we say Samia now Altana we are and we will be will make dua that Allah saves us from this conclude on this. The three

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signs are all linked to each other as you can see the gel now isa Judea modules they're all three of them linked together the other seven are kind of on their own, but they will happen quickly and we'll talk about those inshallah. Tomorrow. Last night we asked Where would the gel be killed? I mean when was the box

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manual? Is not Yeah.

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Right the zhaowei Would it be killed gate? No. At the loot gate, you will be killed at the loot gate and I say quite interestingly so hanawa the loot gate is loot gate is where the airport is in Israel. So when Nabil Issa is gonna hunt him down he's going to try to run get a flight but he would not succeed. Okay the next question I don't know what the question is tonight the next question tonight yeah usually modules will be killed by a worm and and a camel or a lion

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I leave that while I pull out the price

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your circle I feel sorry last last thing that often program anybody who can contribute anybody who can assist to be struggling to raise money for orphans tomorrow if you're able to contribute Nala you will you Amin was ALLAH Cena Muhammad Assalamu alaikum.

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