Tafseer Al Falaq 09

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Brother Sam has mentioned him at the amulets and talismans. What is the law of the amulets and talismans people seek refuge in talismans or amulets, this is like a hijab in the Arabic language. And they are things that they are placed on the shoulders, like a triangle sort of covering over you know, Bobby peanut, which is stuck on your shoulder, or placing your car or underneath your pillow or wherever hot on the wall, people use this as a protection against evil or to gain benefits. This is shark This is shark You are not allowed to use any of these in nutana, EMA shokunin moku For indeed attempt to tell talismans and amulets, disbelief and, and shark so you got to be very careful

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that we do not accept any amulets, any talismans. It's not part of Islam, and it will never be part of Islam. And it's not the Prophet Sunnah. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said beware likewise people wear beads for children the beads the blue beads against the evil eye? This is our double ledger book. It's apparently law How can people place their belief in a create little object? What's that gonna do? A little blue Bay that some of us got eyes on it what's that gonna do? It's a creative thing it's a little thing you need to put on the ground and step on it it's broken

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and people believe that will prevent the

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whole the whole shoot for good luck the whole shoot place up was to not place it down once they say you know the place of luck this the opening towards the sky why sad places yeah the way the Good day. Good luck. falls out, Masha Allah a lot of good luck and isn't

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a lot of good luck or not.

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Or the rabbit's foot and so forth and many other so called Good luck and bad luck charms, and they will all should have charms they call the charms of sharqiya