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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma


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The transcript discusses various cultural and language usage, including the importance of the "reminder" in the internet and the use of "will" in Arabic language. The transcript also touches on various examples of culture and language usage, including cutting open rocks, using "echalk" in Arabic, using "will" in Arabic to describe actions and events, and the use of "will" in Arabic to describe actions and events. The transcript also touches on the use of "will" in Arabic to describe actions and events, and the potential impact of COVID-19 on society.

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Bella salatu salam ala rasulillah Mahmoud, we continue our study of sloth obasa a couple of things that left my mind that I should have mentioned before, I think we should make a note of them before we go any further. The first thing conda. In particular, in that ayah we said that tequila is the strongest possible word for a minder. And it actually is a word that once the tequila is done for someone they can't help but remember, but a key word to note is why does the Koran call itself a reminder after all, a reminder as opposed to news or information or knowledge. Knowledge is something new. But a reminder is something old, you already know and you're being reminded. So if

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the Quran is new revelation, why is it calling itself a reminder? This is understood in the larger sense of the word because all human beings, they made a covenant with Allah subhanho wa Taala before they came on this earth, that allows the origin is there Lord, Allah has always asked us and this is recorded in Soto are off and has to be a lot bigger. Am I not sure Lord, Allah, Allah shahidullah we will witness of course, why not? And so, this is something we are predisposed to the fifth law of the human being, we are pre programmed to believe in Allah as origin, to seek guidance from him. This is this is part of our our nature. And we forget our nature like the Messenger of Allah

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sallallahu Sallam in the hadith of fitrah you know, koulamallah the nullah

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that we find also in the binary, the 48th amendment, every, every newborn is born on a predisposed fitrah a law called the fifth or fifth Allah, Allah de Fatah, nasarah, right, the predisposed nature, that Allah you know, programmed or fashion people into, now this this fitrah basically, the messenger tells us on the law harness and and then over the course of the age over your because of your culture, your religion, the religion of your family, for about an hour who you have, we then he or you know, say Ronnie he or you might just and he, they make him Jews, they make him Christians or they make him mad, you know, medians or whatever these religions all of them. People force those on

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you because of their part of your heritage, but in your fitrah, what is their Islam, and its submission to Allah. So the Quran is calling back to your fitrah it is reminding you of something that's already deep inside your heart. That's why it's called Death killer. Now, who will benefit from the death killer who have something further from the federal left, imagine there is a little bit of light left hand side you the light of the Quran comes these two lights come into contact with each other. It was called northern Allah new light upon light. But these people that were just described, they had no light. Allah said they have no inclination of cleansing themselves. They are

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they feel themselves free of need. They don't feel like they need a lord, right. So they have no inclination of cleansing themselves. So if this most powerful reminders has no benefit on them, then they're useless. Don't worry about them. Because there's nothing short in this message. You know, when you try to convince someone of something, and they don't believe you, they don't take it from you. You figure maybe there was something missing in my speech, maybe there's something I said I could have been said better. Or if I had a better message they would have believed me. But unless as he gives the messenger confidence sallallahu Sallam don't even think like that, don't think that

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there's something in your message that's missing, this is the killer After all, this is the most powerful possible powerful reminder there can be. So if the if one doesn't take advantage of it, it is nothing in you it is in them can the in sha Allah whoever wants they will make mention from it they will take advantage of this reminder and internalize it. Now Allah azza wa jal mentions the elevated status Why is it so powerful? Where does it come from? Why is it you know, not even human form of karma is not even the reminder that a human being can give to another this is divine reminder philosophical karma in the scrolls that are noble or you know, glorified, honored makalah

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from the cream in the Arabic language, more for it there are elevated Mahara, that are purified this these are all adjectives of the scrolls that were the last panel with Allah. Most scholars come in this is Lacan muffled where the revolutions are protected. So another words already the cofounder being

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Because the Godfather listening to this to remember this murky Koran is that road to the kuffar also they're listening to. So what they're learning is the fact that you get to listen to something from this, you know, secret classified document in the highest highest place the most secure places. The fact that you are being honored that you get to listen to it, it should be enough for you to come. But if even this doesn't have an effect on you, what else is gonna have an effect on you? So this is actually a means of elevating the message and belittling the Kufa. Remember before we said, when they take the message so casually, and the messenger Salaam is so serious about giving it to them,

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it seems like they have the upper hand now allies giving the message of Islam and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam, the upper hand, the ad sufferer, it is at the disposal of in the hands of a sufferer suffer as an interesting word in the Arabic language, it means scribes, it means to suffer actually means a book that unveils things. So these are the sufferer, the scribes that take record from the Quran, or from the lohana food and then unveil it to the messengers or the human soul. And this is one interpretation of it. Some scholars commented This is all those who record the Quran, meaning the manuscripts of the Sahaba they become safaga the manuscripts of the

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prophets exofit, rahimullah musanze recorded in the Quran, these are also suffer, but the majority opinion is that this is the angels and it's supported in the language also, because of the next words, Kira, I'm in Bora Bora is the giveaway. The word Bara is the plural of battle, but not without an elephant, the middle and it's an under plural of a word bar with an elephant the middle now bar means goodness and mean someone extremely good. It is the hyperbolized form of goodness I'm extremely, extremely good is but and then bar is someone good but it's not as powerful as the word but okay. Now the thing is the plural of bar, good person is abroad. What are phenomenon abroad,

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that's the normal, you know, expected plural of bar, but a more powerful plural is Bharara what is used here. One linguistic opinion is Bara is general kathira and abroad general Killa. What that means is Bharara is multitudes in plural and abroad is not as powerful a plural, and that would be applicable to the angels because the righteous of the human beings are far less than the righteous of the angel because they're all righteous. So can I mean but Allah, they're entirely righteous, the vast multitude of them are righteous. And of course, because Buddha is a stronger word, it's it's a plan that this is the reason that this is referring to the angels will law item that is the majority

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opinion, though, that these are the most noble and the most righteous of the angels. So the people who get to handle this revelation are the entities that can handle this revelation. First of all, this is very high. It's very noble, it's elevated, it's purified, it's cleansed. Then on top of this, it's the highest ranked of the angels that get the scribes of the angels, and they are the most noble Bharara. This is that same message that you are getting to hear you people have courage, you're getting to hear this. So if you don't take from it, it's your loss. nobody else's. The messenger shouldn't feel so alone isn't even an inkling of grief over you. This is why Allah azza wa

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jal constantly, constantly, constantly would remind His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, further unlikable, or necec rather sad for the undercover officer, are you going to kill yourself with grief? Are you going to overrun yourself with grief? Because if they don't become Muslim, Islamic, meaning, you know if they don't turn into Islam, turn to Islam? Are you going to kill yourself over grief, the messengers or someone can't help himself but feel that grief because in the introduction of this little we said he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Allah is always subhana wa Taala constantly lightening his burden, but still, it's still the weight of the world.

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It's still very, very heavy on the messenger sallallahu wasallam, that it is out of this concern that even with the munafo and when Allah azza wa jal said interested Philips Arena merata nationala home, even for the hypocrites when Allah said even if you ask a lot of forgive 70 times, Allah will not forgive them. The messenger said, I will ask more than 70 cents of halala. But it is that concern for humanity that he had some alcohol on him, send them now turn to the next subject matter. This was these were the few the small passage elevating the status of Revelation, giving the upper hand to the message itself. Now come back to the matter of the human being poodle in San Marc Farah.

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This is a way of very sharp critique, and very sharp scolding in the Arabic language. May the human being be killed, may he be destroyed. What he learned in San is, you know, Mommy, Julian Marley, it's in the past tense, and it's passive literally means the human being was killed. what that implies is, may the human being be killed, or the human being has destroyed himself. Mark for how incredible his disbelief how amazing his capacity to deny mcfa is. This is a joke. This is a format used in the Arabic language to express shock and amazement and anger at something so alive seeing how awesome his coffin how amazing he is disbelief, how incredibly yet how incredible his capacity

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to disbelieve, another way that it's

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been interpreted? That's a lesser opinion, because the language is very strong here is that my hair is Miss Ruby. What led him to disbelieve like this? What made him disbelieve in this way? Okay, so that's another remark masuleh it's it's been turned into actually not not Ruby masuleh it's been turned into, but the majority opinion is the first at the edge of this sliver Tell you what, what amazing thing What was it that turned him into this disbelief? So two things and one is he's been destroyed. The human being is destroyed himself with his relentless and incredible disbelief, his disregard his ingratitude. Now if you turn to the previous surah, Allah azza wa jal showed us how

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horrible his disbelief can get with whose example you remember, for Canada, Bahasa toma de fashola Kannada, takala and Arabic, Allah, Allah gave the worst possible example of copper with Iran and in the next surah he's speaking of the entire race of human beings who can follow that legacy of Pharaoh and in denying the truth when it comes to them. And in that, so how to look at the contrast and the beautiful comparison between the nazjatar and Alba that are paired together in this way. In a nazjatar. Allah says Musa alayhis salaam showed him the most beautiful, the most powerful of science for all who is algebra. He showed him the enormity the enormous sign he showed him, and

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still he lied against it. He's still he did go, how amazing is Cofer. He could see that and still do Cofer, right, in this surah what is Allah showed them, he had showed them that deskera Big sophora kilombero he showed them that amazing reminder and he still does schofer so there there was the staff of Busan, Islam. Here, there's no Quran. And yet in face of both the human being Look at him, he's destroyed himself, how amazing his capacity to still disbelieve. And in that surah is, remember his this belief had to do with arrogance. It had to do with arrogance. Here again, Allah brings back the subject of arrogance. Who does he think he is? I mean, ha in halaqaat, the next ayah from what

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exactly does he think he was made out of? From what thing from what material was he created? So rather than human beings is what does that mean mean? Not 13 halaqa data from a from a dirty fluid from that from that filthy fluid that people wash off their clothes that are embarrassed by it, that fluid that from that Eliza says mean not fun is only out of that halakha who He created him for Katara taqdeer in the Arabic language is a very powerful word. A word that is interestingly related to his hora de hora de means to make a wild projection like we do in the stock market in this country right to make a wild projection, okay, or in the real estate is going to go up. It's going

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to go down this you basically you go, you know, you wouldn't believe this. I used to go to business school in New York City, right. And

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in midtown Manhattan, some of the some of the most like priciest real estate, like some of the top top Wall Street, you know, broker brokerage firms downtown, these high high buildings, I mean, a small studio would cost you like 9000 $10,000 in rent. We're talking about like 400 square feet or something, right? And at the first floor of all of these buildings, psychic palm readers will lie and 55th Street in Madison Avenue Park Avenue. I mean, these are the most expensive real estate in the world almost right. And the psychic readers can afford themselves you know why? Because these multimillion dollar executives before they go make their merger deals or put their money in this

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stock or that stock. You know what they do? They go to the psychrometer man, what will colored How should I wear to the meeting? Or should my socks match and match my shoes or not? or whatever? This is how superstitious they are. This is this is Hadassah, Haas right to make wild projections. But then there's the deer, the deer is to make a projection based on extremely precise calculation. And Allah azza wa jal says about the human being he took this clot this this fluid, and then he made that deal. How tall are you going to be? What color is your skin going to be? Are you going to have both eyes at work or not? What are you going to what language you're going to speak? How smart Are

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you going to be? What part of your brain are you going to use? How long are you going to live? What are you going to eat? When are you going to eat it? What diseases are you going to have? When you get Are you going to be cured of them or not? Who are your parents gonna be? Who are your children going to be? What job will you have? What job will you use? What business will you run? What business will fail? All of it precisely calculated when you were this when you were nothing mean? Nothing? Hala Cova Katara. He calculated his entire legacy. Put it all precise calculation. So kind of look, this is part of our Akita taqdeer so Allah azzawajal says to this, this Kaffir you've

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destroyed yourself how amazing you can just believe, look at where you came from, how pathetic your creation is how I'm completely in charge of recreation, and you can still be so obnoxious, so oblivious to all of this and still have the capacity to disbelief. Look at this in contrast to sort of nausea out there, Allah put the human being in his place to there. He said, I'm to my shadow economy, Santa Barbara, are you tougher in creation? Or is the sky that we constructed for us on kochava? So we were put in our place by comparing us to the sky. Now we're being put in our place by reminding us where we came from. From that northwest of how to line both of them up what's the

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arrogance of the human being down in two different ways? Then here he says Thoma sebelah sorry.

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It is especially in the path that path that the human being that Allah facilitated for the human being. He made it easy for him or not comment that this Sabine is the passage of the child coming out of the womb of the mother did you open that roadway for yourself? Allah azza wa jal opened this path for you so that you can come into this world how pathetic you are, you couldn't even go down this path yourself. Allow me that easy for you. So my Sabina Salah then the scholars comment in addition this Sabine this path that Allah open, it's talking also about this guidance that Allah made the path to guidance so easy for you. He gave you gave he gave you access to the messengers,

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the clearest revelations, the most powerful reminder he put the predisposed fitrah inside of you. There are so many ingredients all around you leading you to that right direction the guidance so much has been facilitated for you How amazing your disbelief how incredible your capacity to distill kick all of this to the curb and move on with your lifetime. It's not even there. So my Sibelius Allah then Allah Xhosa says to Mamata who then after making that path easy for him path into the world easy path to guidance easy that growth of one stage to the next is life all that easy for him then after this from a matter who then he caused him to die you're not in control of your death

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either you think you're in control your life you're not even in control of your death for a kabara who then he made sure he ends up into the grave he put he we had him placed in the grip of a bottle after he died now cover in Arabic is to be entered into the earth so whether you're cremated and your ashes are scattered in the you know in the ocean or your you know you want to feed yourself to the sharks or whatever you want to do in the end all creatures will decay and where will that decay go into the earth it will be entered into the earth whether you have a proper grave or not whether it's concrete whatever in the end you will be part of you will be reduced back to this earth. So you

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came from something pathetic and you will be reduced to something that you wash from your clothes dirt for acabado Allah puts the human being in his place of Allah and then he says Toma either Sha there after much after this when when he's even gone in his grave then there what's going to happen whenever he wants it ah not not when you want when he wants um Shara who he in this is in the family for for Tokyo. And for for emphasis or for actually, what's the word conviction? Right or certainty actually, certainty is the right word. So Maya Angelou whenever he wants he will raise him right back up all of a sudden either here for immediately immediately will raise him back up no process

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necessary. You see for our growth from a baby to an adult, there's a process but in our resurrection, is there a process for us to grow back out? No, it's immediate one shot through my inertia and shadow. So the all of this he took time to do for you. And if you better get your act together because the times cutting coming when you're decayed completely, he'll resurrect you back up again. In the Arabic especially in the Quran, at least for resurrection, there are three words used to take something dead and bring it back to life. But I thought has two things in it to raise something and to send something forward. So it not just means that a level raises, but he will

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gather us and send us forward towards this the place we are supposed to meet nationella literally means to spread like the shuttle menu to new shore and is a phrase in the Arabic right that the the corpse has been dispersed, meaning its decays its remains are spread into the land, right? They don't remain intact they spread out right, unless as he will raise you and then spread you out meaning all human beings are spread out and eventually gathered into that land into that field and how should we were supposed to gather so patola so Thelma is Russia and sha Allah? Then Allah azza wa jal again, says Keller Keller, no, not at all. And is certainly true what I was about to say

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llama yoke Lima Amara, he has not yet done justice. He has not yet fulfilled Kaaba in Arabic is to do a responsibility and to do it in a way that you are no longer responsible. You're done with it. Okay, you had to deliver this one thing one time you did it, your job is done. You no longer held responsible This is called up okay? So Allah says, The human being did not fulfill his duty up until now meaning humanity has been on this earth for so long. And all this time for the human being to get his act together up until now, llama not lamb, but llama not yet. And astrology still there's hope for you just in the word llama there's still hope for you. That what he was commanded to do. He

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did not what he what his Lord commanded him Amara who what he meaning Allah commanded him, he did not yet fulfill still yet after all of these facilitations after all of these reminders, he still hasn't gotten his act together. So patola is a very powerful reminder towards the end of this order. After hearing all of this, there's still hope for you. You haven't done it yet. But there's still hope for you landmark Lima Allah, the Salah is origin in again positive reinforcement. If this all of this reminder isn't enough. Let me give you something more that will put it put this benefit this this meat this message over the top, young Boolean is

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Son in autonomy. The not the human being would look carefully and stare at his food. Stare literally stare and look and observe his food carefully. Stare at the food on your plate and stare Just think about it, to stare at it. Why is Allah wanting you to stare at it to remind you that you have responsibilities kilala Maya Lima Amara Fernando in sunny la Tommy, the human being did not fulfill he did not fulfill the obligations due to him that Allah had commanded him with let him take a look at his own food. Now what does he mean by that? Look at look at the things I was gonna mention. Now by the way, I'm in Arabic as opposed to actual accolades, any kind of food to amis food more

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particularly for human beings

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and not Subhanallah Asada. So you're looking at this orange or this grape on your plate that you bought from the grocery store. Allah says he poured water down abundant pouring sub is actually literally just take a bucket and pour it over somebody. Right so a lot of course buckets of rain, right it's even in English expression right? A lot of pours heavy heavy heavy rain that we pour rain water upon water upon water and suburban Alma so but it is we will send that water down. So much Shaka Shaka shock in Arabic is to cut open something or to rip open something that isn't, you don't think of cutting or ripping open certain things. When you when you cut those kinds of things open

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then Chuck is used. For example, in the Quran, Allah uses chalk for the for the sky, you don't think of cutting open with the sky, Allah uses in Chicago for rocks because you don't think of cutting a rock open, right? Or the earth being cut open. And so these are grand things that you don't necessarily you think paper or cloth, right? These are skin cutting open, these are the things you expect to cut open. But unless as he cuts the earth open, he tears it open to Morocco or Russia. Once again look how this is tied back to the previous surah. There are a lot alluded to something in the previous little in analogy it said when Danica Raja Maha Maha Maha he alluded to it, that he

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smoothed the earth out for you. He you know, and then after this, he brought out from it the pastures right he brought out the water of it and the pastures of it. Now he's being more explicit he's taking those if it's like those are that have seen of them is coming here in the next era. Right? So he says so much sokhna are the Shaka ambatovy haba when we when we cracked it open when you ripped it open, we sprouted in it and we allowed the growth of have been green in bad actually used to ensure the growth of something meticulously and this also used for a child that is being raised that matures quickly. For him but ohana baton Hassan Rockefeller has a career so it's useful

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for example, Madame Salama, Allah has same word is used, just like you take care of a plant and insurance growth. And if you do, so it grows quickly, her maturity came quickly. So the word impact is used for her for him. But now we're in urban wakaba. Now notice the most important vegetations are mentioned first have green, that's the source food basically. Okay, and all kinds of green are included. Actually, what's interesting is in the old, an old English corn was actually the word corn was used for grain. In Old English, it was used for grain. So some of the older translations of how to say corn, but they don't actually mean corn like what we need corn now they mean grain from Old

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English, so it needs to be updated to grain anyhow, we're in a band wakaba is actually grapes, God is all kinds of green, all kinds of vegetations. So you know, carrots, cucumbers, etc, etc, mostly vegetations that grow under the earth come under cotton, so that the animals eat the top part of it, the green, the leaves, etc. of it, and the human beings enjoy the part of it that is underneath the ground. So what ended up ended was a tune. And then and then on top of this something that the Arabs are all too familiar with zaytoun is the olive

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and nothing is the date. The date these are luxuries is the most you know, so it's it's moving from essentials to more luxurious and exotic kinds of foods. And then waka Hall was speaking of exotic, you know, well guarded completely covered up gardens worldwide that are thick. The trees of them are very, very thick. It's the plural of LLM. It's the Gemma of LLM.

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And this is an adjective that occurs had that doesn't have convene on it. You notice how the economy is not there that is there. The reason that is there because some general excuse some broken plurals especially to make it easy. The ones that have a lift in them. You cannot put them lean on them. You can only put fat on them. But Waldman doesn't have that problem, anyhow. Well, Heather Alba and gardens in which the trees are thick, the marks of them are thick and the branches are intertwined. So it's really lush kinds of gardens. Well, faqih Hatton. phakisa is used in Arabic for delicious fruit ancient Arabic uses it for delicious fruit phakisa in Arabic means to be overjoyed and

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literally for the era when he eats delicious fruit what happens ah tastes good, you know even happens now you eat a good orange a good apple and smile on your face, right? So that's why they're called falaqa or faqeer. In fact, he he also used for people in general there will be over

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Everything that every time they take a bite of something, there's a big smile on their face. So fokina,

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right? Anyway, phakisa also, some scholars comment that fatca excludes dates, pomegranate and grapes, that it excludes certain things, but it's mostly used for others. And that might explain why I know Barney McCubbin, and others are mentioned earlier to what ABA is used for grass, typically grass pasture, and most general kinds of vegetation that all animals enjoy. So of all of these things, the most particular for animals is one, which one above a bar is the one most particular for animals, most of what has been mentioned is for human beings. Now, you will find other places very interesting and very, very, very subtle in how it addresses things, even at the minute level here

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because the priority was given to human food or animal food, human food, other places you will find Zahra and mentions are these animal food crop animal food first. Okay. We're animal food has mentioned a level mentioned when he mentioned matar, he mentioned the animal first and a second. Here, the priority is, as he says, but our lagoon will be under amico. It is provision things to use for you, and also for your cattle. So the cattle have been put in a secondary position because the passage proceeding puts them their food in a secondary position. And that's part of the intricacy of the Quran. Now you can think of that kind of intricacy when you're speaking or when you're writing

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something, you can say I should rearrange this and make it fit with the paragraph before but the Quran is not written First, it is revealed to us in what in speech in speech, this is in itself another indication that this is not the word of a human being. Human beings cannot think in my in my sentence, I should organize this A and B and C because in the previous paragraph, I had something related to a first and something related to beef second, and something related to C third. We can think at that level when we speak our sentences we can't but Allah azza wa jal executes this kind of intricacy, in his words depend on what's on Madonna camaleon amico. So now previous passage was a

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threat to the human being negative reinforcement. How dare you disbelieve? You're going to be ending up in your graves you still disbelieve? All this passes was so it was a scolding from Allah. But then at the end well towards the end a lot when Eliza said Kala Lama Kadima Amara, he didn't yet do justice, he didn't yet fulfill his responsibility. In other words, there's kind of hope, when there's mention of hope there's positive reinforcement. So look at notice. Think about your food, pay attention to you know, all the things that you enjoy that these are provisions for you and your animals. So your gratitude should lead you to Islam, not just your reflection over the revelation,

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not just on your own self even just your gratitude over the food you enjoy should lead you to assign a second line of argument has been introduced. So Pamela, then finally, if even if this is not enough, now you need to know why should you become grateful in the end, the indar. So there's there's different kinds of warning but the final warning is coming now for either at a saw another parallel with the previous solar in the previous solar we read for Elijah

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metal Cobra, and I'll tell you while Cobra was used there some of the beauties and intricacies that I didn't tell you then I plan to tell you this time, you see in that sort of around said Allah buco, Allah Allah, he had given, he had given how did Allah destroy him? Allah surrounded him with water. Allah gave him a bomb Tama is a kind of destruction or calamity that surrounds you from all sides. But in in retrospect, that calamity is nothing. There's another calamity that's coming that's going to surround people from all sides. It's even bigger than that. So he says a pharma Cobra in that context, here the past the sutra began with a discussion of people that are arrogant that take the

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message casually that listen, but don't listen. Basically, they listened but they don't listen. And then there's the one who really wants to listen, right now as origin concludes this little with a threat but it is haha. When that scream comes asaka is a loud sound or a scream that is so loud that whoever comes into contact with it, whoever's ears it falls upon they turned up. They it's a deafening kind of loud scream. So you can avoid the sounds now of warning, you can avoid the message now but a sauce is coming and you're not going to be able to avoid that. So it's a sort of a poetic time together of how the sooner I began some kind of law either just saw ha, yo Ma, Amina he, the

00:29:27--> 00:30:00

day on which a men model is used for men, and we'll talk about the difference between mark and Virgil in a sec, inshallah, the men will escape or run away from now there are different words for running in Arabic. And I have a you know, abeka thora thora is used when you run away from something that terrifies you for was used when you run away from something that terrifies you. So if you're just going down the street, there's a wild dog drooling, you know, and it's coming at you. When you do when you run this time this is for you when you're jogging is not okay, when you're running

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

From from the spirits of the enemy, this has fell off. Okay? Now yoma your funeral tomorrow, the human being will run in terror, terrified running, from who I mean, he from his own brother. They'll see his brother. He'll be terrified of his brother. And right now when you're terrified of someone, where do you find protection with your brother, when your mother or your father with your family? In other words, you run from danger to these people, allies flipping their scenario and saying the day on which the human being will run away from his own, but your funeral Murphy run in terror from his brother, so patola? Why is this? Number one, your brother, your family, some scholars comment is

00:30:42--> 00:31:19

very, very powerful. The family is the one you stay in contact with the most human beings deal with each other, who do we deal with the most their own family. And when you deal with someone more, you have the chances of violating their rights, more and more and more because you deal with them more. So it's easier for me to be nice to someone I've never met. hard for me to be nice to my cousin. Because whenever we talk, when we get together, we get into a fight. Whenever my mother calls, my dad calls, he says something I blow I lose my cool we get into it. Right? So people violating each other's rights. Where does that happen more? In the family, it happens more in the family. Husband

00:31:19--> 00:31:32

violates the rights of the wife, the Rights of the Child, the rights of the parents, the rights of the brother, so when he sees one of them on the Day of Judgment, are they going to say oh, what's your my brother? It's all good. It's family, let it go. It's all No, nobody cares. What

00:31:33--> 00:31:43

was bad. All relationships will be cut off on that day. Nobody cares about anybody else But who? themselves, right Allah describes the terror of that day. Yo Matata, Hakuna Matata.

00:31:44--> 00:31:53

Every breastfeeding mother will drop whatever she used to feed a lie, didn't even say baby. He said whatever she used to feed as though she doesn't even know what that is anymore. I'm

00:31:54--> 00:31:55


00:31:56--> 00:32:22

Right. I'm not not even that. So proud a lot. That's how powerful that is. So when he sees his brother, he says, Oh, my God, I violated his rights. And I don't need to be dealing with him right now. And he's making cut off. And now he runs from him, who's the next thing he's running from? Will me be his mother. He's running away from his mother. He's running away from his father. And the other thing to run away from the brother might say, You're my brother, give me some of your good deeds, man.

00:32:23--> 00:32:58

You know, we're from the same mother. The mother might say, I gave you birth. Give me some of your deeds. The father might say I provided for you. I paid for your college education. Let me have some of yours on what? We have some of your prayers. But no, he's running from them. And then we'll saw he but he and his own wife. They shared a bed for many, many decades. And now he's running from her like he's terrified over Subhanallah well, Benny, he and this child that he used to protect this child that he would never lose sight of the pictures he would put in his office right next day, his computer, can't let go the sight of this child on this phone, little pictures of the kid. Right?

00:32:58--> 00:33:31

This is my son, pictures of the wedding of your son pictures of your grandkids. What people love love the most when parents are separated from children guess what they want the most. They look forward to time but they get to visit their children. This is what they live for, basically, to get to see the children, they die inside when they're not with their children. And here's the day when the parent is running away from his own child SubhanAllah. So Allah, the irony of this day, how everything has been turned around. Imagine this. In our time, when there's a loss of family, especially if husband and wife are married for a long time, and the husband passes away, or the wife

00:33:31--> 00:34:05

passes away. Look at the kind of you know, trauma that the husband or the wife goes through the loneliness, the sadness that they have, right. And you know, in Christian discourse, it's become common even Muslims think start thinking, Oh, I'm gonna see them in heaven. Right? The they have this whole thing there and up in heaven, they're waiting for me and we're gonna be together before heaven. let's worry about the Day of Judgment first. And on the Day of Judgment, we're not going to be holding hands saying let's go through this together. It'd be running from each other. So Pamela, the picture love paints. It's so graphic. It's so powerful. So long as our gel is reminding you

00:34:05--> 00:34:43

know, in the beginning, there was still not I don't care. There was this lacks attitude about this message. Yeah, nice speech. Thanks. Right. But at the end of lies, basically reminding the people why this is so critical. This is not a joking matter. This is not something to take lightly. This is not intellectual exercise. This is a serious, serious matter. So serious when you realize that you know what the consequences of that day are, you'll be running from everyone you loved, people used to run towards, you'll be running away from. Now here's the thing, the parallel of this in the previous Allah Subhana Allah, Allah azza wa jal there he said, for either Jaya Matan Cobra Yama taco

00:34:43--> 00:35:00

in Santo masa. That day the human being will remember entirely everything he worked towards all the efforts he made, he will remember them in full. So when he remembers everything he did, he will not care about anybody else but his problems that will lead him to run from others. Here. We finally

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

lemare minimum Yama is in Chateau nguni This is a difficult Arab Nicola Marie Minh whom is actually the hub Ramadan will have a shot no nguni is the muqtada it's later on the subject predicate has been shuffled and yoma event is here love it's the I know it's grammatical but some of you in sha Allah will learn grammar and this will benefit you one day jell o tada okay. So Yama event is what it is the related to the sentence. The shuffle of this means even the for every last person I didn't give you the meaning of mark in Morocco, right Yama, Maru and an emerald on here liquid lemare in this word is the same what this word as opposed to a Rajan, Rajan means a man. Well manhood or

00:35:45--> 00:36:27

bravery is highlighted in Maroon comes from Muruga chivalry, selflessness, nobility of a man where he's willing to give up part of himself for others man let me get those bags for you. Let me help you across the street. Right? Let me carry the the the furniture not you you stay back. Right when men do that they're that they're expressing their Moodle. Allah says this murderer, who was so chivalrous and so noble and dignified. What's he doing on that day? liqua lemare in main home, from every one of them, what's he going to do Yama eventually known yagni. On that day, there will be a shotgun shot and isn't an issue a matter and affair. That is very, very important. That's very

00:36:27--> 00:37:06

important for you and it's appropriate to you. For example, this word shuttin is used for Allah himself with a young man who he shot right to choose for Allah everyday he is involved in an important task and some kind of important and very befitting task. Allah says on that day, every single person will be involved in such an important task. What is that task remembering what they work towards in the previous song? Yo, my tacos in San masa, right? There'll be so involved in that task, that task will have the effect you need. And this is again, beautifully contrasting is still gonna struggle in the beginning, same route, you need, you need, he means something that is so

00:37:06--> 00:37:42

important. And it makes you so obsessed with what you're doing. It makes you forget and not worry about anything else. You're you know, some of you are programmers. You've got a deadline tomorrow and you've got like 20 pages of code to write. You're sitting there writing, writing, writing your child comes in, says look at my artwork that I drew this. You care. Yeah, beautiful. You know, the wife says dinner's ready. Yeah, okay, four hours go by, you didn't need dinner. Because you have is not you everything else you're not worried about right now. Everything becomes unimportant. When this is important. Allah says on that day, people will be so engaged in an important matter, that

00:37:42--> 00:38:21

everything else will become unimportant houses a contrast from the beginning. In the beginning, we saw the attitude of the gaffer who to him This message is unimportant. Everything else is more important. That's why he has not done so panela on that day, he will not have his dinner. On that day he will have something to deal with that will make him have enough of everything will make it if not for everything else for him. It will make him unconcerned about everything else. Would you mean Yama is the most for some faces, especially on that day. They will be lit up as though a smile was hiding inside a veil and it's been unveiled saphira sofala is actually in the Arabic language to

00:38:21--> 00:39:00

unveil unveil and you know here we write you know, be a the Safa rotten Kira member on same route, same route, because books large books are called suffer because they unveil knowledge. That's why they're called suffer. Okay, civil also a book that unveils important information. cepheus you know what sephirah is? Anybody know what sephirah is? It's an ambassador. It's an ambassador why he's called Sofia because he unveiled the intent of his king or his country he unveiled he releases, divulge his information, unveiling suffer is also travel right? It's called travel. Travel is called suffer because it unveils new territories and new lands for you, right? So Allah azza wa jal

00:39:00--> 00:39:39

describes a believer basically implying here that he lived a life maybe of difficulty. Okay, naka de la in Santa Monica but he created the human being in toil and hard work. And the believers you know, Allah says about the believers. z, Nadella, Xena cafaro Hayato dounia was phenomenal, phenomenal. You know, for for those who disbelieve worldly life this worldly life was beautified. And they poke fun at those who believe. So they have to hear difficult things even the Messenger of Allah, Allah Allah Allah, you know, ECOSOC, you know, we know that your chest becomes tight in my opinion because of the things they say. So even the messengers feelings are hurt some of them even though we know

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

most of the time he was smiling, some of them right, but you have this difficult life of a believer as though their smile has been unveiled. It has been veiled Allah says some faces on the day will be unveiled and the brightness and the smiles will be revealed. Meaning now they have all the reasons to smile there's no no problems left anymore. Would you want to marry the masala maganda Minho mela maker

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

from them, bar hackathon not just lit, not just full of light. Bar hackathon. By HCA means laughing uncontrollable laughter You know, they're smiling. They're by Semyon Arabic. There was so much to smile. Latika is still when your teeth show and you can't even help it and there's a there's a noise with your Smart with your laughter that's the kind of laugh some faces will have on them. Now if you notice the previous soda was a description of the hearts uyama emoji for Ohashi, there was a description of hearts now and then the eyes, this surah description of faces so it's complementing what's going on on the inside and what's going on. On the outside the appearances complementing the

00:40:39--> 00:41:17

two scenes of Panama, would you say the masala Baha Tomas tub Shira is deep shower is an interesting word in the Arabic language, it actually means to be full of delight, because of a good news that comes to you. It comes from vicious, which actually means skin and Bashara actually means to peel skin like peel skin of an orange or a banana or whatever right? Is the shower means you're so happy as though the happiness was inside of you. And you were waiting for this news. And that news was like it peel the sadness off of your face. And now that happiness has been revealed. This is a snapshot. So the happiness will be um, you know, when it was unveiled and now it's unpeeled with

00:41:17--> 00:41:23

mustachioed oxycodone mustafizur What would you say Haha, and some other faces on that day.

00:41:25--> 00:42:01

They will have a cover on them lava and the Arabic language is dust that's flying around and it lands on things and settles on them. And it's hard even to wash off. Okay. And so the idea of being that the Hubble of this clouds of dust have basically come on the face of a person and they look dirty and disheveled. Okay, so some faces will have that look on them. And this is not just even physical dust. Imagine the sadness and the depression on a person who doesn't even have literally dust on him. But just because of the sadness of that day and the pressures of the day it looks like his face is covered in dust is blackened by just depression, that the tone of his skin has changed

00:42:01--> 00:42:38

because of that terror and that sadness of that day. Who Hakata by the way before I go on just something for your vocabulary benefit in sha Allah, in Arabic and Quran define different words for dust. This is a cloud of dust and settling dust, right? There's knock on knock on Thornaby knock on insulted idea, right? This is a cloud of dust when horses run really fast and they leave a cloud of dust behind that's called Necro and then there's the word habit and habit and is used for very, very tight you know, my nude kind of does that you can even see. Okay, like the only time you see it is when the sun is shining in your window and you see that barely visible, right? That's how about and

00:42:39--> 00:43:16

Allah says the kuffaar will come with their good deeds. Kadima, Allah, Muhammad, Muhammad, Hamelin Jana haba and montura. We will turn it into hava spread out How about when they come with their good deeds, they will come with what they think is a good pile of good deeds, a lot of talent into not even Alibaba, not even nakane but Hubba and nothing can even catch it. It's like fibers in the year, you can't even catch them. So Panama, then at the end of the solar thermal hakuho Katara and I have in Arabic is of something forcefully overshadowing overshadowing or climbing over something else this is called rock. So unless as Katara whatever this Katara is, will climb over their faces. It

00:43:16--> 00:43:45

will climb over them now what is this Katara Katara is used for smoke that comes out of burning wood. It's also used for smoke when you're cooking something or barbecuing or something black smoke that comes out of fire. Okay, interestingly the Arabs have a funny sense of humor. They call you know a cheap person. They call him cotton, cotton or cotton cotton with it now why do they call him Carter because when he invites you to his house you smell or you can see the smoke of the food but that's all you get to see.

00:43:47--> 00:43:48

So you don't really see anything else.

00:43:49--> 00:44:21

So he offered you some water and sends you off but you know what you what you experienced the smoke at least so he's called Carter right? So don't have to have Katara that the this black smoke will climb itself on them and they won't be able to take it out will force itself on them. So there's dust and pile on top of that dust is black smoke soprano Matata Hakuna Katara la economica for those, in fact are the ones that are the worst kinds of deniers and disbelievers hula akena Who are these words kinds of disbelievers go back to the beginning of the surah man is

00:44:22--> 00:45:00

the one who thinks he's free of need. amantha to dunya and the previous of these are the worst kinds of disbelievers. The surah is coming to a conclusion with what it began. So without a common kafala these are the worst kinds of disbelievers and fudge Allah and feta means the one who disobeyed Allah in the worst most you know violent kind of fashion food you're literally is to rip open a budget is called budget because it rips open the darkness it tears it open tears through right so further, that they don't even they don't even send this this they send openly and they send viciously it's not that they violate the lines 19 you know 99%

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

100% 1% little bit they violated all the way in pride and they put themselves out there in parades showing look we disobey a line, we're proud of it. This is pajama inshallah tada at the end of this ruler now, we are just going to go and keeping with our tradition, I know a little bit over how the introduction of a surah is tied to the conclusion of the surah in the beginning of the surah, the kind of God when he saw the feminine as we saw two kinds of people a man is Donna fantana, who tada and on the other hand, what mmm and yada, yada yada. And then we found the person who thinks is free of need. And we found the person who came running to the profits, I saw them in out of fear of a

00:45:40--> 00:45:51

lot, and he's actually afraid and he wants to take benefit to remind her benefit himself from reminder and cleanse himself as a person. At the end of this surah Allah describes what's going to happen to these two kinds of people.

00:45:52--> 00:46:29

The cases are turned the one who was afraid, Indonesia at the end, bright smile on his face, would you Hello, my name is Phil De hecho. Mr. Bashara he's living a life of fear now concerned now worried that he's not obeying ally enough or not cleansing himself enough or not benefiting from the reminder enough, and at the end, big smile on his face can even hold his laughter back lock a curtain, Mr. Boucher when he sees his report card, and the guy who's got a big smile on his face now and doesn't take anything seriously. You know? adonia minhwa General cafe right? The dunya is the prison of the believer and the general, the disbelievers the guy who had gender already here. How's

00:46:29--> 00:46:34

his face looking on that day? What would you do my then la Hazara, Taka Katara, Allah

00:46:36--> 00:47:11

Subhana Allah how these people began in an attempt to even humiliate and undermine the message of Islam and the work of the messenger Salallahu alaihe salam and all how Allah humiliates their faces at the end. So last comment insha Allah, the humiliation of the face is the worst kind of humiliation in Arabic expression when somebody faces mentioned, or something negative about someone's face as mentioned, that is the worst kind of humiliation that is that can be mentioned in the Arabic language so Allah insults them in the worst possible fashion towards the end as a result of their estate not May Allah protect us from mistakes and make us truly dependent on a lion our

00:47:11--> 00:47:23

hearts May Allah azza wa jal benefit us from this reminder and realize the original benefit all the gathering here the what is learned May Allah make it good and true and except from us. panicum llamo behenic and the shadow Allah Allah Allah into

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Santa Monica