Strategies Against The Believers

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In other words, the Quran didn't allow the Muslims to get distracted by the propaganda. Understand your enemy, study your enemy, learn their strategies, how do they play the media? What financial games do they play?

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But then Allah at the same time tells the Muslims now prepare, die. It is not the way for the believer. The believers have so much discipline even on the battlefield, that if they're fighting someone in the middle of the battlefield and the the sword drops, and he says he says the Kadima they're supposed to stop their support in the middle of a fight they're supposed to stop. And so with this in mind, I wanted to share these two ions of citizen and file with you. Allah says they accepted the vena cava Busaba who

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don't ever imagine that those who disbelieved got it advantage that they got ahead. If someone who another way to translate sub who can also be don't think they got away with it.

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You know, you might think when you look at the scenario in the world, that those who are engaged in acts of oppression, those who are the frown of today, they get away with it. Nobody can stop them. We can give speeches, we can raise our voices, we can make posts, we can make videos, we can expose what they do, we can show video footage, we can show articles, research journalistic papers, even their own people, we can gather all the evidence and cry and scream and they're still doing what they're doing. Understand your enemy. Study your enemy, learn their strategies. How do they play the medium? What financial games do they play? Do you ever imagine that those who disbelieve got ahead.

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And by the way, the disbelievers in Mark calm. They have two strategies. And I want you to understand both of those strategies. One was a military strategy. I told you a little bit about that already. There is no discrimination kill everyone. That was one Oh, Allah prepared the believers to deal with that kind of enemy. You prepared them to deal with that kind of enemy. But there was another strategy.

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And the other strategy was to make sure that everybody in the region of Hejaz, the Arabian region, everybody believes that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is a threat. He's a threat. He's dangerous. He will destroy families. He's no good. He doesn't belong. He's not really you can't cooperate with him, spreading rumors about him and spreading our reputation about him creating propaganda against him was part of the machinery of the McCanns the first warfare is actually information warfare before you pick up a gun. The first kind of warfare is actually information war and the Quran in Mecca and this is what the new Quran but in McCann Quran, Allah actually

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acknowledges on multiple occasions, the information warfare that declaration leaders were doing, spreading by the way, just these a poet, we know well, you know, which poet teaches that we know this *.

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Come up with some stories spread it,

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you know that we found out that he's actually insane, verify it, we have the documents to prove it. Come up with some fake documents spread. Let the world think let as many people as possible think that he's insane. Let us many people think this lie or that lie or another lie about him. And the Quran. Instead of doing an investigative report on each of those allegations. You know, what he's looking on? Just says, Yeah, you're not insane.

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You're not a liar. Let's move on.

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Let's move on. In other words, the Quran didn't allow the Muslims to get distracted by the propaganda and make us feel the need to respond to each attack. Just Allah says, Hey, you didn't do that. That's not you. That's not you, you know, my intermediate material because again, what are much known? Let's move on. You're not by the blessing of Allah. You're not a mind reader. You're not a sorcerer. And you're not insane. That's it, we can move on.

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You know, and by the way, just because we're not going to respond doesn't mean that the propaganda that is made the lies that are spread against the believer, they don't hurt ie they hurt even the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam.

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Well, of course now Allah Who illegal southern mocha be my own. Allah says Allah tells us about the Prophet himself. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who's gonna question the Eman of Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Allah says, because of what they say, We know that your chest hurts their words cause you pain. Well, that's just my own demeanor Lena who to get up in political Minella the national who hasn't Kathira you're going to hear a lot of painful words coming from those who are given the book before you and those who commit ship you're going to hear many painful things. You're going to hear horrible, terrible, ugly

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allegation while we're in hospital with a taco for inauthentic I mean as we know more this is what Allah by the way that I had that I just cited for you that was from Iran after the Battle of Wuhan. But I need to focus and come back to what happens after whether he says Don't you think that they got away in the hotel your energies on they're not going to overpower they are not going to make you outages that just means powerless. You are just is someone who makes someone else powerless understand the Arabic of this if there's two people wrestling, or like UFC fights, some of you guys like to watch. If one guy taps the other guy taps out, he became more just he became urges. The

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other one is mortgages. He surrendered. He made him surrender. He made him give in I want you to move forward. There's a lot of people standing in the back, you can have space in front of you take it

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in the home life or June. They are not going to cause you to surrender. They are not going to render you powerless. The feeling the frustration that the believer is powerless is a lie.

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That's a lie. We cannot afford to believe the believer in this book. The believer in Allah Quran is telling the Muslims already doesn't matter how much more overwhelming their forces are, what other attack they will come with. Let me give you one thing, what are your seven under the NACA Furusawa ko don't let them think they should never think that they got ahead that they have they got away with it. And they will not be overpowering. They won't do very overpowering Allah and not even huge.

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But then in the next IO, which was actually supposed to be my primary focus today.

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Allah azza wa jal says, Well, I do the home

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get ready for them.

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Prepare for them. Get ready for them. Allah could have just sold hola hola is enough for them. Like Allah says in another place in the Quran cuff Allah Allah, we need educated Allah is enough to fight against the for the believers, Allah is enough as your support. And we all know what happened at whether the angels came before we even came. The angel struck before we even struck. Allah is enough. But then Allah at the same time tells the Muslims now prepare.

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Prepare for them.

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How does? How does a team prepare for a match? They study their enemy, isn't it?

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If you're gonna pray play a certain team in a football match. If you're gonna play a certain team in a rugby match, I am in Australia I got a reference rugby.

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If you're gonna, these athletes that are fighting for the UFC championship, do they not study their opponent? Do they not study their strengths, their weaknesses? Don't they analyze what's their strategies, because if you're going to engage in a fight and prepare, it doesn't just mean I'm going to prepare on my own. I'm going to study my enemy. I'm going to watch the footage, I'm going to understand how they play their game, I'm going to understand how they get away with it because I need to play them I need to beat them at their game.

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That's my opponent. When Allah says to the home, the home is really important. He didn't just say I do prepare, prepare would mean hey, let's let's start exercising, let's start gathering let's empower ourselves and we don't have we don't care about what they do. Allah will take care of it no lesson I do in the home.

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Understand your enemy. Study your enemy, learn their strategies. How do they play the medium? What financial games do they play? What political games that they played? What's going on behind the scenes? If you don't understand that you're not understanding this idea?

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Also, allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam understood the Quraysh and he understood who are the colorations trade partners, who are their alliances with Where did they go and make their money? How did they build their social network, who is in affiliation with them, he understood the enemy.

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And then Allah says he would something more profound he says Moscato. Mustapa atonement coverting. I was reading ignore our shoulder Rahim Allah on this idea. He said something really beautiful about Lesotho.

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He said this is a tosser.

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Let me translate it in English first. He says prepare for them what ever you can whatever you're able to prepare.

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Allah could have been very specific. Allah could have said prepare swords. Prepare, you know, prepare archers, prepare spears, prepare battle training, prepare ships. He didn't say any of that. He said whatever you can you know what that means? That means that this is not referring to one battlefield or one strategy. There are multiple battlefields like I said, there was a military war but there was also an information war, wasn't it?

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And some of you are going to be very good your preparation will be gathering intelligence, somebody else's preparation will be understanding this, the economic strategy, somebody else's preparation will be understanding the military strategy. There are different people that are poised and specialized in understanding different components of the enemy, and you will all have to get involved. This is a command for the collective muscle dato. Allah gave each one of us a different kind of strength, a different kind of ability.

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And he wants to the the Muslims were being told at the time, you now need to understand that this preparation is not one kind of preparation. It's multifaceted. You should not think of it in one direction one way you have to think of it in multiple ways. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna

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