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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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wa Salatu. Was Salam Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah. Allah even a shell Bonnie Regina Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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what a book I have

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set up along with ASEAN.

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My dear respected elders umbrellas We begin by placing Almighty Allah subhana wa tada

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sending salutations upon our beloved nebia Karim, Allah, Allah He was said, we thank Allah that Allah has given us the man Allah has given us here to speak and to listen about the commands of Almighty Allah the greatness of Allah, tala, and lessons from the Sharia, and from the Quran. And

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we also like to place on record to speak on what we termed as a big day or big night is not from amongst the Sunnah. But it is something that we can use any occasion that we have

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to remind ourselves about our duties and lessons that we can learn to improve our life.

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During the past week since the beginning of Muharram, I won't be wrong in saying that many of us have come across posts in social media, which today by and large has become the means of communication that we have read, or we have heard about the mobile

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and the sacredness of the month of Muharram, and especially the day of Ashura. We heard that may be occurring so Allah Allahu wa sallam it said, that Muharram is the mantra of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We heard about the Hadith that our beloved maybe a creamy sauce that used to eagerly await

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the day of Ashura to keep a fast. We also heard that prior to the fasting of Ramadan becoming for us, and compulsory fasting on the day of Ashura was compulsory. We were all aware with regard to these particular aspects that we have come to here. And we have come to read about we also came to know that out of all the days of Muharram, the day of Ashura is the most blessing and the most sacred day and it is known as Yomi, Ashura. Now, you will recall and you will hear the definition, so we say Yomi Ashura, compared to Laila Kolkata.

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So, in Laila to cuddle it is a night that enjoys the distinction. So therefore, we say Laila to cuddle. Whereas on the 10th day, we say Yomi Ashura, the day of Ashura. Now we know from an Islam, the night follows the day and it is perhaps one minute but it is something different. The day and the night are two distinct entities. So we say Laila to cuddle the night of cuddle because they're the night is more blessed than the day. Here it is Yomi Ashura, the day of Ashura. And then of course, we know about the aspect that maybe cut himself slim used to fast and when he came to Medina, when it came to know that the Jews are fighting, I mean, fasting, also on the same day, and

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when they were asked, they said, that we are fasting because mousseline salat wa salam was delivered from the term you have your own nebbia claims awesome said next year, I will fast an extra day

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to oppose the the Jews in de religious observation, I would oppose them. Now this is very, very important. So while all of this is something that we have heard, we have read about, I have when manana asked me to speak, and I see it as an

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opportunity, although I'm not worth it. I took it as an opportunity to say that what are some of the lessons that we can learn from the day of Ashura? And I'm going to relate some of it the way I seem fit with regard to it. I'm not going to say that the lesson that I have chosen today for my talk, is all the lessons that we can learn from Ashura.

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But of course, if you take too many lessons, and people don't take a message to take home, so I'm going to concentrate on two things. One of the things that I'm going to concentrate Is that why did the reoccurring sawston say next year, if I'm alive, I will oppose them and I will keep another fast. So that is why when I might say that you can sue preferrably there's nothing wrong in keeping all the details, but because we saw some throughout his life only kept the decks he did show his preference to keep

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Next year, one more day for either the ninth or the 10th or the 11th. But I didn't, I didn't come to that particular situation.

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But it was the preference. So that would remain the preference.

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So, why why did the reoccurring sama status? Why did they say one of the lessons that we need to take part of our teachings and is a very important part of our teachings is to adopt the Slavic way and method, these great benefits the benefit in maintaining Islamic identity and to be distinguished from others in the way we do things.

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But distinguish in the right way. We don't want to be distinguished for the wrong way. We don't want to be distinguished that people become and say that, you know, these people are someone that they don't or they don't understand the business dealings. Just for example, I'm not saying that we are not we are not, we are dishonest. I'm not saying we are lateral always keep us honest.

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Make ethical Newtown in 1984. And one of the things that I've heard so many times, so he said when he was small, he said, even if a Muslim child was to speak and live a non Muslim,

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Muslim and

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it was almost unheard of for a Muslim to be dishonest, because Muslims, we're known for their honesty. So we need to be distinguished. Well, you have to have a distinctive identity. And

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this Islam is extremely sensitive with regard to its distinctive identity, especially with regard to be

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the only currency is limited.

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Don't ever miss half the battle where you don't know what is happening, what is battle, we need to have a clear cut distinction that this is right this is wrong. Of course, depending upon our situation, we will practice upon is sometimes a Muslim sometimes. So

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he say a Muslim can comment wrong out of weakness, not out of dangerousness. Sometimes where we can insert we can come in from out of weakness, but we don't come at the wrong out of rebellious as one I show you a point as

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we become and you say there is hope for a person who comes from out of weakness. There is hope for a person who come what's wrong out of rebelliousness. So we are we need to maintain our Islamic and Islam is very sensitive. That we give it two examples from our Sharia.

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When the via Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam

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gave the message towards the oneness of Almighty Allah which is in said that associated partners to Allah in the ship and as soon as it is the greatest injustice.

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If you associate partners for law, all your other good deeds have gone the slide. That is that is the criteria for acceptance of deeds, not to associate partners to Almighty Allah.

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Emeka, they came to the reoccurring salsa club and they want to revive the way you worship our idols for a little while. We will worship Allah for a little while.

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And another goes, we will worship and now we will protect Muslims. Oh Mohammed, pass your head over our idols. don't worship when we put your hair over idols will become Muslims.

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What is

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for the earth?

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When I'm

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normally the Holy Quran, Allah addresses the believers he said

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when he addresses Muslims and Muslim non Muslims, he says yeah, you look at this isn't the Holy Quran.

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Here is a departure from the law.

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Why to make a distinction? Oh god, oh god, we will not worship with you. We don't expect you in your present state of mind to do man's worship.

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And to make a decision, Allah use the word.

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The word not worship.

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Because it's not the sort of sentence of what the customer's distinctive identity to make a clear cut distinction. This is the way we worship. We don't worship the way you worship. The same thing would happen in this particular occasion.

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oppose the

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Keeping one fast working to fast. Another example.

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We know there are three times in our day we are not supposed to eat salad. We are not supposed to make even sr, which are three times, sunrise sunset.

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Now you ask yourself, sister and career Korean worship Allah is very meritorious. That is awesome set of surgery yesterday.

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The person who makes this day he is almost as it is making sit down the feet of a nap. Not that under a nice tree from physical form formations. But look at the beauty. Such a great act, but three times you can't do it. Why?

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Why? Why don't you do it?

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Well, Amalia mentioned the three times the people who worship the Sunday used to worship

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worship at the time. And I read somewhere recently, that there are certain types of meditation. There are certain types of meditation even today, they do it with these three types. So if you are going to worship the time, someone will say things like those people who

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don't want

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to play with a clear cut distinction. realize how important our distinctive identities we all heard the Hadith, that no matter in sauce limited.

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Wherever imitates a nation

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is something that we have heard so much about. We have word from a wonderland. This is not only a moral command, it's an objective reality.

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Whenever you imitate a nation, then you are going to assimilate it you are going to become like

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it's a reality. Therefore unobvious Allah Allah says what?

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Masako Mana sohrabuddin

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inclined towards the oppressors, and those who do wrong. You're the Pio of Jelena montage. And whereas when imitating another nation, imitating the civilization very important.

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A civilization is a living form. civilization is not something that is dead, it's a living energy, it's possible to accept one form of that civilization, even if it's a dress sense, even if it is aesthetics, without taking into account the current and dynamics of civilization is impossible.

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Once you start doing when you imitate a nation,

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when you imitate a nation in one aspect, then slowly slowly you start imitating them in other methods with regard to that

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might be you liked the article, today, it might be you like the aesthetics, today, it might be you like some particular aspect, right. And then after you slowly start imitating other aspects of the life which can then go to the extent extent that you can even start imitating them in everything, and you can even go out to the fall of Islam.

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That is why and really, this is something that is so important, I felt when I was doing one of the lessons that we can take I said let me just start on this.

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And that is the reason why the owner of the pass when they talk about

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the chapter of imitation, where do they place it important? Because where do you place what are the most important and the most difficult things with regard to people who have studied

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is to make the link between the what we call Bob, when we started, we center to metal barbed

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wire, Bihari entitle the chapter in this way.

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And why did you bring this under this chapter? One of the greatest difficulty in selling books is why do you need a title the chapter like this and why did you bring this heading under this chapter. Now, why would the support where do you place this aspect of the sample? You will be surprised the plate placed it in Babu.

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The chapter on a process

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place the shampoo in BB BB earlier today. And because of this importance column I have written to

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one of the greatest pickups on this monumental,

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rotten mustafi

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the demands of being upon the right path by opposing the image of the failure of gender. And one of the most beautiful cutouts in recent times has been the morality of

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the ship of Islam.

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The ship of Islam, imitation in Islam is given different categories of mutation. It's a fascinating book,

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library of wonderful Islamic Institute it

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I kept it for so long, that they needed to return it to them. But what a beautiful job it was, you know, and then you say that different categories of the

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different, imitating other people, one is limited, and other people in these thoughts and believe that this.

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One is to imitate another nation in things that are specific to that religion.

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Something that is specific to the religion of a Christian or Jew, that is also I won't give a football but close to cover.

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That is you imitate a nation that has a category

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imitated nation in something that is not specific to the religion,

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you imitate

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another religion, another civilization, which is not specific to a religion. So in that there are two categories. One is if you imitate them in something that is not specific, is there something that we have

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in Islamic teachings in Islamic civilization? In one way you don't have an alternative in Islamic civilization, or Islamic so in that way, the US I don't know.

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Use a sub continental

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maybe occurring salsa sub Marisa sama came in told him about the arrows arrows of other people are very good. Now we saw some said use your own arrows in the day.

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Unfortunately, today, we got no alternative because we haven't paid attention to the last 100 years what Muslims have died, we have to acknowledge we have become weak, even in our Ummah we fight, we fight the enemies within ama.

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So one day they will pull the plug. That is why we are so weak. Why do we this is the fundamental. So what is the third category is where you imitating a nation in something where there is an alternative for these daughters.

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And when there's an alternative use a static alternative where there is no alternative then you've got no other way that you're going to use them.

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And then one is something which is very interesting is it's not really imitating it's not really imitating It is something which is common ethics, like punctuality. Today we have become we say Indian Standard Time, Pakistan Standard Time, karate standard. What is that? You're supposed to be on time in the salata, Canada mini, mini Nikita makuta. But today what we think is when someone is punctual or punctuality is someone else's ethic is not someone else's ethic. So they are not permitted imitation of this

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is a very amazing thing. He left the workplace. He said in pre partition India one day What happened was a non Muslim became a Muslim University. So when it came to the budget, he found it very, very difficult to list the match. It was very popular. This budget is so beautiful, Mashallah.

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Our budget is supposed to be like the karate club when it came to South Africa. He said, this is not the houses of Elijah bungalows.

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And it's beautiful, isn't it? You feel like reading them as in emerging which is clean Alhambra. So listen to what he said. He said when this reverb came, he told the people let us clean the masjid. He says some of the elderly people said he became a Muslim, but he didn't lose his previous ways.

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As if cleanliness was the way, our way.

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See, and every one of these different categories of imitation has got a different wording. So you can put it under one. So I'm just giving you an example of a Sherpa imitation. And imitation is a sign of inferiority complex.

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You heard the saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It's a proverb, English proverb, which means that when you imitate someone else, you are complimenting him, not you.

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So when you imitation, someone was saying they are very good. So you are complimenting them complimenting yourself, and why or why should we have an inferiority complex when allies given us a deal?

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But he has given you the best of the when you try to clean up what you don't do it downwards? Why should you imitate an inferior thing?

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And why should we have an inferiority complex? So these are just some points that I picked up from the top of Corinthians.

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And in there, there was a very interesting thing written, he said,

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when he went to Spain, he said, I could see the downfall of the Muslim nation in Spain, although they ruled for 800 years, when I saw that mutating the other cultures and I say this is

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it is a time for the decline. So that's why that's why in the miracle install slum said next year, keep another fast and oppose the ways of the heart.

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Other religions, even in your Ibadan, and in other things have caused the same thing according to what have been mentioned. So one of the lessons of assura would be the harms of imitation. The other aspect is that I think it's important

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that as we all know, that Ashura is not blessed because of

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as to say that the ultimate shot and we all know that is something that would never have told us

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because maybe a Korean socialism regarded it is blessing. Nabi sallallahu Sallam spoke about Muharram, maybe 1000s get passed on the day of Ashura, which was 50 years before and many years before the martyrdom of associate.

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So it's not, it's not something that is, it's not something that is significant because of, as I was saying, but

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yet at the same time, maybe it's the other way around. That and Adana chose this blessed day, for the martyrdom of the grandson of our Navy.

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And therefore, we must keep in mind that this particular day is not the day of eat, or neither. Neither is the day of mourning. The reason why I say is not the day of it is we know there's one Hadith, that nerissa Islam it is attributed to humans suffer.

00:21:18--> 00:21:23

Whoever is generous on his family on this day, Allah will be generous a podium for the rest of the year.

00:21:24--> 00:21:27

That doesn't mean now you must go overboard and make it a deal of it.

00:21:29--> 00:22:01

Be generous, spend more than what you normally spend. But if you are in the end, if you are looking for days, or you are you are, you are amongst those who sort of give gifts to your family. And yeah, there's nothing wrong in using this as a day because it's a day where you are generous, Allah will be generous for you. But don't make it a day of heat because of this. And don't make it a day of mourning that hasn't saved on your mouth and have passed away. Because we are told that our you are not supposed to mourn the death of anyone for more than three days.

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And another aspect with regard to this is very important is we are not a nation we have few heroes. We are a nation we have so many heroes who have sacrificed a life in the path of their other nation. They got few heroes, few martyrs. Our whole history is full with martyrs. If we are going to regard the day in which people were murdered as a day of mourning, idea respected weathers there'll be no day in the calendar which you will not have to mark as a day of mourning. Look at the suspect, who is the king, and who is the leader of all the martyrs. See the schwa de Hamza.

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And you know, I find it very amazing. It gives us such a lesson that has Hamza is the leader of all the martyrs was murdered in a battle in which Muslims do not gain victory. But yet he is the leader of all the miners, which tells you

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if you are martyred, whether you achieve victory or you don't successful, you are still the leader of the matters. So keep in mind, we don't it's not a day of mourning. It's not a day of eat, and not a day it is significant because of us It will save you a lot from shadow. Allah chose the day perhaps, because there's nothing coincidentally in the in the, in the system of Allah that Allah chose this day for the matter. But I felt

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that although it's not a day, that is significant because of the martyr mother who said,

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I'm going to speak about some of the aspects of the life of a saint because he was martyred on this day, not because it's not because it is significant because of that. But he passed away so let us use it. And of course to speak about any of the Sahaba anytime is always full of virtue and blessing and will save you a lot and one of the other reasons why I want to speak on this is because this is the family from the alphabet that you and I paid tribute to in every unit of our Salah

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Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad, wa The police is in

00:24:09--> 00:24:28

every unit of our Salah we pay tribute to the start date, we are indebted to the assembly. We are indebted to the family of reoccurring sources. And I sometimes I say this with the greatest of humanity and respect. It shouldn't happen that in our opposition to other groups

00:24:30--> 00:24:36

in opposition to other groups, we undermine the significance of the family of vehicles.

00:24:37--> 00:24:58

We have to be very careful with regard to it. In opposition to other groups we never this particular family we are indebted to Shall we make this rude upon them in every unit of our Saddam Hussein to the lotano was very, very close to our beloved vehicles, and sometimes also unfortunate. We know a person more because of his death than his life.

00:25:00--> 00:25:07

We knew a person more because of his tragic death, rather than the lessons of his life. How much of us know about saying that?

00:25:08--> 00:25:11

If we have to ask, what was his age when he passes away?

00:25:12--> 00:25:13

Very few people would know.

00:25:14--> 00:25:16

What would we know about the life of us?

00:25:18--> 00:25:27

And yet he was the one who was so close to the resources, who say no mini we're an Amina Hussein. I am from Hussein Hussein is from me said I will never

00:25:30--> 00:25:53

be again himself. Sahaba said one day via Karim salado Salim was walking with Hassan, Hassan and Hussein on his shoulders, you know, someone came and said, You know you love your grandson so much. You know, you're showing them so much love and so much love and so much affection. And they'll be so slim said yes. I love them because Allah loves them. And I love the person who loves them. And I dislike the person who does.

00:25:55--> 00:25:57

I dislike the person who dislikes them.

00:25:59--> 00:26:25

Maybe a cream sauce or one day was sitting on his member. And as I said, it will save you a lot on what thoughtless and they keep running into the budget. Maybe accounting system is enemy of Allah, he's on his member. And he see this tool created children who are you know, we're still small, they were still you know, learning to walk or they were sort of coming along, and then maybe a cream sauce and couldn't bear it never count from the member. We

00:26:27--> 00:26:32

brought them had them brought them and set them next to the next on his on his movement.

00:26:34--> 00:26:35

And he said a lie is

00:26:36--> 00:26:40

a lie. I spoken the truth. When he said in number one

00:26:42--> 00:26:43

your children are trying.

00:26:45--> 00:26:46

Your children are crying.

00:26:48--> 00:27:06

One day Livia corinthos alum was one who saved a lot on his back and then we'll say that he allowed on on his bed someone came past and said yes. And he said he will say you know so to say who say how fortunate you are what the beautiful mount you are on. You put the mount of the shoulder of the vehicle

00:27:08--> 00:27:13

and what didn't we are getting used to talking about the mount look at what a beautiful ride I've got on my back

00:27:15--> 00:27:17

look at what a beautiful ride I've got on my back.

00:27:19--> 00:27:20

This is who saved with your loved

00:27:21--> 00:27:25

brothers is one amazing incident. It is made mentioned in the books

00:27:27--> 00:27:30

that in the time of Marwan when he was the governor of Medina.

00:27:32--> 00:27:34

But one one day came and said Abu huraira

00:27:35--> 00:27:47

there was always some sort of rivalry between the bunny Hashem and the Romanians. So Marwan said, Why do you show so much respect to sales? Why do you show so much respect to a certain

00:27:49--> 00:27:50

set of aura was lying down

00:27:52--> 00:27:53

and Marwan said that

00:27:55--> 00:27:58

consent Marwan What do you think?

00:27:59--> 00:28:06

What are you saying? Why do I expect them once I tell you why I respect them. He said one day we were going in an expedition

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and from the tent of Fatima, the two grandchildren of Melissa cinema crying.

00:28:13--> 00:28:30

I said, I said no Macedo crying. So rushed. I remember one of my montolivo passed away. He was telling me he said when my children cry again, I get a headache. When my grandchildren cry my heart pains I immediately go to my daughter Why are they crying? So let me saw some came to the 10 Why are we crying

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said they don't have water

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they don't have water that's why they cry You know they what they mean the desert

00:28:42--> 00:28:45

brothers this is what he saw something he put the two children on his lap

00:28:46--> 00:28:53

he took out his tongue he told him suck the tongue to set the spy here's a small way your first

00:28:55--> 00:29:03

kiss took out his tongue for them to start to quench some aspect with regard to getting some sort of summary and patient with regard to the thirst this is

00:29:05--> 00:29:08

this is will say that the about random idea respected by others

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and this is what we need we need to understand

00:29:14--> 00:29:17

and maybe I could install some despite these love meter Viet of them

00:29:18--> 00:29:32

were amazing thing with regard to our deal, that you could not give the carton circuit to the family of the vehicle himself. One day they weren't eating gates from the setup, maybe a cream sauce them for somebody took it out of his mouth.

00:29:33--> 00:29:36

He said it's not permissible for you to eat. And though they were crying.

00:29:37--> 00:29:54

And this is also amazing thing why what am I saying? Why is it like that? Why is it that they were not supposed to have from the lobby I wanted to distinguish itself from a worldly ruler, only rulers, they engage in nepotism to benefit the family.

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

The whole history whenever it came to benefit, he put

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He's killed his family last. He put it first and he put assembly last when Fatima came and said, You have slaves to distribute to help the people give me one.

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The poor people who repeat at

00:30:17--> 00:30:21

the time of writing, when the same

00:30:22--> 00:30:30

type of people came and said, Is there anyone who will fight with them? Normally what will you and I do, we will put other people in the piece also put his uncle in

00:30:33--> 00:30:44

whenever there was time to make sacrifices that nobody saw, so put yourself in front. And this has been the way of the entire history of Islam. Whenever there were sacrifices required, the family of

00:30:46--> 00:30:46

the forefront.

00:30:48--> 00:30:56

They didn't say we are royal family will sit in the back, we will need the funds to make the sacrifice and therefore the family of

00:30:58--> 00:31:11

respectable and one of us only because you had a family of the reoccurring sauce. They are respected and honored in our eyes, because whenever it's a sacrifice, you have to be at the forefront.

00:31:14--> 00:31:15

He says I was wondering

00:31:17--> 00:31:24

when I heard someone singing some praises, in singing some poetry. And one of his poetry was made with a woman

00:31:26--> 00:31:32

who is their own, listen to the call of the distress, you know, in the state of the darkness of the night.

00:31:34--> 00:31:36

And one of the things that we read something like that.

00:31:38--> 00:31:40

In Quinta, judoka la

00:31:41--> 00:31:54

familia, de la Siena Bill calamy. What now if you're, if your generosity and your forgiveness soon equipped to be for the pious people, and who's going to show mercy to the court system is

00:31:56--> 00:31:56


00:31:58--> 00:32:08

beautiful and heart rending ashta important. Who could be saying this? He said, Well, maybe we'll see. Who did I see Zeno lab in the son of Jose Maria.

00:32:10--> 00:32:17

Correct, released over three. So I said sable happy. You are the family of Nubia. Kareem says to them.

00:32:18--> 00:32:25

Why are you seeing this child who is going to show mercy to the to the centers? Where are you in the centers and you have from the family of the Meerkat himself.

00:32:27--> 00:32:31

He was the only one from amongst the male who was sped in Karbala

00:32:32--> 00:32:33

because he was sick.

00:32:34--> 00:32:35

He didn't have to lie.

00:32:37--> 00:32:42

So he said a smile. I'm surprised by you. Does it underline the Holy Quran says

00:32:43--> 00:32:57

for the answer that they know when the day of Tiamat come there will be no recognition of any damage. I'm the son of so and so. I'm the son of such and such a boo boos rock. You stand by your own deeds, not by your village.

00:32:58--> 00:33:08

This is a family of the reoccurring saltalamacchia instructed us nevertheless, to how are we occurring sosna made the Caribbean one day they had silver bracelets

00:33:11--> 00:33:17

and maybe a cream sauce to the seven take it away from them, took it away from them and said we'll give it to the poor people.

00:33:19--> 00:33:27

And then he bought them bracelets which were made in from the cinema and made mention which were made from the bones of animals.

00:33:28--> 00:34:00

This onamia cream sauce that made the target of the grandchildren of our beloved Nivea creams. And Allah Allah gave themselves great honor the time of the Philippines. I can go and speak with him. Somehow or the other I did 26 programs on the daughters of Nagisa louder, sir. And they're doing this I did some sort of reading on this. So I just want to pick up some of the aspects the time of the elephant that was used to so so much of respect. One day, as I was saying that the ultimate was going walking and he came back and he was tired and he came to

00:34:04--> 00:34:05

came to wipe his feet.

00:34:06--> 00:34:06


00:34:08--> 00:34:17

how can you do that? He said, Oh saying allow me to do well lay. Presently there is no one crater in this world you

00:34:18--> 00:34:30

there is no one great in the world that you have overcome. In his time. Of course, there was a show that came from Europe over 1000 theorems, several 1000 theorems that took it

00:34:32--> 00:34:34

as an overlord who gave him the highest stipend.

00:34:36--> 00:34:40

in the category of the people who took part in the Battle of burden gave him even more than his son

00:34:41--> 00:34:42

when it came to complain,

00:34:44--> 00:34:45


00:34:47--> 00:34:57

complain. Look at your situation and look at his situation. His grandfather is allowed in Salem. His great grandmother is as

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

his mother is at Fatima Viola.

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

With a man who used to complain, look at this, it is because of the safety that we have this honor, and we have deed,

00:35:07--> 00:35:22

he gave him the highest of stipends. And, you know, there's so many incidents that I can go on to make mentioned with regard to it. No problem I have made mentioned that as it as a means to go around the house have as one of the reasons why a sister was married to

00:35:26--> 00:35:45

us, I literally allow trauma for the hand of my performing marriage. And he said, it will be the greatest honor that I get married in the family of the VA cream saucer. And those people may little occurs, they will say that there was animosity between the ultimate owner of the lotto Oliver the ultimate game is toward the tool as a matter of the amount

00:35:46--> 00:35:48

deducted one Muslim,

00:35:49--> 00:35:52

can a brother look at the hair of the system.

00:35:53--> 00:36:02

So they said is permissible on the basis that Hassan was saying that the ultimate use to come into a system of medical form while in the niqab.

00:36:03--> 00:36:04

He was coming a

00:36:05--> 00:36:10

supernova. These are the type of situation that there was such great love, even

00:36:12--> 00:36:22

when they were Civil War was, as I said, it will save you a lot on the way the forefront of serving as a commander, the amount and serving in the time of serving the time of

00:36:23--> 00:36:29

day to party, all the major battles that were fought by the Muslims in a time when Abdullah

00:36:31--> 00:36:37

made certain types of he was one of the generals, there were two major that took place

00:36:38--> 00:36:38


00:36:39--> 00:36:45

Islam spread. One was North Africa, travelers, and one was in Central Asia, as it

00:36:46--> 00:37:07

were both in the battles. He won the battles in when fighting against the Persians. Right. One of the processes of the ruling class that came in the game, the time used to be booty names to take prisoners of war. She came in the nikka. Hussein of the about

00:37:09--> 00:37:21

they will I believe that we took off zero, I believe that we took off was from this particular Union, the union, we have to say that the amount I'm about married from one of the princesses of

00:37:22--> 00:37:24

the Persians

00:37:25--> 00:37:41

and they came into the niqab as it will say but the amount. So this was some of the aspects with regard to it. And of course, time is going to be a left I said I'm going to speak for 45 minutes or so. But anyway, time we'll go with this thing can go on SAP is giving us some aspects of the life. One of the aspects

00:37:42--> 00:37:50

what is humanity. So have I said that these will come often for Hajj and whenever used to come for her to use to do Hajj walking.

00:37:51--> 00:38:15

And when he used to come for Hajj Hussein that he allowed us to give people water from Samsung, he used to be the one who used to pour some some people still have classes. And once the Harvey says one person says hi, so save me a lot and I'm giving everyone's thumbs up. And while he was giving some some time came for Salah, he told people or people sit down now it's time for salad has performed salad

00:38:16--> 00:38:18

to the people's thumbs up the grandson of

00:38:19--> 00:38:22

the they will find it against our water to feed someone to give someone

00:38:24--> 00:38:33

the grandson of a vehicle. It's also killing people, you know, Subhanallah you give them the water, the type of hazard Mahavira your mouth, it must be borne in mind that has an

00:38:35--> 00:38:36

excellent relationship.

00:38:41--> 00:38:47

One of the one of the great sacrifices required he gave up by another type of ad. It will he

00:38:48--> 00:39:01

was and one of the sacrifices that you should have is a sacrifice of asset that he allowed to run after the passing. The ultimate emotional support was with him. He was the rightful father best of all people that time.

00:39:02--> 00:39:43

But because there was so much of civil war that happened, and I don't have the time to explain that one day we will talk about it. But that particular situation was a very soulful incident in our history. So when this particular aspect happened, so as a son of your mouth, Ron who was the more the most wealthy person could be the funny from an emotional support with him. He hit the numbers. He could have continued with the fight. He could have continued the situation. He sacrificed all of that. And he came over his right of khilafah and his rights have been available to us in the long run. And do you know what Nivea cream salsa one day said when he addressed as an assembler. The

00:39:43--> 00:40:00

ultimate said this grand son of mine is a saint yet he is a leader and because of him to great, two great armies and two great factions, and two great portions of the Muslim world come together in reconciliation between

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

of this leader of mines because of this great set of minds. And because of him, after 27 years of the reign of Mao era,

00:40:09--> 00:40:15

there was complete peace. And there was stability. In that particular time I said Hassan and Hussein

00:40:16--> 00:40:18

partook in the battles which have been

00:40:19--> 00:40:43

solved much so that there was a one battle that they will face, let me get himself some scope, we ever goes and conquers concept in open, the best of amuse, and the best of army will conquer Constantinople. So all the Sahaba were always desires of that particular virtue. So the first amongst the first and when was in a time of Mao, we're under the general ship, and under the leadership of his son

00:40:44--> 00:40:45

was in the army.

00:40:47--> 00:41:08

We must know our history. But of course, afterwards, as a mob, we are the ultimate towards the end of his life. And I'm going to cut it short, because this is very sensitive. We must be so careful when we talk about the difference of opinion of Sahaba that we don't say anything that is disrespectful to any one of them, we will say

00:41:09--> 00:41:15

that I literally allow God who was superior to all others, when he was no doubt whatsoever.

00:41:16--> 00:41:17

Another teammate

00:41:18--> 00:41:19

of mine, it

00:41:20--> 00:41:26

was superior to all other Saba in this time, that we will see that is our leader. That's our belief.

00:41:27--> 00:41:50

But in terms of n in terms of the dispute, over the amount, Ramu was closer towards the truth. But we will not say any blame to any other Sahaba because they will also try to do something which they felt was in the benefit of Muslims. It was a mistake in the judgment, not in the intention

00:41:53--> 00:42:02

of mistaking the judgment if they had to be something. But we don't say anything that must be construed as disrespectful. As towards the end of the site.

00:42:03--> 00:42:21

He felt that he saw what happened in the earliest stages of Islamic history. He saw what happened after was one of the amalgam was martyrdom, he saw that there was such a great amount of, you know, civil war between the Muslims and he wanted to save the Muslim Ummah from that.

00:42:22--> 00:42:27

If it didn't turn out the way he envisaged, it was no fault of his.

00:42:28--> 00:42:47

It was something that he had in mind what that I have 27 years Muslims have just gone from strength to strength. particular time after I was randomly allowed to move when there was such great amount of turmoil and civil war, I want to save the woman from the table he appointed his son Yazidi

00:42:50--> 00:42:58

majority of the people did make that in his time, few of the Sahaba did not make bed and they didn't pledge allegiance.

00:42:59--> 00:43:38

Amongst them was to say that the amount of delight normally initially, afterwards you also pledge allegiance, for whatever reason, now saying that your mouth no did not. Why did he not? He had his reasons. He is a sorry, he had the right to have an individual opinion, what he felt was for the betterment of the Muslim world as a result, in his book, but family has written three reasons. Right. And again, I won't go into that because there was a time that while we are trying to get the Sahaba to pledge in his lifetime, some of them said, Omar We are leaving, we will deal with it after we have passed and then we will see what we got when after he passed on. Yes, he told the governor

00:43:38--> 00:43:38

of Medina

00:43:40--> 00:43:54

that Be very careful, be respectful. But see if you can take the pledge of allegiance upon the new halifa from Hussein Hussein, who was called at the time of Russia, he said let me think about it that particular night

00:43:55--> 00:44:17

when it migrated to Macau. Why didn't Why did not do several reasons. But again, it's a very complex thing with regard to why and what happened after especially the chronology of events that happens especially in Karbala is something that we have to be very careful and very, very careful about. But what one thing is certain

00:44:18--> 00:44:23

is resoluteness, a courage and the greatness of

00:44:25--> 00:44:42

well Am I have written some of the reasons to say I was not happy, that is going to be a precedent, that leadership is going to be based from father to son, son to son, son, person, who was not happy with something that he felt that was against the will of the initial

00:44:44--> 00:45:00

rulers of the Muslims and the initial death of the Muslims. He also felt that in the presence of Sahaba should a Tabby may be made a leader for various reasons that he had with regard to withholding that particular

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

Time, the people of Kufa call Hussein

00:45:05--> 00:45:17

they wrote wrote many letters to him to come to Cooper, Jose but he decided to go, although he was very greatly caution of not going in Java until

00:45:19--> 00:46:01

he said please don't go, the people of Cooper betray and deceive your father, they will do the same for you. And exactly what happened. You know, Abdullah Jaffa, he wrote a letter, he said, if I was in front of you, oh Hussein, I would have fought with you and stopped you by force. And either you would have overcome me to go or I will never overcome with it, I will not allow you to go. But Allah here explains certain time things happen according to what Allah explained. And I will go on to make mention with regard to it. It is something that was planned. So he went on the way he met for us that the very famous poet who spoke very very glowingly about the elevate. So we asked him, What has

00:46:01--> 00:46:06

happened, what do you think about the people of Kufa by that time the news that come that Muslim in our field, who's

00:46:07--> 00:46:45

whose cousin, who was saying I will send I will send to find out what is happening. He initially they were almost 18,000, according to one rewired, one provided 40,000 people whose who came to Muslim in it. And they after when the governor, the governorship was changed. And then the governor put force upon the people have Kufa, the old deserted to sleeping after him until he was left alone until he was executed by the government. So he asked, What do you tell me? What do you say about the people of Kufa? So he said, their hearts are with you, they soldier with a governor.

00:46:47--> 00:46:54

Their hearts are with you, the emotions are with you. But they're not going to take out the thoughts to fight with you. And so it happened no incident.

00:46:55--> 00:46:57

And in that particular incident,

00:46:59--> 00:47:16

when when, as it came, he realized that they are going against the word. And when he realized that they had gone against the word, he asked for three things. He asked for three things from inside the son of savinelli workers. And he said, allow me to go back to

00:47:17--> 00:47:46

going I never I don't want to fight with you. Allow me to go to the nearest border, I will go and fight against the disbelievers. Why must I fight against Muslim or non Muslims? or allow me personally to go to your zeal and how we're going to discuss the matter. Now when this happened? They went back to omega lab in Ziad who was in the governor and in charge of Kufa, he felt that is a beautiful way to resolve the issue. But the people will always be the third force who forced and brought about the civil war between

00:47:49--> 00:47:51

China and the civil war between us and tell her

00:47:53--> 00:48:12

how could they announce it, because if they allowed it, then all the planes would have been unfolded would have been found out. The third force which was started by Apple and they saw to it that it must fail. And they they were the ones the people of Kufa were the ones who are responsible for the matter.

00:48:15--> 00:48:36

And they were the ones and they they forced the issue until a situation came. Who said that they allow 72 people against three to 5000 people before till the end. He was resolute? Well, Amara he never must one salad in that particular time. Never must one salad at that particular time.

00:48:38--> 00:49:04

In today received, you know, it's something that we and we send them make mention of it. We hear about certain family members who have passed on in one family from COVID or other sickness. It touches our heart. We get emotionally affected by it. How much times you said look at that family they lost so much and so much. Do you know what happened to say that you can wind up in the in in Karbala

00:49:05--> 00:49:08

loss six of his brothers

00:49:09--> 00:49:11

two of his own children.

00:49:12--> 00:49:16

Three of his nephews from Assam assembly allows Ramon

00:49:17--> 00:49:23

Carson, Mohammed Abubakar to children of him blindly Java

00:49:24--> 00:49:41

m to four children of mitalipov his cousins, last six of his brothers, two of his children, three of his nephews and two of the children of Jaffa, four of his cousins in one bedroom

00:49:42--> 00:49:43

cost him being

00:49:44--> 00:49:48

the son of somebody who was extremely expensive.

00:49:49--> 00:49:59

People used to talk about his attractiveness in his physical, you know, features and his effectiveness. When he was wounded, he came to a crusade where we allowed him

00:50:00--> 00:50:23

about to cry. And my nephew. Normally I would have done so much for myself I'm hopeless, and in his end, that's him, the son of sad have passed away. I towards the end he was a two year old small child and it is just birth was given at that particular time when the child was brought into the lap of a certain symbol the ultimo

00:50:25--> 00:50:34

arrow appears that small child mentioned is made in one way that will save the the amount withdrawn who picked up the plan of its own child. And he turned up towards evidence.

00:50:36--> 00:50:55

I don't know the reasons why I've been put through the stress. But if this is the means of your happiness, Oh Allah, you become happy with us. Um, I have said that this was something that was assigned when as a partner of the law of Dharma, one day came to me against Hassan and Hussein. And she asked and said,

00:50:57--> 00:51:14

Oh, my father may go out for these two children of mines. So the words of the Hadith are very amazing. The worst of the Hadith goes and says that Allah, Allah made dua for them. And the vehicle himself Some said, her son has been given my dignity and my leadership.

00:51:15--> 00:51:18

And Hussein has been given my generosity and my courage

00:51:20--> 00:51:26

has been given my dignity and my leadership. Hussein has been given my generosity and my and my and my courage

00:51:27--> 00:51:48

and said my grandson will be killed in Iraq. Whoever is here must come to is a system, Missouri, Missouri, as it will Mr. Mara Viola drama says that an angel came to me via cream sauce and did not come before and he said your grandson will be martyred. And if you want I will show you the same in which he was remarket. It is a red in color.

00:51:50--> 00:52:04

It is really color the day Allah who was martyred as an apostle says that I saw a dream that novia Kareem Salah when he was selling was extremely disturbing. He had a vivid say in his head. And he

00:52:05--> 00:52:13

and I said, Why are you so why are you so disturbed? He said I will just come and witness the martyrdom of my grandson as

00:52:16--> 00:52:22

I looked at that particular time afterwards, I match the time. It was the exact time that because I will say that a lot of

00:52:24--> 00:53:04

these reasons with regard to number 30 some of the lessons are up to one it was a very amazing thing. I don't know sometimes certain things always stick in your mind with regard to what you listen in the classroom. So he said maybe a Kareem sallallahu Sallam said, I wish that I must be martyred in the path of Allah, then it must be brought back to life, then again I must be martyred. Then again I must be brought back to life. Then again I must be martyred. He said he saw slums wish that we saw slums wish to be martyred, then surely Allah would have taken that into account. He gave two reasons why this was taken into account. One was at the vehicle himself some the apparent reason

00:53:04--> 00:53:21

for his sickness was the poison meat that was given to him at the time of fever. So whenever you saw someone became sick, with his medical warford in the sickness of his death, he thought I still feel the pain of that particular meat, that poison meat that was given to me the time okay.

00:53:22--> 00:53:42

So in that way, there was a step with regard to Shahada. And the second thing a few lessons have told us he said grandchildren are very, very beloved to grandfather so it's a matter of Hussein will be allowed travel was a manifestation of the desire of the vehicle.

00:53:45--> 00:53:50

Market him and we'll say that he allowed it was a manifestation of the desire of the vehicle.

00:53:51--> 00:53:52

I read this

00:53:53--> 00:53:54


00:53:56--> 00:54:06

in this number didn't get away with it. After that, after one year motel, Bill made a *up he came in he took revenge on behalf of all of those people who are in the forefront of mud, you know,

00:54:08--> 00:54:21

got the man who saved me a lot. And they after the whole situation is very um, you know, when they came out in the people of Kufa cry, then zainul RBD himself and hazard zaner

00:54:22--> 00:54:28

the sister will say that we often say you are crying but you are the ones who killed us. The people of Kufa

00:54:29--> 00:54:32

You are the ones who betrayed us who are the ones who deceived us.

00:54:33--> 00:54:50

That is why they said about Herbalife most likely I think it was him. Someone came and asked him, you know, one day he asked him a question. He said, You know, if a mosquito mosquito blood comes on my quota, what am I sad we made or not

00:54:51--> 00:54:59

what am I What am I Namaste he made a small little bit of mosquito blood come from I put out comes up on my my body. So the

00:55:01--> 00:55:02

I was quite surprised with a question.

00:55:04--> 00:55:10

He said, I'm from Cooper. He said, you're worried about the mosquito who took the blood.

00:55:12--> 00:55:26

He took the brunt of the greater of the measles, let me to ask you about the blood of a mosquito. That is sometimes our misplaced priorities. We also do the same thing. We sometimes get too much, you know, involved in one small petty thing we lose sight of the bigger picture.

00:55:27--> 00:55:29

So by brothers This is,

00:55:30--> 00:55:39

but he still remains. The fact that it happened. It was decided by law. And there was such great rains that were given to us it was saying,

00:55:42--> 00:56:02

Don't ever tell the people who are cleaning the path of Allah, that they are dead, they are not dead, they are alive, but you can perceive the life. It doesn't make it any easier for us. It doesn't make it any easier for us. Today, years, we still cry about it. And we should cry, because it was such a tragic event. But one thing he does do

00:56:04--> 00:56:05

whenever we feel weak,

00:56:06--> 00:56:07

whenever we feel

00:56:09--> 00:56:12

some obstacles in our steadfastness to deal

00:56:13--> 00:56:14

whenever we feel

00:56:15--> 00:56:17

that things are becoming overwhelming.

00:56:18--> 00:56:20

The example of Hussein

00:56:21--> 00:56:23


00:56:24--> 00:57:09

to give us a lesson. Don't be overwhelmed by despondency. Don't let anything be an obstacle. Instead personal support deal if the grandson of the resource them could go through what he read and not have an iota of doubt and obstacle in him being steadfast in such circumstances. Why must you be in any way be weak and lacking in resolve? In ubt steadfast support the commander, even if there are certain challenging solutions that have come, we all know there has been challenges that have come upon us. Allah make it easy for us. This word My dear reset the brothers as a man because he said a very amazing thing. He said there are three realities. One real is where there is only comfort. And

00:57:09--> 00:57:20

that is gentlemen. And one real quick is only discomfort, which is Jana Malhotra save us from that. And one real is in between dunya there is a target of this at least.

00:57:21--> 00:58:06

When these challenges come, then the example will save the view of the whole crowd who comes to mind, don't don't become despondent, remain steadfast upon the commands of Allah, verily, the footer of Allah, the help of Allah tala is very near, whether it's even these difficulty, the difficulties of this world, compared to the after a very, very minute, very, very minute, that we have cream sauce them I said, Let me conclude with this, the vehicle himself and say if, for example, a person in this entire world only saw difficulty, he never saw easy doesn't happen. No matter how difficult a person's life nice, there are occasions of joy, happiness, laughter, some smiling something to do

00:58:06--> 00:58:09

for this friend, something to do with this. But if for example,

00:58:10--> 00:58:13

a person only had difficulty,

00:58:15--> 00:58:34

even the day of camera to level dopamine take him out, don't put him in jail that put him in jail, take him up on my bundle, if you ever see difficulty, he will say after being for a little while, in general, he will forget all the difficulties of this world, he will never know what is happening.

00:58:36--> 00:58:40

And for example, he lived a life where there was only joy

00:58:42--> 00:58:50

there was only goodness and there was only happiness and then allow the day of chemical dopamine gentlemen, take him out.

00:58:51--> 00:58:55

hold these people we sometimes you know, I sometimes laugh at the way we sometimes think we say look,

00:58:56--> 00:59:02

these people are so good looking guys, they stayed by what is all those happiness going to count? You know?

00:59:03--> 00:59:18

Everyone has a life only of happiness only of joy, all your goodness, all you have comfort. Allah will take him out. My wonder Did you ever see any goodness, any happiness, every comfort? And I never ever saw any comfort?

00:59:20--> 00:59:33

This world is a trial. Yes, we do make dua and we should continuously make this man who said you know our studies tell us you know, and I will start with I heard someone last week so I met someone who was very close to you know, monogram.

00:59:34--> 00:59:40

You see he used to make dua, Allah We are very weak don't bring difficulty upon us. Now what is our situation?

00:59:42--> 00:59:43

We must ask for after you.

00:59:45--> 00:59:46

Ask Can

00:59:47--> 00:59:49

I get surprised by people who say

00:59:54--> 00:59:59

we are weak will not give us please don't bring the fix that if it comes then we

01:00:00--> 01:00:09

We talk about the difference, there's a different approach, but before we want to only ask them for ease, we are not worth doing you know I hate this word sometimes

01:00:10--> 01:00:26

the people who are with your protested we are not dealing with your brother give us give us your good marks and rather diverse to a happiness without testing. So, you have the capacity to do so, is a capacity to favor us to forgive us without testing us.

01:00:30--> 01:00:32

It was very very difficult in taking exams

01:00:34--> 01:00:38

One day, the office they get a purchase

01:00:41--> 01:00:44

right to put that exam marks on the paper.

01:00:46--> 01:00:52

Absolutely. So the office asked me Well, why don't you put a mark what was you put? We said here to sipper Kalika

01:00:54--> 01:00:55


01:00:58--> 01:01:04

So, we are we so, we can buy you us you know pass us This will

01:01:07--> 01:01:17

enable us to pay no matter what type of answers we need to pass us. So, brothers know in today's time that government passes on 50%

01:01:19--> 01:01:31

government pass the 30% Allah is more important to him than the government even we can pass it 30% it passes even on less. So, we must make do other tests is half here Please forgive me for

01:01:38--> 01:01:38


01:01:43--> 01:01:44


01:01:56--> 01:01:56


01:01:59--> 01:02:00

with the

01:02:02--> 01:02:02


01:02:06--> 01:02:07

Fi op itself

01:02:09--> 01:02:09

we are

01:02:12--> 01:02:13

we might want to be with you

01:02:14--> 01:02:16

because you love forgiveness

01:02:17--> 01:02:18


01:02:19--> 01:02:19


01:02:23--> 01:02:23


01:02:28--> 01:02:29


01:02:30--> 01:02:32

he was talking about

01:02:34--> 01:02:36

simply he simplifies

01:02:42--> 01:02:43

the wall

01:02:47--> 01:02:48


01:02:54--> 01:02:54


01:02:56--> 01:02:58

rumpus stepped on me.

01:03:03--> 01:03:03

Why do you

01:03:10--> 01:03:12

remember the Muslim scientifically

01:03:14--> 01:03:14


01:03:18--> 01:03:23

piece success and prosperity individually and collectively?

01:03:28--> 01:03:28

It could be

01:03:32--> 01:03:35

without your health system without the protection

01:03:45--> 01:03:46

providing financial

01:03:50--> 01:03:50