What is the Concept of the Soul in Islam?

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How is the Soul Related to the Body and What will happen to it after Death?

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Dr. Naik first let me just say I'm really honored to be standing in front of you. I've watched your programs on piece TV a lot, and I really think you're great. Can we have your name? Yeah, my name is Mahesh or sacre. And I am a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy of Mumbai University. My question is a little technical. I would like to know what the concept of soul is in Islam. As you know, in a lot of Indian philosophy, soul and mind are taken as different, whereas in Western philosophy, soul and mind is considered as the same. So my first question is, what is the concept of soul in Islam? And the second question is, what is the relationship of the soul to the body? So that

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after death, you know, does the soul leave the body? And you know, things like that? So there is a two part question, what is the concept of the soul? And how is it related to the body? And what happens to it after death? Thank you. For the measure. That is the question that what is the concept of fall in Islam? And what is the relationship of the soul and the human body? And what will happen to the soul after death? That's the basic question.

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As far as the soul is concerned, the soul is the essence of the human body, the main importance as compared to the other creations of Allah subhanho wa taala, Krishna Almighty God, the major difference in the human being is the soul. And it is the essence, which will remain even after a person dies, which I'll discuss later on. As far as science is concerned, science does not speak about soul. science hasn't reached that level, where it can decipher what is the exact essence of the soul. But there have been research done that when any living creature dies, for example, animal many days, as compared to a human being, when an animal dies, immediately after he dies, there is no

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difference in the weight. But when we analyze the weight of a human being, the moment he dies, and he feels his life, immediately there is loss of it. That means there is something that the human being is losing the moment he dies, but science hasn't reached that level so far. To decipher what exactly soul soul is the essence of the human being. And the Quran says inshallah Imran chap number three was number 35. Allah says, not enough since Ikatan mod, every soul should have a taste of that. In this world, this life is a test for thereafter. Allah says in the Quran in surah Mulk Jack number 67 was number two, Alessi Khaliqul mouth ohata that Allah has created that life to test which

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of you is good in deeds. So this life is a test for the hereafter. And every soul shall have a taste of that, once a person dies, his soul is not there. But on the Day of Judgment, when he will be resurrected.

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depending upon the good deeds and the bad deeds, he has done, Almighty God on the day of judgment, He is Malika Medina, He is the Master of the Day of Judgment, depending upon how you fade the test in this world. Depending on that, then your result will be whether you go to Paradise or hell. So the soul lives, soul doesn't die, it only has a taste of that when a person's body live. So the relationship with the body and full put together you have the human being here. But in the Hereafter, there'll be absolutely a new body given and the soul will survive. And then depending upon how we are fed the test, you will go to heaven or hell. Hope that answers the question. Is this

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soul the same as the mind?

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But that was the question that is the soul same as the mind. No. Again, mind is abstract. If I ask you where is your mind? So versus Okay, fine. Your mind is it in the brain. So this is an abstract word, how you say mind your own business. So mind when we say people start thinking of the brain, but that doesn't mean that the mind is in the brain, but it is different.

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So mind is like an abstract word. I do not know where the mind is placed. But when we talk about the mind normally start thinking about the brain. But that's an abstract word problems is a question. Thank you