Surah Al Takwir – A Deeper Look – The Elevated Rank of Jibreel

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The Quran is the kalam of Allah. The Quran is the kalam of Allah you know what that means? It's the original speech of Allah

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when I'm reciting right now was soba he that Hanafis the words came out of whose mouth, my mouth. That means they are my coal.

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But definitely they are not my column.

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They are my coal but they're not my Quran. The Quran will describe Quran as Kalam Allah had to smoke alarm Allah.

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But now when it comes to Cole when Allah speaks in his cold when Gibreel speaks, it's his cone. When Rasul sai Salam speaks is his tone, but whatever they're called, is the kalam still belongs to Allah azza wa jal. Now, in the study of Hadith, you probably no, in the study of Hadith one of the most important things is a chain of narration. Which companion heard from which companion heard from who and who heard it from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And how many people heard it from him? And are these people reliable, there's a chain of narration, as a matter of fact, the entire Quran reaches us through a chain of narration, the prophet recited this Quran says followers will recite

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it to theirs. And that's how it came to us. The Quran starts with that chain, but the first link of that chain is actually not the Prophet.

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The Prophet has to get that Quran from the angel and the angel has to get the Quran from the seventh heaven from the company of Allah. So if we're going to have an authentic chain, we have to go all the way to the top.

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And so, what these do is described that this is not the word of this this words that your prophet is reciting is actually being recited to him the coal is coming to him from a Noble Messenger Rasul in Karim, a Noble Messenger, the previous Surah already described that the revelation was being written down.

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Now we're learning once it's written down, it comes and it's delivered in the form of coal by a Noble Messenger, meaning Gabriel Gibreel. Anna is Salam. What is the description of Gibreel? The coverton? Before I translate that, I want to share with you that you know, the Bible calls him Gabriel, we call him Jibreel, or Jabra IL, right? And these names, they're originally from the Hebrew Bible, give her eel or Gabrielle, that's the Hebrew version of the name Djibouti, and give her an Arab in Hebrew actually means power.

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And eel means God, meaning the powerful creature of God. So the word Gibreel in Hebrew means the powerful creature of God. And what does the Quran do? Allah says in the hola como la Rasool in Kadeem, in the who was in Possessor of Power, possessor of might. And this is really interesting, because Jibreel other his salaam, his name originally is not Arabic. If you try to find his name in Arabic, it doesn't exist, because the word Djibouti is not an Arabic word. It actually is borrowed from the Hebrew language into the Arabic language. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi. wasallam did not speak Hebrew. He didn't speak Hebrew. This word is translated by ALLAH from Hebrew into the

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Arabic Quran by the words what the coup attempt. How does the Quran know that the meaning of Jubilee His name is the Kuba it's because it's the same source, the revelation of that scripture is the same that's those stars what's left of them were also sent by Allah and this revelation is also sent by Allah. So it's actually even in the way that Allah says the cool thing is already proved that this is not the word of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's already for especially for the Jewish audience and her dislike how do you know that

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you know, GABA Elan actually from it, the Arabic meaning this close Arabic root is Jabbar which also means power.

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Right on from it, you get Jabbar? Right. So now the cool thing and as she McKean he's mighty, he possesses great might. He is in the company of the one that owns the throne, Villa hourish, the Mighty Throne of Allah. He is right in his company. This is a description of Jimmy La La salaams residence. He is in the Centratel monta insalata najem. Here he describes Gibreel there he described Jibreel here and he said he's right by the arch there. He said in that single little mantra. He got closer to the address, and he said he's right by the load tree. Now there's a special kind of load tree up there by which Gibreel wa Salaam has his residents, but then he says McKean stationed and I

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want to actually give you a few things McKean so Photoshop Bahaman Mukhin or mokwena belongil curve makhana 10 either Allah truth but to who and the lady McKean means someone have a very high style

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Yes and someone who has a stable position someone tenured You can also call McKeen, like a professor who's got tenure can also be a McKean. Okay, up to back at the back a bus like now you're settled right now listen, go back a little bit what bring what is what is wrt salaam bring

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you bring Quran the story of the coming of the Quran from the skies needs to be understood. It is a high profile document, is it not? There is no higher profile message that's ever been sent. And when a king or nowadays a president or a prime minister sends a high profile message to somebody through an ambassador through an embassy, what do they have to do? Do they just send an email? Do they just put it in the regular mail, make an envelope and put it in the mailbox? No, those kinds of messages need an enormous amount of security. Don't take. First of all, you have to have someone. You can't just have anybody deliver that message. It has to be a dignitary someone that has Kurama has to

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deliver it. If it's going from one to the other, and it's coming from a king, someone dignified by the king has to be sent. So a messenger has to be noble in order to deliver the message on behalf of King. What's the first description of Jebel Ali Salam in the hola como Rasool in Karine. He is the word delivered by a Noble Messenger, a noble ambassador from Allah nobility is a requirement of a high profile delivery message. The second thing he says is his mighty the coup attempt. Why is his mind and power important because this is a classified important message, there may be somebody that tries to steal this document, and maybe somebody that tries to gain access to this document, there

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may be somebody that tries to overpower him and take the message from him. You ever seen movies when somebody is traveling with high profile classified information, and they've got like a chain in the briefcase. Right, and then they've got security guards around. But you know what Allah says he doesn't need no chain, no briefcase nor security guards because he possesses great might, himself, nobody's going to mess with your holidays.

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And then you need someone who's very close to the administration, who the administration can trust not only someone noble, but somebody very close to the position of power, so that there is no chain like you don't say, for example, with a classified message. And I imagine I'm the president, I'm not. But you know, I'm the president, and I want to give this to my ambassador, I'm not going to give it to some intern at the White House to hand it to the ambassador. I need to have direct access to who the ambassador there's there can be no one low profile in between, because it's highly sensitive information, which means that Ambassador whoever that is that Vice President, whoever that

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is, has to be very close to me. What does Allah do? Not only is he powerful Ender the louder she's right by the by the house itself, the throne itself. In other words, there's no one between Allah and Jibreel. Allah is Salam, that proximity, right and that's how it's delivered. And then this has to be someone who has been around for a while, and who's rank is respected across the board.

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His experience is 10 years important because you'll know what to do. And also others need to respect that that's his modalities. That's his space. Nobody can touch that space. He's qualified and that's above everybody else's pay grade, but is captured what one word captures that standard sums up guys RAM McKean. The hood rustling Kareem in the Google thing under the love she McKean and then that's not enough. When he decides to deliver the message when Allah sends him down to deliver even when I have the Quran. When he comes down with one surah of the Quran, Allah says that's not enough, you can't just go alone. Musa and he comes with a legion of angels matar and means followed previous

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Surah as we learn the scribes of the revelation or multiple that number and righteous in number, other place in Quran in surah. Jen, you're going to learn when the Quran started coming down, the entire sky was covered with angels and the gym that used to go hang out. They had different parking lots around different planets where they used to go hang out, they can't hang out there anymore. They can't go up there anymore. And they're like, what's going on? Why is the sky on lockdown? We don't get it. That's an sootel Gin and when they finally find out the Quran is coming down like oh, that's why Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of

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the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job had been is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section