Opinion Of People – Part 2

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What Toba Sadie keen men. They're a little loopy. We'll ask that the Toba of people on a path to God is the Toba of things in their hearts having a bad opinion of somebody. I'll give you an example, in Mauritania

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and it's a true story. There was a man there. He didn't have his beard. He's young man, a lot of young men shave their beard. And he came into this. There he was in this thing, there was an old Imam there, one of the Aloma, they're very simple man, very humble man. And he

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looked at this man and, and they made some exchanges, but the man that was with him had brought him to when they left this beardless man, and this friend of his told me that story, he started saying, you know, these old shoe,

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you know, this is what's holding us back. And this is the title of Mauritania. This is like the backwardness and these, you know, they're just so pathetic, and there's names going on and on and just backbiting this guy. And the next day, the old man went to find this man, he wanted to see the man without the beard. And when he finally got him, he told us that and said in private, please forgive me. He said, What? He said, I had a hard time sleeping last night. And he said, Why? And he said, because I saw, I saw you didn't have a beard. And I just assumed that you were a facet.

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And I had no right to make that assumption. And I just wanted to ask you forgiveness for that.

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And that had a complete transformation on this person, because he thought about all the things, the bad things he'd said, about that man to another man, and had no remorse for it. And this man was troubled by having a bad thought about him.

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And he couldn't sleep from it. So these are no combat. And that's what he's saying about the people who have Sulu. They're worried about their heart, the state of their heart about what they're thinking about people about has said about short format, these type thing that's what's troubling them and they're making Toba for that. Hmm. And handsome. He says that the first degree of wilaya

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is that you begin to do more has a bit of the heart that if an Azure says you hasn't been enough, sir, and unfussy. Why isn't it hotter out there caspase. Even Azure says that in this moving towards God, that you begin to take your breasts to account your soul to account based on your breasts. So you actually realize your breasts are accountable, every breath you take is accountable, and that and then you actually weigh your thoughts in the divine scales, whether the thought is acceptable or not. And that's what that email was displaying is that he realized that he had a suspicion in his heart about this man and and he wanted to ask the man for