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Episode Notes

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan deals with the story of the people in the cave. This story reaffirms the basic fact that belief in Allah results in an increase in guidance. The more blessed one is with the gift of Iman, the more ease he gains when trying to achieve more Iman or Faith.

He also summarises the story of the people of the cave. The story highlights numerous signs and teachings for us to imbibe and inculcate that testify to the great Power of Allah and His Wisdom in managing His creations.

Our religious maturity is defined by three characteristics:

  • Our increasing level of worship.
  • Our betterment of knowledge of the Deen via Qur’an, Duas and Seerah of the Prophet ﷺ.
  • Our service for the Muslim Ummah.

Listen intently to fully embrace and be mesmerised by the lessons to be imbibed and inculcated.

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One who sadly Allah rasulillah from

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the shut off in a sham when noodle attempt will kita Welcome. Welcome Alan Nabina. Well Horton say Ed whether the Adam and Lizzie Bashara be here is a new medium, whether it be 30 he brought him or either he Salaam Hina can cover a debate in the hill Muharram for some Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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when i rubella Himanshu, Laurie and fusina woman sejati Melina Manya de la vida mobila woman you believe Fela ha de la wanna shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa who la sharika wanna shadow Mohammed Abdullah he rasuluh Allahu Allahu taala Buddha would even Huck Leone Hara who Allah de Nikolay Waka fabula he shahida for sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at asleep and Cassie and Cassie Allah from Ahmedabad for in the cul de sac eatable ah well he had he had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam were in a shotgun Oh moody Matata to her. Were in Kula modesetting VEDA wakulla beratan Bala wakulla Valentin phenol yaku subhanho wa Taala Chiquita his Kareem Bernardo de la Coronavirus

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regime. Saku Luna Salah satin Robbie tailboom way aku Luna Hamza Tony sur de su Hong Cal boom rushman beluga whale coluna Saba tomasa Amina home Cal boom kohlrabi Allah movie at him. May Allah Mohammed la Colleen Fela to marry him in the mirror and boy Hello, well at SFTP him in Hamada. Rubbish, actually, sorry, we're silly MD, Dr. melissani of Coco Lee, I mean, you're blind. I mean, many of you have an understanding of the Arabic language. And as I was reciting the ayat that are going to be the central subject of my hotbar. Today, you might be wondering, how is he going to give a hoot about his art from Saratoga, half the talk about how many there were, the story of the people

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of the cave is very important. All of those stories in the Quran have a central position in our religion, there are a few things I want to mention in the introduction to this whole bar that I think set the stage for the ideas I want to share with you. And the reflections I intend to share with you from these ayat, and May Allah which will bring benefit from them. Now, the first thing I'd like to share with you is that of course, the Quran is full of stories, it has many of them. And in all of those stories, we'll find a common thread. And that is that a lot does not go into too much detail, but a lot less compared to the same story. If you find it the biblical version of the same

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story, you'll find a lot more pages covering the same story in the Bible. Or if the same exact historical accounts as a scholar writes about them. Like for example, if a scholar writes a book about Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, his book is going to be a lot longer than even if all of the IOD combined about Ibrahim alayhis salam are going to come out to a lot shorter. What I'm trying to say is Allah when he tells the stories, he's very brief. And that raises some questions. Why is he so brief? As a matter of fact, even the longest story in the Quran, the one unified story in the Quran, the story of use of adding his salon is also in fact brief as long as it is it's still brief. And

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there are lots and lots of details that just aren't mentioned. You know, as far as locations are mentioned, only Egypt has mentioned where he used to live isn't even mentioned use of either his Sam's father is mentioned. His brother's names aren't even mentioned. His mother's not even she doesn't even come up in the story. There's a minister ministers are pretty important people you would think we don't even know his name not from the not from the Quran. The Quran doesn't emphasize his name. So Allah azza wa jal chooses not to give us all the details. And the reason for that is whatever he chose to make part of the Quran, whatever he chose to include is of the most important

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value, something that is not important enough to make it into the Quran does not make it into the Quran. So Allah azza wa jal himself teaches us by telling stories in a certain way, what is important and what is not important. That is Ally's way of prioritizing. So if you get obsessed and I get obsessed about what the name of the minister was, or the king was, at the time of use of early Islam, well that is a detail Allah azza wa jal himself did not make important. There are other things that are far more important.

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If you and I started getting obsessive about what are the names of his brothers, what's the oldest guy's name then what's number one? What's number two? What's number three? What's number four, all the way down all the way down to 12. What's the sequence? Well, a lot didn't make that a big deal. So we don't have to make that a big deal Allah Himself prioritizes for us, so we don't get sidetracked. Now, the story I want to share with you some things about is the story of the people of the cave. And even though the hotbar is actually not about them, it's it's springboards from that event, and that that narrative that Allah describes in the beginning of Surah elka have these young

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people, if you want to, if you don't know the whole thing, I'll just summarize it very briefly for you, these young people decided that they're going to accept not only accept, but live up to their Islam, in a society that hated Islam. And actually, they could have stayed quiet and not told anyone that they're Muslims, and they could have lived dormant lives, undercover Muslims kind of thing. But Allah azza wa jal gave them the courage of heart that they stood up and they testified is common for Carlota buena Busan award winner for Miami at Cali Calumet camo. Why, why is the word camo even mentioned, they stood up, they rose, they stood up to challenge the king and the authorities that be

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and said, No, we don't accept a religion of the state or whatever else of the governance, we have our own faith, we believe in the master of the skies in the earth, they declared it openly. And this was considered an act of treason. So they were supposed to be executed for their crime. And they were young guys, these are young, young friends. So they got scared. And they asked a lot for help. And a lot of put in their heart that they should go back into a cave, a cave that they were familiar with. But I won't tell you how they're familiar with that, that's for another time in childhood. So they go into this cave into hiding in a love, you know, covers their ears, they go to sleep. And

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they don't even realize that 309 some years have passed by and they wake up.

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And then the story continues that they come out, they send one of them, there's to go get some food, obviously he goes out to get food and he's wearing clothes from 300 years ago, fashion might have changed just a little bit. And your currency might not exactly be the same. You know, if somebody spoke English from 300 years ago, you'd be like is a Halloween already What's going on? You know, he wouldn't fit in. So the guy goes to do some shopping and he's pulling out like 300 year old currency. So obviously he gets attention. He's trying to not get attention while you're on that path. Whether you wanna become a hadn't, you should, whoever goes among you should really watch his

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step. And don't let anybody realize that. What's up what's going on with you, but the guy How is he gonna hide? If he's wearing 309 year old clothes, and he's got ancient currency in his hands. Obviously, he's going to be the center of attention. So now people find out about what's going on and they get discovered. That's the gist of it. That's the gist of it. But then Allah decided, and I told you a lot of the stories in the Quran are brief, but a lot decided to dedicate a very long set of words to this discussion, and this discussion is say aku Luna, Salah satin, Robbie rowhome, kal bohan. They say they were three, they say or they will say rather than they were three, and the

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fourth one was their dog. Their fourth was their dog because they had a dog that was at the mouth of the cave, that people will just see its paws and they'd run away. Okay, now I mentioned this dog previously to where kulula home set on Saturday. So home caribou home, and then they're also going to say that there were five actually there were five guys. And the sixth one was their dog, Raj mumble hype and I'll tell you about restaurant bill hype in a bit throwing stones in the dark. Literally What that means is throwing stones in the dark, where kulula sabaton was I mean, kaboom. And they'll also say they were seven and the eighth one was their dog.

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Now, Allah says they say this, and they say this and they say this. So you would think this is important, but actually a lot of times a lot of Muslims. Unfortunately, when they read this or study this story, they don't realize what's hap happening here. What Allah azza wa jal is saying. One thing we have to note in the Quran is whenever Allah azzawajal says yaku Luna, they say they say, study the entire Quran, look for what they say. And you'll find they say really dumb things. They say idiotic things. They say things that Allah criticizes. They say things like yaku Luna Mata Hua, they say when is the day of judgment coming?

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You know, they they ask, or they they make all kinds of una, they say he's a poet. That's what they say. In other words, when people just talk a lot quotes their stupidity sometimes and they'll call on and an answer is it with wisdom? He answers it with wisdom. So even the sloop just starting with saya kulula. should give any Shara should give a hint to the reader. Allah is not happy with these people. They're not he's not exactly happy with these people. Now this story has many amazing lessons. But before I go into them and appreciate help myself and you will appreciate the wisdom of these ions. I want to give you another story on the side. This one I made up myself. Imagine that I

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am a business

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Teacher, my job is to teach students how to start a business. How do you start a business, right? And a lot of times, of course, as a good teacher, you should use stories to teach lessons, because students remember the story. They can relate to it, they can draw lessons from it, right ally himself, does that include on. So I decided to tell my students a story about a guy who started a business. So this guy, first he looked at the best real estate, he wanted to open up a store. So he found out which area has the most foot traffic, so people will walk into his store, then he got a good price, he negotiated it really well. And he got this store, then he looked at what product is

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in most in demand, and he got made sure he went and purchased that kind of product, then he went and found out what are the best suppliers so you can get the best prices for his product, then he found out what is the best prices, reasonable prices at which he can sell to his customers, then he learned how to deal with customers in a patient way. And d be nice to them. So when the customers come into the store, they like how he treated them. So they recommend others to his store also, and I'm telling them this story about this guy who opened this store and does all these things. So his successful business could be successful. And he benefited tremendously by following these few

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principles. And, you know, not making sure he filed his taxes properly. This and that. And the other end, a student raises his hand. He's listened to the whole story. He's taking notes, he raises his hand. And he says what color jacket does he wear to work?

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Another guy asks, well, what how did he paint the door? How did you paint the door? And you know, what kind of cash register? Did he get? Did he get the you know, the digital one or the manual one? What did he get?

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So these guys, these students start asking questions. And you know what that tells you when they ask those kinds of questions. I don't think you realize the point I was making when I was telling you the story. The point of it was you should learn to take these principles and start a successful business yourself. The color of your jacket will not help you. The you know the does he wear shoes lace shoe laces shoes? Or does he have put Velcro on issues? What does he do? That won't help you? It's irrelevant. It's actually it's a kind of what they say in Arabic, not Roman Suez fan. You didn't understand the point. Allah azza wa jal dedicated several IOD telling us that these young

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people were amazing. He told us they were they were young people. I mean, this is a college town. Young people, young guys, young guys get together and do what they could have Allah.

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They get together and make dua to Allah. They get together and help each other stay away from haram things is that usual or unusual? The guys here sitting can tell you. When a bunch of guys get together collectively, they don't get smarter, they get dumber. They do stupid things when they get together. And these young people, they are each other's strength. They in a society filled with fitness or protecting each other's Deen. And young people living in a society that has no values can do anything they want. They could party they could I mean, don't think that partying only got invented when you know, in the modern world, there's ancient forms of partying, to all the things

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you enjoy, and all the forms of entertainment. And you know, the distraction in life you have move up people, someone in the back is giving me the indication to move you up. I hope I remember where I was in the club, but don't remind me not supposed to speak in the hood, but just move up. Okay. So young people are gonna do bad things, especially when they get together. But these guys are pretty amazing. They get together and they protect each other from getting assimilated into losing all of their values. And they're pretty independent. Also, there's no parent over them telling them, you shouldn't do this. This is how long this isn't right? A lot of you young people, your parents tell

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you don't do that. Don't watch this. Don't go there. It's hard on me and everything's wrong. These guys don't even have parents telling them what to do. They have total freedom. As a matter of fact, the entire society is free and encourages them to be rebellious against a law. And they say no, we're not going to these are pretty amazing people. And then they turn an MC door out to a lot. Well, hey, I mean, ambreen Arusha brother comes up to me and says, brother, I go to campus, and there's girls everywhere, man, I don't know what to do, bro. I got a lot of fitna. I can't help myself. You know, is there some exception for me? You know, cuz you can't blame me. I'm just

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surrounded by shaytaan everywhere. So I you know, sometimes I fall you know, it's, it's not that bad. And I say man, these young people were surrounded by fitna too, but they learn to understand that you yourself, I myself are helpless. Yes, we are helpless. We can't help ourselves. But Allah is the one who provides protection. The lies the one who protect provides guidance. robina artina, mendonca, rahmatan

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Amrita Rodan

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young people are learning to make from this amazing story. And then Allah will protect you in a way you can even imagine. He'll take you into he took them into a cave, and these are not prophets. These are not this is not a miracle of prophets. Did a regular Muslims, these are regular Muslim young guys and unluck and put them to sleep for 300 years so they can stay

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away from fitna,

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Allah can do that for them, and the lucky and keep them alive. You're already learning Allah controls life and death. And Allah can save you in ways you can't even imagine this is our man. This is the power when we say, Allah, Allah.

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Allah is capable of all things. And that's what we're saying that a lot can do anything. He can even do that with these young people, why can't he help me? If his help can come in such miraculous ways, not even just for profits, these are regular Muslims, that his help can come to me I should not ever lose hope that the help of allies near and the way in which it will come I can't even imagine they didn't know they woke up. And they're like, you get a solid

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color car and

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they're asking each other Hey, how long were we knocked out and even one guy goes, I think we were out the whole day. And the other ones like maybe a little bit in the afternoon. And the other one says, boo kumala movie man the bathroom your master knows better how long you've been there. Now that's enough for my point. Some people listened to this amazing story. And the only question that they raised their hand within say was a three or four

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with a five or six. Were they seven or eight? Has a record now you?

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This was a three or four or five or six or 18 or 25? How do you benefit from that? What color of the jacket? Allah is so angry at these people that Allah gave them this amazing lesson and the only argument you find in them is this. What is wrong with you people and then a lie in his anger also Subhana Allah Allah described this practice with a phrase he says Raja

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Raja man believe this is part of what you call him. Dr. Anita swindle, funny, artistic depiction, on draws images. So you can imagine things we can learn lessons. Allah says these people who talk like this, they are like people standing in the dark with a bunch of rocks in their hand, and a guy is trying to hit a target and he's just kind of throwing stones in every direction. That's called regimen builder, you

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okay? Before Damiani in in darkness, he's just throwing stones in every direction. Now, there's something wrong with a guy who does that. Imagine some guy in a parking lot. He's got a bunch of rocks in his hand, no lights are on. And he's got a bunch of rocks. He's just chucking them in every direction. He's got a target somewhere. He wants to hit this bottle. Obviously, you don't know where it is. Now what is wrong with that practice? First of all, it seems like a type of insanity. Second of all, obviously, you will probably hurt someone else. When you do this, you will hurt someone else. When you start making wild guesses. And even if you hit your target, you won't even know even

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if you figure it out. It's seven, and it's not eight and it's six and it's not seven or is three and it's not four. So what what do you get out of that? Allah azza wa jal responds himself. Now Allah could have ended the mystery, where they three or four, five or six, seven or eight, Allah Himself could have said, Bull sobre interlaminar.

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He could have said there were seven. Okay, done. End of discussion. He didn't do that. He says, quote, Rob be

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at him. And I'm gonna

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tell them, let them know the way to continue this discussion. Number one, are Matt, my master knows better how much they were? How many there were, he chooses not to tell us. He chooses not to tell us, he chooses to tell us the thing you should know is Allah knows their number. That is not your business. You don't have enough lessons to learn that you got caught up in this. People do this with all the stories of the prophets. If you're one of those people make doba that you hear the stories of the profits, and you're like, hey, so you've had a salon? After all those years he came out of prison? Did he marry that woman or what?

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What do you I don't care? What didn't go into that question. So why do you even want to ask the question and why do you seek the answer? What will you get out of that? What will you benefit from it? There are some words that what was what kind of dog was it? What's the dog's name? You know, What is his name? His bows are Rufus what I don't care. That doesn't help you. That is not the point of the story. Then people do this. And another way people do this. It's not just limited to stories. There are some of this Deen there are rulings, regulations, principles, guidelines, things you must do as a Muslim things you should not do as a Muslim. There are regulations on all of us, and you

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should know them. You should know what you can eat, what you can't eat. You should know how to purify yourself and how you shouldn't purify yourself, you should know the kind of interaction you can have with the opposite gender and the kind of interaction you can't have. You Should Know your limits. But you know what people do? Some people. The only kinds of questions they ask about Islam are the questions that have nothing to do with their life.

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They have nothing they they will not benefit from the answer. But it's a question about Islam. No doubt about it. Hey, so what if you live on the North Pole? How do you make five prayers because the sun's up for six months? How do you pray

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Do you live on the North Pole? Are you moving? Did you get a job at the North Pole? Have you already rented one of those, you know, icicle things? Is that set? She should ask that question when it's relevant to you.

00:20:13--> 00:20:50

Why are you asking that? What is it? How does it help you? See, fukuhara can ask those questions because they have to answer all kinds of people. But you and me as an average Muslim, we have to ask the questions that benefit us. If they don't benefit us, then don't ask the question. This is kassala to Sudan. And this is taking you away from the water religion really is in the few minutes I have left with you. I want to share some more lessons from these IOD because the the lesson the last to teach is not done. But one other thing that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us a dino and naseeha he summarized the entire religion or somebody you know, the Prophet says that he

00:20:50--> 00:21:34

was given jomi or you can eat Java and kill him. He was given the most comprehensive words few words that capture everything. You can have hundreds and 1000s of books on Islam, and then you can have two words and it says everything a dino nasi ha estado Sue's word something Allahu Allah who seldom religion is sincere counsel, the entire religion all it amounts to is ultimately sincere counsel, what does that mean? That everything in our religion that I learned, and everything in my religion that I try to teach should have the benefit of helping someone counseling someone, either it makes them stronger in their faith, or it betters their practice. That's it. There are only two things,

00:21:34--> 00:22:13

either it makes your emotions stronger, or it makes you stronger. And that's it. That's naseeha. If you are curious about something, and it neither benefits your Iman and it nor does it benefit your Iman, then you're outside of a dino naseeha. Then you are interested in questions that are related with the dean, but they have no naseeha in them. You see what the Prophet did with these words, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is he caged our curiosity to that which is beneficial because people have curiosities of all kinds of things in Islam and outside of Islam, and many of them are not beneficial. So our curiosity, right, you have a right to be curious, but be curious about curious

00:22:13--> 00:22:58

about things that will help you not just useless things, just random things that you're curious about. So now let's come back to this story. Allah azza wa jal says kohlrabi and amobee a dirty him. My master knows better what their number is, which basically means you be quiet. Don't even ask that question. Who are you to say they're three or four or five Hina McCall? Subhanahu wa kulana ahref. an alum of Allah has already said, I know, I know better. Who's gonna come out and say actually, I think I know how many there were. It's done. That discussion is over columbiana movie at him, though. 10. He doesn't say this is the catalyst. Right. So he doesn't say Maja Allah Maha Illa.

00:22:58--> 00:23:11

Colleen, my Yamaha in the economy. He said Maya Angelou whom? You see when he if he said yep, Maya Angelou, ha and luckily, the IRA would have meant nobody knows their number except a few.

00:23:12--> 00:23:48

Nobody knows the number except a few. But in the eye Allah does not say he's not even talking about the number anymore. He says nobody knows the reality of them. except a few. No, nobody pays attention to what I really told you the story for except a few. Most people get caught up in these things. Most people get caught up in distractions. And they forget the point for which I'm telling you the story for which Ally's teaching my home and luckily, these these young people of the cave I can't even imagine how many I can't remember how many different footballs I've given different topics on just the people of the cave on just them because they are such an inspiration in the

00:23:48--> 00:24:28

Quran. Especially for young people living in times of fitna, they are such an inspiration. And a lot as religious as most people don't realize what they really are. Except very few. Most people are moving you just think it's just a story. It's not it's guidance from Allah. Allah decided to make these crystallized these people's lives in history through his book, because people until the day of judgment will get advice from these young people. These young men will be role models for other young men until the day of judgment because Allah made them part of his book. May Allah Mohammed laconic then he says fella to marry him and he led to jail fee him the word Mara you marry Mira and

00:24:28--> 00:24:42

this this word in the Arabic language actually comes from model one model means a hot rock. A rock that is hot on the inside like burning on the inside. You can't see the fire of it until you touch it. But also model from from it model this a model shatta Yan is

00:24:43--> 00:24:59

that he if somebody has listened and I've mentioned this, when you when you milk a goat, that's called Mara also. Mara, or Maria also a gentle waszak the media the word media means actually argumentation and doubt now allowed to marry fi

00:25:00--> 00:25:46

means don't engage in an argument about them. Don't use evidences against each other about them. Don't pull out interesting facts like milking a goat. Don't help pull out interesting facts about them. Just to have curious conversation for no purpose in your on barrhaven except you should have an engaging conversation about them and pull evidences from what Allah told you about them in what is obvious Mira en la himani Anima min ma Hua barrhead min kita Bella, whatever you needed to know about the people of the cave, whatever advice you could have gotten from these people a love put it in the Quran. That is why he that he made obvious whatever could not have helped you he made alive.

00:25:47--> 00:26:09

He didn't tell you. That is the way Allah teaches in the mirror and violin. Now this is not we are not the people who knew about the people of the cave first. This is the last part of my football I want to share with you probably the most important part it is narrated that some Jews came to the prophets I saw them in some other you know, narrations Christians even came to the Prophet Alayhi Salaam and said Who are the people of the game

00:26:10--> 00:26:30

of golf? Who are these people of the cave? If you're really a prophet, you would know. So Allah revealed to him. You know, I'm happy to announce her well, Kathy hora Team caralluma IRA Tina, Jasmine began, about the people of the cave. In other words, we're not the only ones who have been educated about their story. The people of the book also knew about them. Yes.

00:26:31--> 00:26:55

And obviously I told you, Allah speaks to us briefly. But if you look at the books of the Christians and the Jews, there are extensive amounts of detail, extensive amounts of detail. So probably the same story is going to be five times as long so they would have a lot more information that we do. What did Allah tell us to marry him in La Mirada Heron y la Steffi him Minh home a hidden?

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Don't go seeking more information or verdict about these young people from any of them? What is the law telling us? They may know that there were some people in a cave, but they have no guidance from that story? The guidance is in Quran you will get nothing from the People of the Book in from this story that you don't already have in Allah's book. There is no reason to go to them and even ask the question. Why not SFTP him in Omaha? This is a very important teaching of our book. We have something in common with the People of the Book. They know about new salon we know about new honey salon, they know about Ibrahim alayhis salam we know about Ibrahim Ali Salaam they know about Adam

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alayhis salam we know about Adam alayhis salam, but what we know gives guidance and what they know they have corrupted. They've corrupted it. So I'm telling you if you read what they say about Ibrahim alayhis salaam, you will think it's talking about another person, not their Rahim Allah His Salam that Allah told you about him Koran, and that the Prophet told you about an Asana as a different person. You can even compare like this the same Abraham is this. This is what you say about him. Allah azza wa jal says there is no reason to go to them for a fatwa. Lots of stuff to see him in Houma hidden on these things. Because whatever lessons you had to learn from these great

00:28:12--> 00:28:49

figures of history, Allah azza wa jal perfected those lessons, perfected them, so they are permanently relevant until the day of judgment in the Quran. This is the superiority of Quran, they may have original knowledge of the story, but the perfect knowledge of the story and the most beneficial knowledge of the story, the story that will have no see how for you and me and for all of mankind. That is going to be Allah's book will defeat him in Hama hadden, Subhana. Allah. This is the point of my hotbar today was an attitude. We're supposed to bring an attitude to Allah's book, to the stories of the prophets, to everything we learn in Islam. We're not just learning it to full

00:28:49--> 00:29:24

of curiosity. We're learning it so it makes us better in something. It strengthens our human it builds our understanding, it makes us better practicing some in some way It made us a better Muslim and strengthen our heart or strengthen our action. May Allah azza wa jal make us the people who internalize that Dino Nessie ha, may Allah azza wa jal help us learn the teachings of the Quran in a way that better our faith and better our practice. May Allah azza wa jal help instill a love for this book and the son of his messenger Elisa Salaam, into our own hearts and into the hearts of our families. barakallahu li walakum filco Anil Hakeem when finally we can be with the kids Hakeem

00:29:27--> 00:29:46

al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah Xena Safa. Susana, Allah of Mali him Mohammad Nabi Mohammad in El amin, what Allah Allah He was happy he ajwain yaku la gente Kitab al Karim, but an akula below him in a shaitana regime in the la mala Akita who you saw Luna Allah nebby

00:29:48--> 00:29:59

Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa Sallim wa Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kamasan later Allah Abraham, Abraham I feel I mean in naka hamidou machine

00:30:00--> 00:30:24

baddeck Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kama Baraka, Allah Brahim. Ibrahima philomene in naka homido Majeed ibid Allah rahima como la taco la in the La Jolla, San Juan de Ville Cordoba, Vienna and in fact he will mooncup what are the crew la he will La Jolla under alma mater stone Alchemist Sala in the solar Turkana Talon, mini Nikita makuta