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Sit around Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shura freedom via evil mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu ala alihi wa sahbihi seldom

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does Lehmann cathedral cathedral, Palma Babu, my brothers and sisters, inshallah we have had I've had several requests to

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do a series of videos on our Aqeedah. The either of

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us are not well, Gemma, which is what we are. And we call this the n the Aqeedah, which has been described and written by Mr. Harvey. But I'm not alone. So we just got to hurry.

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This is the common Aqeedah of all the former jobs, the Hanafi Shafi humbly Maliki

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this is the this is the agenda of the Hello Santa Java, the Sunni Muslims.

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The purpose of this is for us to understand and know what exactly we believe. For example, if I ask you this question and say how many of you as Muslims believe that we that our belief is that we believe in one God, right, one God, Ilana Wahida. Now if you say, if I ask you, is this your belief? Do you believe in one God? And if you say yes, then it means that your Aqeedah itself is

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is faulty, because we don't believe in one God, we believe in Allah subhanho wa taala, the literal Allah subhanaw taala has his identity Allah is Allah. So for example, if somebody says, La ilaha illa illa huwa hid, there is no one worthy of worship except one God, he does not become Muslim. If someone wants to enter Islam, what does he have to do? He has to do three things. One, he has to believe in his heart, La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah Subhana Allah, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala. And he is the last and final messenger after whom there is no other

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messenger. This is something that he must or she must have in their heart, there was believed this completely and totally. And then they should say this

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aloud, ideally before somebody else as witnesses but doesn't matter, they can say it on their own also, which is La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, I believe that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala, the Glorious and Magnificent, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his messenger and the last and final of all the messages after all, there is no other messenger, they will say this, and as I said, usually it is done in a masjid in front of the, in front of the imam in front of other people as witnesses. This is good, beautiful, it's a nice experience. But if somebody is in a place where there is no budget, or they, they feel threatened,

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they can't go out and accept this testimony of faith publicly, then they can do it and say it themselves

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along the law and third thing which is very important is, then they must live their lives according to that meaning, that if I have said that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, then what must I do? I was do two things. I was doing one thing, I was not doing anything. What I must do is, I must pray, I must establish the salah karma, the Salah is proof that I believe that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala. If I say that I believe that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And then when the time to pray comes, I don't pray then that then by my action, I have denied my belief. That's the reason why somebody who refuses to pray or somebody

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who leaves us Allah has effectively left Islam. That is why we need to pray at the time of prayer. That is what we should do. What we should not do is to worship anyone other than Allah, whoever that might be. Whether it's a human being whether it's an angel, whether it's a mountain, a row, a river or a tree or you know, a store idle a concept a my my MIT illogical figure, whoever we were anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala we must not worship. So one thing to do one thing not to do, what you want is to be done, worship Allah, what is not to be done worship, nobody else.

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And of course, understood in that is we should also not join anyone as a partner with Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Right. So this is a very

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this is a absolutely critical part of our understanding.

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And that is why

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we should learn the Akela that simply saying I believe in God this is I mean, I know you believe in all our this the way people talk and the way they say they end up with these guys

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No mistakes. So we must learn our arcade now what is arcade Arcade is to bIllahi min melodica T Waku to be one who solely well yo mill theory

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because he failed, he was shot with him in Allah Allah wa Garza battle mode. We just, I believe, I have Eman in Allah, in his Malayaka in the angels, in his books in his messengers in the last day the day of resurrection, the Day of Judgment when I will be resurrected and I will stand before Allah Samantha, I believe in the devil in my destiny, the good and the bad, both of it are from Allah subhanaw taala and the seventh one is I believe in the resurrection after the neck bottom. Now, there are seven

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aspects or seven parts to our belief.

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Now, I want you to before we go into the actual we will we will do all of this Inshallah, we will talk about all of these seven in detail. But just a few words about this series of lectures itself, this is something that I want you to listen to very carefully. And then I want you to reflect in your own heart and see where you stand with respect to these things. And to correct that if there are any doubts in your mind or if there are any deviations from what I'm explaining to you, then it is critical and essential for you to correct them and bring them on to the

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Serato must keep the straight path leading to a loss Mandelstam

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please think about this. The question is not what is the Akita of the Muslims? The question is, what is my Akira arena is a very, very oxidized creed, okay, that is our belief in our creed. Right? This is an absolutely personal thing. It's like my breathing. What will keep me alive is my breath. It is not whether somebody else is taking a deep breath or not. What will kill me is if I stopped breathing, the rest of the world can stop breathing, it won't kill me. But if I stopped breathing, it will kill me. Now in the in the in the case of the Aqeedah, it's not just a matter of killing, it's a far more serious matter, because the Aqeedah is what will take me into Jana or Johanna,

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please understand that all the amount of good deeds in the world are worthless. If the Akiva is Rob,

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because he was with Rhonda, whatever good we do, we will be doing it for someone other than Allah and therefore when we go before Allah subhana, Allah della, there will be no benefit from our deeds. The Aqeedah is the fundamental foundation upon which everything else is built. If the fundamental foundation itself is faulty, then obviously whatever is built on it will be 40.

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And that's why it's my choice. And I need to choose please understand their key there is not a default setting just because you're born in a Muslim home just because you are Arab, or you are Indian, or Pakistani or something. Just because you have a name, Abdullah Rama, doesn't mean anything, does not mean anything. Religion is a matter of belief. It's a matter of consciously choosing to believe something, and then to act upon it, and to live our life according to that belief. This is the meaning of religion. Religion is not just some default setting that you know, I'm born in a Muslim home therefore I'm Muslim, no, no. You can be born with the people who Allah

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Subhana Allah has given us examples in the Quran. Most normally salaam son was born in not distant in the in the home of a Muslim. No one is that our son was born in the home of one of the greatest of messengers and prophets of Allah subhanaw taala. No Elisa, but he died, he died out without Islam.

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Right. Musa izannah was not born in the, in the,

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in the home of disbeliever but he was raised by the king of disbelievers, the pharaoh of Egypt, but he was a messenger of Allah subhanaw taala and one of the greatest of the key thing is not where you're born. The key thing is what choices do you make in life? And it begins with Who do I choose to worship? What will begin by this what what do you think we will get? Number one, we gain closeness to Allah subhanaw taala geladeira Inshallah, because without knowing Allah, we cannot worship Allah properly. So to be able to worship Allah, to be able to love Allah Jalla Jalla Lu, we need to know what lies and that's why we if we learn it correctly, then we will have the will we

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will have a correct understanding of who Allah Allah Jalla Jalla Louise, and therefore we will be able to love Allah subhanaw taala and OBEY HIM

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Second thing is accept or some dark because again, it's like shooting an arrow without the correct apisa Your arrow was going somewhere else there is no target. When when the Akita is correct then we okay I'm asking my arrow Allah subhanaw taala I'm asking you without ascribing any partners to him. I'm asking him because he is Myra My name is slip insha Allah Allah subhanaw taala will accept you as our second one is, it will bring an increase and enhance our love for us was a Salam. And baraka of following his sunnah because of the belief in Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam is part of Aki that it is a fundamental foundational principle of Islam. Third thing is, we will understand the great

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danger of shear can be that unfortunately, we don't understand this. And a lot of us, may Allah forgive us, we we commit and we are engaged in and we are embroiled in all forms of shirk, and be that innovations in Islamic innovations. Indeed, I'm not saying we are doing that deliberately, because if you're doing it if you commit share deliberately, then you have existed Islam completely that there is no then you are not a Muslim anymore until you reenter Islam. But definitely, it is possible to commit shirk, not deliberately, but because we don't have knowledge out of ignorance, we make mistakes, we believe in all sorts of customs and practices, and so on and so forth. So

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unlearning the correct Aqeedah will save us from all of this. Also, the issue will be that which is a very, very violent, horrible thing. We will we look at we look at all that in detail. But understanding the current Aqeedah and understanding how we are I would disagree that what we believe, will save us also from with that, then also understanding the great danger of Kufa. How can how can we avoid exceeding Islam because we have covered cover, this is something we enter that we understand, then in the arena because of Akela you will also get the delay you will get the evidence and proof of how to refute all shake and be that and because this is necessary, especially in the

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work of Dean, especially in the work of raising your children, especially in the work of talking to people of the doubter, Islam, we have to know how to refute how to answer anything that is shared or without or covered, we will also get a better understanding of life after death, because that is our final goal.

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When we die, we will go somewhere we will understand what where we go and what will help us to beautify that garden we ask a lot of waters in that garden, it the knowledge of Akita will give us this ability and understanding of how to beautify the garden and make that garden a very beautiful garden for ourselves. And insha Allah it will give us a hat on Teva and cartiva will have a beautiful life in this world and a good ending which we ask Allah subhanaw taala for now make this dua This is a dwelling so to make this dua make it as part of your regular dress and don't just let like a habit you know, they must be must be very careful, the pop up also having these rod this

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weird that these these,

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you know was the first which we decide after a reseller in the morning in the evening and so on the sets of liquor, this is not just some formula that we simply speak it was do that with the heart It was do that with complete and full understanding of what we are saying and expectation of reward from Allah subhanaw taala begging and seeking His help. So this da Rahman Allah to the alumina of our these Hadith, Anna will habarana Milan God Rama in the candle will have this is the sort of liberar iron number eight, where unless Rhonda says they say our wrap, let not our hearts deviate from the truth after you guided us. Right. So just because we are Muslim just because Allah guided

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us. Just because Hamdulillah we praying on time and so on, we should not relax, we should not become complacent, because Python is continuously at work. And believe me, the more pious you become the bigger shaitan is after you because that is like somebody carrying, you know, gold

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on his head in a basket and going through a big bazaar. And you would be stupid if you did that, right. We don't do that. We we hide it, we keep it we find ways of protecting this code. If I just carry it on my on my head and somebody's going to kill me and take it and that is exactly what shaitan does. People who are pious people who are who have some fear of Allah subhanaw taala in their hearts who want to please Allah subhanaw taala people who are trying to become with the Queen, they are the primary targets of shaitaan somebody who's already a facet and Virgil somebody who's already engaging

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in all kinds of Rajasthan, he's happy with him. There's no problem. She doesn't have to work hard on him. That man is working for himself. But people like you Insha Allah, you're not working for shatter and you're not working to help show that you are trying to go against him. So therefore he will fight you. So be very, very clear. Make this dua Oh Allah do not let our hearts deviate from the truth after you have guided us and grant us mercy. Well habla Milligan Kurama and grant us mercy from you. In gentle Wahab truly you are the best store you are the one who grants mercy. So, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his protection and His mercy, then

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I want you to get this clear in your mind number one Aqeedah is not inflammation. This is not some you're not listening to this and attending these classes for service Alpha myeloma, no, this is something which is very intrinsic to us, which is close to our hearts, it is the opening of the heart, it is understanding, it is a knower of hidayah the knower of the light of guidance Arcada is our connection to Allah subhanaw taala Okay, that is to experience the power of Allah subhanaw taala when we need it the most, right. So Aqeedah is the foundation of all action. And that is why it is very, very important for us to ensure that we have the correct aqidah that we learn it that we keep

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on reminding ourselves about it throughout our lives and every action of ours. We judge it on the basis of whether it is in keeping with our leader or maybe we are going astray Schatten is leading us on the wrong path. We will be very careful about this. Now some

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that are some evidences for the principles of Aqeedah. In surah baqarah ultramarathon has said I will we live in a shirt on the regime lace and viola and when Lou would you have come to an old machine if he will marry? Well I can build man I'm Anna Billahi Well, yo mill af et Walmart Ekati. While Kitabi wants to be in Allah's writers area, it is not piety, it is not Albir that you turn your face towards the east or the west in prayers, but I'll bear that the the the quality of piety

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is the one who believes in Allah who believes in the last day, who believes in the angels, the Malaika, who believes in the book and who believes in the prophets. So Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned the principles are here, another one in Surah Baqarah the ad which Allah was not, I have another solo be mountain Zilla, alayhi Mira beaver we know. Call Lord Ramona bIllahi min Mala Iike de Baku to be Rusu de la for Koba had the mural. The messenger Muhammad Salah Salem believes in what has been sent down to him from is Rob and so do the believers, each one that means each one of them believes in Allah believes in his angels and Malayaka his books and his messengers and they say we

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make no distinction between one or another of the messengers. Then another the aliens worked on this. Allah subhanaw taala said yeah, you are Lavina Armano um you know, Billahi Rasool he will Kitabi Levinas Zahra su De Waal kita will the unzila Amin Kabul, when we for Billahi while Mala Iike t he will go to be Eva who solely while yo Mila theory, Allah Allah Allah Merida, Allah says oh, you will believe believe in Allah. All you believe believe in it. See here, the addresses the audience of this ayah are the believers. But Allah is saying no, no, it's not just enough to believe it consciously enter into this belief. Yeah, you were looking at me, you know, or you will believe

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believe I Emmanuel Iman love.

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So Allah says, Oh, you believe believe in Allah, and the messenger Muhammad Salah Salem, and the book the Quran, which he has sent down to His Messenger, and the scripture which is sent out to those before. And whosoever disbelieved and Allah, His melodica His books, His messengers, and the last day that indeed that person has strayed far away, or whatever they'll have out of the Law No, reported that Djibouti really Salam AstroSolar set up about Yuma and this is the famous Hadith Gibreel which is the Ravi the narrator of that of that hadith is say then our well Satara Delano, that is a very is a very beautiful, very detailed Hadith and a very good one of these. And in that

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Jimmy salaam, asked Rasulillah Salam about Eva and the Surah Surah Salam said Eman is to believe in Allah

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His melodica His books, His messengers, and the last day to believe in predestination, that is destiny, the good and bad of it. Now all the obligatory matters of belief relating to Allah subhanaw taala, the day of judgment and other matters along the way, which is the unperceivable, they originate from these six principles, right, which is, believe in Allah, in the Malayaka, in the books, in the NIV, in the Gambia, of Allah Swatara and four, five is in

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being resurrected, after we die on the day of judgment. And the sixth one is the destiny of Allah subhanaw taala. The both the good and the bad of it, because when we say good and bad, we say just to differentiate, because Allah subhanaw taala has water, whatever comes from is only good, there's no bad, Allah does not create and send us even what may seem evil to us, for example, he lives for example, pay and so on is another form of ALLAH SubhanA wa danas wisdom and, and His mercy that comes to us right so we will go into that detail later. But the point being here, both the good and the bad of it are from Allah is not that the good is done by Allah and bad is done by somebody No,

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wouldn't baton so these are the six principles of aqidah. Now, that another fundamental thing in the

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To begin, which I was, I was addressed,

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what I call the unanswerable questions. Now

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we look at what those questions are, but there are some questions for example, in this in Islam and in which we learn where you might be tempted to ask for an answer, but nobody can answer that. Because this is directly from Allah mountain. So our belief is that we believe what Allah subhanaw taala told us without asking how Pilla cave right now.

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The problem is that, for example, somebody says, Oh, what do you see Allah Samantha said, Allah created the heavens and the earth and then Allah made a Stiva on his Arash. Now, what is the meaning of his Theva? Allah is on his ash means what?

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Allah Himself What does Allah look like? So that will be Allah, we ask Allah protection from such questions, nobody can answer these questions, there is no one who can answer because only Allah subhanaw taala can answer these questions that Allah is not talking to us, right? We are not going to get away from others. So it is very important not to ask questions like that. I call these the trap of Schatten. For the educated unemployed, people who have got a god education in one field or the other, then they feel free to hold forth on his lap. Please understand Islam is a science, it's a body of knowledge, like anything else. So just like you will not extend your tongue and talk about

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medicine, if you are not a medical, if you're not qualified to do that, just you will say, Well, you know, after all, I know English, I can read a book, No, you you will speak about it is a sign of sanity, it's a sign of, of a sensible human being, that he or she does not speak about something that they don't know about, that they have no qualification and that they have not studied that. But some Funnily, we seem to suspend all these rules, as far as Islam is concerned, everybody feels free to hold forth about Islam as if they are, they are the greatest scholars. If you are a scholar free, please, most welcome please be. But if you're not a scholar, then to give opinions and say in my

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view, in my ad, in my opinion, Allah, this is from shatta. And please understand that

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the intellect, the occult, is not a source of knowledge. It's a processor, which processes the information that is fed into it, that the input data is in the input organs are different, the eyes and nose and years and so on, the sensor touches all of this, our our input,

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our input, the tools, and then what information comes in the brain processes brain does not generate information on its own. Now, therefore, to want to rationally with our apple, understand every reality, even when we do not have the ability to comprehend that is irrational

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to accept that by definition, what Allah subhanaw taala created, and decreed or mentions, will always contain matters, which we do not have the capacity to understand, by our own intellect. This is the position of rational person. And that's why they call it I call it the trap of shutdown for the educated unemployed. The people who are not educated, they don't fall into this trap. They don't have this arrogance of feeling. Oh, but you see, I'm a PhD. I'm a doctor, I'm an engineer. No. He says, I'm a tele My job is to sell bananas and that's okay. 100 I believe I don't apply

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Questions. But people like us who think we are very educated, we go and fall into chances left by asking questions like this, which, if Allah does not protect us, they end up destroying our image.

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If they end up with creating all kinds of Schuco consumer hat in our, in our hearts and minds, and this is a great tragedy, because it's like, I mean, what what should I say it's something which is very, very,

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very dangerous, extremely dangerous, because it completely shakes the foundation of all our beliefs, our beliefs, our rational, but part of being rational is to understand that there is something which is super rational, which is what Allah subhanaw taala created, and therefore what Allah told us, we accept it, what without asking, how will I cave and what Allah did not tell us, we leave it if Allah wanted to tell us, he would have told us now, the, the leader of this is that they came and asked the the the courage ask several questions. Among them, they asked, they asked him what is the nature of the rule? Right see the see this is Quran, which you can which you can imagine,

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and which gives a beautiful way of explanation. They asked him what is the nature of the rule? What is the nature of the soul?

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What did Allah say? Allah said, we Yes, alone rock and roll.

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Call our room in Umbria, Baby Mama Odie to mean a mineral Elmi, Illa kalila.

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Is it unless Martha said they are asking you about the soul? Tell them the soul is a order of Allah. It's an hour of Allah. And we are not giving you except a little from our knowledge. Until me, somebody's asking you what is the nature of the soul? And the answer is, it is a hammer of Allah. So what did you understand?

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Do we know anything more about? So?

00:27:07--> 00:27:12

Is that is that, frankly, just as a question, is that answer a sufficient answer? Would you say?

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It's not an answer at all. Because what Allah say, effectively, what Allah Samantha is saying is you are not capable of understanding. So shut up and understand that this is my honor palace.

00:27:25--> 00:27:41

And it is the glory of magnificence of Allah that Allah subhanaw taala does not have to explain anything to so Allah say, I don't need to explain to you believe this. This is your soul. That's why you're breathing and talking and saying all these different things. When I take that salt off, your body will collapse and you will be a heap of mud. That's it.

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What is what does this tell us? It tells us that we accept what Allah subhanaw taala told us without asking, how and why and so on and so forth. Because those questions nobody can answer.

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Okay, that is not theory. It is essential knowledge, that we need to learn to love Allah subhanaw taala as it is right to be loved, to fear to disobey Him as it is right that we should fear disobey Him, to learn to ask him alone, as it is his right, that only he should be subjugated to and asked from, nobody else has his right, that we make up and to learn to thank him as it is his right to be thanked.

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And finally,

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to understand the reader, so that we can learn how to take from the treasures of Allah and give to the world.

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Allah sent us to give a London not send us

00:28:47--> 00:28:58

in the river Abdullah a very beautifully talks about the love of Allah subhanaw taala and he compares love fear and hope three things

00:28:59--> 00:29:35

in Allah, love of Allah, the hope of Allah, fear of Allah Svarta as anger and hope in ultramarathon as mercy and forgiveness. So love, fear and hope these three things in the famous Joker actually, he compares them to a bird. And he says that the body of the bird is the love of Allah subhana den, one wing is fear and the other wing is hope. Without love, the bird will not live the Word will die. Without law. The word cannot live it will die without fear and hope it cannot fly.

00:29:36--> 00:29:39

So if it has no body it is dead. If it has no wings, it cannot fly.

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If your outweighs hope or hope outweighs fear, the bird cannot fly straight and it will not reach its destination. So the two must be balanced. The believer stands between fear and hope, fear of Allah anger and hope in Allah's Mercy

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Do nd the leader of this is a lot better than I said that the Jaffa genoma whom I needed magaji the owner of Boneco phone what am I? What me ma Rosa for now hold up hold Falah enough so ofI Allah whom in karate IODE Jazza MV mocha and we have a look, Allah set their sights for seeing their bedroom, which means they get up from their sleep in the middle of the night to invoke to make dua to their rap. And they stand between vinyl Hovey with Tao between fear and hope. And the memories have now been forgotten and they're spending charity out of what We have bestowed on them. And fala talamona AppSumo fellow men karate IO, Jazeera America we have a lot and no person knows what is kept hidden

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for them of joy as a reward for what they used to do. So a lot rather than say,

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this is the situation of the believer who stands

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between fear and hope and who asked Allah subhanaw taala to help him in every in every way and who prays to Allah subhanaw taala and who asked for last minute.

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So this is the introduction to the session inshallah on Aveda affiliate The heavier the Aveda of the Amazon now will Java which is what we are and we will look at the next steps of that which is next week we look at the Imani Allah subhanaw taala and the nature of the Hadith sha Allah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to learn what is beneficial for us and to benefit us with it and to help us to stay away from what does not benefit us are sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa Sahbihi when we refer to God when I mean What have the latter bit Alameen wa Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.