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AI: Summary © The importance of planning for one's future is crucial for achieving their goals, and gifts are rewarded with rewarding them. Personal development is crucial for personal success and finding one's own potential. The speaker emphasizes the need for personal development and finding a course of action to overcome challenges and achieve success in life. The importance of finding a teacher-led mentorship program and a job that gives students discipline and value is also discussed. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from experiences and finding opportunities to improve one's talent.
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regard to

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the loss of us in our model Sula while the audio CIBJO Manuela shadow Lila Hill Allahu la sharika Why should you and the Mohammed Abdullah solo salatu salam, Salam Ra, welcome to our

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special night in Charlotte data. We've got a back to back, we've got a doubleheader tonight, our session and then followed by the competition, the debate that's been happening for an extended period of time in human history who makes the best rice and this question that has plagued mankind for centuries upon centuries all over the world, people have begged and asked this question, and it is going to be settled where it should be settled tonight here at Clearlake Islamic center, think be Lahug work. Okay, so

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that being said, Today, our session in sha Allah, Allah is about planning for your future. And so there's a lot that we're going to try to cover in sha Allah that in 40 minutes, but I wanted Sharla to open up with our chef chef Ibrahim in sha Allah to Allah with opening comments with regards to

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the importance of planning in in and of itself the importance of planning. And as far as your first tip insha Allah to Allah with regards to planning for your future.

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And it allows a lot of salam ala Rasulillah areas on the warmer weather. Before I get into that, I hope that I can just take a few minutes to recall a conversation that I had with a young lady who is now a dentist Alhamdulillah she's studying to become a dentist and how she grew up mashallah and, you know,

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with resilience and you know, facing all the hardship and the challenges, and brought up the conversation about our purpose in life,

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and how we can really reach that purpose. And when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, my cut off the agenda within c'est la vie I'm doing I have not created men and jinn, except for the purpose that they worship Me, knowing that Allah subhanaw taala does not need our worship at all. He doesn't need our worship whatsoever, but we need to worship Him. And that fits in our future planning. How is that

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a lot of times when we, when we want to live our life when we plan our life.

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Sometimes we want to reach a goal. And a lot of people when they reach that goal, they get it they get to what we call that depression moment because there is that goal that get depressed. But this purpose that Allah put in our life, which also is ingrained in our fitrah is that we we will never reach that goal throughout our life you want to Insano in the CARDONE era MC headhunt formula, okay, all mankind, you will continue to struggle until you reach your Lord until you teach ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. You are always climbing up climbing and climbing to reach Allah subhanaw taala to reach that goal of submitting to him and worshiping Him and living your life based on that. Which brings,

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which gives you a purpose. It won't get you into a form of like, you know, some type of depression, a lot of people reach their goals. And they get depressed and some of them even committed suicide because of you know, they they fell into deep depression because of that. What are some, they say, what are some going to accomplish? What's going on? Yeah, I have reached everything. They create a summary for themselves and they reach it exactly. So when Allah subhanaw taala puts that goal in your life now I realize why it's important to align this goal to everything you do in life to all of your plans in life. Eventually, what we see is that Allah subhanaw taala created you with certain

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that you need to find these gifts. And you need to plan your life based on these gifts that Allah has given you. And from there where you don't waste your time and you match these gifts and align them with the ultimate purpose that Allah has created you for where you live your life as a whole person without any you know, let's say nervousness or anxiety or difficulty that can depress you but the difficulty will make you grow even better show that you've taught your young people for a very long time. How does a person go about finding those gifts?

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Okay, so I mean this is a very

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If I didn't get to the planning, maybe we'll get to that later. But

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that's a very good question, which is, you know, watching kids, you know, I follow a method of teaching now where I am supposed to be a coach coaching these kids. And part of it is that you need to watch the kids and see who's a leader, see who's a team player, see, see who's an achiever. See, who's a reader, who's a hard worker, see who's a social worker, yes, smart worker, I socializer.

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The lazy kid usually comes up with the most creative ideas, that was the smart word. Right? Right, exactly. So

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watching them, you'll find and parents should be able to find the gifts of their children.

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And so they won't waste their time. Because a lot of times we put our children into studying things, that they have no desire, studying at all, because it does not match what they are endowed with, that gives them that talent. So how to find out it, you know, it requires to see what makes that kid really thrive. And I see that, you know, put them through different activities through different tests. And it you know, it takes a lot of experience. And I'm not, I don't claim to be able to figure it out. But you know, with the time that I spend with the kids, they teach me, I find these gifts in them. And they're amazing in the way they look at things. So it takes a team to actually

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figure out the gift of each person. And parents really have to spend a lot of time doing this. So they can actually help their kids know what, what they're created for. Besides, you know, that we are all submitting to Allah subhanaw taala. But that gift that they have, you know, and we can have a lot of examples where some people like it, some people study engineering, but they have no desire for engineering, and they find themselves wasting five. I'm a perfect example. You studied engineer, I started engineering, I never knew that you'll see. And because there is no guidance.

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You know, we grew up in an environment where there is no guidance to tell you what to do. So you follow the trend. And that is the dangerous of following trends. So just a matter as far as people finding their gifts, you as well, if you have any. Yeah, techniques?

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Well, I don't actually. And I because I always deal and I was one of those people that you know, I found out late, you know, let me put it this way. First of all, I want to say the idea of discovering what your child is good at.

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In Canada, when I live in Canada, there's we had a weekend school. It was also called MC by the way. We just stole the same name. I mean, we started there, we just use the same Yeah, the point is you had to copyright it. We had this, this parent would come to me he had two children. They were both in my class is older boy, he would come and tell me talk to my older boy, you know, I need you to talk to him. So I'm okay. Sure we'll talk to him. Next week. You need to talk to him. Third week, ask them, What do you want me? What's the problem? He said, his younger brother, he created his creative, he writes, and he writes poetry and stories. But his older brother is not creative. It's

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math. He's good with math and numbers and stuff like that. That was the problem. So he thought basically, that I'm going to talk to this kid and he's going to suddenly become creative and a writer and get in touch with his inner image out of whatever that is thinking the inner it that yeah, I was like shocked at him to what what is the matter with you? Just he That's it. That's how the world runs. Some people are creative. Some people are one plus one equals two. They're logical. They're mathematician design creative in their own way. Yeah, yeah. So that's the first thing don't. And it's important that you let your child be however they're going to be don't try to make them a

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copy of yourself. That's very important. The other thing is that when they want to do something, even if it's the wrong field, I really believe that encouragement is important that when you tear them down, you tell them why it won't work or why you can't do it. I was reading a book by this. The salesman, he's like insane ly good salesman. He said part of his reason, or behind his success when he was young, he said, whatever I told my mother said she supported me. And he says, If I told her I'm going to grow up to be a thief, she would tell me you're going to be the best thief ever. But it's just that that then in their mind, always have that. You know, the field that they can do

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whatever they can accomplish, whatever. Whereas sometimes you see no some youth and you tell them do this. I can't. It's hard. It's heavy, but try it even try but you've already set yourself up for failure. You know,

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You know, the idea of leaning into your gift isn't just with regards to parents directly to your children. But even me myself, right? Sometimes you even as an adult, or you as a teenager, or wherever you're at, you might become so inclined, because we're naturally attracted to the success of somebody else. And so I see chef Kamal is hilarious, right? He's got such great comedic timing. Imagine if I say to myself, I need to be funny, like Chef. And so now I'm trying to be you know, and my jokes aren't working. And it's not gonna work, or I try to be intelligent, or brave czar gonna work right. So imagine if the Companions tried to be each other. Like, how did you know either the

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line is trying to be a recite or like the liveness Earth or the liveness or just trying to be a warrior like how did they know

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each Everybody's got their own gifts, they've got their own talents and how they trying to be like Abdullah wouldn't have worked on deliverance or trying to be like, he didn't really it wouldn't have worked. I'd live in this gift was the Quran and him being able to recite and him being able to teach and I didn't know leads gift was on the battlefield. And that completeness is in a community is each one trying to lean into their own gift, realizing that we're all complementary pieces, and that ALLAH SubhanA data made you unique and gave you certain talents. And so you maximizing those talents is going to take you further than you trying to be somebody else. You reminded me of a statement, or

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one of the scholars, one of the contemporary on in our lifetime scholars, he said, people expect you to gather what was dispersed amongst the companions of the prophets, awesome, beautiful Jonnie, they want you to be like how they've been willing when it comes to this and like our book, or when it comes to the like, I mean, all these great qualities were scattered amongst the Companions, they were not all gathered in one. But sometimes people expect all that to be in one person, which is far too much the comment I was making earlier about, sometimes you're not clear, or you don't know what you're going to do. I remember when I was in high school, some of my classmates, they will tell me

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very precisely what they want to do in their life. Like one guy told me I want to work for Toyota Motor Company. And I want to design this specifically, like, how did you come up with that, like, and why this part? And I used to, like, feel like, this is strange, like, everybody knows exactly what they want to do. And I have no clue. And but I never worried. I never worried I knew that it's gonna come. And I always told people, because people always that when I travel, they come up to me and like, I don't know what I'm supposed to do and what I'm supposed to what impact I'm gonna make and all that stuff. Maybe we'll touch on that later. But I always tell him this. You just keep doing

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what you're doing and keep looking for it. And it's gonna come because Allah Subhana Allah will let you know what you're going to become when the time is right. Because Because if he tells you too soon, you will ruin it for yourself. And that's, that's a good point, because it takes a lot of growth to get to that point. Sometimes, you know, people don't realize that, okay, if you want to become

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a plumber, let's say you want to become a plumber.

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You start with something that teaches you how to be disciplined, right? How to, you know, be patient, how to be able to get to fit into places where, you know, you you can handle tools. I mean, there are certain skills that are required for you to get prerequisites. Yes. And you need to be trained to get them and some of them are actually personal skills like honesty, patience, endurance,

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you know, sincerity. You know, and not to finagle, you know your life. Where are you you're cheating, basically, well, you need to perfect your work. So you have to be disciplined, you have to be accountable. And all of this requires that type of training. So, yeah, I always like that. What you call it, that scene from the movie Karate Kid, where this kid wants to be a karate master, right? So he goes to the his Sensei, or whatever you call him, and the first week, Mr. Miyagi. Okay. The first thing he tells him is to clean the floor to clean the walls. And he says, works the cars, wash the cars, wash my car, clean my yard, clean the wall. He says, Why? Why does this have to do

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with this? He says, because that's what will build your character, build your endurance, build your patients, not to mention the movement that you have to do that will build your muscles as well. So any career requires certain skills that you really

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Have two to acquire. And parents need to actually teach the kids that and one of the things that are important, I was telling the doctor that the young doctor is that you really need to build tolerance to discomfort.

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A lot of a lot of these kids who don't make it in life is they give up and the first resistance, the first, you know, confrontation with this discomfort is not comfortable, I can't handle pain, I can't handle the stress. And so parents need to develop that in their in their children from a very early age, you know, wake them up early, and and the routine that we follow. And Islam teaches us that when we pray five times a day when we you know, when we have to do certain things, it develops that in us. Yeah. Kumar, why is it that you save a person shouldn't worry.

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Okay, so I'll tell you two, in two in two answers look quickly. So one is that I always run into these guys who are in their late 20s, mid 30s, the graduated mid 30s. They shouldn't be worried. I mean, okay. Yeah, they shouldn't, I'll tell you why. I'm getting to the point. All right. So they just got married, they just had their first child, good job, just bought their house, they've got a good car. And they're also active in the community. They're taking classes, and sometimes teaching classes and activities and Maghrib. And whatever good is happening in the city. Then I get in a car and they're telling me like, I feel like unsuccessful in a loser and misguided and I don't know what

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my purpose is. And I don't know what legacy I'm going to leave behind. I don't see. Yeah. So what are the worst things that happen to the Muslim communities in the West is that Muslim speaker started going into these motivational speaking nonsense, right? I'm sorry, I don't have any respect for that field. And then they started pumping us up with the you can do it and imagine yourself on the beach

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on the beach. So then what happens that you have to leave a legacy something people will remember you by let's be realistic, how many people are going to leave something like that? So now even though you are successful by A, by A moderate definition, because you didn't leave a legacy that people remember and you didn't leave a mark in history, you feel like a loser even though you're not. So that's one thing. The other thing is like okay, what am I going to do in youth? I always say blue in putting this for example, if 99% of the room no one remembers 99.9% That's true, but they were successful. If their actions were accepted by Allah that's it and some of the medical for those

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will Allah Yes. So that's why what's your legacy with Allah's what counts forget people, especially when you're working hard, so that you become famous and you or people remember you, it's gonna have no Baraka in it. And I will say, let's put it this way for Mr. Siddiqui. If Allah reveals to me so deeply that he is going to become the greatest scholar in the Muslim ummah, if Allah revealed to him tonight, he will ruin that chances are his chances of becoming the greatest because he's gonna start giving photos tomorrow morning. But Allah subhanaw taala will let you know if if there is something like destined lucky no more mystical like that. You will know what the right time because if you

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know too soon, and I think it's the same thing happened to me, like I didn't know which I studied Business Management, you know, for three years. And then I switched, I was gonna switch to philosophy, then I was like philosophy, then I was gonna switch to history, then I remember that, you know, I don't want to work at a fast food restaurant, then.

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And what happened then it just came in it came is a bunch of circumstances, I don't want to go go in and get into but everything just fell in place. I knew this is exactly what I want to do. So I could have just been panicking. And in your childhood, you probably had indications or clues that this is your character. This is who you are, that is very truckin, can you tell us? Oh, that will be overpraising myself.

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I'm not I can't say in any other way I

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don't want to talk about because you were eight years old. Try to humble yourself for once.

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Yeah, so one of the things I think that's really important for a person who will okay so there's, I'll share with you guys this one Hadith

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that I love very much. And I think that it's it's like the keys to success as far as anybody's life. No matter what field you're in, no matter what you want to do. This hadith is a guideline for you. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam says three things. He says it has LMI and Farrokh. He says focus on what benefits you That's number one, and then he number says number two a statin biller and seek the help of Allah. And number three, he says well as I just don't give up. These three things are the keys to success in any endeavor, any industry, any goal, whatever you want. Number one, focus on what benefits

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You and the scholar said the secret of this hadith is that letter calf which means you focus on what benefits you because what benefits me is different than what benefits Kamal Shah Kumar is a bit different than what benefits Jacob Rahim is different, what benefits anybody so differently, what benefits you and what benefits them is different than what benefits me. And number two, the province of ally Sam says seek the help of Allah and that's what self help books motivational speakers, they won't tell you. They don't tell you to seek the help of Allah make dua for it. Ask Allah for it, beg Allah for it. And then number three, he says, persevere, continue, show that discipline be okay with

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discomfort, break it down into milestones until you're able to reach that goal. And if a person does these three things, and Charlotte's out it will be successful. And I would like to add that Allah subhanaw taala created you with these abilities to reach these goals. Yeah, you know, Allah created you to live on Earth. And you know, when the great example is when Allah subhanaw taala taught Adam, the names of everything. He taught Adam the names of everything, even though he was going to spend the first time in Jannah, he probably didn't need that at that time. But these names, and what Allah taught him helped him greatly when he was sent down to earth. So Allah created him with the ability

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to face the challenges of living on Earth. And you know, the difficulties of living on Earth. So a lot of us forget that we forget that we are the creation of Allah, meaning that we have been created perfectly. Allah created us in a perfect form, able to overcome any challenge.

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And but still, you really need to find what you are best at. To realize Allah has planned for you. And that's where it comes. Allah subhanaw taala has a harder for you, you will be what Allah has decreed that you will be but you need to work towards that further, you don't know that other luxury came out said Allah did not tell any of us where we will be. Yet we walked through a path to reach to get us to that

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goal. So we have to really be believers in our ability to realize that and to overcome these challenges and, you know, implement the Hadith that you mentioned that we focus on what benefits us and we seek Allah's help to guide us on the path where we need to be. And Allah tells us that you need to learn, you need to learn if you want to become a good worship of Allah, you need to learn how to do that. If you want to become a good husband, you need to learn how to become a good husband. If you want to become a good wife, you need to learn how to you need to be trained. So have the ability to sue that's a great point, if you need to be trained, how important is role models or

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mentorship or seeking advice from those ahead of you, even if they be just a couple of years or one year older, that you that you're seeking out information from people before you

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to everyone, I mean Allah subhanaw taala gave us a wealth of knowledge in the Quran. Great examples from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam all prophets, if you read their stories, Musa alayhis salam, for example, if you read it and find so many clues on things that will fix your life, literally will fix your own life if you read it and study it very carefully. Stories of the Sahaba like Salman and Pharisee

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is an amazing story stories from historical figures like quotas, for example, when he was enslaved sold into slavery when he was four years old.

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Say with the apostles as the leader of the monks, exactly, so I'll give you an idea just to let you know how important it is to read history and then to follow a mentor that can teach you these clues. Altos, for example, he was

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one of the children of the Amir's in India

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gets picked up by the Tartars or the moguls sold into slavery, sold from one to another to another until he ends up in the Ayyubid.

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dynasty. He grew up it becomes a warrior and he is the one who topples down and eradicates the whole Mongolian or the Tartar dynasty completely. Now he was a slave sold by the town

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utters, he came back, look how the other worked Subhanallah if you,

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there was a lot of clues. So it's important to seek knowledge from people who can teach you and you need to really find a good teacher. A lot of times we underestimate the influence of teachers. And unfortunately, the education system that we have is very flawed. And we need to benefit from it. Regardless of its flaws, we still need to benefit from it. But it's really limited the effects and the influence of teachers to certain things, where teachers are now are no more role models, a teacher should be a role model to the to the to the students, where he can actually teach them and mentor to them and show them, you know, deep lessons of life, rather than just teach them math or

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teach them how to solve you know, you know, whatever science problems or whatever subject they're teaching, but rather teach them skills of life. And that's important. And in any field, whether social, emotional,

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career wise, do you have a teacher that can help you and teach you? So you mentioned skills of life? Check them out, as far as a skill that you would love, just ask each one of you, if there's a skill that you want people to have? What would that skill be? So it's one Yeah, so if you look at the younger generations, now, it is like glaringly obvious, one of the things they lack and lack severely. It's what they call emotional intelligence. And, and I've always, I've been saying this for the last five years, some of the youth are tired of me saying that, if you if there is an opening in your company, and you know, a room room for where they call it, therapy, or any promotion

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promotion, all right, and it's you and another guy, and you guys are exactly equal.

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I mean, you both have blue eyes and blonde. Yeah, and you know, we're all equal.

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And then

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you are a little better than they are emotionally, you and you know how to talk to people, you know how to maintain eye contact, you know how to greet, you will get that job, okay, but I mean, just look around most youth, they don't know how to greet just now I can just walk by me. And I thought we were close, just walks by and kids do the youth here in this message. Do that to me all that they just walk, pretend they don't see me or they look me in the eye and then just look away Sannomiya Salomon and smile, and ask them how they're doing. And they just grunt plebs asked me how I'm doing

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better than you, that's for sure. But the point is, that that's a skill that absolutely everyone is in need of absolute high. Okay, so we have emotional intelligence. Well, I wouldn't say as cold. I mean, there are so many skills that you can talk about. But for teenagers, I just need one child. And for teenager, yeah, I would recommend that. Get a job.

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Get a job, even though your teenager, your teenager, find a job that can teach you discipline. Discipline is very important. Throughout your life, find a job. I mean, I had a meeting with with a youth group. And we were talking about what makes you proud. And one kid really stuck in my mind. And I praise him every time I see him. He says, I'm proud that I got a job. I work at a grocery store.

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I said that is great. What do you do? And he told me, he says, a lot of people depend on me because if it weren't for me, they won't get their eggs. They won't get their milk.

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And he connected it. That's emotional intelligence. By the way, when you connect your job to people's needs, he said, and of course, he goes to car to school and he is ready for college. But he held the job. He makes his own money. He has a job, he's disciplined, he wakes up in the morning, he goes to his job, and then he studies. So I really recommend all our teenagers to get a job. It doesn't matter what it is. Get a job, even if it is minimum wage most likely is going to be minimum wage, you simply held the job that's more important than getting the job, get the job, get a job then and stay in it. Where it teaches you discipline. It teaches you accountability. It teaches you

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the value of managing your time, the value of earning your own money, believe me the dollar that you earn yourself is way better than $20 Your father will give you and you will you will see the difference. So that is a skill that I think kids really need to pick up on that job thing. Whatever the job is, just do be the best at it. Be the best at it and amazing things will happen. And you never know when that skill will come back. One will. It's not one of my first jobs but

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probably my first job in the US was at a fast food restaurant. Okay. And what's interesting is that the owner, and I did not plan to have a career in the fast food industry at all. But the owners were telling me, we're training you so you can run this place, and we'll go open another place, they wanted to start a chain. All right. The point is that I knew I had, I didn't want to continue a future in this, but I gave it 100%. And I learned everything from the mopping to this to that to cleaning that exhaust vent, which is a disaster, everything. All right. Even though I know that's not gonna be my career, I did a great job there. And I was paid for 25 an hour, just food, it was a

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lot of work. And then after that, I went to litigation, litigation support, they call it and within the first two weeks, I was hired, like I was promoted to shift supervisor, you know, because not because you might think, Oh, he's just saying he's a hard worker, I might even be average. But I'll tell you what, you're working with people who are below average. In my life, I've only met two people who are harder workers than me, like in a company that I worked with. One was my boss for a while in this company. And this guy was a workaholic, I never want to be like that. And the other guy's Egyptian fell over the hard workers sincere, you know. But beyond that people don't work hard.

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You just have to go a little bit beyond them. And you're getting the promotion, you're getting this, especially if you have blue eyes. All right.

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But here's my point, or another point, when, later on, this is like a decade later. And I got this opportunity to purchase a restaurant. And guess what, because I didn't belittle all that information. When I was going doing that first job. It all came in handy. I knew how to run the place. And take care that exhausts me. Yeah, absolutely. You're in respect that knowledge no matter what it is, respect it and give it 100% Very good. Yeah.

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You know, there's just, we do have to wrap up for the rice challenge Charlotte isla. So I do want to leave everyone with one last point, I just want to make one with regards to when a person has a goal. So

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it's great if your family supports you, I've got a goal. Your your friends are hopefully going to be supportive as well. But what happens when you don't get supported? You know, even our best are the Alonzo it's one of the great anecdotes that we have in our tradition. I think they've been a basketball Dylon, who's a young kid when the province lies and and passes away. And even Ibis is considered to be the great scholar of FCA amongst the companions. But he didn't start like that he started off as a teenager, the province has ended, passes away. And he gets an idea. He says, Why don't we he has a friend from the unsought. And he says, Why don't we go and we basically learn from

00:32:53--> 00:33:17

the Companions, he's realizing that if the prophet has passed away, Abu Bakr is 61, like Ahmed is 53. Like, they're all old compared to him in his youth. And so he's recognizing the mortality of that generation. He says, Why don't I go, and I learned from them, let's go and learn from them now while we can. When so his friend, he says them in a bus? Do you think that anybody's gonna care what you know?

00:33:18--> 00:33:29

Like, what do you do try to be a scholar, like, who cares? Let's chase these birds or do whatever it is that they did. And so maybe an ambassador, they learned, he says a word and this word is really important. He says photography.

00:33:30--> 00:34:07

He says, so I left him alone. Very good. I stopped hanging out with that kid. Yeah, like, this is my worry, he will drag you down. He's going to drag me down. This is my dream. I asked him to join me in this dream. He's saying no, and in fact, he's telling me that I can't do what I'm trying to do. And so I've been on both sides, so I left him alone. And the story goes, of course, the rabbi's went on his journey, and his journey is famous. But later on in his life, when the entire world was gathered at his feet, that friend of his would come and see the gathering of Ibn Abbas and how everyone is learning from him and he said that he was aware of something and he took a journey that

00:34:07--> 00:34:24

I didn't take, right so he regretted that he didn't take advantage of like even I busted so when you when you when you see something very, very clear, don't let it dissuade you Rudock Kipling he says, Trust yourself when all men doubt you will make allowance for their doubting to trust yourself and everybody doubts you.

00:34:26--> 00:34:32

But I would like to affirm or check him out started with is never give up.

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

Never think it's too late. It doesn't matter if you failed once, twice, three times all the time you fail. Always rectify your path. Ask me to help you and go on maybe maybe these failures made you stronger and will get you to your goal is just some people should not really think of it as they have not achieved

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

If anything, even when they fail,

00:35:03--> 00:35:52

there are certain things that we don't know why we did them, until we see our children benefiting from them, until we see other generations benefiting from them. Maybe Allah is making you an example to other people that will learn from your experiences, that you fail that but still they are experiences always seek to rectify, always seek to, you know, look at other ways to connect with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, where you can help yourself and get yourself out of that, you know, failure loop? And Inshallah, I mean, it's never too late, I would say, yes, just gonna take us home. So I want to say that.

00:35:54--> 00:36:37

So, there is, without making the story long, but there's basically a term one psychologist coined. It's called learned helplessness. And that's where you set yourself up for failure, you tell yourself, I cannot do something. And therefore you won't try. Why would you try to accomplish something that you've already told yourself, you're not good at, or you cannot do. And one of the most important things is to recognize that if someone can do something, then you're also able to do it, because they're human, they eat, they drink, they need to rest and they need to sleep and recuperate. So they're just like you the difference is they just put themselves through more

00:36:37--> 00:37:23

rigorous training or practice or years of practice or whatever. And I and want you like new studies are showing that this thing of natural talent doesn't is not really a factor is very little factor in and talent when it comes to sport, whatever the rest is just training and time put into work hard work. Yes. So what are the things we're used to is called motivated talent? Absolutely, that's what it is. Really, like you've seen three to seven year olds, we give them both a soccer ball. One is dribbling right away, and the other one is running in life, metal and alive. That gift will not be as sharp until you motivate it. Okay, if you have a gift is good, because it's a head start. Okay,

00:37:23--> 00:37:35

yeah, you have a head start. But then after that, you really need to motivate that gift. And get trained and work out how to, you know, establish it better. So that second one who's not really good can develop.

00:37:36--> 00:38:15

And you what you're using is example of me and my younger brother, and he was naturally good at every sport. Like I mean, tennis golf, he was nine years old, he would play 18 holes with adults and beat all of them. And I was the exact opposite. Just fast runner and long distance running. But anything with a ball in it, I'm horrible at, okay, until today, to an extent. But but so the talent is like an advantage or maybe a headstart, but it's not. It's all about training at the end of the day. And we used to be overconfident. My younger brother and I, whatever we see on television, no matter what the guy is doing is walking on a rope of jumping off a plane, we would just look at each

00:38:15--> 00:38:27

other and say, it's easy. I can do it. Maybe it's overconfidence. But it helped us out today. Like today, I never feel there's something I can do. Like I owe my wife is sick and tired of that. She wants up I'll build it

00:38:29--> 00:38:51

COVID came you know, I bought a welding machine I learned to weld metal, you know, I learned to work on electric engines, because that was my weakness. I was weak with electricity, I can do all the other stuff, you know, gas engines I can do but then electricity was my weakness during COVID You know, not nailed it. But you know, half beat the nail. But like just the idea. Nothing makes me more mad than when someone I can't

00:38:52--> 00:39:34

even try and you told me you can't. That's just lose your Tony to try and God and try and don't tell yourself you can't are you so you set yourself up for failure. I want to close by saying there has never been a time in human history when there were so many skills at your fingertips, things you can learn just sitting in your pajamas, you can learn so many things. And that's why and it's very painful for me to say this, like you know, 12 years or whatever next least one years of traveling around the country and meeting youth only to stand out in my mind only to one of them did woodworking and those are the only two youth I've never met Muslim youth yet. The rest video games

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

and kebab that's it. Best Video Games and eating I never meet a young man who knows who's got this incredible skill or paints like this. It just always the same old, same old and it's such a shame because there's so much to learn. So get out, explore, learn, and I'll close I gotta close now with this I'm sorry, but I'm always jealous of this person. He died anyways, he was there was a movie director. His name was a

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

Stanley Kubrick All right, and Stanley Kubrick was an exceptional director. There was nothing accidental in any shot or any little item in the background of any of his movies. He was insane like that. But he said, I would walk into a library and go into a section that I would never walk into something that never interest me fracking, something I'm never interested. And I would grab a book that I would never in my life take and I would go home and I will read it cover to cover. Why? So that when I write my movies, I am that much more well versed in different things and I can write better movies. I'm jealous of that kind of dedication. That's That's amazing. And we should have at

00:40:42--> 00:40:48

least some of them you know, Allah Tala alum, Zack Mala head chef, like

00:40:49--> 00:40:52

Shefali they actually posted something and I loved it is

00:40:55--> 00:41:06

seek the journey to Allah broken and weak. Don't wait until you're strong, imperfect to meet. So any future don't wait until you're perfect.

00:41:07--> 00:41:25

Take advantage of any opportunity that will make you grow and go with it. Don't wait until you're perfect. Seek the journey to Allah broken and weak don't wait until you're strong and perfect. Yeah, with that inshallah Tada. We just knock on the head of Salah Lai lesson and homage