From Human-being to Human-doing

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the "flow" of human existence, which is the flow of wealth and resources into oneself. The "flow" is related to the "entsents," and is the flow of knowledge and resources into oneself. The "flow" is a tribute to the "ents," and is the flow of existence.
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Wealth. What means to be human being is the latest in the human doing is when you are in the flow, the wealth we have, it flows also. That's why they say money is in circulation. It flows like the lever, the current of the river. And that's why we call it currency. It goes in the current. So we call it currency, because it's something that's supposed to flow. If it is stagnated, and it's not flowing, there'll be inflation. There'll be poverty, there'll be insecurity, there'll be kidnapping, and there'll be killing. And then humans will turn around to destroy themselves, just because they didn't allow it to flow. Now, if you're holding, if you breathe in,

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I hold your breath.

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And you breathe out and hold your breath with which of them can you stay longer.

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Try it.

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Breathe in and hold your breath, you can't stay long.

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While you breathe out or hold your breath, you can survive for longer. This is what happens when the flu is in the reverse. If the flow is held in you keep resources into yourself with aspirin to others without making to circulate, you will destroy yourself more quickly than if you are spending.

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If you keep knowledge to yourself without making to flow to others, after a while your knowledge becomes stale, it becomes outdated.

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And then you are not better than an ignorant person. Imagine somebody saying that, please, I need to get some information from you. I'll bring my floppy disk. They asked What do you mean floppy disk.

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Because it has the knowledge you knew and you didn't spell it, no new will come in, then you become full without any need for any additional. And so with knowledge is the same thing with wisdom is the same thing with resources is the same thing with talent is the same thing. And that's why I was really emphasizing that flow, that whatever thing comes through is supposed to flow to other people, these children that you see now they didn't come from us. They came through us.

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Allah used us to grow them in the womb of the mother. And then they are here they are they are not our own.

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They only grew through us, just like the the fruits grow through the trees. And so the flow is so important. That's why you have to move from being a human being to human doing, it has been a human doing that actually as a tribute a human being. And so you see it goes round human being to human being from human being to human being. It is that flow of going round around that that actually gives her this survivor and makes us to be useful and relevant in the lives of others.